TNA IMPACT 08 25 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: August 25, 2016

Results by: Gerald Bocook:

A nice hip-hop beat brings us to the outside pool of a very nice apartment, Drew Galloway and EC3 approaching each other from opposite end. Carter and Galloway meet and Carter thanks Galloway for the invite to a “summit”, which Galloway says he knows nothing about; he was just told to be there. “Seems the office decided to stir the pot,” Carter says. Galloway motions to a table with a tasty looking Japanese whiskey, and he “never says no to good whiskey.” They seem to have decided to get drunk instead of fight. Good choice.

A recap of Galloway/Carter conflict leading into the main event of not only tonight, but Bound for Glory, including our special guest referee for tonight’s match; Aron Rex.

A preview of the Galloway/Carter “summit” is shown, indicating through the night that we’ll see more of the soon-to-be whiskey-fueled events from “earlier in the week”.

LASHLEY hits the ring. @FightBobby approaches the announce table, and Matthews says he’s there to do commentary. Pope declines the invitation and decides to head to the back with Li’l Pope. A battle royal is about to kick off, and the winner “get rewarded with an ass-whippin’ from [Lashley],” as the World Heavyweight Champion also gives them the advice to just jump out of the ring the first chance they get. The battle royal was an open invitational, at the behest of Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter, as Lashley dresses down all the potential opponents coming to the ring along with the other Championships that Lashley discarded a week ago because “there’s only one Champion.”

Battle Royal for #1 Contendership of TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bro-Mans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz), Eli Drake, The Tribunal (Basile Baraka and Baron Dax), Grado, Mahabali Shera, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Moose, and Eddie Edwards

The brawl kicks off and everyone starts to brawl. Moose and Mike Bennett are working on Robbie E, but Eddie Edwards breaks it up and becomes the new target of the Miracle. Robbie E is almost taken out by the Tribunal, but gets back into the ring as Grado gives Baron Dax the ol’ bionic elbow, and that gives Basile Baraka the chance to toss his partner out!

Baron Dax is eliminated.

Dax argues but the ruling stands as Baraka takes on Mahabali Shera. Lashley on commentary argues that his throwing down the X-Division Championship wasn’t disrespectful to the X-Division competitors because he wanted to unify the Championships, how could that possibly be bad? Moose attacks Shera, and Shera no-sells, stalking around Moose before gearing up for a big punch to Moose. This results in Shera being tossed out of the ring by his neck!

Mahabali Shera has been eliminated.

A “Moose!” chant starts as Moose attacks Godderz and Grado.

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We’re back to Turning Point. Baraka and Robbie E are battling in a corner, as are Bennett and Grado. Eli Drake almost taken over by Baraka, as Lashley reiterates that whoever wins is just gonna get beaten up by him, and Baron Dax should be happy he was eliminated, just as Baraka eliminates Robbie E.

Robbie E has been eliminated.

Lashley smacktalks Pope and threatens Matthews as Moose gets ready to tangle with Baraka. Baraka is grabbed by his neck and Moose spins him around the ring before chucking him way out of the ring!

Basile Baraka has been eliminated.

Moose saves Bennett from Godderz, but is then attacked by Eddie Edwards, who is then stopped by Eli Drake. Drake tries to get the crowd behind him before attacking Grado. Grado goes for a jumping DDT but Drake sits him hard on the top rope before knocking him over and out.

Grado has been eliminated.

Godderz and Bennett brawl, as Lashley claims he’d fight everyone still in the ring at the same time. Eddie Edwards almost eliminates Drake, who skins the cat. Edwards kicks Drake off the apron, but Drake catches his feet under the bottom rope and sits up, managing to get himself back into the ring. Drake charges Edwards, Edwards sees him coming and just tosses him out this time, no save.

Eli Drake has been eliminated.

Miracle Bennett hides behind Moose, but they then split up to take on Edwards and Godderz respectfully. Moose nearly eliminates Godderz, but didn’t finish the job as he and Miracle take on Edwards. Springboard clothesline by Godderz takes down both Bennett and Moose, and Moose is still standing. Godderz approaches and he’s chucked over the top like so many others by Moose, no chance of saving himself there!

