TNA IMPACT 09 23 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 23, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Dixie Carter Calls Out Eric Young: 

The entire TNA Locker Room are at ringside and the members of Team TNA are in the ring with Dixie Carter. Carter tells the guys who competed in the Lethal Lockdown match last week that she thanks them for putting their bodies on the line for TNA. Galloway says that all the guys in the roster love professional wrestling and perform for the fans. Galloway says that he’s not trying to be a leader because everyone here is equal. Galloway says that there will be battles ahead and they will always stand up. Carter announces that tonight all the competitors from Team TNA will take on each other to crown the number one contender to the EC3 World Championship at the Bound for Glory PPV. Carter said that TNA has been tight unit and a family besides one guy.

Carter calls out Eric Young. Carter said that not only did Young turn his back on her and TNA, but all the wrestlers in the locker room. Young ask why she didn’t call him out when he did what he did to Chris Melendez and Kurt Angle. Young said that the reason is because Young has a iron clad contract with Impact Wrestling. Young said that yes he has connections with Global Force Wrestling and he mocks Team TNA’s victory from last week. Young said that nobody can do anything to him. Carter brings up Chris Melendez and how he’s sacrificed for the country then Melendez comes down to the ring. Carter announces that right now Melendez will take on Young in a Lumberjack Match.

First Match: Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez in a Lumberjack Match 

Young attacks Melendez from behind and sends Melendez out of the ring. Melendez gets back in the ring by himself. Melendez with a sunset flip for a two count. Young regains control. Young stomps on Melendez back. Young with a bodyslam. Young stomps Melendez in the back of the head. Young with a back suplex for a two count. Melendez with right hands and Young stops him momentum. Young with more stomps. Young with a headlock on Melendez. Melendez counters and Young sends him to bottom turnbuckle. Young and Melendez exchange forearms. Melendez picks up some momentum with multiple forearms and a Samoan Drop. Earl Hebner was distracted and Young pokes Melendez eyes. Young picks up Melendez prosthetic leg and rams it to his face. Young puts Melendez on the top rope. Melendez knocks down Young and goes up top with a flying dropkick to Young to pickup the victory. After the match Melendez celebrates with the members of the TNA Locker Room.

Winner: Chris Melendez

Second Match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade for the TNA Knockouts Championship 

Jade with a running boot from behind. Jade with forearms and corner Kim. Kim with a Hurricanrana. Kim with a rollup for a two count. Jade with a German suplex for a two count. Jade is in control of the match with shoulder tackles and forearms. Kim regains momentum with running forearm. Kim locks the ringside figure four leg lock on Jade. Jade escapes. Kim comes back to the ring with a running clothesline for a two count. Kim goes for the Eat Defeat, but Jade counters with a powerbomb for a two count.

Jade attempts another German suplex and Kim counters with the Eat Defeat to pick up the victory. After the match Marti Bell and Rebel storm into the ring. Rebel spears Kim. Dollhouse double team Gail and The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) come down to the ring and clean house. More brawling with The Beautiful People and Dollhouse on the ramp. Awesome Kong music hit and she comes down to the ring. Kong and Kim have a stare off.

Winner: Still TNA Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim 

Rockstar Spud Backstage Promo: 

Spud mentions that his career correlates with EC3. Spud understands what Hardy is going through. Spud mentions that he was a former two time TNA X Division Champion. Spud says that tonight despite Hardy’s personal problems, Spud becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion is more important.

Ethan Carter III & Jeff Hardy Backstage Segment: 

Carter said that tonight it’s about him retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 runs down the role Hardy is supposed to play in this match tonight. Hardy says when EC3 tells Hardy to punch Spud, Hardy will punch Spud. Carter warns Hardy that if he doesn’t cooperate with him tonight he will be fired.

Third Match: Tigre Uno (c) vs. Kenny King for the TNA X Division Championship 

Uno and King lock up. King with shoulder tackles. Uno tries to run over King, but it doesn’t work. King plants Uno. Uno with a corkscrew dive off the second rope. King and Uno are back in the ring. King with a clothesline for a two count. King with a backbreaker a for two count. King applies a headlock on Uno. Uno is on the top rope. King goes for the top rope superplex, but gets knock down. Uno with a flying crossbody. Uno with headscissors. Uno with a side kick for a two count. Uno chops King. King with another backbreaker. King with a exploder suplex for a two count. King with a spinebuster for a two count. Uno with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and the Uno splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: Still TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno

Fourth Match: Ethan Carter III (c) w/Jeff Hardy and Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

Carter extends his hands for a five. Carter chops Spud and taunts the crowd. Spud with quick right hands. Carter goes for the chop and Spud gets out of the way and Spud chops Carter. Spud stomps on Carter in the corner. Spud with more forearms. Carter with a clothesline. Carter with forearms. Carter stomps on Spud in the corner. Carter with a headlock. Spud with a stunner. Spud kicks Carter leg. Spud with a chop, kick and forearm combination. Spud connects on two running forearms and a running drop kick. Carter charges at Spud and Carter goes over the top rope. Spud connects on the suicide dive and both men are laid out.

Spud goes up top with a flying forearm. Spud goes for stunner and Carter counters with a powerbomb for a two count. Carter measures up Spud. Carter with elbows to Spud back. Carter goes for the 1% and Spud bites Carter hand. Carter with a TKO and the 1% to pick up the victory. After the match Carter tells Tyrus to punch Spud, Tyrus picks Spud up. Carter tells Hardy to end Spud career. Carter tells Hardy to hit Spud with the Twist of Fate. Hardy takes the suit off and tells Carter no. Carter said that he and Tyrus can end Hardy career. Matt Hardy comes to the ring. Tyrus knocks down Matt. Carter tells Jeff to punch Matt. Matt lowblows Tyrus. Jeff Hardy knocks down Carter and Carter throws a fit on the ramp.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III 

The Revolution & Mahabali Shera In-Ring Segment: 

Storm says that he has lost his faith in humanity. Storm said that he created The Revolution to help the lost and the weak. Storm said that there’s people that can’t get the job done. Storm said that Khoya is Shera’s name. Abyss tells Storm to shut the hell up. Abyss said that he’s no longer one of his pathetic sheep followers. Storm said that without him Abyss would be nothing. Abyss said that he was a TNA original and that he helped build TNA from the grown up. Abyss said that he tore his body for this company and he will whoop Storm ass. Abyss walks away. Manik says that Khoya name is Mahabali Shera. Storm knocks down Manik. Storm tells him to get up. Storm said that he made Manik. Storm tells Manik to say Shera’s real name. Manik grabs the mic. Manik said that Storm didn’t make Shera or him. Manik takes his mask off and walks away. Storm tells Manik to come back here. Shera comes out and says that The Revolution is over. Storm tells the crowd to shut up and says let’s fight. Storm says that he fights on his own time. Storm tells Shera sorry for your damn luck.

Fifth Match: Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards vs. Bram in a Five Way Elimination Match to determine the Number One Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory 

Drew and Lashley fight out to the floor almost immediately as the Wolves beat Bram down in the corner. Bram takes the Wolves out with a double clothesline and then goes toe to toe with Drew before taking him out with a leg lariat. Lashley is in and brawls with Bram, who elevates Lashley and hits a sitout slam for two count. Bram knocks Lashley and Drew out to the floor, then the Wolves come in and go for a double suplex, but Bram reverses to a double suplex on both Davey and Eddie, and they destroy the big guy and score several near falls. The Wolves connect on the top rope double stomps and eliminate Bram. Lashley gets Eddie up in a delayed vertical suplex that he won’t drop Eddie no matter how much of a beating Lashley absorbs from the other two guys.

The Wolves finally get some momentum and knock down both Drew and Lashley with a series of double teams, then get the big men in submission holds. Drew and Lashley get out and head to the floor, and the Wolves are left to fight each other, trading a series of devastating strikes before Davey hits an Alarm Clock, Eddie hits an enziguiri, and Lashley spears Davey as Drew hits the Future Shock DDT on Eddie. Both men make covers and the Wolves are both eliminated, so it’s down to Drew and Lashley. The big men trade clotheslines, but Lashley winds up on top and stomps Drew out in a corner before hitting a snap suplex for two count. Lashley pops Galloway over with a release suplex, but Drew dodges the spear and rolls Lashley up for two count. Galloway hits a running boot and gets the win. Galloway talks about how important the victory was and Galloway says that he will become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Drew Galloway 

Ethan Carter III & Jeff Hardy In-Ring Segment: 

Carter slowly calls Jeff Hardy out to the ring and begs for his job. Carter tells the production crew to turn his music off. Hardy faces the EC3 fathead on a stick. Carter asks Hardy if he wants to explain himself. Hardy said that we live to create and the creatures don’t live in Carter reality. Hardy tells Carter that he’s not afraid to get fired. Carter said that if he fires Hardy, Hardy will not have a platform to provide for his family or his creatures. Carter says that he knows that he’s hot headed. Carter tells Hardy to get on his knee and beg for his job and to kiss the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Title. Carter said that he does that this is hard, but Hardy has to get on his knee and save his job. Carter tells Hardy to say this “I Jeffry Nero Hardy apologizes for my actions towards Mr. Carter and that Carter is the greatest professional wrestler of all-time.” Hardy tells Carter he can’t fire him because he quits and that he’s no longer working here and Hardy walks away. Carter tells Hardy to take a hike and that he’s fired. Carter said that this show is over and the show goes off air.