TNA IMPACT 07 05 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 5, 2016

Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Matt Hardy and Reby celebrating their son’s birthday at their home. Matt’s gardener tells Reby that Matt is sick and Matt says his gift for Maxel is too enormous to just give him. He says that he will expunge the “evil enigma” from their family tree and that is why he invited the cameras here because this must be documented. Matt says the flame on his son’s candle will only be extinguished when “brother Nero” has finally been vanquished. Matt tells his gardener to “prepare the battlefield for massacre.”

Maria walks out on the ramp and introduces the X-Division Champion, Mike Bennett, to the crowd. Bennett says the fans need to stand up and take notice at the greatest X-Division Champion of all time. He says that he promised he wouldn’t wait to cash in Option C and he won’t wait anymore. He says he wants to do this thing tonight instead of waiting until Destination X. Bennett says “all the idiots out there” need a hero to believe in and he is that hero. Bennett says he has been “damn near perfect” in TNA since he got there and it is time to turn that perfect into gold so it is time to cash in Option C.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring and Bennett says that they haven’t seen her since she assaulted his wife for no reason. Dixie says that Bennett has been disrespecting every man that has won the X-Division Title since he won it and what he did last week was a joke. Dixie says that the good news is that Option C will be in effect but Bennett will have to defend the title one more time before he can use Option C. Bennett whines that Billy said all he had to do was defend it last week. Dixie says that she is still the president and the fans want to see the title defended again. She says that tonight Bennett will defend the title in Ultimate X right now! As the Ultimate X structure is lowered Bennett freaks out about this being unfair and a conspiracy against him.


TNA X-Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett (c) w/Maria vs. “The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms vs. “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett vs. Mandrews vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Rockstar Spud vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion vs. Braxton Sutter

Eddie hits the ring as the final entrant and everyone squares off with action all over the ring. The Helms Dynasty doubleteams Mandrews and then Zema hits a Tope Suicida over the top, off the back of Lee, onto everyone on the floor! Mandrews slams Lee into the apron while Spud scales the ropes. Sutter grabs Spud by the leg and yanks him down to the mat where he hits a nasty Bicycle Kick. Spud actually legit spits out his teeth in the ring so Sutter takes advantage of it and begins scaling the cables. Bennett pulls Sutter down and into a Diamond Cutter! Eddie hits Bennett with a dropkick but then eats a Superman Forearm from Lee! Zema attempts a Rolling DDT but Lee blocks it and then charges at Zema. Zema backdrops Lee over the top rope but then eats a Corkscrew Pele from Everett! Mandrews attempts a clothesline on Everett but Everett ducks underneath and then rolls backwards into a Spinning Headscissors attempt only for Mandrews to land on his feet. Mandrews attempts a Roundhouse Kick but Everett ducks and attempts a Suplex only for Mandrews to catch him in mid-move with a Stunner! Bennett hits a Mafia Kick on Mandrews and then he and Sutter collide with double clotheslines. Mandrews scales the cables on one side while Eddie scales another side, Sutter scales another, and Zema scales yet another. Sutter drops down and attempts to Powerbomb Mandrews off the cable but Mandrews turns it into a hurricanrana that sends both men flying over the top rope onto the floor! Everett hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick to Eddie knocking him off the cable and Lee scales the cable behind Zema and hooks his legs around Zema in a body scissors taking Zema down to the mat. When they both land Zema dead lifts Zema into a Delayed German Suplex! Lee climbs the cable and uses Everett shoulders to balance himself like the last time they were in an Ultimate X. Bennett grabs Everett and tosses him over the top rope causing Lee to fall to the mat. Lee hits a series of European Uppercuts but then runs into a Spinebuster as he hits the ropes. Bennett attempts to leap up and grab the title but obviously can’t reach it so he finally scales the cable to try and reach it. He falls down as he sells that he can’t scale the cables. He attempts it a second time but eats a Flying Dropkick from out of nowhere from Edwards! Eddie climbs up and scales the cable and ends up hitting a Superrana on Bennett off the cable! Everett hits a European Uppercut on Everett but then as he hits the ropes Eddie goes flying through the ropes onto The Helms Dynasty on the floor! Everett hits a beautiful Corkscrew Plancha onto Eddie on the floor but then Sutter comes flying out of nowhere with a Somersault Plancha onto everyone! Zema hits a gorgeous Springboard Somersault Plancha, Aerostar-style, onto all the bodies on the floor! Mandrews climbs up the scaffold and Everett follows him up. They start kicking and punching each other on the scaffold and Mandrews kicks Everett off. Mandrews then hits a Moonsault off the top of the scaffold onto everyone! That was probably a top 5 dive in the history of Ultimate X. Mandrews climbs back up to a cable and starts to scale it but Bennett pulls him off and knocks him to the floor. Bennett pulls out a ladder to use to reach the title but Eddie baseball slide dropkicks it into the face of Bennett! Eddie climbs up to the cable and scales to the center of the X but Bennett rolls back in with the ladder and sets it up under the title. Eddie kicks Bennett off the ladder, from the cable, and then pulls down the title to regain it!

Winner & NEW TNA X-Division Champion: Eddie Edwards via pulling down the title

Footage of Lashley’s win last week is shown and then what happened after the match between EC3 and Galloway in the locker room is shown. They bicker about each other costing the other the title and end up getting into a big brawl. Josh says that they have been suspended for a week because of their actions but they will appear in an interview later.


TNA King of the Mountain Championship
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. Eli Drake (c)

Eli attempts to attack Storm as he gets in the ring but gets dumped over the top for his troubles. Eli slides back in the ring and eats a clothesline. Storm whips Drake into the ropes and hits a backdrop followed by a raining down a series of right hands on Eli in the corner. Drake fights back with a right hand then a Flapjack onto the top rope. Drake drags Storm onto the apron and slams him into it repeatedly before choking him in the ropes. Drake hits a Guillotine Leg Drop on Storm as he was draped over the middle rope. Drake puts the boots to Storm and then hits a Snap Suplex for a quick nearfall. Drake whips Storm into the ropes and hits the Skylord Slam followed by an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Drake grabs his title belt and goes to hit Storm with it but the referee pulls it away from him. Drake argues with the referee which allows Storm to recover and connect with a series of rights and uppercuts. Storm hits the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and a clothesline. Storm charges at Drake in the corner but Drake backdrops him over the top. Storm lands on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri followed by the Calf Wrangler. Drake goes for a clothesline but Storm kicks his arm away and hits a Russian Leg Sweep followed by the Closing Time! Storm hits the Last Call but his momentum causes Drake to fall through the ropes to the floor. Storm tries to roll Drake back into the ring but as he goes to pick Drake up Drake nails Storm with the KOTM Title (which was lying on the ground) to cause the DQ.

Winner: James Storm via DQ (Drake retains)

After the match Drake hits the BFT on Storm. Drake taunts Storm with the title belt.


In the back Eddie Edwards says the title was stolen from him and now he has it back. He says that he has a lot to think about with Option C at Destination X.

Street Fight
Jade vs. Marti Belle

Marti has some new generic theme music. They are both wearing street clothes for this Street Fight. Jade nails Marti with a series of forearms on Marti as she charged at her. Marti answers back with a series of her own and then tosses Jade into the ring post. Marti tosses Jade in the ring and then empties out a trashcan full of weapons. Jade takes Marti down as she gets in the ring but then Marti hits Jade with a cookie sheet repeatedly. Marti hits a Bulldog on Jade into a trashcan lid that was really sloppy. Marti throws a trashcan lid to Jae and when she catches it Marti Bicycle Kicks the trashcan lid into Jade’s head. Marti lays into Jade with a series of shots with a kendo stick but it just pisses Jade off and she ends up headbutting Marti. Jade whips Marti with the kendo stick and then sticks the trashcan over the head of Marti. Jade slams the kendo stick into the trashcan several times and then hits a Running Dropkick sending Marti into the turnbuckles. 1…2…NO Marti kicks out. Josh Matthews is seriously awful on commentary. Jade hits a Suplex and then goes for the Package Piledriver but Marit backdrops her onto the trashcan. Marti grabs her baton and goes to hit Jade with it but Jade grabs a pair of nunchucks. I guess Drago or Jack Evans was somewhere under the ring and gave it to her or something. Jade blocks the shot from Marti with her nunchucks and then nails Marti with the nunchucks. Jade hits a Running Dropkick and then a Package Piledriver onto the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jade via pinfall (Package Piledriver) onto a chair


Footage of Jeff Hardy in his home is shown and then a drone appears at his door with Matt Hardy talking over a speaker taunting Jeff. More drones fly into Jeff’s house and he hits them with a guitar. Another drone with a shitty CGI projection of Matt taunting Jeff more is shown. Jeff gets on his dirtbike and follows it to Matt’s house. Matt cuts designs into Jeff’s yard trolling Jeff I guess. That was weird.

Mike Bennett is in the ring and he says that the problem in TNA is that the fans don’t appreciate him and he says that he is the hero TNA needs to survive and the fans don’t get it. He says that he is better than both Eddie Edwards and Lashley and he deserves to be in the Main Event at DX. He says the fans should be on their knees thanking them. Maria says that the fans should be on their knees begging him to stay here. Maria says that she has had enough of Dixie and calls her out.

Billy Corgan comes out and Maria tells him that she deserves to be President of TNA more than Dixie. She says that it is either Dixie or her. Dixie comes out and she hides behind Bennett saying that she doesn’t trust Dixie after she assaulted her last time. She finally gets in Dixie’s face and starts screaming “you or me” at her. Corgan gets between them and Dixie says that she is calling Maria’s bluff. She says that she isn’t going anywhere and says that Maria manipulates the rules and even Billy. She says that she hired them to make a difference not to become a joke. Bennett says that they have made the biggest difference ever and people only watch Impact because of him. He says that she WILL put him in the Main Event at DX, period. He says that if she doesn’t then they will walk from TNA.

Billy tells Maria to shut up and says he has a lot of admiration for their ability but they are acting like spoiled, entitled children. He says that Bennett had what he wanted in his hands and the reason that he isn’t in the Main Event at DX is because he blew it and lost. Billy says that Dixie has been more than fair and he won’t stand there and let them take advantage of her like others had. He says he came to TNA to clean this politicking up. He says that if they want to quit he will hold the door for them as they leave. Bennett asks the fans if they want them to quit but he says they won’t quit but Billy and Dixie just made their bed and they will have to lie in it. Bennett says that he is going to ruin Destination X and then leaves.


Matt’s gardener is shown spreading weapons all around the “battlefield” when Reby Sky approaches him. Matt brings him some gasoline and tells him to apply it “generously” to the battlefield and says that it takes a lot of gas to delete a Hardy.

Backstage Lashley says Ultimate X was quite the spectacle but he has never been a fight before with all the “stunts” they were doing in that match. He says when you fight you fight with your hands not acrobatics. He congratulates Eddie on his win and says he has a big decision to make. He says that Eddie’s decision should be easy because he is not ready for Lashley.

Mixed Six Person Tag Team Match
Decay (Abyss, Crazy Steve, & Rosemary) vs. The BroMans & Raquel

Jessie stops Decay as they are doing their entrance and he says he has something to say before this match. Jesse says that he knows Robbie thinks that he and Raquel have been sneaking behind his back, but the reason is because Robbie just can’t keep a secret and they found out a big secret. A video of Rosemary making out with Bram that Jessie filmed is shown. The BroMans attack Decay as they argue with each other. Raquel rolls Rosemary into the ring and clotheslines her and then hits a Running Back Elbow. Steve tags himself in and Raquel tags in Robbie. BroMans whip Steve into the ropes and hit a Double Backdrop. Jessie tags himself and lifts Jessie up to the top as Abyss climbs in the ring. Jessie dropkicks Abyss but then eats a Flying Clothesline off the top from Steve. Steve hits a series of crossfaces and then he chokes Jessie. Rosemary tags in and hits a series of forearms before tagging Abyss in. Abyss tosses Jessie in the corner and beats the hell out of him with nasty body shots. Abyss whips Jessie into the opposite corner and connects with a Running Clothesline. Abyss hits a Snapmare Takeover and squeezes on the head of Jessie with a chinlock. Jessie fights the hold off and hits a series of elbows. Jessie attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it and then charges into an elbow from Jessie. Jessie dives off the top with a Flying Shoulder Block. Jessie makes the tag to Robbie and Abyss tags in Steve as well. Robbie hits a series of clotheslines and then the Boom Drop! Jessie tags back in and hits Abyss with a Leaping Enziguri and then catches a flying Steve in midair and hits a Spinebuster followed by the Adonis Crab! Rosemary comes in and jumps on the back of Jessie only to a eat a dropkick from Raquel! Rosemary rolls to the floor and Raquel dives off the apron onto her! Robbie attacks Abyss in the ring but as he hits the ropes Steve lays Robbie out with a shoulder block! Abyss attempts to Chokeslam Steve onto Robbie but he rolls out of the way and then Jessie hits a Springboard Flying Forearm on Abyss! The BroMans hit the Bro Down on Steve and get the pin!

Winners: BroMans & Raquel via pinfall (Bro Down)


JB brings Eddie Edwards out to the ring to make his decision on Option C. JB points out that Eddie has been TNA X-Division and Tag Team Champion but has never received a shot at the World Title. Eddie says that when he woke up this morning he wasn’t the X-Division Champion and says that Bennett ripped it away from him a few weeks ago, but things can change quickly and he is once again the true X-Division Champion. Eddie starts to give his answer but Lashley’s music interrupts him and the World Champ walks out to try and intimidate Edward.

Lashley says he came out to help make Eddie’s decision just a little bit easier. He says that he likes Eddie and thinks he is an amazing X-Division Champion. He says that everyone likes Eddie and he is a likeable person, but he is the most dominate wrestler in the world and he destroys people. He calls Eddie a great “tag team wrestler” and says this would be a mistake. Eddie gets in Lashley’s face and says that he doesn’t scare him. He says that he has broken bones in this ring and that he has wrestled matches and won with broken bones so Lashley won’t intimidate him. Lashley puts his hand on Eddie’s shoulder but Eddie slaps it away which irritates the champ. Lashley reminds Eddie that he doesn’t just beat people and says he retires people. Lashley says that if Eddie thinks any of the X-Division guys has what he has he is dead wrong. Lashley says that if Eddie wants to make history then he should keep that title and they will just Title vs. Title next week with both belts on the line! He says that if Eddie can beat him he will have both titles but when he beats Eddie then he rips the heart out of the X-Division. He says they can make history and do that match or Eddie can just take his title home and get out of his way. He tells Eddie to make the smart move and save himself. Eddie says that it is obvious he doesn’t know him very well. He says that the smart move might be just to take the title and move on but his heart won’t let him do that as he gets in Lashley’s face. Eddie says that the X-Division Title means everything to him and the wrestlers in that division are the best wrestlers in the world and he will prove that against Lashley! Eddie says that if Lashley wants to make history then they will make history! They get in each other’s faces while holding the titles up in the air.

Lashley pie faces Eddie and Eddie charges at him only to eat a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Lashley goes for a Spear but he catches Lashley with the Boston Knee Party out of nowhere! Eddie grabs the World Title and X-Division Title and raises them in the air as Lashley freaks out on the floor! If I am not mistaken Kurt Angle is the only man to ever hold the World Title and X-Division Title at the same time.


More footage of the fight between Galloway and EC3 last week is shown. They cut to a split screen from each man’s home. EC3 says that Drew can’t be in the same room as him because Drew is a hot head that swings with no questions. He says that he doesn’t blame Drew for what happened in their match because he was trying to do everything to win and he was doing the same. Drew says that when he looks in the mirror he sees the wrestling business personified looking back at him. He says they are a lot alike but there are a lot of differences too because EC3 is not the man he is. He says EC3 is standing in his way of getting back his World Title. EC3 says he has beaten everyone in TNA so Drew better not try to discredit what he has done in the ring. They argue about the match last week and he says that EC3 is always there to screw up him getting his title back. He challenges EC3 to a match where he will show EC3 what kind of “Celtic Animal” he can be. EC3 says next week they will be in the same building and if he thought he was Drew’s problem before he definitely is his problem now. He challenges Drew to a Street Fight at DX and says he will kick Drew’s ass.

A referee is shown driving up to Matt Hardy’s “battlefield” looking freaked out. Matt says that the referee has one job tonight, to count he pinfall or record the submission. He says that for no reason should he “resuscitate Brother Nero” after the match. Jeff Hardy pulls up on his dirtbike as Matt is playing a violin like a weirdo. He says this will be Jeff’s “true Armageddon.” The two square off and it is time for the Final Deletion!


Matt’s gardener reads a warning about what we are about to see and tells us not to try it at home.

The Final Deletion
“Broken” Matt Hardy vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

They have a ring set up outside with a ton of crazy weapons and various goods around. Jeff and Matt begin with strikes and basic wrestling stuff for the most part. Matt attempts a Bulldog but Jeff blocks it and Superplexes Matt off the top followed by a Splash for a nearfall. Jeff slams Matt into a garden lattice or something for another nearfall. Matt comes back with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere for a nearfall. The whole time they have action movie music playing while the two fight. Matt whips Jeff repeatedly in his previously injured leg with a kendo stick. Matt tosses a ladder into the ring and hits Jeff with it repeatedly before choking him with it in the corner. Matt starts biting the hand of Jeff and then bites his back before going for a Side Effect. Jeff fights him off and hits a Twist of Fate of his own. Jeff goes to the top and hits a Swanton for another nearfall. Jeff sets the ladder up in the corner and lays Matt out across it after hitting another Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs up a tree, yes you read that right, and dives from about 15-20 feet in the air (from the ground, not the ring) into a Swanton on Matt and the ladder! 1…2…NO Matt still kicks out! Matt and Jeff both sell their injuries but Matt grabs a chair and starts hitting Jeff with it. Matt then lights a roman candle and shoots it at Jeff while Jeff screams at Matt asking him what is wrong with him. Jeff uses a trashcan lid to try and shield the fireworks as Matt shoots off another roman candle. Matt grabs a rake or something and then says “oh shit!” as he walks into Jeff lighting a roman candle of his own! Jeff shoots the roman candle at Matt as Matt hides behind a john boat for cover. They start fighting again near a pond and Matt gets Jeff in a Sleeper. They fall back into the pond and Matt says that Brother Nero has been “flushed” but Jeff appears from the pond in the Willow mask. Willow chokes Matt with his umbrella. Matt’s gardener lights Willow up with a tasser which causes Jeff to let Matt go and chase the gardener. Matt goes looking for Jeff and finds someone laying on the ground in a Willow mak. Matt covers the man and gets the pin but then as he pulls the mask off realizes it is the gardener. Jeff blindsides Matt and the fight spills into Jeff and Matt’s dirtbike track (you know the place where Jeff nearly ended his career by wrecking his dirtbike). Jeff chokes Matt out and as Matt goes limp Jeff notices the Hardy Boyz logo statue near them. Jeff climbs to the top of it as Reby hands Matt the candle from Maxel’s birthdcake earlier. Matt lights the Hardy Boyz logo on fire, as the gardener had poured gas on it earlier, causing Jeff to go crashing to the ground and allowing Matt to cover Jeff for the pin.

Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall

Matt stands over his fallen brother as the Hardy Boyz logo burns behind him in a symbolic gesture.

1) TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Eddie Edwards def. Mike Bennett (c), Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, & Zema Ion to win the title!
2) TNA KOTM Title: James Storm def. Eli Drake (c) via DQ (Drake retains)
3) Street Fight: Jade def. Marti Belle
4) Mixed Six Person Tag Team Match: BroMans & Raquel def. Decay
5) The Final Deletion: Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy

Destination X Lineup:
-TNA World Title vs. TNA X-Division Title: Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards (c)
-Street Fight: Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Carter III