TNA IMPACT 03 15 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: March 15, 2016

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party.

Recap video airs.

Jeff Hardy is kicking things off. Young vows to Dixie that he’s going to hurt Jeff tonight. He’s tired of Jeff constantly getting what he wants. Dixie announces the winner of Young vs. Hardy will join Matt Hardy vs. EC3, making the match a triple threat.

Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young
Jeff won with the Swanton bomb. The main event is EC3 vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy. Afterwards Matt came out with Reby and Maxell. Matt said Jeff should give up his spot, perhaps for a bigger match in the future, but Jeff rejected the idea. He went for a sneak attack but Jeff was able to hit the twist of fate.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Eddie Edwards is attacked backstage by The Decay.

Mike Bennett and Maria do a promo. Bennett says he will save the company.

Beer Money and Edwards call out the Decay. They watch a match tonight.

Maria and Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway and Gail Kim

Drew hit Bennett with the Claymore and Kim’s finisher, but Maria managed to roll up Gail for the win. Maria looked pretty decent here, all things considered.

Winner: Mike Bennett and Maria

Josh Matthews tells us that Lashley is up next and will explain last week.

Lashley comes out to be interviewed by Josh. He says he’s the toughest man in TNA but is still over-looked. He says Kurt was not his friend. He says he doesn’t care about having friends or relationships. All he wants to do now is hurt everyone. He starts beating up Josh. The Pope tries to help but gets destroyed too. Lashley ends the segment by spearing Pope. Josh is able to return to the desk, but Pope can’t.

The Decay accepts Beer Money and Eddie Edwards’ challenge. Carter talks to Jeff and says he has no problem with Jeff being in the match, but he’s still keeping an eye on him.

The Decay vs. Beer Money and Eddie Edwards

The Decay won after Rosemary spat mist into Storm’s eyes and Steve hit Edwards with the low blow and the roll up.

Winner: The Decay

Billy Corgan is bringing out Grado. Matt and Reby chew out Dixie for adding Jeff to the WHC match. Dixie tells them it’s what the fans want. She also announces the match is no DQ so Matt can’t get out of things that way.

Grado comes out with Corgan. Its revealed Eli Drake switched the cases. Billy offers to give Grado a brand new contract…but it’s above the ring. If Grado can win it in the ladder match, which is next, he’s back. If Drake gets it, he can rip it up and Grado stays gone.

Grado vs. Drake
Grado won after hitting the Bionic Elbow and climbing the ladder to get the contract. He’s a part of the company again. Godderz tried to interfere halfway through but Sheera showed up to even the odds.

Winner: Grado

Young complains to Bram about his loss earlier in the evening. He says everyone is out to get them.

Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy

Shock ending, with Galloway appearing and cashing in his briefcase to hit the Claymore and future shock DDT to win the belt. There was a ton going on here. Young and Bram came out earlier and Young piledrove Jeff on the steps. After that it was EC3 and Matt. Tyrus and Spud came down and went after Carter. He managed to fight them off but Mike Bennett showed up with a chair and attacked him. Carter and Bennett brawled into the show. Matt was taunting the crowd and on the verge of leaving, when Drew ran out. Show closed with Drew celebrating with people at ringside. This was crazy.

Winner: No contest, but new world champion Drew Galloway!