Jessie Godderz has been eliminated.

Down to the final three. Josh mentions that it doesn’t look good for Edwards, to which Lashley says it doesn’t look good for any of them. Edwards goes for Moose, and then attacks Bennett. He’s overcome and Moose and Bennett start working together Edwards assaults both from out of the corner, goes for a second-rope hurricanrana on Moose but is caught! Moose pulls Edwards up for a powerbomb, takes Edwards over to the ropes, and Mike Bennett tosses them both over the top rope for the win!

Moose and Eddie Edwards have been eliminated.

Winner and #1 Contender to TNA World Heavyweight Championship: “The Miracle” Mike Bennet

Moose doesn’t look happy on the outside of the ring. Lashley is smiling because “’The Miracle’ is done. Bad news, kid.”

Another short clip of the Galloway/Carter “summit” is shown with the two taking a “Hennig shot” in tribute to the late Mr. Perfect, and Carter starts firing questions at Galloway as Aron Rex is shown arriving at the Impact Zone.

-Commercial Break-

BROKEN Matt Hardy is playing piano, reminiscing about the past year and the “symphony of destruction”, hyping up Bound for Glory.

In the back, Moose and Bennett are arguing about the end of the Battle Royal. Bennett blames Eddie Edwards and they continue to argue as Maria directs the camera out of the back.

Broken Matt Hardy comes out to the ring holding the contract for the TNA World Tag Team Championship match he and Brother Nero won last week in Ascension to Hell. Hardy talks about the contract, not a mere piece of paper but a “majestic key” to destiny, and that destiny is “the Tag Team titles of the woooorrrrld. Titles that are currently Decaying and can only be restored by my Broken Brilliance!” Brother Nero interrupts Matt from speaking further, chanting “I’ll fade away and declare myself as obsolete.” Matt says Nero’s presence isn’t required, so why is he there? “I’m here to work, wrestle, win, for me. And the Creatures!” Matt’s happy that Nero is here to work, to wrestle. He set his sights on Decay and will render them obsolete.

The cackling of Rosemary interrupts Matt this time, and she taunts them from the crowd. “Silly, silly, precious little Hardys. So full of worry, worry, worry, of what everyone thinks of you. [The Decay] did away with it long ago, and look how we turned out!” The Decay will never let Hardy have the Tag Team Championships. Abyss out down the ramp now, and the Decay will destroy what is left of the Hardy legacy. They will forever rot in decay, and it will be just like Abyss; beautiful! Crazzy Steve in the crowd now, and the Hardys have nothing to gain but oh, so much to lose to The Decay. Matthew isn’t Broke, but Decay will shatter him. They will never see The Decay coming, no matter what premonitions Matthew might have.

Matt saw in a premonition that he knows which member of The Decay tried to abduct King Maxel. For that sin, Matt Hardy will eat them! Rosemary reminds Matt that The Decay don’t play by his rules, which Hardy responds they don’t even know his rules. Matt’s “nefarious” Brother Nero is here to fight, which of the Decay demons will face him? The crowd chants “all three!” and Nero agrees. Abyss recalls that he and Jeff’s history is beautiful. “So, what do you say? One more time, you and me collide, you broken son of a bitch?!” and Brother Nero responds with a running dropkick through the ropes! Abyss comes back, and Nero with a plancha takes Abyss out again! It’s gonna be Brother Nero and Abyss as the bell rings and we head to break!

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Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Back in the Impact Zone and Nero is reeling on the ropes. Clotheslines Hardy down and puts Nero in a neck vice. Matt Hardy on the mic tells Nero he needs him to DELETE! Nero to his feet and starts elbowing Abyss, and Abyss throws him down before taunting Matt. Nero getting back up, hits the ropes, Abyss for the chokeslam, but Hardy fights out and takes to the ropes, jumping lariat from Nero. Manhattan drop and leg drop from Hardy as he taunts Rosemary, follows up with a dropkick to Abyss’ face. Cover and a two-count.

