TNA IMPACT 10 06 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
October 6, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Results by: Gerald Bocook of

We open with a recap of Bound for Glory, going over the finals of the Impact Grand Championship Tournament Finals, Gail Kim becoming the Knockouts Champion, the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes, The Great War, and the main event of EC3 versus Bobby Lashley.

In the Impact Zone, Lashley is heading to the ring, big smile on his face. “It doesn’t matter who comes down here; what they need to realize is that I’m the realest man [in this business]… EC3 was just a warning. Once again, Bobby Lashley is the greatest wrestler on this entire planet.” Lashley is then interrupted by the Impact Grand Champion, Aron Rex! Rex comes to the ring, the Impact Grand Championship slung over his shoulder, and Lashley has turned his back to Rex, and looks less-than-pleased. Rex says that being Grand Champion would make him the man around here. Lashley says his Championship means nothing. Gail Kim comes to the ring now. “Boys, I hear all this talk about Titles and ‘Who’s the man?’ I’m pretty sure it’s an even playing field.” Gail is proud to be the first female Hall of Famer, and the Knockouts Champion, and women are changing the business. And now it’s time for Broken Matt Hardy to come to the ring. He comes accompanied by Reby and Maxel, both of the Tag Team Championships around his neck, but no Brother Nero. A “Maxel” chant breaks out. “Fellow Champions. Gail Kim, you speak of change. I AM CHANGE.” Matt says that, thanks to him, Impact Wrestling exists in a broken universe, but he’s always ready to delete. DJZ now makes his way to the ring. “Each of us represents something different… there’s nothing more different than the X-Division.” DJZ mentions something called “Team X Gold”. Lashley mocks DJZ for saying the ring is full of Champions, and that there’s only one Champion. Lashley has better things to do than hang out with a bunch of losers, and he has a fight coming up. He’s gonna go train, it’ll be a better use of his time than hanging out with second-rate “Champions”.

As Lashley leaves the ring and heads up the entrance ramp, TNA President Billy Corgan hits the Impact Zone, accompanied by… a guy in a bowler hat with a lit cigar. And I get that it’s Billy Corgan and all, but… he’s wearing a hooded sweater underneath a fuzzy houndstooth patterned trench coat, and I just can’t even right now. Corgan heads to the ring with his friend, who I can only assume at this point is a Badger cosplayer from “Firefly”. Corgan wants the crowd to help him congratulate the Champions. He says that, as big as Bound for Glory was, tonight will be even bigger. All of the Champions will be in action, even Lashley. Lashley tells Corgan to go ahead and serve him up another victim so he can beat them and walk away. Who’s it gonna be, Lashley wants to know. The crowd chants “DELETE!” as Matt gnashes his teeth.

Corgan says that the beauty of tonight is that all of the Championships will be on the line, except for the X-Division Championship because of this “Team X Gold” thing that DJZ apparently helped them come up with. Corgan says that, out of respect to Lashley, he’ll get to choose his opponent out of three men that Corgan has picked, but warns Lashley to choose wisely. Corgan says that Team X Gold is next and then leaves the ring, leaving all of the Champions to contemplate tonight.

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In the ring are DJZ, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Marshe Rockett (who is about as big as his entire opposing team.) The match is 3-on-3 tag, with stricter adherence to the rules. The commentators mention things like, if you tag out and don’t immediately leave the ring, your team could get disqualified.

Team X Gold Match
X-Division Champion DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter vs. “The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marche Rockett

Bell rings, and it’s Everett vs DJZ. Tie-up, DJZ picks the wrist and works Everett into a wrist lock, Everett flips around to reverse the hold, goes for a roundhouse kick but DJZ ducks and puts Everett into a headbutt, Everett takes DJZ to the ropes and shoves him across the ring, DJZ almost collides with Mandrews, does a do-si-do with Everett to send him to the ropes, DJZ drops down, and Mandrews comes out of nowhere with a missile dropkick to level Andrew Everett! I guess DJZ made a tag!

DJZ bails out of the ring as Mandrews hits the corner, charges Everett in the far corner, Everett goes up and over as Mandrews avoids a hard collision with the turnbuckles, charges Everett as he comes off the ropes, Everett with a sunset flip over Mandrews but Mandrews backflips, lands on his feet, basement dropkick to Andrew Everett! Mandrews pulls Everett up and Irish whips him, but Everett reverses the momentum and sends Mandrews into the ropes, Mandrews’ll hold on, though and Everett charges only for Mandrews to send him over the top! Everett’s face collides into the apron and he and stumbles up only to see Mandrews with a running sunset flip over the ropes, and he connects! Mandrews plays to the crowd for a moment before rolling Everett back into the ring, Mandrews in after him, but he isn’t fast enough to prevent Andrew Everett from tagging him Marche Rockett.

Mandrews just looks like someone wet his pants. Rockett stands his whole head taller than Mandrews and is just a big damn dude. As Mandrews kicks his legs, the commentators discuss how atypical Rockett is for the X-Division, and that the X-Division is about no limits, but that Rockett says he is an X-Division competitor, that his size is an asset. Mandrews off the ropes and meets Rockett’s big boot. Vertical suplex from Rockett, and he picks Mandrews up by his hair before tagging in Trevor Lee. Lee grabs Mandrews by his face before punching him down. Lee digs his elbow into Mandrews’ face. Lee goes for a German suplex but Mandrews fights him off. Mandrews tries to jump over Lee to get to his corner, but Lee keeps him away before throwing Mandrews across the ring. Mandrews pops up and charges Lee only to get a Superman punch for his troubles. Lee goes for that German suplex again, but Mandrews lands mostly on his feet and tags in Braxton Sutter.

Sutter in and he repeatedly takes Lee down with a couple quick rights, and then a lariat as Lee charges. Sutter grabs Lee’s trunks to bring him in for a rear waist lock, but Lee hits a back elbow, charges the ropes, and Sutter catches him on the way back with a power slam! The commentators mention that Team X Gold will be an ongoing competition and that teams will not change during the competition. Lee climbs up with the help of the ropes but Sutter sets on him and hits a chop. Irish whip to the far side of the ring, Sutter chases but eats a big boot. Marche Rockett tags himself in.

Rockett in as Sutter is still reeling from the big boot, and Rockett with a HUGE twisting body slam. Marche pins; one, two– kickout.

Rockett tosses Sutter into the Helms Dynasty corner and gives him a few shoulder smashes before being backed off by the referee. Andrew Everett takes this opportunity to start biting at the head of Braxton Sutter! Everett lets up and Sutter stumbles towards another corner and Rockett is right on him with a European uppercut sending Sutter into the turnbuckles. Rockett takes a moment to play to the crowd, charges Sutter, but Sutter gets an elbow up! Sutter uses the ropes to help him stagger closer towards his team’s corner, Rockett charges again, but Sutter gets a knee up this time! Sutter staggers and makes the tag to DJZ!

DJZ in, and he hammers Rockett with a lariat, but Marche stays on his feet. DJZ hits the ropes and tries again, same result. DJZ hits the ropes again, but Rockett tries for a lariat this time, DJZ ducks, hits the ropes, jumping clothesline sends Rockett down! Rockett back up to his feet quick, DJZ connects with a jaw breaker. Rockett staggers towards the corner, DJZ leapfrogs him, hops up to the second rope, but Trevor Lee distracts him. Rockett charges, but DJZ with a back kick sends Rockett away. Rockett charges the corner again, but DJZ hops backwards over him, Rockett turns around and Z catches him with another back kick. DJZ hits the far side ropes and on the way back, uses Marche Rockett as a springboard to fly over the top and collide with Trevor Lee! DJZ knocks Andrew Everett away as Marche Rockett heads to the far side ropes, bounces off and heads towards DJZ, but DJZ up on the apron and stops him with a shoulder to the gut! Rockett reels, DJZ with a sunset flip to get back into the ring, rolls to his feet, DJZ charges Rockett but Rockett with a huge back spin kick levels DJZ! Andrew Everett tells Rockett to tag him in cuz he’s got it. Rockett picks DJZ up on his shoulder and slams him down in front of the corner as he tags in Everett.

Everett pops up on the top rope, moonsault! No, DJZ got his feet up and they connected with Andrew Everett’s head! Everett is sent tumbling to DJZ’s corner, and DJZ himself is up and flying across the ring to tag in Sutter!

Sutter charges in and heads towards Helms Dynasty’s corner and takes Marche Rockett off the apron with a big boot! Sutter charges back to Andrew Everett, picks him up and tags in Mandrews before powerbombing Everett!

Mandrews up on the top turnbuckle, shooting star press connects! Mandrews hooks the leg; one, two, three!

Winner: Team DJZ by pinfall (Mandrews’ Shooting Star Press)

Still to come, the TNA World Tag Team Championships are on the line as Decay challenges House Hardy in a Wolf Creek Cage Match. They’ll explain what that means later. Also, the new Eli Drake has a new Fact of Life for us, and Eli Drake is Bound for Gold. He’ll have a guest we won’t want to miss, next.

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Promo for Bound for Glory, still available on pay-per-view, I knew you’d come.

Tonight, Lashley will defend his Championship, but against who? We’ll see one of his potential opponents revealed right now.

Jeremy Borash is on the entrance ramp with Moose! Borash asks if Moose is ready, and Moose says he’s been ready since the day he got here. He bets that everyone in the Impact Zone wants to see Moose vs Lashley, and that Moose is the only man on the roster that Lashley fears.

Eli Drake wants to talk to ya. E-Li-Drake is Bound for Gold, and guess what? “What?” Eli admonishes the audience for talking back. Eli has a guest tonight that had a rocket shoved so far up his keister, he’s shocked the man isn’t spitting out rocket fuel, but he lost his opportunity. Eli Drake welcomes the choke artist, Ethan Carter III. Carter comes out looking puzzled at how chairs work before sitting down. Drake tells the back to cut off his music cuz nobody wants to hear that crap. Drake says that when he walked down the ramp, he heard a roar he’s never heard; the undeniable kavorka of Eli Drake. Something EC3 has been trying to get for so long. EC3 wants that. EC3 wants to be like Eli Drake so much, but he can’t. Drake has been looking at Carter, and he’s got the shot to be Heavyweight Champion, but he didn’t quite make it, did he?

“Well, Eli–“ DUMMY, YEAH!

Carter stews, and tries to answer again with the same result. Drake says he blew it. DUMMY, YEAH! Carter choked. DUMMY, YEAH! Drake thinks Carter lost it. But EC3 stops Drake from hitting the big red button again and the crowd chants “EC3!” EC3 says that at Bound for Glory, he lost. He’s trained for the last year with passion, desire, to be Heavyweight Champion. But that passion has died. It’s been replaced by anger, angst, vengeance. He now has the ability to scorch this Earth to get what he wants, and that’s the World Heavyweight Championship. Eli Drake’s gonna sit here on his dumbass show, with his dirt beard, his bug eyes, talking smack? Eli Drake is Bound for Gold! He shouldn’t be worried about pushing that red button; he should be worried about the most important thing in this industry, and that’s becoming World Heavyweight Champion. And if Drake pushes that button again, Carter is going to eviscerate him, he’s going to tear Drake limb-from-limb and beat him to death with them, set his corpse on fire, and piss on the ashes. Actually, no, Carter changed his mind. Push the button. Carter gets on his knees – like Eli Drake’s mom – and is begging Drake to push the button.

Drake looks stunned. He doesn’t know what to do, but the crowd is chanting “Press that button!” Drake raises his hand, lowers it, but shoves the button away instead to a massive boo. Drake stands up, grabs his mic. He asks if Carter knows what Drake’s problem with him is. When Drake came into TNA, he was part of a group with three idiots, The Rising, with “mushmouth” Drew Galloway and some guy named Micah. Well they aren’t here anymore, but Eli Drake is on the precipice. But was he meant to be? No. Social media says that Eli Drake isn’t in EC3’s league. Drake says that EC3 has done a lot with what he’s been given, but that’s the key; it’s what he’s been given. But Drake has had to scrape and crawl and cheat and take every opportunity, but Carter is still way up here and Eli Drake is still way below him. Drake ain’t blind to that. But if Carter thinks that the amount of scratching and clawing he’s had to do is anything like what Eli Drake has gone through, Carter isn’t even in Eli Drake’s league. And that’s not an insult, that’s just a fact of life. Drake walks off and says this show is over, and Carter looks like the surface of a cauldron about to bubble.

In the back, Maria is with Sienna and Laurel, belittling Allie. Maria says that what Allie did at Bound for Glory when she opened her stupid mouth broke doctor-patient confidentiality and that she could sue Allie for it, but I wonder if Maria knows what any of those things actually mean (in this case, Maria could actually sue her doctors for telling personal health information to someone other than the patient themselves – the more you know.) Or, she could just fire Allie. Laurel says not to, because then who would carry her bags? Sienna says she’ll fix Allie’s mistake and get their Championship back. And if Allie messes this up…

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In the Impact Zone, McKenzie Mitchell stands with the second potential challenger for Lashley’s World Heavyweight Championship; Eddie Edwards. Eddie says that knowing that he was “this close” to being the new World Heavyweight Champion keeps him up at night. Edwards says Lashley probably thinks he’s the easy match, and begs Lashley to pick him. He knows he can beat Lashley.

They air a bit of Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame Induction speech from Bound for Glory.

Sienna challenges Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship, and she’s dragging Allie down to the ring with her, yelling at her the entire way. Madison Rayne will be on commentary during this match. Rayne says that it was amazing seeing Kim inducted. As Gail Kim poses on the apron, Sienna shoves Allie into her, knocking her off the apron and to the floor.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Gail Kim (c) vs. Sienna (w/ Allie)

Sienna leaves the ring and Gail surprises her and lays in with big elbow shots, chasing Sienna around the outside area. Gail charges Sienna and swings around the corner post for a dropkick, but Sienna catches her and slams Gail’s back into the post. Sienna slams Gail into the apron before sending Kim back into the ring. Sienna smashes Gail with a forearm into the corner, Gail tries to fight back but Sienna puts a stop to it and whips Gail across the ring hard, and Kim collides with the corner and bounces out. Sienna kicks Kim, and then another hard Irish whip. Sienna covers; one, two– kickout.

Sienna with a sleeper hold on a downed Kim, but Kim starts struggling up to her feet. Gail breaks out of the sleeper but Sienna takes her down with a lariat. Sienna picks Gail up, standing headscissors, Sienna’s looking for the AK-47 but Gail rolls off her shoulder and blocks a punch to connect with an elbow, and then a kick to Sienna’s side. Sienna charges, looking for that lariat again, but Gail twists Sienna around and hits a big neckbreaker! Gail in the corner waits for Sienna to get back up, Gail charges, hops up on Sienna’s shoulders looking for a frankensteiner but Sienna doesn’t let Gail sweep her up and Sienna whips Gail up into an alley-oop, smashing Gail face-first into the mat from about eight feet in the air! Sienna covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Sienna hits the ropes, looking for the Silencer, but Gail narrowly dodges and grabs Sienna, Gail rolls Sienna up; one, two, three!

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim by pinfall (roll-up)

Sienna levels Gail, and suddenly Laurel van Ness and Maria are down. Laurel smashes Gail’s head against the mat, and Sienna stomps at Gail as Maria gets into the ring with Allie. Gail gets up and grabs Laurel by her hair, but Sienna attacks her, sends Gail to the ropes, Silencer! Gail is down!

Maria grabs a mic and orders Sienna to pick her up. Maria says she gets her rematch, and it’s no disqualification. Maria orders Allie to slap Gail, but Allie hesitates and Maria shoves her away and slaps Kim herself. Maria says that nothing is going to stop her from taking Gail’s Championship and ending Gail’s career as Laurel and Sienna beat Gail down. Referees are down and breaking up the assault.

Up next, the Wolf Creek Cage Match for the World Tag Team Championships.

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Jeremy Borash is backstage with the third potential opponent for Lashley tonight, Ethan Carter III. EC3 grabs the mic from Borash and shoos him. Carter says that at Bound for Glory he was in a fight – a fight that he lost. Is he going to stand here and say he deserves a title shot? No. Does he think Lashley is going to choose him? No. But if the opportunity comes, you’re damn right he’s going to accept it. If Lashley wants to pad his stats, pick Moose or Edwards. But if Lashley wants a fight, Carter is ready.

Lashley defends tonight, and we’ll find out who that opponent will be.

The Wolf Creek Cage Match is Six-Sides of Steel with weapons hanging from the cage, all which are supposed to be the tools of torture belonging to Australia’s most feared serial killer, Mick Taylor. There’s a trashcan and lid, a big wrap of barbed wire, handcuffs, a chainsaw, all sorts of crap. Only one can survive this battle of good versus evil, the Wolf Creek Cage Match.

Reby on the ivory plays Broken Matt and Brother Nero, the World Tag Team Champions to the ring. Decay follows, but Rosemary is not with the Challengers.

TNA World Tag Team Championship – Wolf Creek Cage Match
House Hardy (c) vs. The Decay

The bell rings and Abyss will start with Jeff as Matt yells at Reby to head to the back to protect Maxel when he notices that Rosemary isn’t in the Impact Zone. Oh, nope, it’s tornado rules. Matt and Jeff charge Decay’s corner as Crazzy Steve is trying to escape, but Abyss stands in their way. Matt and Nero assault Abyss and Nero is finally able to break free, just in time to stop Steve’s escape by yanking him off the cage and throwing him into the steel. Abyss reverses an Irish whip by Matt, who reverses the reversal and sends Abyss into the corner, charges in with a lariat. Matt drops down allowing Nero to spring off him to collide into Abyss! The Hardys turn their attention to Crazzy Steve, picking him up and whipping him across the ring, taking him down with a double team back elbow before Nero connects with a flipping senton and Matt drops a fist on Steve’s head. Old-school – one might say “vintage” – Hardys here. Abyss takes the fight to Jeff, pummeling him into the corner as Matt smashes Steve’s head into the turnbuckles and then headbutts Steve about a dozen times.

Abyss pulls a staple gun off the cage and tries to attack Nero with it, but Nero stops him, takes to the ropes, Nero with a sunset flip but can’t pull Abyss into a pinfall. Abyss tries to attack Nero with the stapler still, but Nero fights him off and gains control of the stapler! Abyss gets staples to the head and to the ass, and I think one to the front of her pants, as the crowd booms for Brother Nero! Matt attemps the Twist of Fate on Crazzy Steve, but Steve escapes and blasts Matt in the back of the neck before running him into the steel cage! Steve looked like he was trying to shove Matt through the hole in the cage that they made for the cameras! Nero tries to approach Steve but Steve with a chop to the throat cuts Nero off, and Steve starts biting Nero’s head! Steve throws Nero away to concentrate on Matt again, hammering matt with strikes and headbutts in the corner before trying to choke the Broken one. Abyss approaches Nero with a baton and a trashcan lid in-hand, battering Nero with both in turn.

Steve climbs the cage and takes down a trashcan, but seems to have also taken down a grappling hook! As Abyss chokes Nero with the baton, Steve takes the grappling hook and puts it in Matt’s mouth, yanking on it like a fishing lure! “What a catch!” says Dinero! Steve lets go and laughs about the grappling hook as Abyss starts beating Nero with a kendo stick (Australian serial killers use kendo sticks? Who knew?) as Steve beats Matt with the trashcan. Steve attacks Matt with a punch, then throws the trashcan at Nero as Abyss starts hammering Matt with the kendo stick. Abyss and Matt brawl as Steve attacks Nero with the baton. Matt tries to fight back with the stapler but Abyss cuts him off. The crowd starts to chant “Hardy!” and this sends Decay into a frenzy.

Abyss starts attacking the cage itself with the kendo stick and Steve smashes the trashcan lid over Nero’s back, enraged at the Impact Zone. Matt goes on the attack, battering Abyss into the corner and beating him down! Matt bites at Abyss, grabs the kendo stick, and starts attacking the downed Abyss before choking him with the kendo stick! Nero has turned the tables on Steve and attacks him with the trashcan sending Steve reeling across the ring as Nero throws the trashcan at his back, picking it back up to throw it in his face! Both Hardys with a double team suplex on Crazzy Steve, and Matt follows Steve as he staggers away, kicking him into the corner as Brother Nero beats Abyss with the trashcan down and the crowd changes “Chainsaw!” And Broken Matt obliges!

Matt is on the ropes, leaning against the cage, as he attempts to start up the chainsaw, but Steve cuts him off with the baton to Matt’s knee, sending Matt down to the mat! Steve taunts House Hardy, punches Matt, then charges for a lariat but Matt ducks– Side-Effect! But Abyss picks Matt up and chokeslams him! And Nero kicks Abyss and hits the Twist of Fate on the Monster! Nero starts climbing out of the cage, passing by another chainsaw on his way up, and– Rosemary is in the Impact Zone! She came through the crowd and is scaling six-sides of steel! Rosemary sprays blood into Nero’s face, and Nero drops to the mat! Rosemary is climbing down, but as Reby yanks her off the cage, I’ll bet she’s wishing she had stayed up on the cage! Reby picks Rosemary up and throws her into the cage! Reby has a staff with a rabbit head on it (was this in the cage? Where did this damn thing come from?) and runs around the cage to smash the cage door into Abyss’ head!

Brother Nero and Broken Matt with a double back suplex on Steve, but Abyss knocks Matt down with a lariat and hammers Jeff down. Reby circles the cage– and… the feed just kinda stops. What the hay?

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: House Hardy via escaping the Wolf Creek Cage

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“Wrestling has more than one royal family.” And we welcome Cody and Brandi Rhodes to the Impact Zone! Cody and Brandi are in the six-sided ring, and Cody has a mic in his hand. “Game changer.” That’s the sentiment around his arrival at Impact Wrestling. But Cody doesn’t know how accurate that is. Maybe the game itself is changing. He talks about Gail Kim as Champion and Hall of Famer. The Great War. His own circumstances, where he didn’t want to be kicked out of his old house, he left on his own. And his guiding light, his list (I’m guessing he’s referring to the list he made and posted on Instagram some months back of the things he wants to do on the independent circuit.) At Bound for Glory, he stood toe-to-toe with “The Mircale” Mike Bennett. Brandi whispers something into his ear as Cody puts his list away. Cody’s lovely wife Brandi Rhodes has just reminded him that Mike Bennett was on the list. But maybe Cody should’ve instead put “TNA World Heavyweight Championship” on the list. TNA has given him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. That’s the Queen’s Jewels, the Master Sword, the Oscar. Any wrestler that says they don’t want to be World Heavyweight Champion is a liar. It’s an honor, an opportunity of a lifetime.

Mike Bennett and Maria interrupt. They head down to the ring, and Bennett has a mic. Bennett says it’s enough. Bennett yells at the crowd for cheering for Cody, but Cody eggs them on. Bennett says “yippie!” to Cody and Brandi. Is Cody mad that Bennett is interrupting? He’s just returning the favor from “last night”. When Bennett came here, he wasn’t handed anything. He told everyone that he deserved a title shot, but was told that he had to EARN a title shot, that he didn’t deserve it, not until you fight for it. Cody says they should fight. Bennett said fight, let’s fight. Cody tosses off his jacket. Bennett says Cody misinterpreted him. Before Cody interrupted– Cody with a right knocks Bennett down and shuts him up! Bennett with a double leg takedown and lays in some punches but Cody rolls over and gets some punches of his own. Bennett throws Cody off, Cody up, Superkick from Bennett! Bennett charges Cody as he stands, but Cody ducks the clothesline attempt and sets Bennett up for the Crossroads, but Bennett drops down and escapes the ring! Cody and Brandi invite Bennett back in, but Bennett backs away.

Up next, Aron Rex will defend the Impact Grand Championship against Baron Dax.

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Back in the Impact Zone, we see Cody say that he wants his first match in TNA to be against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, next week.

In the back, Maria is approaching Corgan’s office where the Badger cosplayer is standing in front of the door. Badger stops Maria, saying “Watch it, toots. Where you goin’?” And Maria doesn’t appreciate being called “Toots.” She’s Maria Kanellis-Bennett, and she is the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, and she needs to talk to Corgan. “Actually, toots,” Badger has been put there to take care of things. ACTUALLY, Maria is the leader of the Knockouts Division and Badger can’t get in her way. ACTUALLY, the Boss has a message for Maria. He saw what she did and didn’t like it. The Boss thinks that, as the leader of the Knockouts, she should be better than that, that she should stand for something. Maria’s going to get her match against Gail, though. If she wins, she’s Knockouts Champion. If she loses, she’s no longer leader of the Knockouts. Maria says there’s no way she’s going to lose. Good luck, toots.

As Baron Dax comes to the ring for his match, we’re told that the Knockouts Championship vs Power No Disqualification match will take place next week. We’re also shown the judges for the Impact Grand Championship match.

TNA Impact Grand Championship Match
Aron Rex (c) vs. Baron Dax

Round One
Rex and Dax circle. Tie-up center of the ring, Rex with a hammer lock, Dax with a snapmare gets out and Rex up and off the ropes, shoulder block takes Dax down and covers, but Dax kicks out before the ref can even get into position.

Rex helps Dax up, side headlock takedown puts Baron Dax down on the mat and Rex maintains the headlock. Dax struggles up, tries to fight out, but eventually grabs Aron Rex’s hair to force Aron to break the hold, and hammers Rex in the gut. Dax with a neckbreaker, yells at Rex that it’s gonna be a long night for him before picking Rex up and dropping him with another neck breaker. Dax picks Rex up again, and again drops him with a neck breaker. Dax covers; one, two– kickout.

Dax picks Rex up by his neck and throws him face-first into the corner. Dax measures Rex up and hits a charging kick to the gut. Dax whips Rex across the ring, charges in, but Rex rolls out of the way and Dax just barely stops himself from colliding hard with the turnbuckles. Rex is down and starts fighting back against Dax as Dax approaches, but Dax cuts him off with a punch to the throat and then a blatant choke before throwing Aron Rex down. Dax covers again; one, two– kickout.

Dax with a headlock, Rex struggles up, Rex punches his way loose and then throws Dax by his arm, Dax charges but Rex tosses him out of the ring. Dax lands on his feet, pops up on the apron, and as Rex approaches, Dax hot shots him on the top rope! Less than :45 left to go in the first round and Dax is back in, running elbow smash to the back of Rex’s head! Dax grabs Rex and chokes him on the middle rope. Dax covers; one, two– kickout.

Dax mounts Rex and starts beating him in the head as time runs out.

End of Round One.

Dax has to be physically removed from Aron Rex as we see replays of Round One. Baron Dax is in his corner, waiting, as Aron Rex struggles to his feet.

Round 1 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Aron Rex 9 9 9 27
Baron Dax 10 10 10 30

Round Two

Bell rings and Baron Dax is right back on the attack, charging Rex’s corner and kicking Rex as Rex tries to cut him off. Dax with heavy clubbing forearms knocks Rex down, picks Rex up and smashes him with a knee, and then an elbow to the back of the neck. Dax picks Rex up for another neckbreaker, but Rex shoves him into the ropes, legsweep as Dax hits the ropes, and Rex with a leg grapevine Boston crab that Dinero calls the Royal Arch. And Dax taps!

Winner and STILL TNA Impact Grand Champion: Aron Rex via Submission (Royal Arch)

Both men are in the center of the ring as the announcement of the winner is made. Aron Rex needed a long moment to get back up to his feet for the announcement and Baron Dax is upset. Jeremy Borash wants a comment on his first title defense. Rex says he wasn’t expecting that, but it proves that the Impact Grand Championship is changing the game, that “we” are changing the game. The Impact Grand Championship represents opportunity, opportunity that he seized and opportunity to show that he is the best.

Up next, Lashley will determine his opponent and then defend his World Heavyweight Championship against them.

— Commercial break —

We get confirmation that Cody will face Mike Bennett next week.

Lashley is walking down to the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and wants to know who Lashley will face tonight. All three competitors are invited out. Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Ethan Carter III all come out and stand on the ramp. Lashley wants a moment to pick. We have EC3, but Lashley just whupped him. We have Moose, but Lashley thinks he’s big, slow, dumb, and that would be easy. And we have Eddie. Lashley’s beaten Eddie plenty of times. So it’s gonna be “Eeny, meeny, lemon squeezy, pick the match that’s gonna be easy.” He invites Eddie Edwards to come get his shot at the title.

— Commercial break —

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Bell rings and Lashley charges Edwards for the Spear, but Edwards sidesteps and rolls Lashley up in a schoolboy; one, two– kickout!

