TNA IMPACT 09 09 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 9, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

EC3 says that there’s a war in the horizon and he brings up the battlelines between TNA and GFW. EC3 doesn’t care. EC3 said that you shouldn’t’ have bet against him because one man made a crucial bet. EC3 said Matt Hardy gave him a match of the ages, but Hardy ran into EC3’s god mode and EC3 is still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 also says that victors go to spoil as he brings out his brand new personal assistant Jeff Hardy. EC3 says that personal assistant don’t come out to music they come out in silence. EC3 ask Hardy for a bottle of water.

EC3 wonders if that water was 73 degrees because he wanted 72, but gives Hardy a pass because it’s his first day. EC3 said he and Tyrus got him a first day present. Out comes a fathead of EC3 on a stick of which Hardy is supposed to hold up in the air at all times. Crowd in the Impact Zone continues to chant for Hardy. Hardy says that his name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy and he’s EC3 biggest fan, he’s unbeatable, unbreakable, unsubmitted, undefeated and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy also mentions that EC3 is handsome. EC3 says that Hardy gets to see his brother in action and while he would love to see a Hardy Boyz match, he’s going to see his brother in action as he will team up with Rockstar Spud to take on EC3 and Rockstar Spud.

First Match: TNA world heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus w/Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud 

Carter and Hardy start off the match and immediately tags in Tyrus. Hardy tries to go after Carter who’s on the ring apron and Tyrus comes from behind with a clothesline. Tyrus tags in Carter. Hardy lands a series of haymakers and hits a Russian leg sweep. Spud comes in off the tag and Hardy and Spud give Carter a double suplex which gets a two count. Spud runs toward Carter and EC3 flings Spud over the top rope. Tyrus rams Spud into the turnbuckle and rolls him back in the ring. Carter gives Spud a front face suplex and tags in Tyrus. Tyrus punches Spud in the ribs. Tyrus splash upon Spud’s midsection and taunts Hardy. Tyrus gives Hardy an elbow drop and continues to mock Hardy. Tyrus continues to maul Spud as EC3 is tag in.

EC3 starts to ground Spud as Spud tries to gain momentum. Hardy raises the EC3 fathead sign and EC3 gets in Hardys face. Spud tags in Hardy with a pair of clotheslines and a side effect which gets a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate and Hardy Irish whips Carter to the ropes and Tyrus tags in. Hardy tags in Spud. Spud goes off the top rope and Tyrus catches and Hardy gives Tyrus a DDT for a two count. Spud brings out some fire, but gets knock down again by Tyrus. EC3 tells Jeff Hardy to blast Spud with a steel chair. Hardy says no way. Tyrus gives Spud the ICU (Thumb Spike) to pick up the victory. After the match Hardy comes into the ring and raises both of Tyrus and Hardy hands.

Winner: Ethan Carter III and Tyrus in 06:56

The Wolves and Drew Galloway Backstage Segment:

Eddie and Davey said that they are ready to go. Galloway comes up to the Wolves and mentions that Jeff Jarrett cost Galloway the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and The Wolves the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Galloway says it’s time to bring the fight to GFW and he’s going to take care of business with Chris Mordetzky.

The Dollhouse Backstage Promo: 

Taryn Terrell says that she’s sick and tired of Velvet Sky games. Terrell said that the Dollhouse run this house not the Beautiful People. Terrell tells Rebel to go lay out one of the members of the Beautiful People and Rebel, Marti and Jade skips away as Terrell continues to huff and puss.

The Dollhouse and Beautiful People Brawl: 

Madison Rayne walks up and Rebel, Jade and Marti show up. Rayne says oh I’m supposed to be scared now. Dollhouse layout Rayne and Velvet and Angelina come from behind and we have ourselves Knockout Donnie brook. Angelina Love gets laid out by Jade via a steel chair.

Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett and Bobby Roode In-Ring Promo: 

Jarrett says that GFW will take it all next week at Lethal Lockdown and calls out Bobby Roode. Jarrett states that he wants the King of the Mountain Championship back. Jarrett said that he’s not going to argue with Roode he just wants the title back. Roode ask Jarrett why should he. Jarrett said that he’s the real King of the Mountain. Jarrett says that he’ll give Roode one more chance to give his title back or else.  Roode puts the belt on the top turnbuckle and takes his t-shirt off, but Karen tells them to stop this because they’re acting like children.

