TNA IMPACT 12 08 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Results
December 8, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Recap by: Gerald Bocook of

We see a recap of Ethan Carter III defending successfully his #1 Contendership against Eli Drake. Eddie Edwards says that for a long time, EC3 was the man around here, but right now, he’s not the Champ. Eddie says that to be the man again, EC3 has to beat him. Clip of last week where EC3 says he’ll do anything to become World Heavyweight Champion again, but Eddie Edwards’ll go through anything to keep it. EC3 says he’s going to choke Edwards out.

In the Impact Zone, we open to Moose on his way to the ring. Last week, Moose defeated Aron Rex to claim the Impact Grand Championship in a stunning first-round victory. A bit of a “you deserve it!” chant in the Impact Zone as Moose grabs a mic. He says he dedicated most of his life to team sports where you play for a prize. And now the Impact Grand Championship is the first big Championship he’s ever won, and he didn’t do it alone; he dedicates it to the Impact Zone, and swears that he’ll be a fighting Champion. Cue Drew Galloway!! Galloway comes out to the ring, emo hoodie intact and he slowly makes his way to the ring.

Galloway says that he’s been gone for awhile, and he and Moose passed like ships in the night. Does Moose even know who he is? Drew wants Moose to say his name. Moose says he’s the man that interrupted him; Drew Galloway. “You’re damn right…” says Galloway. Aw, isn’t it great when everyone recognized that they watch the same TV shows? Drew says he’s back. Drew says they made that Championship for him, but he was injured while he was carrying the weight of the company on his back. As far as Drew is concerned, everything that’s happened so far with the Impact Grand Championship is like the NFL pre-season. But when Drew steps into the ring to fight for his Impact Grand Championship, that’s the Super Bowl. Drew knows he won’t have to twist Moose’s arm, he knows Moose likes a fight just like Drew. They can go, under these rules, they could have a match of the year. Drew pulls out a lighter and asks if they’re gonna burn this bitch to the ground. Moose leaves it to the crowd, and they all start chanting “Moose!” Moose and Drew go nose-to-nose, but are interrupted by Aron Rex.

Rex congratulates Drew on coming back. He says he’d come down and shake Aron’s hand, but he doesn’t want Drew to get injured again. While Drew was away, Aron became the first – and best – Impact Grand Champion until he was robbed by Moose. He wasn’t ready, Moose caught him off guard, and… is 3 seconds really enough to determine who wins a match? No, it isn’t. Aron Rex threatens to sue the audience for ritual harassment if they don’t stop booing him. He’s going to invoke his rematch clause.

— Commercial break —

Impact Grand Championship: Aron Rex vs (C) MOOSE

Round One

The bell rings and Moose charges Rex into the corner, shoulder blocks in the corner. Moose with a big knife’s edge chop to Rex in the corner, and Rex is reeling. Moose catches up to Rex and another chop sends Rex staggering. Moose approaches the corner and Rex kicks him in the gut, Rex with a right hook, and Moose spills to the outside, and he looks out to lunch. Rex struggles to roll Moose back in, pins; one, two– kickout.

Rex pins again; one, two– kickout!

Rex with knees to the back of Moose, and then a sleeper hold. Rex tries to keep Moose grounded, but Moose gets to his feet, elbows to Rex, but Rex cuts him off with a clubbing blow before tossing Moose to the outside. Rex follows Moose outside, slams him into the apron and then rolls him in, covers, but Moose kicks out before Rex can even get into the cover. Rex grabs Moose and reapplies the sleeper, and Moose staggers to his feet again, elbows to Rex, Moose takes to the ropes but Rex with a back elbow, covers; one– Moose kicks out quick!

Rex pulls Moose to his feet but Moose with chops, Irish whip to Rex, but Rex slides out of the ring and runs from Moose as the time counts down!

End of Round One.

Rex is back in the ring feeling mighty pleased with himself as Moose gets frustrated outside.