Lashley misses a clothesline and Edwards strikes with chops to the chest of Lashley until Lashley shoves Edwards off into the ropes. Edwards off and Lashley picks Edwards up for a slam but Edwards slides off the shoulder and goes for a knee as Lashley turns around but Lashley catches the knee, spins into Eddie and hits a big nasty back elbow that either sent Edwards’ gum flying or one of his teeth! Lashley grabs Edwards from behind and hits a high angle release German suplex, and holy crap if Edwards would’ve landed wrong on that one, that would’ve been the end of the American Wolf! Lashley celebrates himself as Edwards tries to get to his feet but Lashley grabs him and puts him against the second rope before smashing his arm across Edwards’ face repeatedly! Lashley breaks in the ropes before using his leg to choke Edwards against the rope! Lashley sets Edwards against the corner and starts hammering back elbows against Eddie’s head, driving him down into the corner with each collision, and stomping and choking Eddie with his boot when he can’t elbow him anymore. Eddie back up in the corner and a shouter tackle leads to an Irish whip across the ring and another shoulder tackle from Lashley. Lashley pulls Edwards into the middie of the ring and a long delayed vertical suplex keeps Eddie Edwards up in the air for a long damn time before dropping him. Lashley covers; one, two– kickout!

Lashley is laughing and smiling as he kicks at Eddie’s head. Eddie in the corner getting punches to the head, and Lashley Irish whips Edwards across the ring. Lashley charges, but Eddie gets a back elbow up. Lashley charges again and this time Edwards gets a boot up into Lashley’s face. Edwards hops up on the second rope, eggs Lashley on and leaps off for a hurricanrana but Lashley catches him! Lashley with a nasty release powerbomb! Lashley lazily, eventually gets around to covering Edwards; one, two, t– kickout.

Lashley with a rear choke on Edwards, Edwards back up to his feet and breaks out with a jaw breaker, Eddie takes to the ropes, and Lashley just smashes into him with a back elbow that sends Edwards sprawling! Lashley mocks Edwards, then starts slapping him in the back of the head. Edwards gets up and tells Lashley to come on, is that all he’s got, before getting up and slapping Lashley hard enough to send the World Heavyweight Champion reeling! Lashley grabs Edwards around his neck and throws him across the ring into the corner! Lashley charges but Edwards side-steps and Lashley collides with the turnbuckles. Edwards charges but Lashley stops him with a back elbow. Lashley pops up on the middle rope but Edwards is quick to hop up and connect with a kick to the side of Lashley’s head that sits Lashley out on the top turnbuckle. Eddie climbs the corner, stands on the top rope, release frankensteiner off the top! Edwards is down, he can’t capitalize! He’s getting up to his feet but Lashley is up first. Edwards charges and takes Lashley down with a back elbow! And a second one! Edwards whips Lashley to the ropes but Lashley reverses and wants a back body drop, Eddie off the ropes and kicks Lashley in the head, and then a superkick to Lashley’s knee! Eddie in the corner, looking for the Boston Knee Party or the Shining Wizard, but Lashley levels him with a lariat! Lashley with a running power slam and Lashley heads to the corner, waiting for Edwards to get up, Lashley charges Eddie, but Eddie ducks and takes the top rope down with him sending Lashley flying out of the ring! Eddie takes to the far side ropes, suicide dive connects with Lashley, smashing Lashley into the guard rail! Eddie back in the ring, howls, takes to the ropes again, and another suicide dive connects! He didn’t get all of that one, his foot got caught on the middle ropes, but Edwards heads into the ring and takes a moment before hitting the ropes again! Edwards with another suicide dive, but Lashley moves and Eddie collides with the guard rail! Lashley picks Edwards up and struggles to roll him into the ring, and the referee is checking on him. Lashley is waiting in the far corner, getting ready for the Spear, and Edwards slowly, slowly is getting up to his feet in the corner. Lashley charges, Eddie Edwards connects with the Boston Knee Party! Edwards covers; one, two, three!!!

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards by pinfall (Boston Knee Party)

The crowd explodes for Eddie Edwards as Lashley tumbles out of the ring. The referee raises Edwards’ hand as Impact goes off the air.

1) Team X Gold: Team DJZ (DJZ, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews) def. Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett) and Marche Rockett
2) Gail Kim def. Sienna to retain the Knockouts Championship
3) House Hardy def. Decay to retain the World Tag Team Championships
4) Aron Rex def. Baron Dax to retain the Impact Grand Championship
5) Eddie Edwards def. Lashley to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Next Week
– Gail Kim puts her Knockouts Championship on the line against Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s leadership of the Knockouts Division in a No-Disqualification Match
– Cody vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett