TNA IMPACT 09 30 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 30, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Carter said that he’s not in a good mood considering the fact he’s still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and also kicking Jeff Hardy to the curb. Carter finds it funny that everybody is talking about Drew Galloway instead of him when it comes to their match at Bound for Glory. Carter is not surprised his aunt cheerleads for him like she did back in the day in Ole Miss. Carter calls Dixie out to the ring. Dixie said that she can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dixie said that EC3 has been a great TNA World Heavyweight Champion in the ring, but outside the ring he’s been acting childish. Dixie said that the reason why people are talking about Galloway is because he fought for our company. Dixie ask how does EC3 sleep with himself at night with the fact he didn’t help his family. EC3 said that he would have done a better job leading Team TNA. EC3 said that Galloway can’t beat him now, or at Bound for Glory.

Galloway comes out. EC3 says that the noble savior has arrived. Galloway said that he’s been waiting a long time to tell EC3 to shut his bloody mouth. Galloway said EC3 is self-centered bitch who considers himself the best in the world and he didn’t even fight for the company. EC3 said that he has the gold to prove that he’s the best in the world. Galloway said that he will stand up for professional wrestling 24/7 and he will continue to talk about it until he can’t talk no more. What Galloway does best is compete in this ring and he tells EC3 he will destroy him. EC3 tells Galloway that he’s competing against the man who defeated Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Sting. Stand Up? EC3 tells Galloway that he needs to stand down. Galloway tells EC3 that not only will he stand up, but he will also become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

James Storm Backstage Promo: 

Storm said that Sherra is the reason why the other members of The Revolution are beginning to doubt him. Storm brings up the No DQ Match. Storm said that he’s going to show Sherra that he’s the legend and he will cut him down. Storm said that at the end of the day the buzzards need to be fed too.

Ethan Carter III & Dixie Carter Backstage Segment: 

EC3 tells Dixie that he’s going to destroy her golden boy. Dixie doesn’t understand why EC3 continues to act like this. EC3 said that he should be the face of the organization not him. EC3 tells Dixie just like he destroyed all the legends he’s going to destroy Galloway. EC3 tells Dixie that after the match he will end the career of Galloway and walks away.

First Match: James Storm vs. Mahabali Sherra in a No Disqualification Match 

Storm and Sherra exchange forearms. Sherra brings Storm back into the ring and Storm low blows Sherra. Storm with left hands. Storm chops Sherra. Sherra with right hands. Sherra with shoulder tackles. Sherra with a fallaway slam on Storm. Storm with a codebreaker to Sherra. Storm grabs a chair under the ring. Storm folds up two chairs in the ring. Storm puts Sherra on the top turnbuckle. Storm flings Sherra onto both chairs for a two count. Storm brings a table in the ring. Storm sets up the table. Storm goes for the powerbomb, but Sherra counters and both collide into each other.

Storm brings a bottle of beer in the ring. Storm spits the beer in Earl Hebner face. Sherra lands a spear, but no count with Hebner trying to regain his vision. Storm hits Sherra with the cowbell. Storm Irish Crosses Sherra through the table for a two count. Storm grabs a broken piece of glass from the beer bottle. Abyss and Manik come into the ring. Storm asks both Manik and Abyss what the hell they are doing here. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam and Manik with a Frogsplash. Sherra gets back up with the Sky High Spinebuster to pick up the victory.

Winner: Mahabali Sherra

Dixie Carter Backstage Promo: 

Carter said that EC3 has not failed to show her big amount of disrespect and how he’s fighting a champion. Carter announces that tonight EC3 & Tyrus will take on Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway. If Hardy wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Bound for Glory will become a triple threat match with Hardy inserted into the match. Carter said that she will also have an announcement for Bound for Glory later on tonight.