A “Brother Nero” chant starts up as Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, Abyss shoves him off, goes for the Chokeslam again but Nero gets away, spins Abyss around, Twist of Fate! Nero goes to the top rope to finish Abyss off, but on the mic Matt says “No! You have to stop being a spot monkey! No top rope! You have to fight with honor!” Nero tosses his shirt anyway, but instead dives off the post to take out Crazzy Steve on the outside! Nero rolls Crazzy Steve into the ring, but Abyss is right there to put the boots to the Brother. Abyss picks Nero up and punches away at him as Steve pulls a chain from out of… someplace. Abyss sends Nero to the ropes, Abyss and Steve go for the double team, but Nero with a double clothesline takes them both out! The ref gets Steve out, and while he’s looking away, Nero with a low kick to Abyss and a punch with the chain! Nero dumps the chain, flies into the cover, and Abyss still kicks out at two!

Nero goes for the Twist of Fate again, but Abyss spins him out of it, Chokeslam finally connects! Abyss calls for Rosemary to distract the ref as Abyss picks Nero up and takes him to Steve in the corner. Matt simply watches on as Steve spits blood at Nero, but Nero ducks and the blood blinds Abyss instead! Nero knocks Steve off the apron, Nero with another Twist of Fate on Abyss, another two count!

Matt on the mic says that in his premonition, he saw that it was Crazzy Steve, and Matt attacks Steve, biting his face and taking him down to the floor! Nero on the top rope, but Rosemary gets him with the mist this time! Nero falls, Abyss with the Black Hole Slam! One, two, three!

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Steve, the side of his face red with blood from being attacked by Matt Hardy, gets in and celebrates with The Decay. Matt on the other side of the ring on the apron just watches on. He gets into the ring and allows The Decay to leave. “Decay, your day of DELETION will soon come at my hands.” Brother Nero, grasshopper, has much to learn. That top rope cost him so much; his health, this fight. It will not cost Matt Hardy the Tag Team titles. He must accept that he is BROKEN.

In the back, Maria is dressing down Allie, saying she didn’t know about Sienna’s title match. Who would go over her head for that? Enter Billy Corgan. He made the match. He’s the President, in case Maria was too busy to have heard that. He can’t alter Maria’s agreement with Gail Kim, but he can make her Champion fight someone for sticking her nose in last night’s match. Sienna doesn’t seem to mind, but Billy tells her to head on to the ring because her match is next.

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Bennett and Lashley meet in the back. Bennett won’t be intimidated by Lashley; he just beat, like, a hundred guys in one match. Lashley is glad he’s confident, but he will beat either Galloway or Carter at BFG. Bennett warns Lashley to not look past him. Next week, be worried about “The Miracle”. Lashley says he isn’t worried, but that Bennett should be worried about Moose, because Lashley knows he can take care of him. Bennett is rather indignant of the accusation as Lashley walks off.

Sienna is in the ring, waiting for her challengers.

TNA Knockout Championship Match
Sienna (c) vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Allie vs. Jade

Allie is excited to be participating, but Sienna stops her from getting too happy. Sienna hides Allie from the competition as Allie psyches her up. Jade and Bell go after each other as the bell rings, and Allie gets into Rayne’s face. Sienna attacks Rayne from behind, hits her with a fireman’s carry roll. Rayne up into elbows, goes for a suplex, but Allie wants to help! Sienna tries to teach Allie how to suplex to poor effort and shoves her away, allowing Rayne to roll Sienna up! One, two, kickout!

On the outside, Jade is smashed into the steps as Sienna ejects Rayne from the ring. Marti attacks Sienna but Allie shoves her away and gets her to stop as Sienna throws her into the corner. Maria comes down to the ring as Allie tries to help Sienna stomp at Marti, and Marti throws off Allie and Sienna straight smashes her in the jaw. Irish whip from Sienna, and Allie wants to help her clothesline Marti, but they both end up being taken down by Bell! Bell stomps away at Allie, and Rayne is pulled off the apron by Maria! Marti chokes Allie with her foot, takes to the ropes, but Allie moves out of the way. Sienna smashes Bell in the corner, but is taken on by Jade! Allie distracts Jade allowing Sienna to try to twist her head off. Allie tries to help Sienna on Maria’s behest, but Sienna tells her to back off. Jade with a kick to Sienna’s head, and Jade slams Allie. Jade with the Asai moonsault, but Allie moves and Jade crashes! Allie wants to know if Ms. Maria saw what she did, Marti Bell grabs her from behind, and she has no clue what to do! Wait, jawbreaker from Allie, and she’s super excited! Kick by Madison Rayne, Rayne Check! Allie rolls away, Jade kicks Rayne, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Marti breaks up the pin, and grabs her baton. Allie tries to stop Marti from using it, tug-of-war for the baton, and Sienna tries to break it up, but Allie yanks the baton and smashes Sienna in the face! Marti gets the baton and cracks Allie in the head, and Allie falls atop Madison as Jade dropkicks Bell; one, two, three!

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Allie via pinfall

Maria can’t believe it as Allie is announced as the new Knockouts Champion. Sienna joins Maria in disbelief. Allie comes to, no idea what’s going on, and the crowd chants “Allie!” as the ref tells her she won. She’s shocked, and doesn’t know what to do in the middle of the ring. “Ms. Maria…?”

Aron Rex in the back talks about EC3 and Drew Galloway tonight, and making an impact. That’s why he wanted to be involved in this match. One of them will be bound for glory tonight.

-Commercial Break-

A promo for One Night Only Xtravaganza plays.

Tyreese wants to fix your problems. Any problem. Even that math class. But cash only.

A recap of the Knockouts Championship match takes place before we join Allie in the back. She just came to help Ms. Maria out, and now she’s Knockouts Champion! She’s just so happy! They were chanting for her! When asked what she thinks Maria is going to think, she just stares off, “Oh…”

Earlier this week, EC3 and Drew Galloway had a summit to hash out their differences. “So, what the hell is your problem?” Carter asks. “Three times, you’ve cost me the World Title.” They replay the three times in question. Galloway tells Carter he couldn’t help himself but to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. The reason he lost is Carter. Carter says the reason he isn’t World Champion is because Galloway lost. Carter made a mistake, but he gave Galloway this opportunity for Bound for Glory. Galloway is going to hit harder than ever before, but Carter will “reciprocate fully upon ye, cuz I’m going to Bound for Glory.” Carter is seeking his perfect moment. Galloway is a martyr to the industry. An EC3-time World Heavyweight Champion toast. Galloway instead toasts to their cats. Carter turns his back on Galloway and gets tossed into the pool! Galloway deuces out and Matthews hypes up tonight’s Turning Point main event.

-Commercial Break-

Outside, Lashley rolls up on Moose. Lashley tells Moose that he won’t always need guys like Bennett. Lashley invites Moose to dinner to have a steak and chat about his future. Maybe Moose’ll be lucky and he can even pick up the tab. Lashley drives off.

Fact of Life w/ Eli Drake and the X-Division

Eli Drake stands behind the Fact of Life podium with the X-Division Championship on it, surrounded by X-Division wrestlers. Drake talks about rigged, corrupt systems. Tonight’s battle royal, for instance. His tone can change if management will bring him back down his King of the Mountain Championship. Next week there’ll be a new X-Division Champion crowned and he sees everyone’s eyes on it. He’s not gonna ask something boring like “Why are you gonna win,” no, he’s gonna ask who you think has no chance of winning.

Rockstar Spud says it’s Braxton Sutter who has no chance of being Champion. Stutter says Spud tries to talk a big game, but he sounds like a cry baby. If Spud isn’t a cry baby, why does he have braces? Spud says he has braces because of Stutter. Spud is a two-time X-Division Champion, Stutter has done nothing here. DJ Z hasn’t won an X-Division Championship in years. Loser. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett are from North Carolina. Losers! Mandrews is short and British. Loser! Drake cuts off Spud with his “Dummy, yeah!” button.

Drake says that nobody in the ring has convinced him that they have the tingle in their loins to walk out with the X-Division Championship or to live up to a guy like Bobby Lashley. DJ Z says Drake doesn’t know anything about the X-Division or its competitors. Since day one, the X-Division has been the heart and soul of TNA and he won’t let anyone disrespect it. Not Eli Drake, not Bobby Lashley. He has a message for Lashley; someone in this X-Division is going to beat him, and that’s gonna be DJ Z. “Dummy, yeah.” Drake says they’re gonna have a great match and’ll do flips all over the place. Yippy skippy. Drake hits his “Dummy, yeah,” button a few more times. DJ Z gets in his face and dares him to hit the button again. So, of course, Drake goes to. DJ Z shoves the podium out of the way first, however, and a brawl erupts! Trevor Lee hits Z, Mandrews and Everett tie up, and Spud and Stutter spill out of the ring as they fight. Mandrews shoves Everett away, enzuigiri to Trevor Lee, and Lee rolls out of the ring. Everett charges Mandrews who throws him through the ropes, right into Lee! Mandrews off the far ropes, Mandrews somersaults over the top rope taking out Spud, Stutter, and The Helms Dynasty! Eli Drake is in the ring with DJ Z. Eli Drake looks like he’s going to fly into the mass of humanity outside the ring, but stops and just hits his “Dummy, yeah!” button. DJ Z charges Drake, Drake ducks, and Z just hops over the ropes and takes out Mandrews, The Dynasty, Spud, and Stutter instead. Z back into the ring, grabs the X-Division Championship, and Drake bails out of the ring.

Up next, our main event.

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Next week, the first-ever X-Division Gauntlet Match to crown a new X-Division Champion. Also, Bobby Lashley will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Aron Rex heads to the ring to act as special guest referee for the next match.

Winner will challenge for the TNA Championship at Bound for Glory
“The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. “The Ass-Kicking Machine” Ethan Carter III
Special guest referee: Aron Rex

An “EC3!” chant as Aron Rex calls for the bell. Galloway off the ropes, big collar-and-elbow tie-up makes it to the ropes and Rex breaks it up. Another collar-and-elbow, another break in the corner. Galloway puts Carter in a headlock takedown, Carter transitions into a headscissors and Galloway kicks out, Carter with a headlock takedown this time, Galloway transitions into a headscissors, Carter kicks out. Both men on their feet, stand off to pop the crowd. Galloway with a headlock, Carter shoves him into the ropes and Galloway with a shoulder tackle. Galloway off the ropes, Carter pops up and hip tosses Galloway. Carter follows up with a Japanese arm drag. Another stand-off to pop the crowd, but Galloway just slaps Carter. “It’s gonna be like that?” Carter asks, and Galloway nods.

The two start to brawl, Galloway eventually shoves Carter off of him, Carter ducks a clothesline, Galloway off the ropes ducks a clothesline himself, both men off the ropes, both men go for a flying splash and collide! Who will be the first man back to their feet?!

-Commercial Break-

We come back as Galloway chops Carter into the corner. Irish whip into the far corner, and Galloway with a leaping forearm sends him over the ropes to the apron as it connects. Carter shoved out of the corner, but comes back with a dropkick to Galloway, knocking him to the floor. Matthews mentions Aron Rex, but says the best thing they might be able to mention about him is that they haven’t had to talk about him at all because he’s been doing a great job. Carter takes to the ropes, suicide dive is blocked by a big forearm by Galloway! Galloway hauls Carter out of the ring, fireman’s carry, and Galloway up on the ring stairs — Celtic Cross on the ring stairs smashes Carter’s brain, but also smashed his own back into now-dented the steel steps! Aron Rex starts the count, gets to 7 before Galloway is back in; Carter at 9. Galloway mounts Carter and starts punching to the head before pinning; one, two, kickout!

Galloway fires another shot at Carter before getting up and stomping him in the head, and then a jumping stomp to Carter’s ankle. A third stomp to Carter’s face. Carter pulling himself up and a chop to Galloway, and another, but Galloway with a clothesline takes Carter down and pins; one, two– kickout!

Front facelock by Galloway as both men get to their feet, but Galloway takes Carter down to his knees. “Ask him!” Both men back to their feet, Carter falls back and throws Galloway off of him before a clothesline knocks Galloway down. Big elbow from Carter keeps Galloway off his feet. Jawbreaker from Carter sends both men into the corner. Carter charges Galloway, but Drew grabs him, spins him to the middle of the ring, overhead belly-to-belly! Galloway has someone’s blood on his wrist tape, but nobody seems to know where it came from. Galloway charges Carter in the corner, but Carter sidesteps and drills Galloway with a side Russian legsweep right into the second turnbuckle! As Carter mounts the corner, Matthews and Pope discuss their finishing moves. Carter gets chopped on the top, Galloway mounts, looking for an avalanche Celtic Cross, but Carter slides off and powerbombs Galloway! Carter holds him into the pin; one, two– kickout!

Carter deadlifts Galloway back for another powerbomb, this time Carter sits out; one, two, th– kickout!

Carter gets up, looking for the TK3, but Galloway slides off, goes for the Future Shock, but Carter won’t allow it, and manages to hit the TK3! Galloway falls into the corner, and Carter splashes him as he stands up. Carter sends Galloway into the ropes, Galloway falls away and rolls Carter up right into the Claymore! Galloway covers; one, two, kickout!

Galloway immediately picks Carter up for a sit-out powerbomb of his own! One, two, thr– kickout!

Both men slowly getting back up, and Carter with a big chop. Galloway replies in kind, and the two start chopping back-and-forth! Galloway will gain the advantage, pushing Carter to the ropes and laying in with chop after chop! Carter grabs Galloway and spins him into the ropes, laying in with chops of his own. Galloway returns Carter to the ropes, and lays in with some nasty chops that make that sound that hurts your ears and also your chest. Galloway takes to the ropes, Carter meets him mid-ring and gives him a flapjack. Carter commits a cardinal sin and looks right into the camera before signaling for the One-Percenter, but Galloway shoves him into the ropes and connects with another Claymore! Galloway covers, but Carter gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Galloway grabs the leg and pins again; one, two, th– kickout!

Galloway argues with Rex, but grabs Carter, looking for the Future Shock, but appears to change his mind. He drags Carter to the corner, sits up on the top turnbuckle and grabs Carter in the double underhook, but Carter breaks out and clubbers Galloway, grabs Galloway and hits the One-Percenter while Galloway’s feet were hooked onto the middle rope! Carter covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Carter is in disbelief in the corner, but drags himself up and signals for the One-Percenter again. Galloway has other plans, though, grabbing Carter and spinning him into a tombstone piledriver! Galloway covers; one, two, thre– Carter kicks out!

Galloway argues with Rex again, in disbelief, but Rex tells him that’s the count. Galloway strikes up the band in the corner, and as Carter stands up, Galloway charges! Carter side-steps the Claymore, but Galloway turns around and connects with a big boot. Galloway goes for the Future Shock, but Carter spins out of it, jackknife cover; one, two, three!!

Winner: Ethan Carter III by pinfall (Jackknife Pin)

Galloway is despondent in the corner as Carter will still go on to challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory. Aron Rex raises Carter’s hand as the victor, and as Carter exits the Impact Zone, Rex cheers on Galloway’s efforts. Rex goes to shake Galloway’s hand, and Galloway shakes– but then headbutts Aron Rex! Galloway charges Rex in the corner and starts laying punches into him, knocking him down and stomping away! Galloway throws Rex out of the ring, then picks him up, slamming his back into the apron! And then the guard rail, and the apron again! Galloway spins Rex into a fallaway slam, then throws Rex into the corner post! Galloway drags the steps up to the entrance ramp, grabs Rex and throws him into the stairs. Galloway says to Rex, I think, “You were only doing your job, and I don’t need to do this,” before slamming his head into the stairs a few more times. Galloway walks off to the boos of the crowd.

1) TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Mike Bennett def. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, Eli Drake, Basile Baraka, Baron Dax, Grado, Mahabali Shera, Moose, and Eddie Edwards.
2) Abyss def. Brother Nero
3) TNA Knockouts Championship: Allie def. Sienna (C), Marti Bell, Madison Rayne and Jade to become TNA Knockouts Champion
4) Ethan Carter III def. Drew Galloway to keep his TNA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Bound for Glory