TNA IMPACT 06 24 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 24, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Kurt Angle and Ethan Carter III Segment: 

Angle says he is seven days away from being able to shut EC3 up for good, and he’s going to prove he’s the best next week. He’ll also prove it tonight, and asks Ethan Carter III to bring out his mystery opponent for tonight right now. EC3 comes out and says it will only take one man to beat him: the one. We are seven days away from the most pivotal moment in wrestling history when Angle defends against an undefeated, unbeatable challenger. EC3 says that Angle is only the best for now, and Angle says to shut up and get on with this match. He says that two things are going to happen: EC3 will tap out next week, and his opponent will tap out tonight. EC3 says he will never tap out because he has something Angle will never have: his unbeaten streak.

EC3 said he’s beaten everyone the company has put in front of him: Sting, Lashley, Anderson, Bully Ray he’s beaten everybody. He’s just getting started because there’s nobody out in the ring who can beat him, and he will destroy everybody on his altar of perfection. Angle just hears EC3 talking about himself, and he thinks EC3 is more concerned with himself than the title. A good ego is healthy, but EC3 has gone way too far and it’s going to bite him in the ass. Dixie Carter can’t help him anymore, and neither can Tyrus. Even his ego can’t help him anymore because next week, he’s ending EC3’s undefeated streak and he’s going to make EC3 tap out. EC3 asks Angle if he thinks he can make him tap out right now, and then says Angle will find out next week because he has a match tonight. Matt Hardy comes out to the top of the ramp.

First Match: Three Way Match for the TNA X Division championship: 
Grado vs. TNA X Division champion Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno

Low Ki slaps Grado and whip to Tigre, kicks him to the floor and Grado slams the elbow, ducks another shot but Ki battles back. Grado sent down as Tigre with the hurricanrana and Grado on the attack! Grado talking with Uno who tries a bodyslam but no, Grado picks and slams Tigre! The pickup, the whip, baseball slide and Uno delivers a dropkick. He misses the splash and Grado snaps and sentons him, and the straps are down. Grado to the outside, goes up to the high rent district gradually and Low Ki takes the time to toss him off. Climbs up himself, and delivers the Warrior’s Way on Grado! Ki defeats him and this match goes to Tigre Uno and Low Ki!

Low Ki with the whip, Uno hits a bodyscissors and rollup does not get three. Low Ki takes another two count and Tigre slaps him in the corner. Whip across the ring and Ki misses a charge but counters a leap with a faceplant. Low Ki with the front pickup and gourdbuster! Cover gets a two count only, as Low Ki sizing the man up and lets the kick fly into the chest. Low Ki goes up top and on the buckles no Tigre hits the ropes to crotch. Tigre Uno goes to the second and Low Ki elbows him down. Uno off the ropes springboards to Ki and flying Frankensteiner off the top for a two count. Corkscrew off the springboard gets a two count Uno avoids the dropkick! Off the top rope with the Red Arrow for the victory.

Winner: New TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno 

Bram Backstage Segment: 

Bram comes in and grabs Jeremy Borash by the shirt to talk about his open contract and that he doesn’t care who’s going to face him next because he’s beaten everyone and he doesn’t care. Bram leaves, and a giant gloved hand lands on Borash’s shoulder, and Borash turns around, smiles at whoever it is, and says it’s time.

The Dollhouse Backstage Segment: 

Taryn Terrell is chewing out Jade and Marti for screwing up last week and making it so she has to face both Brooke and Kong at the same time. The three of them will face the two of them at Slammiversary, and Marti talks violent stuff and Taryn says that’s her dolls, and playtime for Kong and Brooke is over this Sunday.

Second Match: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky 

Love says Velvet has one last chance if she can beat her, but we all know that’s not going to happen. So like Angelina said, Velvet gets her job back if she wins this. Velvet powerwalks to the ring and gets right in Angelina’s face. Angelina slaps her, so Velvet takes her down and hammers her, then runs her from corner to corner before dumping her to the floor. Velvet goes out after Angelina and rams her into the ringpost and the steps. Velvet rolls Angelina in and Angelina catches her coming through the ropes and hits a side suplex for two count. Angelina goes to the second rope, but takes too long razzing the fans and gets thrown off by Velvet. Velvet with a series of clotheslines and a slap to the face. Velvet with a series of kicks, but Angelina hits an implant facebuster for two count. Velvet ducks the Botox Injection and hits a stunner for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky 

The Dirty Heels Backstage Promo: 

The Dirty Heels say that neither of them remember anything to do with ladders or weapons in their wrestling training. The Wolves may think they have the advantage because they’ve been in these matches before, but they could be playing right into their hands because relaxed rules open up a lot of opportunities. They plan to use the tables, ladders, and chairs to break the Wolves in half. They can fight as dirty as they want, and the dirtier, the better.

Third Match: Full Metal Mayhem in match number 4 of the Best of 5 Series to crown the new TNA world tag team champions: 
The Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode & Austin Aries) vs. The Wolves

Aries and Roode go to the floor to break up the momentum and everyone winds up with chairs in hand, but the Heels try to calm things down and use their chairs to take a seat at ringside and wait for the Wolves to put their chairs down. The Wolves comply, then boot Aries and Roode in the face when they pop up on the apron. They go for stereo dives, but the Heels had a ladder waiting for them and pop it right up in their faces as they go for the dive. Wolves are still in control, stomping the Wolves out and using Aries’ shirt to choke Davey. Aries and Roode shut the Wolves down with stereo chin locks, then they get the trash can lids and use them to part Eddie’s hair. The Heels set the ladder up in the corner, whip both Wolves into it, and then Roode whips Aries into the corner to hit the IED. Davey comes zipping right back out to take Roode out with a clothesline, then Eddie takes Aries out with a flying knee. Now the wolves are in control and the fans are chanting for tables as the Heels ditch out to the floor.

The Wolves go for another stereo dive and connect this time, and they’re so excited about it that they hit two more stereo dives. They go back inside where the Wolves use a chair to drill Aries and then assist in a double stomp to Roode’s back. A trash can lid shot to Aries gets two count, then Davey wraps a chain around his boot and tries for a kick on Aries. Aries ducks out of the way and rolls Davey into the Last Chancery, but Eddie breaks that up with a trash can shot. Roode sets up a table in the ring and the Heels hit a missile dropkick/powerbomb combo that puts Eddie through the table. Davey breaks up the cover at two count, then the Wolves hit Roode with the assisted alarm clock for two count, then they put a trash can lid over Aries head and bash him with a chair. Aries goes down in the corner and both men hit stereo Van Terminators on Aries. They haul Aries back to his feet anyway, still with the trash can over his head, but Roode comes out of nowhere to nail Davey with a chair and then low blow Eddie, allowing Aries to literally land on top of Eddie and pin him.

Winner: The Dirty Heels 2-2 

Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III Backstage Segment: 

Hardy says he’s been sitting home since Jeff got injured, but now he’s decided he wants to be the TNA World Champion. He doesn’t like EC3. EC3 comes in and says Matt owes him one and he’ll get a title shot after he beats Angle next week. Hardy asks EC3 what his legacy will be if Angle makes him tap out, and tells EC3 to think about it.

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett Segment: 

Jeff says hell has frozen over and says he’ll address some of what happened tonight when he says he got a text from TNA management last week when they said they had a proposition for him. He was getting on a plane and didn’t even reply, but wanted to know what they wanted, and he rolled over the opportunities in his head, then texted them back and asked what they wanted. They wanted Jeff to come back and have a match, and he almost hung the phone up when he heard that because he doesn’t even wrestle for his own promotion, but then they told him it was his match, the match he designed, the King of the Mountain match. This won’t just be any episode of Impact, it’s the 13th anniversary of the company Jeff and his father co-founded in 2002, and he started thinking about all the great moments he had right here in the Impact Zone. He starts talking about all of the moments that mattered to him like Angle coming to TNA, Joe coming out and giving Angle the headbutt from hell, and watching AJ Styles and Beer Money develop. Jeff really had to think about how him being in TNA would affect the Global Force roster, how Karen would react.

Karen takes a mic and says he loves Jeff Jarrett, but as we all know, she’s a little different than Jeff, she didn’t know what to expect when Jeff told her about their conversation. They had moved on, Global Force Wrestling is their future and TNA was in the rearview mirror, so her emotions took over and she said absolutely not. But then Jeff kept laying it out to her because TNA is her baby, and as hard as it is for her to understand, she loves Jeff and supports him in anything and everything he chooses in life, and even this morning at 11 am on the phone with Sonjay Dutt, cried her eyes out asking why look in the rearview mirror when they have so much in the future, and Sonjay said Karen may never understand it, but Jeff didn’t go out the way he wanted to go out. No matter how bright the future is, he didn’t leave on his terms, and that being said, she didn’t get on the plane and get in this ring to get on a plane and go home. Jeff will leave TNA on his terms, and on Sunday, he’s going to make things right. Karen loves him and will be standing there by his side. Jeff said that we can bank on this: this Sunday at Slammiversary, the King of the Mountain officially declares himself in the match one last time he’s walking the TNA aisle, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t climb the ladder and declare himself the King of the Mountain. Toby Keith said he might not be as good as he once was, but once, he can be as good as he ever was.

Fourth Match: Bram vs. Vader 

They tie up and Vader just yanks Bram to the mat by the hair. Vader unloads on Bram in the corner, then whips Bram to the ropes and hits the Vader block. Vader with a short clothesline, but Bram tears Vader’s mask off and hammers him with hard right hands. He slaps Vader in the face a couple of times, and Vader responds by bowling Bram over with another big tackle for two count. Vader with another short clothesline, pulls up his pants, and then he heads to the second rope and hits the Vader Bomb. He hurts himself on the way down, but rolls over and covers Bram who gets his foot on the rope at two count. Bram rolls out to the floor and gets his turnbuckle, then uses it to beat the crap out of Vader. Bram continues the assault when, out of nowhere, Matt Morgan comes out of the back and destroys Bram, tossing him around and clotheslining him to the floor.

Winner: Vader by DQ 

Fifth Match: Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez 

Young starts whooping on Melendez right off the bat and doesn’t let up, unloading with right hands as Josh informs us that Bram and Matt Morgan will face off this weekend at Slammiversary. Young hits a DDT for two count, then dumps Melendez out to the floor. Young waits for Melendez to come back in and hits a neckbreaker for two count. Young tries tearing Melendez’ leg off again, but Melendez fights him off and then starts hammering him with forearms. Melendez goes for a backdrop, but Young counters to a piledriver for the win. Young dusted Melendez pretty quick and easy here, match was okay but Melendez’ limitations were pretty glaring.

Winner: Eric Young 

The Beat Down Clan and The Rising Brawl: 

BDC and the Rising are brawling in the aisle and into the ring, and suddenly Hernandez comes out of nowhere and flattens the entire Rising by himself. Drake and Micah get tossed to the floor and Hernandez gives Drew the Border Toss, then MVP stands over Drew and says if this is what he wants, then he should know that Hernandez is the newest member of the Beat Down Clan.

Sixth Match: Matt Hardy vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle in a non-title match

Angle goes for a salto, but Hardy sits out and hits a Russian legsweep. They trade right hands until Angle ducks one and hits the rolling German suplexes. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Hardy slips out and hits the Side Effect for two count, but then Angle gets out of the Twist of Fate and hits the Angle Slam for two count. Angle gets the anklelock, Hardy counters to a victory roll for two count, and then he gets Angle in a sleeper and hits another Side Effect for two count. Angle with more rolling German suplexes, but Hardy ducks another clothesline and hits a third Side Effect for a super close two count. Hardy with a fourth Side Effect, then a fifth, but Angle still kicks out at two count. Angle shoves off the Twist of Fate, Hardy hits it on a second attempt, but Angle kicks out again at two. Angle counters another Twist of Fate to the anklelock and Hardy taps out.  Ethan Carter III and Tyrus run in and try to attack Angle, but Hardy fights EC3 off before getting flattened by Tyrus. Angle takes Tyrus out with an Angle Slam and goes face to face with EC3, and Angle ducks a clothesline and gets EC3 in the anklelock. EC3 furiously taps out as we call it a week.

Winner: Kurt Angle via Submission