Round 1 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Aron Rex – W 10 10 10 30
Moose 9 9 9 27

Round Two

As the round starts, Aron Rex is wiping his hands on a towel, much like he did when he was being challenged by Jessie Godderz and something got into Godderz’ eyes that gave Rex the advantage. Rex and Moose charge, and Rex looks like he’s trying to grab Moose’s face, but Moose ducks and starts with the Moose-choo punches, hitting a good four or five of ‘em before he goes for the Game Breaker, but Aron Rex ducks and rolls out of the ring! Moose chases Rex and Rex grabs Moose’s face, and Moose falls away, clutching at his eyes! Rex on the attack, clubbing Moose before dropping knees on Moose’s head. Rex covers; one, two– kickout!

Rex drops the knee pad, jumps and hits a big knee drop across the head of Moose, covers; one, two– kickout!

Moose is still clutching at his eyes, and Rex is still on the attack, setting Moose up against the ropes and clubbing before snapping his knee against Moose’s forehead. Rex tosses Moose out of the ring and rolls out after him but Moose chops him big-time, sending Rex reeling. Moose goes to follow up, but Rex with a kick, slams Moose into the apron, and rolls Moose back in. Rex with a knee to the back and a rear choke. Moose rolls, getting to his feet, elbows and punches out, headbutt to the gut knocks Rex away. Moose takes to the ropes, but Rex with a kitchen sink sends Moose flying! Rex with an elbow across Moose’s head, follows with more elbows, follows with the Cubito Aequet. Rex covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Rex looks like he’s fish-hooking Moose before just driving elbows down on Moose as the bell rings.

End of Round Two.

Round 2 Scorecard Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Aron Rex – W 10 10 10 30
Moose 9 9 9 27

Round Three

Rex charges Moose, still trying to recover from the beating in the second round, and kicks and punches at him. Irish whip, reversed, and Aron Rex hits the corner. Moose charges, but Rex with a back elbow staggers the Impact Grand Champion. Rex pops up to the second rope but Moose with a huge vertical leaping dropkick connects to Rex and Rex falls haphazardly off of the top! Rex is staggered on the ropes, and Moose picks Rex up from behind, whips him around and Game Breaker– connects! Rex is laying with his neck and shoulders on the mat and nothing below! Moose pulls him down and pins; one, two, three!

Winner and STILL IMPACT Grand Champion: MOOSE by pinfall (Game Breaker)

As the match replays air, Matthews talks about Rex’s loaded punch and whatever was smeared on the towel still didn’t help Aron Rex defeat Moose.

In the back, Eddie Edwards says that people claim his Championship win was a little bit of luck and a little bit of fate that gave him the chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship. But, no, it was Eddie. Eddie believing that he could do it. Lashley doubting he could. Eddie says that his fate will keep that Championship with him. We’ll find out tonight.

— Commercial break —

In the back, unknown interviewer man asks Drew Galloway how he feels about getting passed over for a title match. Crazy hobo Galloway says he blames the company. They wouldn’t hold off the finals of the Championship tournament for him, they put him at the back of the line when he came back. He broke himself for this place, but he won’t fly off the handle. He’s still a leader, he still knows what’s best for this place, even if the company don’t, and he’ll have gold very soon.

At the Impact Zone, Mandrews comes to the ring, still rocking the varsity jacket and skateboard, but he tosses his skateboard as he hits the ring. The commentary goes over his “gradual change in attitude”, although all I ever seem to remember seeing of his changing attitude was when he suddenly attacked DJZ for winning a match that Mandrews didn’t. His opponent will be the Boss’ heavy, Aiden O’Shea.

Mandrews vs Aiden O’Shea

Mandrews gets in O’Shea’s face and O’Shea pie-faces him. Mandrews ducks a lariat attempt, dancing around Aiden, ducks a grapple attempt and kicks at O’Shea repeatedly, hits the ropes, but O’Shea grabs Mandrews as he attempts a cross body and pulls him into a powerslam. O’Shea punches Mandrews in the head, and starts punching him in the corner. Mandrews gets up and claws at O’Shea’s face, tries to Irish whip Aiden to no avail, and Mandrews finds himself getting a biel out of the corner after a couple punches. Aiden exits the ring and pulls Mandrews partway out, clubbing blows across Mandrews’ shoulders repeatedly! O’Shea gears up for a big clubbing blow, but Mandrews slides back in the ring and O’Shea slams his arm into the apron! That’s the hardest part of the ring, didn’t you know?! Mandrews in the ring, charges O’Shea on the outside, baseball slide connects and Aiden O’Shea just looks mad. Mandrews goes for the baseball slide again, but Aiden just pulls Mandrews out of the ring and a huge haymaker takes Mandrews down! O’Shea tosses Mandrews back into the ring, takes off his dress shirt when he gets back into the ring, and taunts Mandrews. Mandrews starts fighting back, kicks and punches, but a headbutt takes Mandrews down. Big elbow to the chest from Aiden to Mandrews, and O’Shea is teeing off punches on Mandrews in the corner. O’Shea pie-faces Mandrews again, body slams Mandrews as Mandrews tries to get some offense in, and Mandrews kicks O’Shea in the head as O’Shea tries to grab him. Mandrews gets to the corner, O’Shea charges, Mandrews gets out of the way and starts laying in with some kicks, again and again, but O’Shea just grabs Mandrews and pulls him into a running powerslam– Mandrews slides off O’Shea’s back, jumping enzuigiri, and O’Shea is staggered! Mandrews off the top, but O’Shea catches him by the neck! Mandrews gets shoved to the ropes, O’Shea charges, but Mandrews ducks and pulls the top rope down with him sending O’Shea flying and crashing to the outside! Mandrews takes to the far side ropes, slingshot senton flip connects with O’Shea! Mandrews screams something at the camera as O’Shea gets back into the ring, staggering in the center, and Mandrews up on the apron, springboard seated senton connects! O’Shea is down again! Mandrews up on top again, shooting star press! Mandrews covers; one, two, three!!

Winner: Mandrews by pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Mandrews hightails it out of the ring, celebrating his victory and making sure he’s out of the angry Aiden O’Shea’s path.

— Commercial break —

Mahabali Shera and Al Snow head to the ring, straps around their wrists, prepared for their match against The Tribunal. The Tribunal come out, and they seem to have a much better idea here; they’re wearing shirts while Shera and Snow aren’t. This is going to be one of those weird strap matches where you have to touch the corners. But… Okay, this is really convoluted. Both men in the team much touch all six corners, in succession, uninterrupted, to win. If a member of the opposing team intercepts them at a corner, they have to start all over again. What? I can’t. That’s supremely stupid. ANYWAY! The Tribunal decides they don’t want part of this match after all (can’t blame ‘em, after hearing the win condition, myself,) and they head up the ramp. Shera and Snow exit the ring and chase them down, beating the two men with punches, Snow rips off Baraka’s shirt and is about to him him with the strap, but the referee stops him and Shera from using the straps. He forces both men to strap themselves to opponents before using the straps, but the match hasn’t started yet! How could you– How could you tell them not to use the straps, in a strap match, but before the match has even started?! REF! WHATEVER.

Snow straps to Basile Baraka and Shera straps to Baron Dax. They all head to the ring, The Tribunal less-than-willing, but Dax gets the upperhand on Shera and Baraka the upperhand on Snow as they get into the ring. Dax stomps at Baraka and Baraka lays Snow out with a lariat as the bell finally rings.

Double Strap Match: Mahabali Shera and Al Snow vs. The Tribunal

Dax beats Shera in the corner, choking him with his boot, and Baraka and Dax start tagging corners. They get to three before Snow and Shera gets back into the fight. Baraka lariats Snow down and starts choking him with the strap as Dax hammers away in the mount on Shera before choking Shera with the strap. Baraka starts tagging corners again but Snow stops him, taking on both members of The Tribunal until the numbers take advantage. Shera attacks Dax, but Baraka whips him in the back with the strap before whipping Snow repeatedly. The Tribunal start tagging corners again, Basile gets all six corners tagged as Baron Dax slowy starts to tag a few. Shera uses the strap to keep Dax from tagging the final corner, pulling Dax in and as Basile Baraka tries to cut Shera off, Snow catches him with the strap and crotching him! Shera and Snow start getting the upperhand, using the strap to throw The Tribunal and whip them around! Both members of The Tribunal are crawling around, writing as they’re beaten with the straps. Snow and Shera with strap-assisted lariats take The Tribunal down. Snow gets a shot in on Baron Dax. Snow and Shera start tagging corners, both going around the ring in opposite directions. They get to five each, and The Tribunal starts pulling at the straps, trying to keep them each away from the winning corners, but Snow and Shera toss their respective man over the top rope, and then punch them off the apron before touching the final corners.

Winners: Al Snow and Mahabali Shera

Shera and Snow celebrate in the ring.

We see Broken Matt Hardy, sleeping away, having weird dreams. I think he’s dreaming about that weird clown bed that Homer made Bart in a really old Simpsons episode, except MATT IS THE CLOWN! Or something. A cartoon Matt Hardy without a jaw, all over the world, on buildings and such. Matt suddenly wakes up, laughing, and then freaks out a bit, and maybe he just needs some water. He starts shouting “Apocalypto”. Wasn’t that a Mel Gibson movie?

— Commercial break —

Backstage, EC3 responds to Eddie Edwards’ promo earlier. He says he doesn’t believe in luck, but he believes in fate. Fate is what lead them here. Fate is why this company, this moment, is theirs. And fate will be why the World Heavyweight Championship is his. Eli Drake pops up on screen. EC3 says there must be a million things going through his mind, so say ‘em. Eli grabs his throat with both hands; choke. EC3 says not tonight. He shoves the mic into Drake’s chest and walks off.

Inside the Impact Zone, Broken Matt Hardy is coming to the ring with the rest of House Hardy in-tow. Matt enters the ring, followed by Reby, Maxel, and Nero. Tonight is a special night, Matt says. He’s sure they’ve all heard the hype; in seven days, Matt will be presenting the most extraordinary event known to mankind, the most extraordinary wrestling event in the history of the industry. So massive that Dixie Carter couldn’t promote it. So delightful that the “Mc-Mah-han” couldn’t promote it. Even the “Hay-man” couldn’t. Only the Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy could. In seven days, he will present two hours of Impact emanating from the Hardy Compound. All your favorites from Impact will be there. Knockouts. Senor Benjamin. Vanguard 1.0. And King Maxel will be making his Impact Wrestling debut. And the night’s main event; a tag team Apocalypto; Matt and Nero will defend their World Tag Team Championships against all comers. Any tag team that wants to abandon their little corn trucks are welcome. It will be Total Non-Stop Deletion.

Gregory Helms comes to the Impact Zone. Helms says that if there’s something going on in North Carolina, he wants to be the first to accept the invitation– Matt cuts him off and says he’s looking forward to seeing the obsolete 3-Count back in action. If not that, maybe one of his robust superheroes? Helms says that Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee will be there. Matt says they will be deleted. Decay makes their way out next, and Helms runs from the entrance ramp. Matt looks excited at their appearance.

Rosemary asks if the silly little Hardys thought they were through. If Decay forgot what the Hardys did to them during the Great War. Decay can attack them from a place of strength. The Knockouts Championship is now in the hands of a demon. To get it, they forced Gail Kim into retirement and destroyed her warrior of light. Abyss threatens that they don’t want Decay to come back to beautiful Cameron. Decay are the death dealers. Crazzy Steve says the last time they were in Cameron, they took Matt’s child. That was just for fun. This time, they’ll take everything. Matt says all they had to do was accept an open invitation. There’s no need for all this drama. But Decay are demons; they’re not very smart. Matt invites them with open arms. But they will be part of Total Non-Stop Deletion. Gregory Shane Helms is in the ring, mocking Decay, and turns around into a Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy!

— Commercial break —

The DCC is shown behind their desk. They say their mission continues, and their agenda is clear. Control through chaos. They are intrigued by “Total Non-Stop Deletion”. They will bring their chaos to the Hardy’s apocalypse. They have been warned.

In the Impact Zone, Laurel van Ness is coming to the ring accompanied by Maria. Madison Rayne is joining Matthews and Dinero on commentary. Laurel van Ness will be taking on Allie next. Maria grabs the mic to mock Allie for wearing wrestling gear – boots and knee pads. Allie can’t wrestle! Allie grabs the mic and says she’s been training, she can wrestle! Maria laughs. Who would train Allie? Allie gets in Laurel’s face and says “Braxton Sutter!” Braxton Sutter comes to the ring, and Laurel is incensed. Laurel starts screaming at Braxton, who is giving Allie a pep-talk.

Laurel van Ness (w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Allie

Laurel with an arm drag before yelling at Braxton ringside. Lock-up, standing switch by Allie, and Allie with a big arm drag sends Laurel flying! Allie is super-excited! Laurel and Maria are pissed off. The two circle, but Laurel gets behind. Allie charges the ropes, Laurel is slung off, and Allie with another arm drag and locks into an arm bar. Laurel to her feet and grabs Allie by the hair, forcing Allie to the corner. Irish whip across the ring, Allie hits the corner hard and Laurel charges, Allie gets a back elbow up, Laurel charges again, this time into a boot. Laurel charges, catches the kick and pulls Allie out of the corner before throwing Allie’s leg down and Allie goes face-first into the mat. Laurel slams Allie’s face into the mat, grinding her face into the canvas. Allie struggles to her feet, punching at Laurel, and Laurel slaps Allie into the corner. Laurel twists Allie up in the ropes, pulling her hair. Braxton gives Allie a bit of a pep talk as Laurel taunts. Laurel charges, but a back elbow knocks her back. Allie with punches to the chest, and then takes Laurel down with a lariat! Snap suplex from Allie! Allie is over the moon at her success. Braxton reminds Allie to keep her focus. Allie ducks a lariat attempt, off the far ropes, and Allie and Laurel collide with clotheslines and both women are down! Braxton is on the apron, cheering Allie on, but suddenly Mike Bennett appears! Bennett pulls Sutter off the apron, but Sutter lands on his feet and starts punching at Bennett! Bennett throws Sutter into the guard rail and starts punching at his head. Sutter shoves Bennett off, and chases Bennett up the entry ramp. In the ring, Allie is looking on, and is blindsided by van Ness! Laurel grabs Allie by her hair, pulls Allie to her feet, and a running bulldog slams Allie into the mat. Laurel sets Allie up for the Curb Stomp, but Allie backs away, shoves Laurel into the ropes, pulls Laurel down into an inverted facelock, reverse DDT! Allie pins; one, two, three!

Winner: Allie by pinfall (Reverse DDT)

Allie is celebrating, completely surprised by her own victory. She hugs the ref, and starts jumping up and down. Maria is mad. She enters the ring behind Allie, but Allie spins around with a fist raised and Maria bails the ring! She yells that Allie will never touch her.

They air the promo video from earlier tonight of Edwards and Carter.

— Commercial break —

After a bit of a recap of the Allie/van Ness match, we see backstage. Allie celebrating with Braxton, and Braxton says that Allie can do anything she wants. Allie asks, “anything?” and Braxton says yes. Allie jumps and kisses Braxton, and then excitedly backs away, bumping into a car as she tries to go.

We get a brief preview of next week’s incredible Impact event: Total Non-Stop Deletion. This looks freaking crazy. We see what I can only assume are a bunch of clips of the Apocalypto match for the World Tag Team Championships. Trevor Lee kneeing someone in the head, Abyss about to get run over by a train, and a ton of people in DCC masks converging. Eddie Edwards diving off the balcony of the Hardy house onto Lashley. Vanguard 1.0 with roman candles strapped to the bottom of it, firing into a crowd. YES, PLEASE.

Back in the Impact Zone, EC3 is heading to the ring. Eddie Edwards, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, follows. Jeremy Borash will introduce the competitors. EC3 gets a fairly negative reception at his announcement, but the crowd was much more behind Edwards.

— Commercial break —

Main Event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Ethan Carter III vs (C) Eddie Edwards

Bell rings, and both men just face-off in the center of the ring. No handshake. Tie-up, Carter forces Edwards back into the corner. Ref forces break. Another tie-up, standing switch from Edwards, Carter with a standing switch, Edwards with a wrist lock into a hammerlock, Carter shoves Edwards back into the corner but Edwards maneuvers out and presses Carter into the corner. Break. Carter is starting to look frustrated. Tie-up, Carter into a side headlock, Edwards with a wristlock into a hammerlock again, Carter reverses into a headlock throw, Carter tries to pin but Edwards with a headscissors pulls Carter away, Carter pops up back to his feet, big arm drag by Edwards, stand-off.

Tie-up, Eddie transitions into a hammerlock, Carter with a tiger spin into a headlock. Edwards shoves Carter into the ropes, thrown off, EC3 off the far side ropes with a shoulder tackle knocking Edwards down. Carter takes to the ropes, Edwards leap frogs and on the rebound arm drags Carter. Both men up, Carter with a headlock takedown, Edwards with a headscissors pulls Carter away from leverage, Carter pops out, Edwards with an arm drag and holds on into an arm bar. Carter gets to his feet, shoves Edwards against the ropes, and Eddie with a kick to the chest, a kick to the knee, Shining Wizard! Cover; one– kickout.

Edwards pulls Carter up, chops him into the ropes. Headbutt from Edwards, another chop. Another series of headbutts, driving EC3 into the corner. Irish whip, reversed, Eddie off the ropes and slides under Carter’s legs but Carter with a kick catches Eddie. Carter takes to the ropes, running knee lift, and Carter quickly grabs Edwards, front facelock driver! Carter kicks Edwards out of the ring. Carter helps Edwards back to the apron, and then a vertical suplex over the top ropes back into the ring! Carter covers; one, two– kickout!

Carter kicks away at Edwards.

— Commercial break —

We’re back, and Carter and Edwards trade chops, but Carter gets the advantage, sending Edwards into the corner. Carter whips Edwards out, but then short-arms him into the corner, charges in with a lariat, Edwards staggers out, exploder suplex from Carter! Carter covers; one, two– kickout.

Carter with a headlock/armlock, keeping Edwards down, but Eddie slowly gets to a vertical base, only for Edwards to cut him off with a knee. Edwards in the corner and Carter chops at his chest. Edwards fires back with chops, but Carter cuts him off with a knee and more chops. Carter whips, Edwards reverses, Eddie charges but Carter tosses him over the ropes to the apron. Eddie blasts EC3 with an elbow to the head, mounts the corner, but EC3 stuns Edwards with a chop and climbs up, trying to pull Edwards into a fireman’s carry, but Edwards elbows out of it, stands on the top, hurricanrana off the top rope! Both men stagger up, Edwards charging in with chops, chopping Carter into the corner and continuing to blast him with chops. Edwards with an Irish whip, Carter reverses, Edwards explodes out of the corner with a lariat. Another lariat takes down Carter. Carter back up, Edwards looking for a back suplex, but can’t get it so he settles for another chop across Carter’s chest. Edwards whips carter into the corner but Carter with a lariat takes down Edwards! And another! Chin breaker from Carter. Edwards staggered in the corner, EC3 Splash! Carter whips Edwards to the ropes, but Eddie holds on. Carter charges, Edwards side-steps and sends Carter careening to the floor! Edwards hits the far side ropes, suicide dive! They collide with the guard rail and it barely survives the collision! Edwards’ leg is trapped under the barricade, but they get him loose. Eddie gets to his feet, grabs Carter and tosses him into the ring. Eddie slides in after, Carter charges, but a back elbow stops Carter. Eddie pops up to the second rope, dives off, diving lung blower! Carter is staggered, Edwards rolls Carter up; one, two, th– kickout!

Eddie showing some ill effects from his leg being trapped under the guard rail. Edwards heads to the apron and goes to the corner, climbs up high, diving double stomp– Carter rolls out of the way and Edwards rolls through, charges Carter, Carter with a rolling school boy, gets a 1-count before pulling Edwards up– sit-out powerbomb! Carter has a cover; one, two, thr– kickout!

Carter grabs Edwards’ legs and hoists him up into another sit-out powerbomb! One, two, thr– the Champion kicks out again!

Carter sits up, frustration on his face. Carter stands, stalking the World Champion, staggering on the ropes. Edwards staggers off the ropes, Carter goes for the TK3 but Edwards slips off the back, grabs Carter from behind, Carter with a standing switch, German suplex– Edwards lands on his feet! Carter charges, Edwards ducks a lariat, blue thunder bomb! Edwards with the cover; one, two, thre– kickout!

Edwards is the first up, and he heads to the apron, climbing the top. Carter charges the ropes to knock Eddie down, and Eddie is prone on the top. Carter heads up to the second rope, front facelock, superplex! Carter tries to float-over but Eddie catches his legs and rolls into a pin; one, two, thr– kickout!

Both men up, and Carter connects with a jumping knee kick, and Edwards responds with a jumping enzuigiri! Carter is staggered, and bounces off the ropes, Edwards charges, but Carter swings wild with a lariat and turns Edwards inside out! Both men are down, an eight-count before either man gets up. Carter with a chop, Edwards responds in kind. Back-and-forth chops from both men, Edwards getting a slight advantage before he takes to the ropes, but Carter looking for the sleeper hold– Edwards gets an arm in the way and drops into an arm drag that sends Carter flying! Edwards charges Carter, Carter pulls him into a fireman’s carry, TK3 connects! Eddie careens into the corner, and Carter charges, Edwards explodes out of the corner– BOSTON KNEE PARTY!! Carter rolls out of the ring! Edwards slingshots over the top with a cross-body, knocks Carter down, but Carter rolls up and has hold of Edwards, lifts Edwards into the fireman’s carry, and another TK3!! The ref heads out, trying to get both men aware, and Carter is finally back up. He pulls Edwards up, rolls him into the ring and follows, and Carter is looking for the 1-Percenter. Edwards shoves Carter off and rolls him up; one, two– Edwards breaks the pin and rolls Carter over into the single-leg Boston crab! Carter struggles, trying to get to the ropes, but Edwards is trying to apply as much pressure as possible, and Carter finally gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Carter tries to get up with the ropes, but Edwards grabs the leg, EC3 with a kick before hopping up to the middle rope only for Edwards to hit a jumping kick and stagger EC3 long enough to pull Carter into the Chin Checker! Edwards hits it, and sits up, but suddenly Carter pops up and pulls Edwards into the sleeper! Edwards is caught in, and he’s not getting free! He bridges back into the move, and the ref counts the fall; one, two, three! Wait, Edwards tapped! The ref calls for the bell!

The crowd is chanting “He kicked out!” but I don’t think he did. Jeremy Borash is on the apron and the referee talks to Borash. They determine that the two falls happened simultaneously, and are ruling the match a no contest.

No Contest

Carter is fuming. Edwards is staggering on his feet, the World Heavyweight Championship in his hand. They start arguing over the result, with Carter saying he made Edwards tap and Edwards saying he pinned Carter. Carter gets in Edwards’ face and Eddie shoves him away, and Carter bails out of the ring and heads to the back. We see replays from the match, and at the end, Eddie Edwards on the stage, the World Championship in hand.


1) Moose def. Aron Rex to retain the Impact Grand Championship
2) Mandrews def. Aiden O’Shea
3) Al Snow and Mahabali Shera def. The Tribunal in a team strap match
4) Allie def. Laurel van Ness
5) Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III went to a no contest

Next Week

– Total Non-Stop Deletion from the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina