TNA IMPACT 07 22 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 22, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

The show opens with Dixie Carter coming out to the top of the ramp to introduce this year’s TNA Hall Of Fame inductee. We cut to a video package looking at Jeff Jarrett’s life and career in the wrestling business, then we go to Josh and Pope as they run down tonight’s card, including a replay of the King of the Mountain match Jeff Jarrett won at Slammiversary.

Street Fight: Magnus vs. Bram

We cut right to the match as they start off brawling at ringside. Magnus gets the advantage and continues pounding on Bram before finally bringing him into the ring to stomp him out in the corner. Magnus hits a superplex, but instead of going for the cover he waits for Bram to regain his feet so he can boot him in the face. Bram goes to the eyes and dumps Magnus to the floor, but Magnus uses the ring apron to trap Bram on a baseball slide attempt. Magnus thinks he’s all smart for doing that, but Bram reaches under the ring and gets a trash can lid that he uses to part Magnus’ hair. There’s a whole bunch of your standard hardcore weapons under there, and Bram uses a cookie tin to ring Magnus’ bell before slamming his face into the barricade and the ring steps. Magnus turns things around as they head back into the ring, putting a trash can over Bram’s head and bashing it with a steel chair, then stands Bram up so he can do it again. That’s some real anger there! Magnus makes a cover but Bram is out at 2, and he slips out of a suplex attempt and accidentally plows over the referee. Magnus hits an uranage and makes a cover, but the referee is slow to make the count and Bram is out at 2. Bram low blows Magnus and rolls him up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Bram

Hey, it’s a street fight and it’s all in the playbook! James Storm powerwalks down to ringside, cracks Magnus over the head with his cow bell, and tells Magnus that he hasn’t forgotten about him, and he and Mickie will find out tonight who Storm’s partner will be next week.

Eli Drake comes out to the ring with his crutch and says Eli Drake has waited a long time to stand here and speak to the people. He is not a creature of circumstance; he’s a creator of circumstance. Drew might have gotten him in the door, but Drew couldn’t stop telling everyone to stand up and as far as he’s concerned, they can all sit down. They can all call him a jerk, but they’re all like him because every one of them have called out sick when they were perfectly fine to get in, they all have friends they use to get what they want, and all the women in the crowd are there with guys they’re just with because they pay their bills.

Eli Drake promises that as long as Eli Drake is living, Drew Galloway is never going to win the TNA World Title, not because he’s good enough but because he’s not going to let him. Drew Galloway comes out and says he never thought Eli would kill the Rising because he wanted the glory. He’s younger than everyone thinks because he’s been wrestling for fifteen years, but no injury he’s suffered in that time hurt as much as last week when his own brother turned on him. He’s been through all the stages of trying to deal with this, but he wants the fans to decide how to deal with this. The fans tell Drew to kick his ass, so Drew says it’s decided and he’s going to make Eli famous. Eli stands in the ring with the crutch in hand and dares Drew to come in. Drew obliges and Eli takes a swing with the crutch, but Drew ducks and takes Eli down and pounds on him. Eli gets out and beats Drew down, but Drew stops another crutch shot attempt and goes for his DDT, but Eli bails out of the floor and smiles at Drew as if to say he almost got him, but Eli’s got his number and isn’t going to fall for that.

We look back at last week when Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Title with a little help from Gail Kim, and then Taryn Terrell comes out and interrupts a segment with Christy Hemme because she is irate over what happened last week. She had the Six Sides of Steel set up specifically for this segment, and she orders the Dolls into the cage. She goes in and screams that she wants her title and she wants it back NOW. Brooke comes out and says it’s no surprise to see Taryn acting like a baby, and she can point the fingers at anyone, but she and her Doll-Hos did it to themselves.

Brooke says the fans are happy that she’s the new champion and Terrell can’t stand when the fans are happy and chant her name. It’s not the Dollhouse, it’s HER house. Taryn freaks out again, and Brooke says it’s obvious that Terrell is just mad at herself because Brooke outsmarted and outwrestled her, and if she wants her title, she can come get it. Terrell slowly steps out of the cage and begins walking toward Brooke, but the lights go out and Gail Kim’s new entrance plays. When the lights come up Gail in in the cage, the door is locked, and Gail takes both Marti and Jade apart singlehandedly.

Now Taryn Terrell is all alone, and Brooke slowly walks after her, causing Terrell to head for the hills as Gail continues destroying both of the Dolls. Terrell flips out as Brooke and Gail stand tall at the cage.

We look back at the King of the Mountain match that main evented Slammiversary a few weeks ago. Your participants were Drew Galloway, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Young, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Roode. There is some serious talent in this ring and Karen Jarrett looks A-MA-ZING. Jarrett is pinned only a couple of minutes in and is the last to become eligible to hang the belt, but finally pins Roode after hitting him with a guitar to become eligible, and he eventually fights the odds to hang the belt and come away with the win.

We see a video package looking at Tigre Uno in Tijuana, Mexico and talking about how proud he is to be Mexican and how much he loves his country and culture. He says most Mexicans who come to America are good people, artists, and workers, and they work hard to provide for their families. He challenges Donald Trump to come to the Impact Zone and see what a real Mexican is like.

Yow, all this stuff ate up like forty minutes of the show. This Hernandez thing really screwed them.

James Storm and the Revolution are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! Storm will reveal his lady friend after this break!

We see a video package looking back at the recent history between James Storm and the Magnus Family, and then we go to the ring as Storm and the Revolution come out for the big reveal of who Storm’s partner will be when he faces Magnus and Mickie James. He says there are a lot of lost people walking around this world who need guidance and leadership. He founded the Revolution under the idea that no matter whom you are or what your background, you’re welcome here because there’s always room for one more. Mickie James had the chance to pledge to the Revolution and she turned him down even though he gave her gifts and opportunities she could only dream of. He knows she longs for a better life than what she has with Magnus, and the Mickie James he knows isn’t just lost, she’s a lost cause. Mickie will get her one more match because it’ll be her and Magnus against him and the newest pledge to the Revolution, so he wants the crowd to welcome the one more…Serena! Serena herself, formerly of the Straight Edge Society, comes out to the ring with far more hair than she had when we last saw her. Storm wants Serena to tell everyone what she told him about Mickie James, and she says it’s an absolute pleasure to stand next to him in a TNA ring, and she has been best friends with Mickie for over ten years. Mickie used to call Serena her protégé and that meant a lot to her. But then Mickie James became MICKIE JAMES and none of that mattered anymore. Mickie left Serena behind and broke her heart, and she was lost for a long time until she found James Storm. Storm says unlike her piece of crap fiancé, here we have a woman, whose man stands right beside her, and they’re not just going to beat them, they’re going to embarrass them. Storm tells Donovan that when he gets old enough to see this, he should know this is the moment where his parents made their worst mistake.

Chain Match: Eric Young vs. Rockstar Spud

So is this match happening for any particular reason, or just because? They get latched in and Young proceeds to begin beating the crap out of Spud and wrapping the chain around Spud’s neck to toss him across the ring repeatedly. They wind up outside the ring and Spud dodges a wild swing from a chair, then another from the chain, and he uses the chain to yank Young into the ringpost. Young quickly regains control of the situation, dragging Spud around by the neck with the chain and stomping his guts out. Spud responds by yanking the chain upward into Young’s ding ding, and then whips Young with the chain when he goes down. Young tries to hide behind the referee, and then throws Spud off the second rope where he was situated. Young with a piledriver and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Eric Young

Match was okay but Spud gets dusted again.

#1 Contender Tables Match: Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode

They start fast and go at it right off the bell, and quickly go to the floor where Hardy tries to suplex Roode through a table. Roode reverses to a suplex onto the ring steps, then puts a table on top of Hardy and stands on top of him. They head back inside where Hardy briefly regains control until Roode plants him with a spinebuster. Roode tries to press a table down onto Hardy, but Hardy holds him off as best he can until Roode’s power overcomes him and plants the table leg across his throat. Hardy escapes by kicking Roode in the ding ding, hits the Twist of Fate, and puts Roode on top of the table. Hardy goes to the top for a moonsault, but Roode is up and trips Hardy, causing him to tumble to the mat. Roode waits for Hardy to regain his feet and elevates him for the Roode Bomb, Hardy gets out and backdrops Roode over the top rope and through a table at ringside for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hardy is victorious and is now the #1 contender to EC3 and the TNA World Title.