Karen believes in Jeff and he’s a week away from getting everything he wants, but if he fights Roode tonight, he’s jeopardizing all of that. Karen says Roode is the longest reigning TNA World Champion and thinks he’s so smart, but she would think he would be smarter about protecting his spot since he’s a week away from answering to her husband. Karen says Dixie has nothing left, she’s outnumbered and Roode is outnumbered. They’ve worked together for a long time, and she wants Roode to think about that. Karen tells Jeff they’re leaving, and they take their leave of Roode.

Drew Galloway, Kenny King, Jesse Godderz, Eli Drake, Micah, Robbie E, and Tigre Uno Backstage Segment: 

Galloway doesn’t understand why King, Godderz and Drake doesn’t want to help in this TNA/GFW feud. King says that you don’t always have to fight other people’s battles and you’re not the greatest general in the world. Godderz says that they will be here no matter what happens. Drake says that all Galloway does is talk and has zero bark. Galloway says that he knows people who will stand up for TNA. Robbie E, Micah and Tigre Uno show up and they get into a brawl with King, Godderz and Drake and are separated by the TNA officials and security.

Second Match: Kenny King, Eli Drake, and Jesse Godderz vs. Robbie E, Micah, and Tigre Uno 

Micah and King start but a single butterfly suplex sends King off for a tag to Jesse, who is run over by Robbie. Tigre comes in for some headscissors on Drake before its back to Micah to start in on the arm. Micah is taken into the corner and some triple teaming has him in trouble. That only lasts a few seconds before a double clothesline allows the tag to Uno. Tigre grabs a tornado DDT on King before the BroMans are both tagged in. Everything breaks down and we hit the parade of secondary finishers, capped off by the Boom Drop by Robbie E to Jesse to pick up the victory.

Winner: Robbie E, Micah and Tigre Uno in 07:06 

Third Match: TNA Knockout’s title match: TNA Knockouts champion Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

Brooke in a headlock as Kim has her tight. Taken into a hammerlock and Brooke with the headlock and takes Kim over. Brooke with the head and comes out as Kim has the hammerlock Brooke slips out and kicks the woman around. Brooke with the whip and misses the kick as Kim slips to the apron. Brooke manages a shoulder into Kim knocking her to the floor. She misses a slide and Kim rips her out as they exchange forearms and Brooke gets sent to the ringpost. Kim inside to follow and runs to miss the lariat and catches the crossbody but Brooke turns it into a rollup for a two count only. Flying forearm takes Kim down! X-Factor off the ropes but a two count only as Kim has her leg on the ropes. Kim manages a kneelift counter and Brooke comes on her in the corner but Kim throws her off and wraps a scissors, trying for the armbar.

Brooke is fighting but manages to pin Kim, two, Kim turns it into a pin on Brooke and gets two! Kim off the ropes, Brooke sits and rolls back to wrap the facelock and bridge! Submission move put in as the Champ wraps the head and gets taken over in a cradle! Two!! Kim kicks Brooke off and both run with flying crossbody blocks. Lei’D Tapa and Royal Red come down to the ring. Tapa has the Knockouts Title! In the ring Brooke is fighting Kim, pickup and front face slam! Brooke sees Tapa and comes off the apron to smash into Tapa! Brooke kicking and beating into Lei’D Tapa! Brooke tells off Royal Red as Tapa smashes her with the title from behind! Lei’D Tapa enters the ring and raises the Knockouts Title but Kim attacks her! Series of forearm strikes but Tapa smashes her down! Yells into her face and TKO to Kim. Kong enters the ring and walking up to Tapa both stare down! Huge swinging punches! The behemoths collide! Awesome Kong hits a shoulderblock! Tapa hits a bodyslam! Kong slams Tapa! Backfist! Backfist! Spinning backfist and a clothesline clears the ring! Kong holds the title as Royal Red tries to talk Tapa back.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher by DQ in 06:07

Team GFW Backstage Segment: 

Scott D’Amore tries to fire up the guys. Jarrett ask Mordetzky if he’s ready take care of business in his lumberjack match Drew Galloway. Mordetzky says absolutely. Jarrett says that tonight he has a special surprise just in time for Team GFW.

Ethan Carter III, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway Backstage Segment: 

Hardy appreciates Galloway passion and love for TNA and says that he’s getting sick tired of GFW and EC3. Hardy said that if he was able to compete he would be right there to help him out. EC3 comes out and says that Hardy priorities is being EC3 personal assistant and tells Hardy to go get EC3 dinner reservations. EC3 says tell Galloway good luck with losing his aunt’s company.

Fourth Match: TNA tag team title match: TNA tag team champions Trevor Lee and Brian Myers vs. The Wolves

Three Suicide Dives from The Wolves to start off the match. Trevor Lee is in and both crash into him and pickup by Davey, kick by Eddie to the head and Brian makes the save. Davey and Brian brawl on the floor but Eddie kicks him! Spinning double crossbody sees Trevor land on top! Two count only! Eddie hits the buckles as Brian Myers tags in, wraps the head and suplex and a kickout by Eddie Edwards. Lee with the attack and gutwrench suplexes on Eddie! Cover gets the two. Davey tries in but Lee and Myers take advantage for the double team. Brian with the kick and stomp, wraps the head, Lee tags in and double pickup Eddie lands on his feet! Pulls the ropes as Brian dives outside, Eddie ducks a leapfrog and tags out to Davey.

Richards with the clotheslines and kicks a running Myers into Lee and dropkicks the DDT. Davey has Lee set up Superplex. Richards misses the creeping death and instead wraps the waist as Eddie lands the kick into the German and Edwards hits the diving sunset to wrap the roll and Brian breaks it up. Myers sends Davey outside, Lee hits the knee as Brian hits the Flatliner! Eddie fights both off as he kicks and elbows, Lee hit his partner with the flying knee. Eddie throws him into the air, Davey hits the kick and goes for the pin and Sonjay Dutt pulls the referee and knocks him out. Earl Hebner comes down to the ring and lays out Dutt. Davey has Lee for the Spike, Eddie with the kick and Richards slams the Piledriver to pick up the victory.

Winner: New TNA world tag team champions The Wolves in 07:07 

Eric Young and Chris Melendez In-Ring Promo: 

Melendez says he’s not happy he lost his leg to Eric Young last week, but he’s got one more and is ready to fight Eric Young again, and wants Young to come out and face him. Young comes out with Melendez’s leg and says this is what an American hero looks like. He’s already sent Kurt Angle home and made him explain to his kids why he can’t wrestle anymore, and now Melendez is standing there on one leg because of him.

Melendez says he will never back down or surrender, and it’s a good thing Young has that leg because when he gets done with him, he’ll be the one who needs it. Young says he doesn’t have to face him again, but he’s so sure he can beat him again, he’ll give him his leg back. He holds the leg out to Melendez, then shoves him over when he hops over to take it. Young says he’s never going to get the leg back, and the next time they face each other, Young will take everything.

Mahabali Shera Interview: 

Shera talks about this experience with TNA being the greatest in his life and he’s so grateful. Shera says that he thanks Kurt Angle for being his mentor and inspires to be a performer like Kurt in the future. Mathews brings up his past with The Revolution. Shera didn’t like Khoya name and he felt that he was being taken advantage of. Shera says that he’s coming for James Storm.

Fifth Match: Chris Mordetzky w/Team GFW vs. Drew Galloway w/Team TNA in a Lumberjack Match 

Lumberjacks (Scott D’Amore, Trevor Lee, Brian Myers, Bobby Lashley, The Wolves, Sonjay Dutt)

Mordetzky and Galloway lock and try to power each other as the show goes to commercial break. Galloway gives Mordetzky an elbow. Dutt distracts Galloway as Mordetzky regains control of the match. Mordetzky chops Galloway for a one count. Galloway chops Chris and gives him a massive boot. There was a series of Irish whip reversals which leads to Mordetzky being send to the outside and Team TNA rolls Chris back into the ring. Mordetzky once again puts down Galloway for a two count. Mordetzky works on Galloway’s back and locks in the camel clutch. Galloway gets back up. Mordetzky lands a massive powerbomb for a two count. Mordetzky flings Galloway out of the ring. Both men knocks themselves out of the ring. Mordetzky goes for the master lock and Galloway counters and hits the Future Shock DDT. Galloway gets sent out of the ring and all hell breaks loose. Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring with a guitar and Eric Young steals the guitar and whacks Galloway in the face with the guitar. Mordetzky capitalizes and picks up the victory.