TNA IMPACT 11 10 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
November 10, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Results by Gerald Bocook of

We open with a recap of last week’s main event, the Superfight, Edwards/Lashley II (but really III) and Lashley costing himself the World Heavyweight Championship by being a hot-head. Tonight, Eddie Edwards will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Bound for Gold – Eli Drake has his shot at the top of the heap. Also, four qualifying matches will take place, the winners to face each other for a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion as well. Lashley, Moose, EC3, Abyss, and more will be involved.

Eddie Edwards hits the Impact Zone, the World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. They keep calling him “World Champion”, and that keeps annoying me. Big “Eddie! Eddie!” chant in the Zone. Edwards says he’s had a lot of great support through his career, but a lot of negativity, nay-sayers, dobuters. He learned years ago to take that negativity and use it as motivation, and with that motivation and a never-say-die attitude, he was able to defeat the most dominant Champion in the history of this company. Lashley says he got screwed last week, but Edwards says keep fighting; he isn’t hiding from anybody, and he won’t back down from a–

E-Li-DRAKE! Drake makes his way to the ring, and there’s a bit of an “Eli!” chant. Drake tells the dummies to shaddup. Eli gave Eddie seven days to lick his wounds. Edwards said he felt like got hit by a truck, but tonight he’s gonna feel like he’s tied to the rails as the train comes for him. Drake’s gonna bet that Lashley is thanking his lucky stars that he doesn’t have to look into the eyes of Eli Drake. Drake says that Eddie’s out here doin’ it for the fans, doin’ it for his family, but Eli is gonna do something for himself; he’s Bound for Gold and is gonna lighten the load off Eddie Edwards’ shoulders cuz he’s gonna coming out World Heavyweight Champion. And that’s not an insult; that’s just a fact of life.

EC3 hits the Impact Zone and beelines it for the ring. Drake backs off and Edwards stands behind Carter. Carter says that he commends Drake for finally nutting up and cashing in Bound for Gold. The fact is, after tonight, there’ll be a new number one contender. He says some fake military jargon about him being cool (He says “Consider ‘zero-dark-EC-thirty’ activated,” but it’s actually “oh-dark-thirty”, which just means “dark before the sun is up,” and therefore makes no dang sense,) cuz he’ll choke the life out of anybody in the back, in this company, on this entire planet, to get what he wants back. Looking Eli dead in the eyes, he’s not ready to be Champion. The fact is, EC3 is betting on Edwards tonight. “Eddie!” chant. Drake says that’s his problem; he’s dumb enough to bet against Eli Drake. Carter says he’s not just betting; he’s betting the whole house against Eli because Eli ain’t ready.

Now comes “The Miracle” and Maria. Well isn’t this just a pretty sight; the World Champion and two wanna-be World Champions. Did Bennett hear right? Carter bet the house on Edwards? Wasn’t the last time that Carter bet the house on something when he lost the streak to Bennett? Bennett says that Carter wants to hop on the road to the Champion, but there’s a detour, and the detour is takin’ him down Highway Miracle, so Carter needs to get in the back of the line. It doesn’t matter which of these dummies wins tonight, because in the end, Miracle is going to win and save this company once and for all.

Drake says there are dummies everywhere. Yeah, yeah, yeah, He says he’s taking Edwards’ title tonight, tells Miracle not to run his mouth anymore, and to EC3 he says, “the number one Dummy is right here. If you got a problem with me taking [the Championship] away, then we got a problem.” And suddenly, Miracle strikes, clocking Carter with an elbow to the head! Bennett goes after Carter in the corner, stomping away and Drake attacks Edwards when Eddie tries to break up the scuffle. Both Carter and Edwards are getting stomped and punched, but Moose makes his way down! Moose hits the ring and everyone but Edwards bails! Miracle and Drake are heading him the ramp arguing.

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Qualifying Match – Winner advances to #1 Contender’s Match
Moose vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett

Bell rings and Moose tackles Bennett into the corner and starts shoulder butting him. Big knife’s edge chops send Miracle reeling. Moose walks around Moose-chooing and Bennett makes him pay with a sharp elbow smash right to the side of the head, and another. “Eat that, Moose!” Bennett yells as he heads to the ropes, and Moose with a big jumping dropkick sends Miracle sprawling! Moose picks Bennett up, Bennett spins out, Moose goes for the Game Breaker, but Maria pulls Miracle out of the ring. The ref ejects Maria, but she’s screaming “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I AM RIGHT HERE!” Bennett yells at the ref, but the ref gets in his face and Bennett backs off shouting “Oh, Jesus!” As Maria finally leaves the Impact Zone, Bennett slides in the ring and tries to punch Moose, but it’s blocked and Moose headbutts him. Bennett reels to the corner, Moose charges, but Miracle gets a boot up. Bennett follows up with a chop block, then a basement dropkick to the knee. Bennett grabs Moose’s leg and starts stomping at the back of the knee, over and over again. Bennett drags Moose to the ropes, springs off the rope and snaps his weight on the knee. Miracle slides out, drags Moose to the apron, and snaps his leg off the apron. Moose tries to get back up, but Bennett is on him, backs him to the corner, and continues to batter the knee. Moose fights out with chops, takes to the ropes, but Bennett with another basement dropkick to the knee crashes the Moose-choo train. Bennett covers; one– kickout.

Miracle with an elbow drop to the knee and he grapevines the leg, wrenching away at the knee. Moose manages to get a rope break. Bennett up and leaps, stomping on the knee. Miracle picks Moose up, front facelock, goes for a suplex but Moose resists three times, so Bennett backs off and superkicks the knee! Bennett slaps at Moose repeatedly, but Moose stands up and Bennett rakes his eyes! Bennett takes to the ropes but Moose knocks him down with a headbutt! Bennett up, knocked down with another headbutt! Bennett reels into the corner, Moose charges– but stopped by the bum knee! Bennett takes to the ropes– POP-UP POWERBOMB! Moose follows-up with a running senton! Moose gets to his feet, picks Bennett up, spins Bennett out for the Game Breaker, but Bennett ducks, off the ropes, Moose pops Bennett up for the powerbomb again but Bennett is clear and lands on his feet– Bennett superkicks the knee again, and a second superkick to the downed Moose! Bennett pulls Moose into a standing headscissors– piledriver! Bennett covers; one, two, t– kickout!

Bennett is stalking Moose, goes for a cutter outta nowhere but Moose shoves him off and Bennett turns around right into the Moose-choo punches! Moose goes to finish with the Game Breaker but Bennett goes for the cutter again and Moose stops him by picking him straight up! Moose spins Bennett out for the Game Breaker again but Bennett cuts him off with a superkick! Bennett gets separation and Moose charges right into another superkick! Bennett hits the ropes and charges but Moose with a jumping big boot stops him dead! Moose approaches and Bennett hits the cutter! Bennett covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Moose rolls out of the ring and Bennett charges, dropkicking the knee and sending Moose crashing into the apron. Bennett charges and leaps at Moose but Moose catches him and tosses him up on his shoulder before throwing the Miracle into the steel ring stairs! Moose charges, but Bennett moves and Moose crashes into the stairs! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner, and advancing to the #1 Contender’s match: Mike Bennett by count-out

Bennett looks like the cat that got away.

We see a recap of the massive brawl between the Hardys and DCC, leading up to Broken Matt’s fall off the top of the forklift.

In the back, Al Snow is back! He’s back from injury, and his boys – The Tribunal – have a huge surprise. It’s gonna be big!

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Cameron, NC. Brother Nero is on his motocross bike heading down the road. Isn’t that illegal? He arrives at House Hardy and Reby tells him that Matt isn’t the same since the fall. She doesn’t know if it’s amnesia or whatever, but Nero needs to see for himself. We see Señor Benjamin chillin’, laid back, with his mind on his money and his money on his mind. Matt Hardy is hammering a nail, asking “Mister Benjamin” what to do. Outside, Reby tells Nero that Matt wants to build another dining room. Jeff wants to know what Matt is doing. Does Matt even know who he is? Matt says his memory escapes him. Nero tells Matt to think about a violin and turns around. “Brother Nero,” Nero says, “I knew you’d come.” Matt looks concerned about the crazy person with all the tattoos in front of him. “What in the hell are you doing? Are you okay?” Nero tells Jeff that they’re the World Tag Team Champions. Doesn’t Matt remember? “Is that like wrestling on TV where they fight one another? … That sounds very violent, and I am not a violent person.” “You’ve been doing it for… twenty-five years!” “I don’t think so… I’m an engineer… I’m truly a blue-collar man. As you can see, I’ve done all this construction, yes.” Reby suggests they take Matt inside the house as Señor Benjamin fakes hammering a nail under the watchful eye of Nero.

Back in the Impact Zone, it’s The Tribunal! They’re here tonight to make a statement. One that the world will take notice of. “Brutal” Basile Baraka and “The Judge” Baron Dax wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for one man; Coach Al Snow.

Snow comes out in celebration, and hits the ring. He says it is so good to be back, and thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Merci beaucoup to The Tribunal for what they did to the Hardys. But Baraka says that what they did to the Hardys was for The Tribunal, not for Snow. Nothing they did was for Snow, because they never needed him. Snow says “Hold on.” They didn’t need him? They wouldn’t even be here if not for Snow! Dax says they’re hangers on, but Snow says they’re hanging on to his coat tails! Basile attacks Snow and the two beat him down before Baraka splits the uprights. Mahabali Shera makes his way to the ring and faces down both members of The Tribunal before Dax goes for a punch and it’s blocked! Shera fights off both men, but the numbers game eventually catch up to him and they split the uprights again! Both Snow and Shera are down and The Tribunal stand tall.

Up next, EC3 takes on the Monster, Abyss, in a #1 Contender qualifier.

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In the back, Jessie Godderz is waiting for Aron Rex to arrive. Jessie asks if you’ve seen what he’s been doing. Jessie says out here, he’s in charge of what happens. And he’s gonna kick Rex’s ass.

In the Impact Zone, Abyss makes his way to the ring without Crazzy Steve. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, EC3.

Qualifying Match – Winner advances to #1 Contender’s Match
Abyss vs Ethan Carter III

Carter and Abyss stand off and Abyss looks apprehensive. They collide in the center of the ring and Abyss cuts Carter off with a knee and then clubbing blows, sending Carter reeling to the corner where Abyss follows and continues the assault with a choke and punches. Carter gets up and starts punching away, Irish whip, reversed, and Carter with a clothesline to no effect. Jaw breaker from Carter, Carter charges the Monster but Abyss dodges and sets up for the Chokeslam, but Carter breaks it and goes for a sleeper. Abyss smashes Carter into the corner and then hits a running splash, sending Carter crashing to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Abyss mocks Carter’s arm waving as the crowd chants for “EC3!” Abyss exits the ring and starts pummeling Carter with punches and overhand chops. Abyss misses a chop and Carter starts hitting knife’s edge chops, sending Abyss reeling to the floor. Carter rolls into the ring to break the count, slides out of the ring and charges Abyss, and Abyss catches him by the throat — chokeslam onto the apron! Carter rolls back in and Abyss takes a second on the outside before getting back in. Abyss stalks, grabbing Carter by the hair and punching away at Carter. Carter in the corner, Abyss chokes him and then chases the referee away for making a DQ count. Carter kicks at Abyss as he comes close, laying in punches and he Irish whips Abyss into the corner, Abyss reverses and charges, splashing Carter in the corner. Carter reels, using the ropes to get back up. Abyss with a snapmare into a neck twist, but Carter gets back to his feet, hits the ropes, and Abyss knocks him down with a back elbow before taunting Carter and then reapplying the neck twist. Carter fights back up again, elbows his way out and hits the ropes again, but Abyss catches him by the throat for the chokeslam but Carter elbows his way out. Abyss with a lariat, ducked, Carter hits the ropes, leaping clothesline takes down the Monster!! Carter charges the rising Abyss with a lariat, taking him down again! Abyss in the corner recovering, and Carter with the EC3 Splash! Abyss staggers out of the corner and Carter heads to the middle rope, Abyss turns around and Carter launches himself with a dropkick, taking Abyss down! Carter gets to his feet, calls for the One-Percenter, but Abyss throws him off and catches him with another chokeslam! Abyss falls into the cover; one, two, thr– kickout!

Abyss isn’t happy, but he looks like he has an idea. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, sliding it into the ring. The referee tells him he can’t use it, but Abyss chases him away. Abyss swings wildly, misses, Carter locks in a sleeper! Carter pulls Abyss down, locks in the leg grapevines, and Abyss struggles! Abyss slams the mat to tap out!

Winner, and advancing to the #1 Contender’s match: EC3 by submission (sleeper hold w/ grapevines)

Carter storms off after his victory, shoving a camera man aside.

Up Next, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has a “monumental” announcement to make.

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We get a promo package for tonight’s main event of Eddie Edwards vs Eli Drake.

Back at House Hardy, Reby is hoping that music will trigger memories, and calls for Matt, who enters the room saying he just whipped up some delicious lobster bisque. Nero tells him to save it for later, let’s sing. Reby starts playing the “Obsolete Suite”, with Reby, Nero, and Señor Benjamin singing, each time waiting for Matt to chime in. He finally does, with “Isn’t it ironic?” And I died. That’s the show. Goooooooooodnight, everybody!
Nero thinks it is, and tells Matt to come for a ride. “Brother Hero? Which car is yours?” Nero explains he doesn’t have a car, just the motorcycle he broke his leg on! Isn’t that exciting? “No,” Matt replies.

Back in the Impact Zone, Jeremy Borash stands in the ring. He says that for fifteen or sixteen years, he’s been coming out to this ring every week as Jeremy Borash, but now he gets to be here as a friend. At Bound for Glory, he didn’t get to say it, but now he gets to. Eleven years ago, he met TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim. They’ve traveled the world together. She’s a world-class athlete. And he’s here to conduct this interview, personally. So please welcome Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Kim comes out win a spangly dark grey dress, Knockouts Championship on her shoulder. Gail is here tonight not only as a TNA Hall of Famer, but also a six-time Knockouts Champion. Borash says something is weighing heavily on her tonight. Gail starts by thanking JB for being a great friend over the years, and like family to her and her husband. She reiterates her Hall of Fame speech by saying that the business has made her a better person and she thanks the audience. All she ever hoped for was to be Knockouts Champion, and maybe to inspire others. She wants to call out Jade. Jade heads down to the ring and hugs Gail. Gail says it’s no secret that Jade is very important to the future of the Knockouts Division. She sees herself in Jade. She believes in Jade, and believes that Jade has what it takes to succeed. Jade isn’t just the future of the Knockouts, but the future of women’s wrestling. And that’s why it was important to have Jade here, to have friends here. It’s really hard for her to say this…

But Rosemary interrupts, flanked by Crazzy Steve and Abyss. Gail shakes her head as Decay make their way down the ramp. Rosemary enters the ring, and Gail approaches her– Rosemary with the poison mist in the eyes of Gail Kim! Jade charges but gets a kick to the gut, up on the shoulders– Red Wedding, and Jade is the King in the North! Borash yells at Rosemary and Abyss gets in behind him, grabs Borash by the collar and slams him into the corner before throwing him out of the ring! Gail is still on her feet and Rosemary pulls Kim into a guillotine choke, and Jade is being kept from interfering by Crazzy Steve! Gail tries to escape, Gail taps, but Rosemary doesn’t let up! Rosemary finally releases Gail and throws he aside before assaulting Jade! Abyss tosses a trash can into the ring, sets it up beside Jade as Crazzy Steve holds Jade in place, and Rosemary is mounting a far turnbuckle! Rosemary– VAN TERMINATOR!! Jade is out! Some guy in the crowd yells “That wasn’t nice!” Jade has been decimated, Gail Kim is still unconscious, and yet Jeremy Borash is still breathing! What has Decay done?!? Decay enter the ring and taunt the fallen.

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, Trevor Lee is heading to the ring. They say that a X-Division competitor will make it to the #1 Contender match, before Rockstar Spud heads to the ring. DJZ is out next, and we got us a triple threat!

Qualifying Triple Threat Match – Winner advances to #1 Contender’s Match
X-Division Champion DJZ vs Trevor Lee vs Rockstar Spud

Bell rings and Spud bails. DJZ taunts him and leaves the ring to chase him, but Lee sees an opportunity and kicks DJZ’s head off as he rounds the ring! Rockstar Spud attacks DJZ before Lee grabs him and throws Spud to the guard rail. Lee rolls DJZ in the ring and goes to roll in but Spud stops him and tries to squirrel in, Lee yanks Spud out and they start arguing, giving DJZ enough time to get up, hit the far side ropes, and come off the ropes with his step-up senton! He takes out both me, but also slammed his foot against the guard rail, and he looks like he’s in a bad way! The commentators mention that he’s already competing with a broken wrist. DJZ rolls Lee back in the ring, springs over the ropes and does this ridiculous arm drag. He sends Lee flying, Lee in the corner and DJZ hits the ropes to follow up but Spud yanks his feet out from under him. Spud walks up the stairs, marches up to the top rope, but DJZ is up and throws him off, sending him across the ring with a thud! DJZ charges, springing off Spud and splashing Lee, but Lee catches him and body slams him across Rockstar Spud’s back! Lee grabs Spud in a gutwrench, parades Spud around, and then throws him overhead! Lee pulls DJZ up, European uppercut, and then a biel sends DJZ flying and landing hard on his shoulder! Spud tosses Lee out and covers DJZ; one, two– flat two.

Spud grabs DJZ and punches– blocked, and DJZ starts laying in with his own punches! Irish whip, reversed, DJZ off the ropes and ducks under a lariat attempt, off the far side ropes, but Spud with a shoulder dive into DJZ’s knee! Spud rolls DJZ over and covers; one, two– kickout.

Spud mounts DJZ and starts punching. Spud gets up and stomps DJZ’s head. He gets on the second rope, parades to the middle, and leaps off, connecting with a guillotine leg drop! Spud covers, but Lee breaks it up, grabbing Spud and picking him up, and sending him flying with a release German suplex!! Spud rolls out, Lee picks DJZ up, front facelock, vertical suplex, DJZ slips off Lee’s shoulders, rolls Lee up, Lee rolls through, DJZ kicks Lee up into the air and keeps his legs up, and Lee slams face-first into DJZ’s boots! Lee is staggering, Spud is back in, DJZ splashes Spud in the corner, charges and splashes Lee. DJZ wrist clutches Lee, Spud charges and DJZ leapfrogs him, DJZ to the far side corner, runs up the ropes and springs off the top with a dropkick to Spud while giving Lee a huge arm drag that sends him flying! DJZ springboards over Lee, but falls on the landing. He barely recovers in time to catch Lee with the back elbow! DJZ in the corner, stalking for the ZDT, Lee turns around, DJZ rolls through, but Lee tosses DJZ off and grabs the referee as Rockstar Spud splits the uprights! Rockstar Spud with a reverse victory roll; one, two– Trevor Lee breaks it up with a huge jumping knee to Spud’s face!

Lee with a HUGE fisherman’s buster on Spud! Lee covers; one, two, three! DJZ wasn’t able to break it up!

Winner, and advancing to the #1 Contender’s Match: Trevor Lee by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Lee celebrates in-ring before storming up the ramp and celebrating. We see some replays.

In the back, Aiden O’Shea is with Robbie E and Grado, telling them that they’re in luck; the boss says they have a match tonight. Not against each other, but with each other. And in a handicapped match, too! Robbie E and Grado are over-the-moon. Do they want to know who they’re fighting? They are mildly interested in who the unlucky bro is. It’s Lashley. They’re not-so over-the-moon now.

— Commercial break —

In the back, Allie is looking at a tablet, watching one of Braxton Sutter’s matches, when Brandi comes up. She congratulates Allie on her match against Laurel van Ness and says that she could use some help against Sienna and Maria. Allie says she would like to help, but she works for Mrs. Maria, so she really shouldn’t. Brandi says Allie needs to stand up for herself, she can walk away from them, come fight with her, but Allie says she’s sorry and walks off.

In the Impact Zone, we have Grado and Robbie E already in the ring as Lashley makes his entrance. Matthews say that one man shouldn’t be able to beat two in a match, but Lashley isn’t just any man.

Qualifying Handicap Match – Winner(s) advance(s) to #1 Contender’s Match
Robbie E and Grado vs Lashley

Robbie E starts off but tags out to Grado as soon as Lashley approaches. Grado comes in, head full of steam, standing switch on Lashley but Lashley doesn’t budge as Grado tries to lift him. Grado releases the hold, comes around looking perplexed, and has an idea; he tags out to Robbie E. Lashley is looking less amused every second. Before long, he’ll be grumpier than Grumpy Cat.

Grado runs onto the apron and Robbie E isn’t in a rush to get into the ring, so their new buddy Lashley helps him by grabbing Robbie E and throwing him into the ring over the top rope. Lashley kicks Robbie, and this leads to a delayed vertical suplex. Grado charges the ring and starts laying punches into Lashley’s side, trying to free Robbie, but Lashley doesn’t seem bothered as he pie faces Grado away while keeping Robbie suspended. Grado charges out of the corner but Lashley with a big boot, while STILL keeping Robbie E up in the vertical suplex! Lashley finally drops Robbie, and then starts stomping Robbie in the corner, choking Robbie with his boot. Lashley slams Robbie into the turnbuckle, whips him across the ring, Lashley charges and Robbie drops out of the way as Lashley smashes into the corner. Robbie tags out!

Grado mounts the turnbuckles, leaps off and connects with a double axe handle! Grado staggers Lashley and tags in Robbie E!

Robbie gets up on the second rope and as Lashley nears, Robbie leaps off with a flying clothesline, and Lashley is down! Robbie grabs Lashley with a double chickenwing and holds him as Grado starts punching Lashley in the head, and his punches seem a bit more effective now. Grado goes for the bionic elbow, but Lashley gets out of Robbie E’s grasp, elbows him back, ducks under Grado’s elbow, hits the ropes, but Grado and Robbie duck the double clothesline and as Lashley comes off the ropes he gets kicked in the gut by both men! Robbie and Grado with front facelocks, double team suplex from Robbie and Grado! Lashley is hanging on the ropes and Robbie charges, but Lashley tosses him out through the ropes. Grado is alone in the ring with Lashley, goes for a right but Lashley blocks it. Grado tries a left, blocked. Lashley goes for a thunderclap clothesline but Grado stops him with a thumb to the eyes! Grado takes to the ropes, Lashley drops down. Grado off the far side, and Lashley leap frogs! Grado off the ropes again, and Lashley destroys him with a giant spinebuster! Grado rolls toward the corner as Lashley stalks for the Spear, but sees Robbie E on the apron and charges, but Robbie catches him with the shoulder, leaps over the top rope and hits the far side ropes– SPEAR!! Lashley covers; one, two, three!

Winner, and advancing to the #1 Contender’s Match: Lashley by pinfall (Spear)

Lashley celebrates, but looks into the camera unamused. We see replays, and see the Spear from about ten different angles, and we come back as Lashley is walking up the ramp.

Last week, Aron Rex defended the Impact Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz, and shenanigans were afoot. Aron Rex seems to have had something on his ring towel that he used to blind Godderz, not to mention his knockout punch. We see Rex shining up the Impact Grand Championship. Rex acts all creepy with the title, saying that the only thing it’s missing is his reflection, and that they’re one now. He apologizes to his driver for arriving early at the Impact Zone because he knows Godderz wants to talk to him. Maybe it’s to congratulate Rex for beating him? Twice now? Wait, there he is. And he looks upset. Did he have too much creatine? Let’s see what he has to say. Rex leaves the car.

— Commercial break —

Aron Rex greets Jessie Godderz, and Rex is wearing the most ridiculous puffiest shirt I’ve ever seen outside of a bad pirate-themed costume party. Wow. Jessie tells Rex to shut up. Jessie doesn’t care about Rex’s car, his shenanigans, the title. Rex tries to insult Godderz and pass him by and Godderz attacks Rex! Jessie takes his shirt off for some reason and says that this is just about him kicking Rex’s ass. Jessie knees Rex against a forklift, uppercuts him and starts punching him. Aron runs into a trailer and Jessie chases him, yelling “where’s your cheap shot now?!” before slamming him into walls. They fight out of the trailer, and Rex rakes the eyes of Godderz before running for his car and the driver rushes off.

Back at Cameron, Nero gets Matt on his motocross bike, and they head down the road, the sweater-wearing Matt holding Nero closely. Nero takes Matt to the Lake of Reincarnation and wants Matt to talk to Skarsgård, Matt’s dilapidated boat. Matt loves that boat! But Matt can’t talk to a boat! It’s a boat! What is he? Magic? Nero says that he used to be. Matt brought Nero here once, and healed him. Nero just wants to heal Matt. Matt says that what’s going on is just so hard to “describe”, and his personal scribe appears from nowhere, waiting for a proclamation that never comes. Nero tries to convince Matt to get in the water, but Matt has to remove his loafers first. The water is freezing! Nero shoves Matt into the water, but Matt refuses to go deeper. Nero says, fine. He’ll go to Orlando, to the Impact Zone, and fight the DCC himself. Matt says that fighting and violence aren’t the answer. Nero has anger issues. Has he thought about getting counseling? Nero just walks away.

In the Impact Zone, Eli Drake is making his way to the ring. He looks to make good on winning Bound for Gold by becoming Champion tonight. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the Impact Zone, the crowd clearly behind him. Jeremy Borash makes the introductions.

— Commercial break —

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Eli Drake vs Eddie Edwards (C)

Bell rings and both men circle the ring. Tie-up center of the ring and Eli with a hammerlock, Edwards reverses, Eli tries to fight out and eventually does, before paintbrushing Edwards. Another tie-up, Eli with a hammerlock again but Edwards spins out, drop toe hold, front facelock. Edwards stands up and takes Drake with him, wrist lock, but Eli breaks it with a knee. Eli goes for a body slam but Edwards slides off the back, Edwards with a rear waist lock, Eli charges the ropes and shakes Edwards off. Eli grabs Edwards, goes for a neckbreaker, Edwards shoves him off and Eli comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and knocks Edwards down. Eli takes to the ropes, Edwards with an arm drag. Another arm drag. Side headlock takedown by Edwards and Eddie has Eli grounded. Eli starts to get to his feet, shoves Edwards off, back elbow drops Edwards as Eli Drake starts stomping at Eddie. Clubbing blows from Drake, and Drake pulls Edwards up to his feet. Irish whip, Edwards ducks a lariat, Eddie with knife’s edge chops backs Eli into the ropes, Irish whip, reversed, and Eddie holds onto the ropes. Eli charges, Eddie sidesteps and sends Eli out of the ring! Eddie takes to the far side ropes, baseball slide but Eli avoids. Eddie on the floor, ducks a lariat, hurricanrana crashes Drake to the floor! Eddie charges Eli, Eli pops Eddie up, gets Eddie on his shoulder and throws Eddie backwards, back-first into the apron! Eli grabs Eddie and rolls him into the ring, following him in and dropping an elbow onto Edwards’ head. Drake covers; one, two– kickout.

Drake stomps at Eddie, then clubs him in the chest a couple times. Eli stomps Eddie’s back, then continues to club the chest and side of the head of Eddie Edwards Eli in the corner fires punches, and Eddie tries to fight out, but a kick to the gut stops it. Eli with an Irish whip, Edwards off the ropes and Eli with the Skylord Slam! E-Li-Drake! Big jumping elbow, Drake covers; one, two– kickout!

Drake heads to the apron, getting up on the top, and Edwards charges in with a flying kick to the side of the head! Eddie joins Eli on the top, front facelock, top rope superplex!! Both men are down, and the ref starts a count out. Both men start to get to their feet, trading strikes, both men on their feet now, and Eli starts swinging but Eddie’s chops are faster. Irish whip, Eli reverses, ducks down but Eddie grabs Eli and throws him over the top. Eli skins the cat, gets feet back on the mat and Eddie with a lariat sends Eli out for sure this time! Eddie howls, takes to the far side ropes, suicide dive! Eddie smashes Eli and keeps flying, over the barricade and into the crowd! Eddie eventually gets up, and rolls Eli into the ring. Eli is staggered, in the corner, and Eddie charges in, Eli moves but Eddie stops short just in time to stop Drake from attacking. Eddie hops up on the second rope, diving lungblower! Eddie rolls Drake up; one, two, thr– kickout!

Eddie is up to his feet, heads to the apron and gets on the top turnbuckle. Eli gets up and charges, scrambles up the ropes, but Eddie shoves him off! Eddie dives off for a double stomp, Eli dives out of the way and Eddie rolls to his feet, both men charge and Eli hooks a lariat attempt, spinning Edwards into Blunt Force Trauma! Drake covers; one, two, thre– kickout!!

Eli can’t believe it! He’s arguing with the referee, stunned! Eli gets to his feet, Eddie staggers up, Eli with a side choke but Edwards fights out. Eli staggers into the corner, Edwards charges and Eli stops him with a boot. Eli hops up on the middle rope and Eddie with a jumping kick to the head! Edwards collects Eli for the Chin Checker, but Eli breaks out, pulls Edwards into a back pop-up, slams Edwards into the mat! Drake covers; one, two, thre– kickout!!

“C’MON!!” Drake yells. Eli gets the crazy eyes and starts yelling at Eddie to stay down. Eli gets on the apron again, heads to the top rope, Eddie staggers up, Eli leaps off and misses big time, charges, and Eddie with the Boston Knee Party! Edwards pins; one, two, three!!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards via pinfall (Boston Knee Party)

Edwards celebrates in the ring, but the celebration is cut short by the black-and-white countdown clock of the DCC. The lights come on and all three men are in the ring. Eddie charges one, but the other two rush in to attack the Champion. The DCC starts picking Eddie apart with their triple team attacks, and one grabs the World Heavyweight Championship, laying it across Edwards. One takes their mask off, and it’s… some new guy. The second masked man takes off his mask, and it’s Bram! Finally, the third make takes off his mask, and it’s James Storm! “I’M BACK!” Storm yells at the Impact Zone as the crowd chants “Welcome back!” Storm takes his gloves off and nonchalantly throws them at Edwards’ body.

1) Mike Bennett def. Moose in a #1 Contender Qualifier
2) EC3 def. Abyss in a #1 Contender Qualifier
3) Trevor Lee def. Rockstar Spud and DJZ in a #1 Contender Qualifier
4) Lashley def. Robbie E and Grado in a #1 Contender Qualifier
5) Eddie Edwards def. Eli Drake to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Next Week
No matches were announced, but expect to see the #1 Contender’s Match and to hear from the DCC!