TNA IMPACT 09 02 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 2, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Jeff Jarrett comes out with the Global Force Wrestling roster and says he was humble in his return to TNA, and he just wanted to help. He says they only got a taste of what he could do with GFW, and then Karen says she acted because she wanted Jeff to get what he deserved. Karen says she had Chris “Adonis” Mordetzky take out Bully Ray and Drew Galloway, because she knew they would just jump on the bandwagon of whoever walked in here. She says she did what was necessary, then Jeff thanks her and declares tonight is the start of a hostile takeover. Jeff says he’s building a new empire, and he still owns part of TNA, so they can’t do a damn thing. He says they should all take a look because no one can compete with GFW, then Adonis says they aren’t impressed with TNA. Adonis challenges the whole TNA locker room to come fight him, and he is answered by Bobby Lashley.

Chris Mordetzky vs. Bobby Lashley 

Chris ties up with Lashley but he gets backed into the corner, then Chris goes for a Master Lock before hitting Lashley with a forearm shot. Chris works Lashley’s back over before applying a headlock, and then he slams Lashley on the apron before Lashley comes back with a German suplex. He hits a few corner clotheslines before hitting a delayed suplex, then he calls for a spear but gets shoved into the turnbuckles. Chris hits a spinebuster before calling for the Master Lock, but Lashley hiptosses him and hits a powerslam and a spear. Lashley goes for the cover but the GFW roster runs out and attacks, and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner (by disqualification) – Bobby Lashley

The TNA locker room runs out to assist, but GFW takes them all out and Jeff Jarrett calls for his wife. He tells Karen to bring ‘the surprise’, and Karen is showing walking out with a ‘Feast or Fired’ briefcase. Karen opens it and says Magnus gave them this, and Jeff tells referee Earl Hebner to ring the bell, because they are cashing in on the tag team titles. Hebner says he isn’t doing it and Jeff and Earl get into a shoving match, but Jeff knocks him out and demands a new ref comes to the ring. Lei’D Tapa and Scott D’Amore lead Brian Stiffler out to the ring, and make him officiate the match.

TNA tag team championship match
Trevor Lee and Brian Myers vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves

Lee hits Davey in the corner and Myers suplexes Eddie, then Eddie fights back with a single leg crab while Davey applies a Cloverleaf. Sonjay Dutt jumps up and interferes, then Lee hits Eddie with the briefcase behind the ref’s back and makes the cover.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions – Trevor Lee and Brian Myers 

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus join Jeremy Borash backstage, and Ethan says he liked ‘choose your own adventure’ books. He says the Hardys chose their adventure, but he knows how it all ends. He ‘reads’ a passage from the book, and it ends with Ethan winning, and Jeff getting his coffee and working for him.

King of the Mountain championship match
Bobby Roode vs. TNA King of the Mountain champion PJ Black

Roode hits Black a few times and clotheslines him, then he stomps Black and calls for a suplex. Black superkicks him and sends him into the barricade, then he hits a suicide dive and drops Roode with a forearm. We get back from a break to see Black slam Roode before they trade strikes, then Roode hits a spinebuster off the ropes for two. Roode goes for a Crossface but Sonjay Dutt runs out and distracts him, and Roode knocks him down and goes back to the Crossface. Drew Galloway runs out and prevents Dutt from interfering again, then Roode blocks a springboard attack by Black and hits a Roode Bomb for the win.

Winner and NEW King of the Mountain Champion – Bobby Roode

Jeff Jarrett’s music cues up and Myers and Lee rush out to the ring, and Roode runs through the crowd. Jarrett follows them and asks why Drew didn’t get the message, and they aren’t going anywhere until they take this company back. Dixie Carter comes out and asks if Jeff can even admit his mistakes, because all she hears from Jeff is “I”. Jeff says Dixie stole his power, but Dixie says she’s been here since day one and it all happened for a reason. Dixie says she knows how to make this go away, and she proposes a ‘winner-takes-all’ match for control of the company. Jeff asks if she’s really confident she can win, then Drew Galloway walks out and says he’s standing for TNA Wrestling, and he has to go through all of them. The Wolves and Bobby Lashley join him on the stage, and they all talk more trash as the segment ends.

Kenny King vs. Bram 

Bram hits King a few times and sends him outside, then King tries to dive off the steps but Bram clotheslines him. Bram hits him a few times before King connects with an enziguiri, then he snaps Bram’s head on the ropes and goes for a springboard move. Bram sidesteps and shoves him down, then hits The Brighter Side of Suffering for the win.

Winner – Bram 

Matt and Jeff Hardy join Jeremy Borash backstage to talk about tonight’s title match, and Jeff says Ethan Carter III is all about ego. He says family matters, then Matt says Ethan denied his title request but now he gets it. He says they made a deal with the devil, but his brother’s belief in him fuels him, and he will not let him down and will win the TNA title.

Velvet Sky comes out and says Taryn Terrell made a mistake sending her ‘minions’ after her, and she will make Taryn pay. Velvet demands Taryn comes to the ring, but Taryn shows up on the big screen and says her doctor told her to remain calm. She says Velvet is going to wish they won’t cross paths, because they haven’t so far, but Taryn is better on every level. Taryn sends the Dollhouse to the ring, but Velvet says they don’t have enough backup. Velvet attacks them but she is quickly beaten down, then Angelina Love and Madison Rayne run out for the save! The Beautiful People are reunited and they clear the ring, then Madison says ‘playtime is over’ and Angelina says they just met the new badass TBP.

TNA world heavyweight championship
Matt Hardy vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III

Ethan hits Matt a few times, but Matt swings right back and hits him and knocks him outside as we go to a break. We get back to see Ethan scoop slam Matt, then he goes for an elbow drop but Matt rolls away and also breaks a Sleeperhold. Matt hits a jawbreaker and some clotheslines, then follows with a bulldog and a flying elbow. Matt hits a Side Effect for two, then calls for a Twist of Fate but Ethan shoves him into the corner and inadvertently hits the ref. Matt counters and hits a Twist of Fate for two, but the ref is down and Tyrus hits Matt from behind.

Ethan runs over and hits Matt with the title, but Matt kicks out, so Ethan goes on attack but Matt shoves him away. Jeff hits Ethan behind the ref’s back to even it up, then Matt slams Ethan down before they trade punches. Jeff hits Tyrus with a chair on the floor as Ethan hits a One Percenter for two, then Matt avoids a splash and hits a tornado DDT for two. Ethan knocks Matt back and calls for a Twist of Fate, mocking his opponent, but Matt shoves him into the corner and almost hits the ref again. They stop from hitting the ref, but Ethan low blows Matt and rolls him up for the win.

Winner – Ethan Carter III