TNA IMPACT 09 08 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 8, 2016

Results by: Gerald Bocook

We are greeted by Señor Benjamin. “Good evening. Tonight’s Impact broadcast contains scenes that are performed by trained and licensed professionals. Please do not attempt any of what you are about to see. Thank you.” Vanguard One chimes in with “No animals were harmed in the documentation of this invasion.” Sounds like a fun night is in store for us!

LAST WEEK, we see highlights of Rosemary’s invasion of the Hardy Compound, ending with Reby instructing Señor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield… for massacre. This leads to shots of him doing as instructed, set to a rather operatic version of Brother Nero’s theme. Graves are dug, tombstones placed, “DECAY – See you when you get here.” Matt Hardy has invited us because these events must be documented. But first, he and his platoon must get in touch with their primal sides. Señor Benjamin is told to prepare the personal zoo for visitation as he looks gleefully insane.

At the Impact Zone, THE MIRACLE comes to the ring with the new TNA Knockouts Champion, Maria, as shots from last week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship match are shown. When Bennett was growing up, his mother told him that you do not bite the hand that feeds you. Apparently, he’s the only one that had a decent mother growing up because he should be TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but he is not because of one man – one ungrateful man. Bennett and Moose had a perfectly good relationship; Moose did what Bennett said, when Bennett said. Bennett even paid the man. But that wasn’t good enough for Moose. Moose had to go and listen to the morons in the Impact Zone and let his ego get the best of him. But Bennett has kicked Moose out of TNA just as easily as he brought him in. Bennett left Moose a very strongly worded text message, and he fired Moose’s ass! What a man! And now that Moose is out of the picture, he can focus on taking what is his; the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and there’s not a single person that can stop him, Not Dixie, not Lashley, and sure as hell not Moose!

Which brings Dixie out anyway. Carter walks down the ramp looking rather unpleased. “Are you done yet?” she asks, “can we please wrap this up?” The Impact Zone came to see Impact Wrestling, not As The Miracle Turns. Maria is indignant, and Bennett says that nobody appreciates him. Nobody appreciates Maria. Hell, Maria should be in charge. Now that Moose is gone, Bennett is going to be Champion, and nobody can do anything about it. Dixie wonders what Bennett actually knows about the business, because his decision-making doesn’t show that he is actually looking out for the company. But the good news is, Dixie has made a decision that is really good for the company – something that involves Bennett. Bennett’s ears perk up, thinking that Dixie is going to add him to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Bound for Glory, isn’t she? But, no. She’s actually just signed, today, the man that Mike Bennett will face at Bound for Glory, Moose!

Bennett is incensed as Moose makes his way down the entrance ramp proudly wearing an “Impact Wrestling” shirt. Mike Bennett is looking into his future, and it looks like a beating. Bennett tries to calm Moose down, to talk, as Moose enters the ring. Moose just waltzes right up and grabs Bennett by the neck, shoving him into the corner before picking Bennett up by his neck and putting him on the top turnbuckle! Before Moose can do anything, though, Maria charges him with the TNA Knockouts Championship, ready to attack him like she did Lashley last week, but Moose turns to her and stops her dead in her tracks, giving Bennett the opportunity to high-tail it! Bennett and Maria retreat as Moose just stares them down.

Tonight, DECAY OR DELETE. Also, footage from Lashley and EC3’s Bound for Glory World Heavyweight Championship press conference earlier today.

Back in the Impact Zone, we’re gonna kick off with Knockouts tag team action! Gail Kim’s entrance takes us to commercial.

— Commercial break —

In the back, Mike Bennett and Maria are talking. Bennett says he won’t wrestle Moose. They find Dixie about to be interviewed and Maria shoos the interviewer away as Bennett tells Dixie that he won’t wrestle Moose. Not in TNA, not at Bound for Glory, not ever. “Not a big deal,” Dixie replies. He’ll just be in breach of contract. Maria snidely says that Dixie just doesn’t appreciate them. Never have, never will. Dixie asks after how Maria won the Knockouts Championship? She can’t get that out of her mind. Maria laughs that off, saying it was legal and fair. Dixie disagrees, and informs Maria that after a meeting with the board of directors, it’s been agreed that Maria as Knockouts Champion is a conflict of interest with her duties as the leader of the Knockouts Division, so as long as Maria is Champion, she has no matchmaking authority over the Knockouts. Maria says Dixie can’t do that, but it’s already done. Oh, and Maria will be defending the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory. Next week, they’ll determine who the Number One Contender is. Maria is not happy.

Gail Kim and Jade vs Sienna and Allie

Sienna is dragging Allie down to the ring, yelling at her the entire time. Allie wants to start, but Sienna yells at her to get out of the ring as Gail Kim is waiting for Sienna to turn around. Sienna finally gets Allie on the apron and turns right into elbows from Kim! Sienna kicks, but Gail catches it and trips Sienna, hits the ropes, flying clothesline knocks Sienna down hard. Matthews and Pope discuss how Gail Kim is going to be the first Knockout inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and how she’d love to be Knockout Champion when it happens. Gail Kim with a body splash to Sienna in the corner, Sienna stumbles into her corner, and Allie tags herself in to Sienna’s chagrin.

Allie excitedly enters the ring and tells Sienna that she’s got it. Allie charges Kim and Gail shoulder blocks her down. Kim with elbows, Irish whip, Allie grabs the ropes and tries to escape, but Gail runs and dropkicks Allie off the apron! Sienna hops down and tries to rally Allie, yelling at her that this is what she wanted. Get in there and tag Sienna in. Sienna didn’t want Allie in the ring to begin with. She’s not a wrestler! Allie complies, and Sienna charges Gail, who rolls out of the way. Sienna charges Gail in the corner, Gail with a back elbow stuns Sienna, Gail springboards off the second rope with a flying body press, but Sienna grabs her and throws her halfway across the ring! Sienna covers; one, two– kickout.

“That’s how it’s done, baby!” Sienna yells, taunting Gail and the Impact Zone. The Impact Zone starts chanting “We want Allie!” and Sienna doesn’t seem to know how to process that. She clubbers Gail down, provokes Jade, then throws Gail into she and Allie’s corner. Sienna starts stomping at Gail, tells Allie to get in, Allie excitedly goes to help stomp at Gail, and then Sienna shoves Allie away. I’m very confused as to what happened there. Allie is told to return to the apron, gets a couple stomps in on Gail as she exclaims, “Hey, I can do this, too!” and Sienna shoves her again, this time shoving her down to the mat. Sienna stares Allie down as she slides out to the apron looking dejected. Sienna returns her attention to Gail Kim, but it’s too late as Gail springs into action, knocking Sienna back with forearms. Sienna cuts her off with a forearm of her own, sending Gail into the corner, follows with a big running splash crushes Gail. Sienna with a weak cover and Gail kicks out at two.

Sienna decides to give the Impact Zone what they want, and she grabs Gail by her hair and approaches Allie with her hand raised. Allie wants to tag in, but Sienna gives her the ol’ “PSYCH!” and pulls her hand away before clubbing Gail Kim down again. Sienna lifts Gail on her shoulders, walks around the ring before dropping her Samoan style. Sienna covers again, but Jade breaks it up.

Sienna kicks away at Gail, looks for the AK-47, but Gail slips off, rolling neckbreaker by Gail Kim! Both Knockouts are down, crawling toward their corners, looking for the tag, but Sienna realizes that she’s being dumb and goes back after Kim, only for Gail to make the tag to Jade!

Jade in off the hot tag, and she ducks a lariat from Sienna before delivering a big roundhouse kick. And another. And a third! Jade takes Sienna down with a lariat, and Sienna pops back up into a high front kick. Dropkick from Jade takes Sienna down again, and Jade hits the ropes to send Sienna flying with a hurricanrana! Sienna gets up in her corner and Allie tags herself in as Jade charges the corner, connecting with a hell of a kick to Sienna!

Jade doesn’t appear to have seen the tag, so she pulls Sienna out of the corner and looks like she’s going for a package piledriver before she spots Allie on the second turnbuckle. “I can do it, guys!” she yells as she jumps off the turnbuckle, looking to connect with a double axe handle, and she does… but to Sienna! Jade saw her coming and threw Sienna into the attack! Sienna is not pleased, and Allie is backing away before the ref forces Sienna onto the apron, but Allie bumps into Jade! Jade looks like she’s trying to warn Allie– SILENCER FROM SIENNA! Sienna just bulldozed Allie to the mat and she just smugly walks off! Jade reluctantly goes for the cover; one, two, three.

Winner: Jade via pinfall (Sienna’s Silencer)

Jade and Gail Kim are left puzzled, and Allie has no idea what’s going on. Jade and Gail help Allie back up, and Allie looks more and more confused. A whole new world for Allie.

In the back, Jeremy Borash is with Billy Corgan, and there is rumor that there’s a big announcement coming up. Just how big is that announcement, JB wonders. Corgan says that he and Borash have known each other for awhile, talked a lot of wrestling over the years, but little did they know that Corgan’d affect the future of Impact Wrestling, but who knew he’d affect the business as a whole? Billy will reveal this next.

— Commercial break —

Bound for Glory, I knew you’d come.

At the Hardy Compound, Brother Nero, Señor Benjamin, Rebecca, and King Maxel are being briefed by Matt Hardy. Matt has seen in his premonition that there is a great battle coming sooner than later. The reason they are here at his personal zoo is to get in touch with their primal instincts. And his zoo isn’t just regular animals; they are the vessels of animals that contain the most brilliant, amazing, resplendent souls in existence. And his soul can communicate with them. To the layman, what stands behind him may appear to be an everyday giraffe, but the truth is that it is the first President of the United States of America; it is George Washington. Matt needs a moment to catch up with George. Matt holds a carrot in his hand, “George… I knew you’d come.” Matt bounces some ideas off George. Should he take Brother Nero to train with the boxing kangaroo? Mr. Washington seems to think it’s a good idea, before he takes Reby’s sun hat right off her head. “Oh, George. You’re such a joker.”

Matt has arranged a sparring match between Brother Nero and a kangaroo that houses the soul of “Smoking” Joe Frasier. And that’s the most insane sentence I think I’ve ever written (but the night is still young!)

Holy crap, they’re actually showing it, too. And the damn kangaroo doesn’t look like he’s screwing around. The kangaroo is choking Brother Nero and kicking the crap out of him. This is the most amazing thing ever. And now the kangaroo is going after Matt!

Señor Benjamin and Brother Nero are reminded that Matt Hardy is the spot monkey whisperer. These vessels don’t contain souls, though, because they’re spot monkeys, but they all have names. Like DJZ, Andrew Everett, over there is Mandrews, and we also have Matt and Nick, the bucks of youth. Nero suffers with the spot monkeys.

Nero is introduced to a tiger inhabited by Genghis Khan, and Genghis informs Matt that the enemy is fast approaching the battlefield. The fleet of Decay are coming. The battle will happen tonight.

Back in the Impact Zone, Billy Corgan stands behind a podium. “Ladies and gentlemen… the great sport of professional wrestling is ever-evolving. From the gifted athletes that compete in this ring to the styles of matches we host. But there is one constant, and that is gold. The quest for gold, the quest to be the best. And tonight, it is my honor to make a very special announcement. Effective immediately, the King of the Mountain Championship is retired. And the Impact Grand Championship is born.” Corgan lifts a cloth off of a Championship belt sitting on the podium. It certainly evokes the Impact brand, with a hexagon center plate, blue enameling and jewels. Looks nice. “It is our hope and intention that this Championship will come to represent an evolution of pro wrestling for years to come.”

Drew Galloway interrupts, coming to the ring, still wearing his Hot Topic hoodie. Josh Matthews is indignant, blasting Galloway for interrupting as Impact evolves to welcome this new Grand Championship and how he should’ve been suspended instead of being allowed to come to the ring.

“You have a new title, new types of matches. Lookin’ for a new Champion. An innovator. How ‘bout that’s 6’ 5”? How ‘bout someone with sixteen years experience and just turned 31? How ‘bout someone that knows how to make a splash everywhere he goes?” Galloway asks. “I’m not just one choice, Billy, mate. I’m the only choice.”

Billy thinks that Galloway, of all people, would appreciate what the Grand Championship represents. But this title isn’t about politics; it’s about a different type of match. A new type of focus and pace in the ring.

We see a hype video for the TNA Grand Championship, narrated by JB (which raises all kinds of questions.) An 8-man tournament will crown the first Grand Champion. The rules are as follows;

– Each match is 3 rounds;
– Each round is 3 minutes;
– Each round is judged under a 10-Point “must” system (under this system, the winner of the round receives 10 Points and the loser 9 Points. In boxing when they use this system, the losing competitor may instead receive 8 Points if knocked down, and 7 Points if knocked down and thoroughly dominated by the winner. There is also the possibility that the Judges cannot determine a winner, and both competitors will receive 10 Points, but it is not clear yet if TNA will follow suit with these rules);
– There are 3 judges;
– The match can end at any point by pinfall or submission;
– Judges will decide the winner if the match ends with a time limit draw.

“We believe our locker room is poised… to represent this title in a new way. The first Champion will be crowned at Bound for Glory,” Corgan states.

Galloway wants to tell Corgan what’s best for business around here. Drew Galloway is what’s best for business around here. HALLELUJAH!

“Hang on, princess!” Aron Rex yells at Galloway. “This whole thing started over a title. You took your cheap shot, laid me out, and now I’m going to send you back to Scotland via a medical helicopter.”

Corgan tries to regain control. The Grand Championship is about evolving the business. Galloway and Rex have their own business, and that will be settled at another time. Aron Rex will make his debut in an opening match for the Grand Championship tournament, but Galloway will have an opportunity to compete in the tournament as well, right now.

— Commercial break —

Moments ago, the unveiling of the TNA Grand Championship, introduced by TNA President Billy Corgan. Drew Galloway interrupted, and he was granted entrance into the tournament, and he’s waiting for his opposition now.

Grand Championship Tournament Opening-Round Match
Drew Galloway vs Braxton Sutter

Round One
Sutter and Galloway circle as we are shown the ringside Judges. Galloway charges for an elbow smash but Sutter ducks and taunts Drew. Galloway charges again, and Sutter again ducks under. Galloway looks to start grappling, grabs Sutter and throws him into the corner, attempts a lariat but Sutter ducks and blasts Galloway with a forearm and then a chop. Sutter charges in, looking for a takedown, but Galloway gets behind and lifts Sutter up, throwing him to the mat. Galloway with a front facelock on the downed Sutter, and Drew lifts Sutter up into a vertical suplex with a grunt before tossing Sutter down to the mat! As Sutter lays pained on the mat, Matthews informs us that the three traits the Grand Championship Judges are looking for are aggressiveness, controlling the action, and physicality. Pope says that pretty much sums up Drew Galloway, as Galloway picks Sutter up, grapples him into the corner, and throws Sutter across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. “TEN BLOODY POINTS!” Galloway yells at the Judges and Tye Dillinger weeps softly. Drew covers; one, two– Sutter kicks out.

Drew picks Sutter up and chops him hard. Irish whip sends Sutter across the ring, Galloway looking for a back body drop but gets kicked in the chest by Sutter and Braxton presses the advantage by laying into Galloway with some nasty chops. Galloway shoves Braxton to create separation, and that’s all he needed! BIG BOOT from Galloway! Galloway covers; one, two– kickout!

Galloway picks Sutter up, then grabs him on either side of his head and lifts Sutter as high as he’ll go, before tossing him into the corner. Galloway with chops to Sutter, chasing Sutter from corner to corner as Sutter tries to escape, laying chop after chop after chop before catching Sutter with another huge chop in the middle of the ring! Galloway hits a downed Sutter with a knee drop before blowing a kiss to one of the Judges at ringside. Sutter fights out from the disadvantaged position, back to his feet, laying elbows into Galloway’s head, but Drew successfully takes down Sutter and hammers him with punches from the mount position. Galloway up, stomps Sutter’s head, picks Sutter up. Front facelock, snap suplex, Galloway covers; one, two– kickout.

Galloway returns to the mount and hammers away at Sutter as the round ends.

End of Round One.

Galloway is shoved off Sutter by the referee as the first Round ends. Both men are returned to their corners for a brief respite as the Judges make their decisions. Replays from the first Round are shown, and Pope and Matthews discuss Galloway winning the round in their opinions and what Braxton Sutter must do to come back from the potential deficit. Galloway claps to the crowd and tries to keep his momentum up as the scores come in.

Round 1 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Drew Galloway 10 10 10 30
Braxton Sutter 9 9 9 27

Round Two
Galloway charges Sutter, smashing him to the corner and landing clubbing blows to the man’s back. Galloway returns to the hard chops he had success with earlier, again chasing Sutter from corner to corner as Sutter tries to escape the attack. Sutter’s chest is bright, painful red. Sutter escapes the corner and Galloway knocks him down with a lariat to the back of the head before stomping at Sutter’s head. Galloway picks Sutter up into a standing headscissors, instructs the Judges to watch, then lifts Sutter up and has him up for the Razor’s Edge, but Galloway charges the corner before launching Sutter right into the turnbuckle! Galloway plays to the Judges as Sutter struggles to his feet in the corner. Galloway charges, flying forearm takes Drew over the ropes to the apron. Galloway stands on the middle rope and pulls Sutter into a front facelock over the ropes, trying to suplex Sutter to the outside but Sutter tries to fight his way out– Sutter hotshots Galloway, stumbles into the corner and mounts the turnbuckles, grabbing Galloway and pulling him up the corner by his hair– superplex from Sutter! Sutter covers; one, two– kickout!

Sutter picks Galloway up and starts laying in with chops. Galloway shoves Sutter away again, connects with a big slugging punch to Sutter’s head, and Sutter stumbles down to the mat. Galloway picks Sutter up, goes for a hit but Sutter blocks and is on the attack, a couple quick rights and Sutter with a takedown, Sutter quickly transitions from the guard to half-guard, raining blows down on Galloway, then Sutter in the mount and he’s still landing blows to Galloway! Galloway manages to toss Sutter off and make it to the corner, but Sutter is up and waiting for him to get up. Sutter charges in with a kick to the midsection, sends Galloway to the ropes, power slam by Braxton Sutter! Sutter turns the slam into a pinning predicament; one, two, th– kickout by Galloway!

33 seconds left in the second Round, and Sutter back to the Mount, raining punches and then up and stomps Drew in the head. Drew back to his feet, and the two meet mid-ring, trading blows back-and-forth! Drew clubs at Sutter as Sutter attacks Galloway’s mid-section, trying to take Galloway’s stamina. Sutter starts to get the upper hand with elbows to the face of Drew Galloway, Sutter with another takedown and transitions right into the mount to rain down blows to Galloway with 10 seconds left in the round! Sutter is just going to town, punches, double axe handles, slaps, elbows, everything he can muster to Drew Galloway! Galloway turns under the mount, giving Braxton Sutter his back, but the bell rings to end the round before Sutter can take advantage of what could’ve been a match-ending situation.

End of Round Two

Braxton Sutter this time is forced off of Drew Galloway, and both men are sent to corners as replays of the second Round are shown. Matthews and Pope discuss their opinions on the Round, that Sutter turned things up and won the round, as the Judge’s decisions come back.

Round 2 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Drew Galloway 9 9 10 28
Braxton Sutter 10 10 9 29

Sutter wins the second Round, but not by as clear a decision as Galloway won the first.

Round 3
Galloway charges the corner and Sutter side steps, big boot from Sutter connects and Galloway collapses as Sutter covers; one, two, thre– Galloway kicks out!

Sutter lays chops at Galloway as Drew gets up to his feet, backing Galloway into the corner. Irish whip, Galloway reverses, but Sutter stops short of a collision with the turnbuckles, turns around and Galloway with a piledriver out of nowhere! Galloway opts not to cover and instead goes for the Iron Maiden, looking to either rack up Points or make Sutter tap. Sutter struggles in the Iron Maiden, trying to make it to the ropes, but he can’t and Braxton Sutter taps!

Winner: Drew Galloway via submission (Iron Maiden)

Drew looks just as surprised as everyone else that he won, his jaw feeling rather loose after that big boot from Braxton Sutter. Both men stand in the center of the ring with the referee, and Galloway’s hand is raised after he is announced the winner. Drew Galloway advances to the second round of the Grand Championship Tournament.

Matthews hypes up footage from the Bound for Glory main event press conference from earlier today.

— Commercial break —

During the break, Rockstar Spud rushed ringside as Braxton Sutter was leaving the Impact Zone and attacked the defeated Sutter, beating him down, attacking him with a chair in the ring, exposing turnbuckles, and at the end, he forced Sutter to bite down on the exposed bottom turnbuckle before rushing and kicking Sutter in the back of the head with a brutal curb stomp! Spud is then shown grabbing at Sutter’s face again to cover his hands in Sutter’s blood before wiping the blood off on his chest.

A man is shown walking out of a liquor store, caressing a bottle in a brown paper bag. He gets into his car, and his radio is playing 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins, to his displeasure. He changes the channel. Country music. Soft, familiar. He smiles and starts his journey to Grave in the Pines. After a bit of his trek, he sees a figure stumbling in the dark on the side of the road. Female. Black dress. Long boots. Her face paler than the rest of her skin. “Who is that?” he slows. Stops. He backs up, keenly interested in the woman who seems oblivious to his existence until he speaks to her. “Hey, sugar. Need a ride?” he laughs.
“Funny you should ask, sugar,” the woman says harshly.
The man feels more confident in his actions. He takes his glasses off and smiles widely. “I’ll give you a ride all night, missy.”
The woman licks her lips, and suddenly a sound at the passenger side door startles the man! It’s a figure, another person, pale-faced, he looks grimy and decayed, but the man has no chance to figure out what’s going on as another figure descends from the top of the cab, black boots slam onto the window and another pale face taunting him through the windshield, laughing. He turns again to the woman, she lunges, and it all goes black.
The truck drives off, its former operator discarded on the side of the road. “I hear Cameron is beautiful this time of year,” the larger of the assailants exclaims before all three of the pale-faced, black-clad people laugh.

Earlier today, Josh Matthews presided over the press conference for the Bound for Glory main event, and to call it a wild affair is a gross understatement.

Matthews sets up the match, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley defending the Championship against winner of the Bound for Glory Series, Ethan Carter III. Matthews introduces the Impact President, Billy Corgan. Corgan shakes Matthews’ hand and takes his seat. Josh then introduces Ethan Carter III who does likewise, but not before playing to the crowd. Matthews then introduces the Champion, Lashley.

Corgan starts off by wanting to put the spotlight on the Bound for Glory main event. As the new President, he has the distinction of introducing these competitors. Corgan says that there will be great changes going forward with Impact Wrestling under his leadership, but one thing you can always count on is main events like this one. Two men in their absolute prime. This will be one for the ages. Corgan says you’re gonna remember this main event twenty years from now. Corgan then hands the floor to Ethan Carter III.

Carter asks for a little applause, and thanks Corgan. Carter says he’s staring at something. Lashley corrects him. Someone. Carter is staring at someone, a specific someone; the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all time. But when Carter tries to look him in the eyes, he can’t because he’s wearing stupid sunglasses. Lashley smiles, but Carter says that when he looks at Lashley, he sees something other than the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all time; he sees a bully, an intimidator, and a coward. Bobby has the right to do what he wants to do as Champion, but he disrespected an entire division, and that was a dick move. And there’ve been a lot of these dick moves during Lashley’s reigns, and Carter wants them to end. He and Lashley have been doing this dance since they were fighting over Kurt Angle’s broken body, but it ends at Bound for Glory.

Lashley is given the floor by President Billy Corgan, and starts by saying that he doesn’t need the attendees to applaud him, and thanks them when they don’t. He starts by saying he doesn’t dance. Second of all, what people don’t understand is that TNA is under fire by a lot of different people. A lot of other wrestling organizations, different sports, we even have “these little MMA guys running their mouths and talkin’ about us.” When Carter says that Lashley is a bully or an intimidator, Lashley does it because they have to eliminate the weak in pro wrestling. Lashley looks back in the back and he sees weak guys. He’ll smile in their face and shake their hands, but they need to get out of this business. He’s been wrestling for years, and he doesn’t want to step into the ring with someone he thinks in weak. If they’re weak, he’s going to crush them. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion defends TNA. Lashley can defend TNA against any other organization, any other sport, any other fighter. Lashley asks Carter if he can defend TNA.

Carter says that Lashley is right; defending the company is the job of the Champion. Defending this company is the job of the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all time. And that’s not him. No. Carter is the one you call when you need the ass of the most dominant TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all time kicked. He’s coming for Lashley with everything, and he swears that at Bound for Glory, he will become an EC3-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Lashley thinks it’s funny that anyone can believe Carter’s hype, Carter’s garbage. Carter is a body builder. Lashley is a fighter. Everyone’s said this to Lashley. Kurt Angle looked him right in the eyes and told Lashley that Angle could beat him. Drew said it, Eddie Edwards said it, DJZ said it, and James Storm said it. Carter interrupts and says (after some censor beeping) that he’s not those men. No, but those men were applauded just like Carter is applauded. And the same things that happened to them are going to happen to Carter. He’s going to break Carter, beat him down, and leave him laying. Lashley will stay Champion after Bound for Glory, and there’s nothing Carter can do about it.

Lashley wants to keep it calm. It’s about Bound for Glory, after all. The audience, the crowd, the management can hype guys like Carter up all they want, but Lashley doesn’t care. Lashley’s gonna go back home and train, and you’re gonna see a bigger, badder Lashley that’s going to be ready to kill Ethan Carter III. Your little hero, your dancing to his music, is going to be over, and Lashley is going to beat Carter’s ass like it’s never been beaten before. Carter has never faced anyone of Lashley’s caliber, and he needs to understand that. Lashley is the man, and he’s going to show them all every single day until they believe that. He’s going to beat Carter, and there’ll be nobody left, and they’ll have to believe.

Carter and Lashley stare-down for the cameras, face-to-face, and Lashley brings his fist up to Carter’s face. And his fist is about as big as Carter’s face. I wouldn’t want that thing on its way to me, I’ll tell ya that. Carter would reply with his fist, but with a blurred digit extended right into Lashley’s face. Carter would slap Lashley’s hand away, Lashley shoves Carter, then Carter grabs Lashley and throws him off the stage! Carter follows Lashley down, then grabs him and throws him into the chairs of the Impact Zone, smashing Lashley into a fence before grabbing a chair and attacking Lashley! Carter throws the chair and starts to take his coat off, and that’s all the time Lashley needed! He charges Carter, grabbing him and laying punches into his head, chasing Carter up the stands, backing Carter against a wall that is there to protect the fans in the Impact Zone from falling off the back of the stands and just hammers in blow after blow to Carter’s chest and stomach! The tide turns and Carter starts to attack Lashley, forcing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion back along the top of the stands, but it doesn’t last and Lashley grabs Carter and throws him down the stands, sending Carter’s body wildly careening until it’s stopped by another protective fence! Carter looks seriously hurt, and Lashley taunts Carter.

— Commercial break —

We actually pick up where we left off from the press conference, with Lashley running EC3 into more of the backstage equipment. Lashley finally takes off his coat, approaches Carter, and starts hammering away. Lashley gets a bit of separation, and Carter gets the chance he needed, throwing Lashley into a large group of curbside trashcans. “I just threw him into the trash, you wanna see it?!” he yells at the attendees of the former press conference. Carter grabs Lashley and starts throwing him into walls, but Lashley eventually tosses him onto a table. The area is surrounded by posters, and Lashly grabs his before beating Carter with it! When that stops working, Lashley settles for just punching him about the head and neck! Lashley runs Carter into an elephant door, and demands on e of the techs open it up, smashing Carter in the head and we see an ambulance there for the tapings, in case it’s needed, and Lashley opens the back door. Carter goes on the attack again, but Lashley throws him into the dumpsters before calling him a little chump.

A quick preview for the rest of Bound for Glory is shown. The Miracle vs The Moose. Maria defends the Knockouts Championship. Gail Kim is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. The first-ever Grand Champion will be crowed. All this, and more!

Jessie Godderz talks about what sets him apart in the Grand Championship tournament. He’ll be able to showcase his agility. Everything he does outside of Impact leads him to the curtain, but his background of Captain of his wrestling team in High School lets him know that he knows what it takes to win these Rounds.

Godderz makes his way to the ring as we prepare for our next Round One match-up, followed by Eli Drake.

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Grand Championship Tournament Opening-Round Match
Jessie Godderz vs Eli Drake

Round One
Godderz and Drake circle and tie-up in the center of the ring. Drake with an arm drag, maintains control, rolls into a headlock but Godderz rolls him through and off. Drake picks the ankle but Jessie pulls him in before kicking Drake off with both feet sending Drake into the corner. Drake off the corner into a fireman’s carry by Godderz who maintains control, putting Drake into a modified elbow and wristlock. Godderz pushes the advantage, not letting Drake gets much leverage, but Drake slides out only for Godderz to stand and apply a wristlock. Drake twists out, another arm drag sends Godderz flying overhead, but Godderz maintains the hold and ends up with Drake on the mat with a hammerlock applied. Jessie applies pressure, putting his weight up against Drake’s arm to apply more pressure. Drake struggles to get up, and Godderz puts him in a headlock for his trouble. Eli sends Godderz to the ropes, arm drag, but Godderz stays in control by rolling them up back into the headlock. Godderz in control, Drake on the mat, trying to get up, but Godderz with a headlock takedown right as Eli gets to his feet. Godderz rolls Drake over into a pin; one, two– Drake kicks out.

1:38 left in the Round, and Godderz still has the headlock applied on the mat. Drake grabs Godderz and rolls him into a pinfall; one, tw– Godderz kicks out and maintains the headlock.

Eli Drake manages to fold Godderz back and get him in a headscissors, clamping down so that Godderz can’t pop right out. Godderz adjusts, gets near a guard position and pops his head out and Drake kicks him back into the ropes before rolling backwards to his feet. Jessie Godderz charges, shoulder tackle knocks Drake down. Drake back up and a dropkick from Godderz is his reward. Both men back up and charge, and Godderz with a flying forearm takes Eli down. Godderz takes a moment and covers; one, two, th– Eli Drake kicks out.

1:06 remains, and Jessie Godderz with a front facelock on the downed Eli Drake. Drake struggles, trying to get to his feet, he tries to roll but Godderz floats over and now has Eli Drake in a much worse predicament, a mounted front facelock. Godderz has Drake’s shoulders down; one– kickout.

Godderz regains the front facelock, but Drake gets out as he stands, twists out, and Drake has Godderz in a standing arm bar. Drake takes Godderz down into a pin; Godderz kicks out at one.

Drake still in control, but Godderz succeeds with a single-leg takedown bringing Drake to the mat, Godderz transitions into a north-south headlock and a pinning predicament; one, tw– Eli kicks out.

Drake attempts to roll the north-south into control for him but Godderz does the same before Drake can benefit. Godderz still in control, putting his weight and pressure onto Drake’s head and chest, and after another quickly broken pinfall attempt, Drake starts trying to twist up to his feet. Drake gets up, but Godderz is prepared; fisherman roll-up gets a two-count for Godderz.

Both men up, Godderz with a takedown trying to put Drake into another pinning position, but the round ends before he can.

End of Round One.

Godderz is forced to release Drake and is returned to a corner as the referee tries to help Drake up. Replays are shown as Pope and Matthews talk about Jessie Godderz being in control for most of the Round, getting more pinfall attempts and better leverage for almost the entire Round.

Round 1 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Jessie Godderz 10 9 10 29
Eli Drake 9 10 9 28

Jessie Godderz is going to win this Round, but only by a single point.

Round Two
Godderz is in quick for a go-behind, and Drake manages to fight out of it and gets a standing switch. Godderz struggles, trying to break Eli’s grip, finally succeeds, Godderz with a rear waist lock again, transitions into a standing headlock, and Godderz transition again into a wrist lock but Drake socks him in the head to break it. Drake starts clubbing blows against Godderz’ back, laying in with punches, and Godderz heads to the ropes, but Drake gets there and stomps and starts choking Godderz with his boot. Godderz gets away thanks to the ref forcing Drake to break, Godderz in the corner, but Drake right there with a knee, and another. Drake takes a moment to “Dummy, yeah!” the crowd, and that gives Jessie the time needed to regain his composure, as a big kicks to the midsection awaits Drake as he approaches. And another. Jessie out of the corner, Drake ducks under a lariat, float over DDT! Drake goes for the cover; one, two, th– kickout!

Eli plays to the crowd and the Judges, takes to the ropes, and Godderz is up quick to apply a sleeper hold. Drake is stuck for a moment but manages to throw Godderz off, Godderz back up and charges, Skylord Slam by Drake! Eli covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Drake wastes time by playing to the crowd, when the Round only has 1:03 left. Pope and Matthews talk about not wanting these matches to go to Judge’s decision if the competitors can avoid it, so why is Drake not being the master of his own destiny and applying pressure? Drake turns around towards Godderz, who instead of resting in the corner is springing off the top rope– flying forearm takes Drake down! Both men back up to their feet and Godderz with a lariat knocks Drake off ‘em! Godderz with a big back elbow sends Drake down again. Drake staggers up in the corner, and Jessie splashes him! Godderz with a modified exploder suplex sends Eli Drake all the way across the ring! Drake gets back to his feet and Godderz with a double-leg takedown, he looks like he’s attempting the Adonislock, but Drake lands a solid punch to the side of Godderz’ head and sends him reeling. Drake up with 27 seconds left on the clock, charges Godderz and attempts the float-over DDT but Godderz succeeds with the double-leg takedown again, going for the Adonislock again, and Drake struggles but eventually Godderz turns him over into the Adonislock! The 10-second signal goes off and Godderz sinks the Adonislock in as hard as he can, Eli Drake looks like he’s on the verge of tapping out, but can Eli Drake hold on?! 5, 4, 3– Drake’s going to tap, no, he keeps it together– 2, 1, 0, and Eli Drake stays in this!

End of Round Two.

Jessie Godderz celebrates a bit prematurely, and is a bit crestfallen when the referee informs him that the Round ended, not the match. Godderz is instructed to his corner as the referee tends Eli Drake.

Round 2 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Jessie Godderz 9 10 10 29
Eli Drake 10 9 9 28

Jessie Godderz wins the second Round, again by only one Point. Not sure what match the first Judge was watching, but, them’s the breaks.

Round Three
Bell rings and both men are out of their corners, Drake holding his back but keeping the weakness away from Godderz’ grasp. Drake goes for a lariat but Godderz ducks, schoolboy to Drake; one, two, thre– Drake barely kicks out of that one!

Drake aggressively charges Godderz in the corner, looking for a shoulder tackle, but Godderz pops up in the corner and puts Eli Drake into the sunset flip; one, two, thre– another kickout!

Eli goes for a kick but Jessie grabs it and connects with an elbow to the head. Jessie takes to the ropes, leaps, looking for a flying bulldog but Eli catches him and slams Godderz down hard on the mat! Drake hooks the leg and covers; one, two, th– kickout!

Drake wastes time on the mat looking flustered, knowing he has to keep on Godderz because the only way he’ll win is by pinfall or submission, and he takes his time getting back up. Drake grabs Godderz’ legs, looks like he’s attempting a single-leg grapevine, rolls back, but Godderz breaks the grapevine and grabs Drake’s legs, looking for the Adonislock again! Drake tries to make it to the ropes as Godderz tries to turn him over, but Drake doesn’t make it! Godderz has the Adonislock in and Drake is just inches from the ropes! Drake twists and squirms and he manages to make it to the ropes to break the hold! Godderz isn’t letting up, though, and holds on for the full extent of the referee’s count, breaking at 4 to avoid disqualification. Smart move, and the commentators mention that Godderz could really just run around the ring at this point and he’ll pick up the W.

90 seconds left in the match. Drake struggles up, but Godderz is there with a beautiful throwing back suplex! Godderz covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

We’re down to a minute left as Godderz approaches a downed Eli Drake. Drake grabs Godderz’ leg and pulls him down, hotshotting Godderz on the middle rope! Godderz is stunned, Eli Drake grabs Godderz in a quarter facelock and drives his knee into Godderz’ head, Drake connects with Blunt Force Trauma! Drake covers; one, two, three!

Winner: Eli Drake via pinfall (Blunt Force Trauma)

Eli Drake had to win by pinfall or submission here, and he pulled the victory off with just 46 seconds left on the clock in the third Round. Both men take a moment to recover, Godderz needing a bit more time than Drake, and both stand in the middle of the ring with the referee as Drake is announced the winner and his hand in raised. Drake continues to celebrate.

Up next, DELETE or DECAY.

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Are you being bullied at school or at work? Is nothing going right in your life? Are you afraid to get your hands dirty? Then you need The FIXER. No problem too greasy, he gets it done easy. Operators are standing by.

Last week, Drew Galloway had to explain why he was a big crybaby and beat up an innocent man because he couldn’t get it done against Ethan Carter III. This would erupt into a brawl between Galloway and that innocent man, Aron Rex. Earlier tonight, Galloway would run the unveiling of the Grand Championship, coming out to complain about what he deserves. Aron Rex would come out to confront Galloway, but Corgan put an end to that, announcing that Rex’s conflict with Galloway would need to be put on the shelf as both men will compete in the Grand Championship Tournament.

We cut to outside of the Impact Zone and Aron Rex is beating up on a chair. The interviewer wants to have a word with Rex and Rex sarcastically responds that he’s totally in the mood to talk. When asked what’s going through his mind after Galloway’s assault, last week’s brawl, and tonight’s confrontation, Rex tells the interviewer that he’s real observant. It took half the locker room to pull them apart. Drew made a challenge, called him out, cheap-shotted him. Rex could talk, he’s known to be a talker, an entertainer. What’s telling the world what’s going through his mind going to do? The issue is, and he hopes Drew is watching, that he isn’t thinking. Rex walks off.

Aron Rex will make his Impact Wrestling debut in the first round of the TNA Grand Championship Tournament against former X-Division Champion, the Carolina Caveman, Trevor Lee. Mahabali Shera will also face Eddie Edwards in round one action. Which of these men will join Eli Drake and Drew Galloway in the second round of the tournament?

We again receive Señor Benjamin and Vanguard One’s warnings from the opening of tonight’s show. Do not try this at home, and no animals were harmed. Damn right; that kangaroo was beating the hell out of some Hardys!

We see Señor Benjamin digging a hole. The Decay has arrived, stalking towards the groundskeeper. “What do you think you’re doing, old man?” Crazzy Steve asks. “[Digging your graves], amigo.” Benjamin replies, unthreatened by The Decay. Abyss gets in Benjamin’s face and asks “What are you gonna do about it, Señor?” before walking off into the grounds, followed by Steve and Rosemary. As they walk away, a grinning Señor Benjamin spins the shovel around in his hands. It is labeled “DELETE”.

Smoke fills the woods, and a single light shines brightly, beckoning The Decay. They head towards the bright light, finally finding their way through the trees to a clearing. “Home, sweet home,” Rosemary exclaims as they march towards the Hardy home. Outside, Abyss and Steve stalk, seeing an open window with Reby tending to Maxel. “Beautiful,” says Abyss. “He’s ours,” Steve laughs. “And they won’t even see us coming.”

Rosemary taunts a spider on the porch, as Abyss and Steve try to gain Maxel’s attention through an open window. “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word; Decay’s gonna give you a mockingbird,” Abyss sings.

“DECAY!” shouts Matt Hardy, showing his back to them, showing that they’ve been marked since entering the grounds, showing that they’re known, “I knew you’d come.”

— Commercial break —

Matt walks away from the porch where The Decay sit, and The Decay follow after him. The Decay are walking right into a trap! Matt, Nero, Reby all stand with Roman candles in their hands! “Welcome to the Hardy compound!” Matt greets The Decay as he strikes a lighter. Abyss is taken aback. “This is not beautiful!” The Decay begin to retreat before breaking into a run as the Hardys laugh. The Roman candles start going off, bursts of light and color and fire streaking after The Decay, the Hardys using them almost as if they were assault rifles, as Matt shouts “DELETE! DELETE”!

Abyss is hit, downed, but Rosemary and Steve get him on his feet as they continue their retreat. Steve takes fire as he knocks over a ladder to block the Hardy’s march. Rosemary is shown running from the Roman assault candles, narrowly avoiding fire with every step. The Hardys have chased The Decay into the woods, and Matt tells Reby that he needs her to return to the abode, to protect Maxel. Maxel’s safety is paramount, it’s everything. He and Nero will exterminate Decay. The two of them have rearmed, fresh fireworks to chase down The Decay. The Decay come across an overturned boat on the grounds and flip it, hiding under it for cover, but Matt and Nero are there, a constant assault from the Roman candles hitting the boat. Matt and Nero circle in opposite directions, their cover fire keeping The Decay behind the boat, as Matt sings “We’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when we come…” Abyss has had enough of cowering, and he grabs the boat, lifting it up to provide a distraction for Steve and Rosemary to head to the house. Matt sees them, however, and turns his fire in their direction. With lights from parked vehicles illuminating the battlefield, we get a cool sweeping view of Brother Nero running full-bore towards the upturned boat, courtesy of Vanguard One. Nero delivers a big dropkick to the boat, sending it flying into a lake, and Abyss along with it! Nero is downed, staring at the lake, and sees no movement, no bubbles, no Abyss. Señor Benjamin approaches, “Brother Nero, [I have to get the boat for Mr. Hardy.”

We cut to Matt, tracking Rosemary in the woods. “Come into the light,” Matt beckons her.

We cut back to Señor Benjamin, dragging the boat out of the water as creepy music plays in the background. As Señor Benjamin is on his phone, likely to let Matt Hardy know that the boat has been retrieved and that Abyss is missing, a man in a suit walks out of the lake. “Wow. Private Benjamin. I loved you in Final Deletion!” he says to Señor Benjamin. “Que?” “Oh, sorry,” the man replies, before continuing in Spanish. “[Have you seen my brother, Chris? Abyss?]” “Si,” Señor Benjamin replies. “Si?” the man in the suit exclaims, relieved. “Give me a hug!” he excitedly says, approaching Señor Benjamin with his arms wide open, but Señor Benjamin is a quick hand with a taser, and we see the man in the suit loaded into the front of an earthmover as Señor Benjamin straps into the driver’s seat, laughing and driving the man in the suit away.

Near the house, Nero is stalking – or being stalked by – Crazzy Steve. Steve appears by the stone fire pit, and Nero is on the attack, biting at Crazzy Steve’s head! Steve slaps Nero down, laughing, and grabs Nero, attempting to shove Brother Nero into the flame! He gets uncomfortably close, too, but Nero slams his fist into Steve’s gut, and then violently attacking Steve’s head! Steve is backed up, and Nero with a falcon arrow into the pool! Underwater, Nero and Steve collide, trading blows!

“Rooosemarrry, Rosemary,” Matt taunts. Rosemary is coming for Matt.

We cut back to Señor Benjamin, who has taken the earthmover to the pits he dug earlier. He dumps the man in the suit into an open pit, a grave, laughing.

Back to Nero and Crazzy Steve, continuing the brawl in the pool. Nero appears to have gained the upper hand, Steve is having trouble fighting back, perhaps devoid of oxWhy?gen for too long. That certainly is the case after Nero drags Steve farther underwater and puts him in a chokehold! Steve fights, but stops moving, floats there, limp. Nero emerges from the pool, hurt, victorious, laughing. Steve explodes out of the water, though, and drags Nero back down into the pool!

Señor Benjamin is filling a grave with dirt when he hears something. He looks over the edge, and Abyss appears, grabbing Benjamin by his throat and taking him to the ground, choking the groundskeeper as he laughs.

In the pool, Steve is trying to strangle Brother Nero with a floaty horse, one of Maxel’s pool toys, but Nero scratches and claws at Steve’s face until he relents! Nero makes it back out of the pool as Crazzy Steve is left screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!!” Steve makes it out of the pool, in pursuit, and we see a close-up of Steve, paint worn and nearly gone. “Paint, regenerate,” he says as he holds his hands up to his face and pulls them down, his face paint returned to its former glory, his strength returned.

Rosemary is stalking through the woods, and is confronted by Matt Hardy. She hisses, crouching low and baring her claws. She runs, and Matt starts chanting “Delete. Delete. Delete,” as he follows. “Come out,” he says, but is taken by surprise, narrowly ducking a nail-filled 2×4 aimed right for his head, slamming into the tree he was stalking Rosemary around! It’s Abyss, and he nearly crushed Hardy’s head! Abyss attacks Hardy, hitting him in the head and kicking him around the ground as he yells at Rosemary, “Go get your baby!”

Rosemary runs off as Abyss continues his work on Matt Hardy. Hardy perches himself up on a structure in the yard. “Janice,” he calls Abyss, “you are nothing more than vermin. My soul does not fear you.” “Well,” Abyss responds, “let’s see how your vessel likes this,” and he charges, the nailed 2×4 drawn back to attack, and Matt doesn’t move. Matt can’t move. A yell, and Brother Nero shoves Matt out of the way, taking Abyss’ attack himself! The nail-driven 2×4 is sent into Brother Nero’s abdomen, he groans, he struggles, but he falls.

“Brother Nero!” Matt exclaims. “That was so… unselfish…” But Matt has little time to contemplate. Abyss and Crazzy Steve approach, Abyss with the 2×4 raised high. Matt hisses, backing away, but a noise attracts Steve’s attention– It’s Vanguard One! The drone has been upgraded with firearms of its own, and starts lobbing volleys of fire at The Decay! Abyss and Crazzy Steve start to retreat, and Vanguard One’s aerial attack mode suddenly changes from “Engage” to “Ignite”! One last shot is fired, and the ground around Abyss and Steve starts to catch fire… Crazzy Steve and Abyss are trapped inside the burning Hardy Boyz logo on the battlefield!

But for that victory, a defeat; Rosemary has made her way inside the house, and Reby has been rendered unconscious. Reby tried to defend the homestead with a big frying pan, but Rosemary overcame her. Rosemary has King Maxel in her arms, smiling, as she steps over Reby’s body and walks out of the house. Vanguard One swoops down to stop her, though. “Not so fast! Put the boy down, witch!” the drone commands. “Put him down?” Rosemary asks. “Gladly.” Rosemary puts Maxel down and approaches Vanguard One, spraying blood at him! Vanguard One tries to tell Maxel to run, but begins to short circuit before going offline.

Rosemary calls for Maxel, who appears to have taken the advice of Vanguard One to heart. Rosemary stops suddenly, a figure before her. “You have just crossed a line that you can never return from!” yells Matt Hardy. Rosemary laughs and lurches forward, spewing the poison mist towards Matt, but Matt inhales the mist! Rosemary doesn’t know what to make of what she’s seeing. “What?” she creeps towards Matt, just as Matt spits the poison mist back into Rosemary’s face! Rosemary starts clawing at her face before running off into the woods.

Maxel exits the house with Reby, approaching Matt. Good boy, Maxel. Matt picks Maxel up, and embraces him and Reby. Nero is shown still down on the ground after being attacked by the nail-driven 2×4. And in the bed of the truck they arrived in, Crazzy Steve overlooks an unconscious Señor Benjamin, laughing as the truck drives off.

1) Jade and Gail Kim def. Sienna and Allie
2) Drew Galloway def. Braxton Sutter in a first-round match in the TNA Impact Grand Championship tournament
3) Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz in a first-round match in the TNA Impact Grand Championship tournament
4) The Hardys def. The Decay in DELETE OR DECAY

Next Week
– Aron Rex vs Trevor Lee in a first-round match in the TNA Impact Grand Championship tournament
– Mahabali Shera vs Eddie Edwards in a first-round match in the TNA Impact Grand Championship tournament