Bobby Roode & Bobby Lashley In-Ring Segment: 

Roode mentions that he’s been a TNA Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champion. Roode says that the King of the Mountain Championship represents professional wrestling and he will defend the title with dignity and respect. Roode said that at Bound for Glory he will put his title on the line in an Open Challenge. Roode tells the TNA Locker Room that at Bound for Glory he will prove why he’s the “It Factor” of professional wrestling. Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring. Lashley tells Roode that he will extend his hand out for respect. Lashley said that he came to TNA for two different reasons. One for competing with the best professional wrestlers in the world. Lashley mentions that Roode is indeed one of the best wrestlers in the world. Lashley said that the other reason why he’s here is to win as many championships as possible and he challenges Roode for one more match at Bound for Glory. Roode said that it would be a honor to defend the King of the Mountain Championship against Lashley at Bound for Glory.

The Dollhouse Promo: 

Terrell mentions that Angelina Love is out of the equation. Terrell tells the entire Dollhouse that it’s time to finally put an end to Velvet Sky.

Second Match: DJ Zema Ion vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Trevor Lee

Ciampa kicks down Lee and chops Ion. Ion throws Ciampa and eats a kick but Lee nails the knee. Lee throws Ion down, hits the baseball slide and gets caught with a tilt a whirl headscissors. Ciampa drags Ion out of the ring and smashes him into the rail, super somersault onto Lee. Lee with a European uppercut into Tommaso Ciampa and Moonsault into Ciampa. Both men are down. Ciampa stomps Lee in the corner, Ciampa with the standing vertical suplex for a two count.

Ion catches Ciampa with the toss up dropkick and a missile off the top. Running double Tornado DDT off the ropes on both Lee and Ciampa. Ion with the flying elbows into both and eats an elbow. Lee catches Ciampa with the deadlift German for a two count. Ion tosses but lands and blocks to send Lee headfirst to the apron! Misses the slingshot DDT, Ciampa smashes Lee with the Project Ciampa for a two count as Ion broke up the pin attempt. Ion with the springboard dropkick to send Ciampa outside. Lee with the spinning crossbody to Ion to pick up the victory.

Winner: Trevor Lee 

The Beautiful People Backstage Promo: 

Rayne mocks The Dollhouse name and Angelina Love tells Jade she’s not scared of her. Love says The Beautiful People came together and put differences aside for the good of the Knockouts Division. Sky says they’re not scared of any of them, and Taryn hasn’t shown her face at ringside since she took her out. To go old school , they will rid the world of the ugly people, one at a time.

Third Match: The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) in a Handicap Match 

Dollhouse and the Beautiful People brawl at ringside. Sky attacks Bell and hits the flying splash. Sky runs her across the ring and smashes the head. Bell off the buckles Sky with a clothesline for a two count. Rayne is tagged in and sets up the kick into the side of Bells head for a two count. Jade makes the tag and throws the kicks. Rayne with forearms and spinning forearm to send Jade down. Rayne bangs on the buckle to get the fans going and stepping to the apron, runs the ropes to dropkick into Jade’s head. Madison back inside, cover gets two. Madison tags to Velvet, kick from Sky and another, then a kick to the head and a running neckbreaker for a two count. Velvet Sky sent for the ride and kicks of Jade, beating down the Dolls but takes a dropkick from Jade.

Jade tags to Rebel who kicks Velvet’s stomach, boot to the throat for the choke and a distraction for the Referee as Marti and Jade beat down Velvet. Jade tags in, snap suplex! Running kick to Madison. Jade for the pin, two. Jade holding the hand of Velvet’s out, taunting Madison and misses a roundhouse, double clothesline and both women are down and barring each other’s way to their respective corners. Marti and Madison tag in, Rayne for the chops, hits the forehead off the knee and a dropkick to score a two. Madison sent to the rope, Rebel knees her kidneys and Rayne sends Marti into Rebel. Madison with the Roxy Bomb and Jade breaks it up. Velvet sends Jade outside and Sky gets sent into the ring steps. Jade has the chair and misses the smash, she would have broken her hand! Rebel throws powder in the eyes of Madison, schoolgirl from Marti Belle to pick up the victory.

Winner: The Dollhouse 

Ethan Carter III Backstage Promo: 

Carter calls the World Title situation a big steaming pile of crap. Carter says he’s a winner, and Tyrus is a winner by association. Carter says that Aunt Dixie used to be a winner, and Matt Hardy is a damn weed that keeps popping up no matter how many times he kills him. Drew Galloway will lose, and whatever wrinkle Dixie has, it will not end his World Title reign.

Brooke Tessmacher Promo: 

Tessmacher talks about how she represents the Knockouts Division, how far she’s come and how badly she wants the KO title back. Tessmacher promises this is not all the last Impact has seen of her.

Gail Kim Promo: 

Kim says that she has a legacy versus a woman she respects in Awesome Kong. Kim is the first Knockouts Champion and it’s time to see who the best woman really is. The best TNA Knockouts Champions will make history as Bound For Glory will see Gail Kim defeat Awesome Kong.

Eric Young, Chris Melendez, Robbie E and Mr. Anderson In-Ring Segment: 

Young yells about Chris Melendez beating him with everyone helping him last time. Young says no one can take him out and dares anyone to come and get him. Robbie E comes out and rushes to attack Young hitting a spear in the corner but Young hits a low blow that shoves Robbie’s testicles into his throat. Young tosses Robbie and grabs the stick. Young says he is god and that boom’s a bust. Young yells to the back and then threatens the fans. Chris Melendez comes out. Melendez rushes the ring and picks up the legs as both men smash on each other and Young ducks the lariat to hit the back suplex. Young goes out to grab a chair and returns to the ring to misses the chair.

Melendez swings the chair and Young retreats. Young heads up the ramp as Melendez screams. Mr. Anderson is on the stage and calls for his mic. Anderson asks if Young was really God. Anderson says that he’s been searching for God all his life. Anderson tells Young that the fans are right. There are a lot of pissed off people, there’s like 25 men, women and children that want to whip his ass. Anderson doesn’t want to share though, and beats into Young. Anderson sends Young into the ring and Robbie hits the Boom Drop, Stunner from Melendez and the Mic Check from Anderson. Young falls to the floor.

Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway Backstage Segment: 

Hardy tells Galloway when they win tonight he will be the Champion. Hardy says that he couldn’t have a better partner, but he won’t die and neither will his quest for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Galloway is all about it, and says that Hardy will get his shot in his home state. Galloway says that the true mark of a Champion is how they deal with these situations. Bound For Glory is his life’s work, for everything he’s went for. Wrestling changes all the time and they both are used to it. But this Sunday he doesn’t care who he competes against. Galloway says that he will be Champion. Hardy agrees, saying tonight they take care of business, Sunday, they do their thing.

Dixie Carter tells Eric Young that he will be taking on Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.

Fourth Match: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway 

Carter and Galloway start off the match. Tyrus tags himself in. Galloway and Tyrus lock up and Tyrus knocks Galloway down. Galloway with a side headlock and Hardy tags himself in. Hardy and Galloway double team Tyrus with stomps. Hardy with forearms to Tyrus back. Tyrus slams Hardy. Tyrus with an elbow drop. Tyrus with a headlock and tags in Carter. Hardy with right hands. Hardy with a backbreaker. Hardy with a running bulldog. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate and Carter counters with a dropkick for a two count. Tyrus is tagged in. Tyrus with a running splash in the corner. Tyrus applies pressure on Hardy neck. Hardy with right hands. Tyrus tags in Carter and they double team Hardy. Galloway storms in the ring, but gets hold back by Earl Hebner.

Tyrus with a leg splash for a one count. Tyrus with a headlock. Tyrus with more right hands. Carter comes from behind and attacks Hardy as the referee is distracted. Tyrus steps on Hardy ribs. Tyrus has full control of Hardy. Carter is tagged in and goes for a pin attempt. Carter with a headlock. Hardy tries to regain momentum. Hardy with a side effect and both men are down. Galloway is tagged in. Galloway with right hands to Carter. Galloway goes up top and lands a flying elbow. Galloway with a belly to belly and Tyrus breaks up the pin. Hardy off the top rope and knocks down Tyrus. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Tyrus. Hardy and Galloway measure up Tyrus. Galloway with a running knee to pick up the victory. After the match Dixie Carter comes out and announces that Jeff Hardy will be the Special Guest Referee for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Bound for Glory.

Winner: Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway