TNA IMPACT 01 12 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 12, 2016

New Beginnings: The Champion, an Enigma and Shynron

Carter says there’s no time for celebration because they’re enjoying a moment of vindication. He mentions being unbendable, unbreakable, unpinned, unsubmitted, unbeatable – and for the first time in wrestling history – an undefeated 2-time World Champion.

Despite everything, EC3 says only one person has unwaveringly believed in him. He thanks Tyrus for his support. Jeff Hardy interrupts the moment, claiming to have something for EC3. Hardy offers his congratulations and references him “the best wrestler on planet Earth.”

Hardy reveals he’s cleared to wrestle and challenges EC3 to a World Championship match. Carter gives pause but ultimately denies. He insists that Hardy begins any title quest at the bottom of the roster.

EC3 invites anyone from the back to step forward. A young, “The Master of Motion,” Shynron appears. Shynron says he’ll fly over, beat and destroy Jeff Hardy!

Singles Match | Jeff Hardy vs. Shynron

Shynron scores a flurry of impressive and innovative offense early, but Hardy grounds him with a huge jackknife suplex! He follows up quickly with the Twist of Fate and three-count.

Result: Jeff Hardy def. Shynron

Welcome to the Kong-house

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tries to interview Awesome Kong about her newfound alliance with the Dollhouse. Marti Bell interrupts, scolding him for not working through her before attempting to speak with Kong. She puts the Knockouts roster on notice.

Kong signals JB that she’d like to speak. She says this is her house – to do what she wants, when she wants, to whomever she wants. Kong says Gail Kim’s on borrowed time and that she wants the Knockouts title.

The Beautiful People interrupt, but Dollhouse attacks. The action carries into the arena and the scheduled contest is changed to a street fight.

Knockouts Street Fight | Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People

Awesome Kong and Jade are established as the legal competitors. Moments later, Kong sends Madison Rayne face-first into the ring post. Velvet Sky delivers a suplex to Jade on the ramp. Kong chokes Madison with the ropes as Jade ultimately sends Velvet crashing into the stairs.

Jade pulls a variety of weaponry from beneath the ring. She tosses in two Singapore canes, a trashcan and a couple of steel chairs. Using one of the canes, Kong chokes Madison while Jade mounts a chair in the corner.

Rebel holds the chair in place as Madison is pressed up against it. Jade misses a rolling senton, connecting with the chair herself. Kong lifts Madison into the air and Jade delivers a shot to the spine using the lid to the trashcan. Jade misses a moonsault and Kong misses a splash.

Suddenly, Velvet storms the ring wielding a chair. She delivers a shot to the spine of Kong before kicking the chair into her face! Velvet plants the chair mid-ring and drives Jade onto it with a bulldog! Marti Bell and Rebel get involved.

They taunt Velvet, but Madison tosses her a Singapore cane and The Beautiful People begin to unload. Kong’s poised for a double clothesline that doesn’t connect. Velvet and Madison take Kong off her feet and offer up a shot to the head. They crack their canes over Kong until Madison takes to the turnbuckle.

Jade takes Velvet out with a big boot just before Madison grounds Kong with a missile dropkick. Kong powers out at two and Jade rushes in with a cradle piledriver to Madison for the win.

Result: Dollhouse def. The Beautiful People

Debut Promo: Raquel is coming.

Beer Money Beer Bash!

James Storm welcomes everyone to the first episode of “Drunk and Ready.” He says January 5 was a noteworthy day because it’s the day he chose to make a living for himself and his family by reforming Beer Money with Bobby Roode.

Roode says they’ve come back together for the same reason they formed – so they could be the best. Roode apologizes to Storm and the fans for losing sight of that in the past; Storm apologizes for kicking Roode in the face so many times since their split.

They exchange apologies for other days gone by. Storm raises a toast to Roode, calling him the best tag team partner he’s ever had – and the true “It Factor” of professional wrestling. Roode returns the favor, citing Storm’s ability to start more bar fights than any man on the planet – and for always having his back.

They acknowledge something’s missing – that a beer bash needs to get a little loud and rowdy. Eric Young and Bram interrupt. Young says Beer Money makes him sick with their pandering to “morons” and toasting each other like they’re to be married.

Storm interrupts, “Oh my God – you just hurt our feelin’s. Hey, I’ll tell ya what, why don’t you get on your knees and suck on my beer bottle right here!”

Young goes berserk and challenges Bobby Roode for the King of the Mountain Championship. Roode accepts!

King of the Mountain Championship | Bobby Roode (c) vs. Eric Young

Roode’s scores some early offense with a targeted assault to Young’s arm. Bram and Storm look on from outside, nearly coming to blows themselves, as Young snapmares Roode into a chinlock.

Young makes an early cover. Roode’s out at two, but Young offers a back suplex instead. Young attempts to drop a knee from the turnbuckle, but Roode counters with a foot to the chin. Momentum carries him well and he drops Young with a back body drop.

Young counters a Roode Bomb with an eye rake and belly-to-belly suplex! He motions for a piledriver, but Roode counters with a sharpshooter! Just as Young reaches for the ropes, Roode pulls him to the center of the ring where he falls into a crossface!

Young counters with a pin attempt; Roode offers one of his own. Young drills him with a hard right, but as he comes off the ropes, Roode catches him with a spinebuster! After meeting atop the turnbuckle, Young appears to be moments away from an elbow drop when Roode pulls him from the ropes with a Roode Bomb!

The official nearly has three when Bram pulls him from the ring! Bram blames Storm. Storm denies involvement and smashes a bottle over Bram’s head. He rolls Bram into the ring to receive a Beer Money suplex! Young clubs Storm from behind and low-blows Roode, setting up for the piledriver! He makes the cover to become the new King of the Mountain champion!

Result: Eric Young def. Bobby Roode

Backstage: “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria confront EC3 and Tyrus. He congratulates EC3 and reiterates how he’ll change TNA. Bennett says he makes his in-ring debut next week and that he hopes EC3 enjoys his time at the top.

Angle’s Farewell Tour: Singles Match | Drew Galloway vs. Kurt Angle

Galloway and Angle size one another up. Galloway begins commanding the match until Angle offers an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! They collide with a double clothesline and both men are down.

The momentum is beginning to shift in Galloway’s favor when Angle catches him with four German suplexes and an Angle Slam! Angle applies his famed ankle lock! Instead of submitting, Galloway rolls through and sends Angle face-first into the turnbuckle!

Galloway delivers the Future Shock DDT, but Angle’s out of the pin attempt at two. Galloway scoops him for a slam, but Angle counters, searching for a second ankle lock. Galloway counters into a crossface! Angle climbs toward the ropes, but Galloway pulls him away. He’s about to cinch in another crossface when Angle counters with the second ankle lock of the match!

Galloway again rolls through, this time sending Angle through the ropes. He charges toward Angle, but is sent into the guardrail, courtesy of a belly-to-belly suplex! Angle rolls Galloway back into the ring, where he meets the Claymore! Galloway is less than a half-second away from a victory when Angle powers out!

He offers a second Claymore – and again, Angle somehow kicks out just before three!

Galloways searches for a superplex but falls into a Tree of Woe. Angle shifts his weight and Galloway sits up and pulls Angle from the turnbuckle with a suplex after all! Galloway plows through Angle with a clothesline, but misses a shoulder block. He connects with the ringpost!

Angle answers with a second Angle Slam, but it’s not enough to put away Galloway. Angle lifts Galloway, but fields a headbutt. Galloway scales the ropes; Angle meets him up top. They go back and forth, but Angle ultimately connects with an Angle Slam from the top rope!

Result: Kurt Angle def. Drew Galloway