TNA IMPACT 04 12 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 12, 2016

Matt Hardy comes down to the ring with his crew, Pope is back on commentary. Matt says he is out here to talk about the Hardy name, not the peasants in the crowd. He says that every dollar he’s made was built on the Hardy name. He says that he has created and performed in the most creative matches in the wrestling business to build that name and his brother is now tarnishing the Hardy name. He calls Jeff out to the ring and his brother doesn’t make him wait very long.

Matt Hardy says that Jeff is staining the Hardy name while the fans chant for Jeff. Jeff says that he is proud to be a Hardy and the legacy that they have built in their careers. He says he has no problem with Matt doing his own thing away from Jeff but what he does have a problem is Matt disgracing the World Title. Matt says that he is the best and he will always be the best. Matt says that he spent years carrying Jeff while Jeff did nothing for Matt in his career. Matt says that when Jeff stuck his nose his match last week he did it because he is selfish, and Matt says he wants Jeff out of his life for good. Matt says that he is sick of the people saying that he lives in Jeff’s shadow.

Matt says wrestling is just something Jeff is good at while it is Matt’s life. He says that if it wasn’t for him protecting Jeff is whole career then Jeff would be on the side of a highway trying to sell his “silly paintings” somewhere. Matt says he wants Jeff to drop the “Hardy” name and change his name and leave it to the real Hardy, Matt. Jeff says that his “creatures” chant the “Hardy” name for everything they have done together, but Matt says that he doesn’t care about the fans and their opinion is irrelevant to him or his career. Matt says he wants Jeff to be done with that name and he challenges Jeff to a match so he can prove to Jeff that he is the only real Hardy.

The fans chant “Jeff is better” and Jeff points it out to Matt which pisses him off further. Reby says Jeff won’t fight Matt because Jeff knows deep down that Matt is the better wrestler and he is just simply scared of his brother. Jeff says that the only thing he is scared of is that Reby’s “crazy bitch genes” is inside his family tree now. Jeff asks the fans if they want the fight and Jeff gets in Matt’s face and says that he has his fight!

Footage of Beer Money’s brawl with The Decay last week is shown.


Beer Money come out for their Open Challenge. Bro-Mans and The Decay both come out to accept it. Then EY and Bram come out and EY says that when they are together no one can stop them from taking what they want.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Fatal 4-Way
Beer Money (c’s) vs. Bro-Mans vs. The Decay w/Rosemary vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & Bram

The bell rings and all eight guys go at it with all hell breaking loose! Storm rides the Boozer Cruiser around ringside and slams it into Bram. Storm tosses Bram into the ring and Beer Money hits the Double Suplex on him. Bram rolls to the floor as Beer Money does their taunt. Roode backdrops Storm into a Plancha over the top onto Bram on the floor. EY comes into the ring and goes at it with Roode until Steve trips Roode from the outside allowing EY to hit a Running Back Elbow. EY slams Roode into the corner and then puts the boots to him. EY picks Roode up by the leg but eats an Enziguri! Steve tags EY and then jumps on Roode’s back and slams Crossfaces down across him. Steve tags in Abyss and then Abyss Chokeslams Steve on top of Roode! Abyss covers Roode for a near fall and continues to beat him down in the corner raining down right hands. Abyss whips Roode into the corner and charges into an elbow from Roode. Roode dives off the top with the Blockbuster! Abyss tags in EY and EY cuts Roode off from making a tag to Storm. EY goes for the Spike Piledriver but Roode counters into a backdrop. Roode reaches to tag Storm but he is lying on the floor so Roode tags in Jessie. Jessie lays EY out with clotheslines and back elbows and then connects with a dropkick to a charging Steve. Jessie Press Slams EY and then Jessie catches Steve with a Leaping Rana off the top rope as Steve climbed up top showing off his crazy athleticism! Bro-Mans hit the Bro Down on EY! Jessie locks EY in the Adonis Lock but Abyss breaks it up. Jessie fights Abyss off but then Abyss knees him in the gut and tosses him over the top. Jessie dives off the top with a Springboard Flying Forearm! Jessie tosses a charging Bram to the floor and Robbie dives off the top with a Plancha onto Bram and Steve on the floor! EY attacks Jessie from behind but Storm tags himself in and goes after EY only for Bram to attack him from behind. Bram holds Storm for EY to hit him but Storm ducks and then he hits the Last Call on EY! 1…2…3!

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money via pinfall (Last Call)

In the back Matt approaches Jeff and says that TNA Management made the match official for next week. Matt says he wants Jeff gone from his life forever and Tyrus gets in Jeff’s face and says that Jeff needs to be gone for good. Matt says that he will beat Jeff so bad he will quit and he wants it to be an I Quit Match. Jeff agrees and says he doesn’t run from anything, but instead has an offer for Matt. Matt and Tyrus against Jeff and a partner of his choosing, if Matt wins then he gets his I Quit Match but if Jeff wins it will be Full Metal Mayhem! Matt agrees to the stipulation.

Maria says that Gail Kim got exactly what she deserved last week and now she is going to go out to the ring and get what she deserves.


Backstage Eddie Edwards is rolling around in pain and says that someone attacked him from behind. He says that his shoulder is injured.

Maria comes out and says that she has made the Knockouts great again, so much so that Donald Trump asked her how to make America great again. Maria says that tonight is a night of celebration so she brings out the new Knockouts Champion.

Jade comes out and Maria says that now the fans know Jade’s name because of Maria, and without her Jade is nothing in the wrestling business. She says that because Jade owes her so much she should hand the title over to Maria. Maria says that Jade owes her so much that she must do this.

Jade snatches the microphone away from Maria and she says that she earned the title and she did it not Maria. She said that it is not her fault that Maria is too afraid to get in the ring and put in work. She says that if Maria wants the title then she has to get in the ring and earn it, and as far as she is concerned it is the champ that calls the shots.

Gail Kim comes out and says that even she thought that Maria wouldn’t stoop so low as she did last week. She says that Maria wants all the power while doing none of the work. Gail tells Jade that she hasn’t forgotten about her and she will get her rematch, but she has something more important to handle right now. Gail says that just because Maria is the dog that barks the loudest doesn’t make her the boss, it just makes her the loudest bitch. Maria calls Gail “trashy” and says that she is a lady while Gail and Jade are just “dumb wrestlers.” Maria says that the rest of the Knockouts are just sheep.

Marti and Rebel come out and say that they are not sheep, they were family which Maria caused to break up. Marti tells Jade not to forget who got her where she is and says that the Dollhouse used to run this house and it is still their house. Madison and Velvet walk out and Velvet says that the Dollhouse will always be known as the “Doghouse” while the Beautiful People are “OG Knockouts.” Velvet says that Maria doesn’t speak for them.

Madison says that Maria isn’t the boss of anyone and everyone knows that she is the “Queen Bee” of the Knockouts but Velvet gets irritated by that comment. Maria says that the Knockouts need a real leader and she will be that leader for them. Billy Corgan walks onto the stage and Maria sucks up to him by calling him a “Rock God” and she says she listens to his music all the time.

Billy says that as someone who works for TNA as an executive, they are fully aware of Maria. Billy says that TNA is very proud of the Knockouts and he says that Jade is defending the title tonight against Madison Rayne! Billy says that in-ring action determines what goes on in the Knockouts not Maria’s “scheming and dreaming.” He says that next week there will be a match to determine the “leader of the Knockouts.” Maria says she will become that leader and she will be Jade’s boss. Jade tries to hit Maria but she ducks and Jade nails Madison! The rest of the Knockouts start brawling as well as Maria bails up the ramp.

In the back EC3 says that while Mike Bennett is talented he damn sure isn’t a God. He says that he understands Bennett’s goal to make an Impact in TNA because he is a master of making an Impact. EC3 says that he is accountable for everything he did in his past and he apologizes for none of it because it made him the star that he is. He says that he learned from everything he did and learned humility. He says that he will teach Bennett a lesson in ass kicking.


Shane Helms is in the ring with Trevor Lee. Helms says that he had Lee full prepared to beat down Eddie Edwards tonight, but last he heard Eddie is laying on the floor backstage begging for consciousness. He says that leaves Lee without an opponent now because no one in the X-Division has the balls to come out and face him. Helms says that if there is anyone back there that has the balls then they can come out and prove him wrong. Zema Ion takes on that challenge.

Non-Title Match
TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee w/ Shane Helms vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion

Zema hits the ring and lays Lee out with a series of clotheslines! Lee whips Lee into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Lee avoids it and then hits the ropes only to eat another dropkick attempt! Zema ducks a clothesline attempt from Lee and catches him with a hurricanrana! Lee rolls to the floor and Zema hits a beautiful somersault plancha over the top to the floor on Lee! Josh says that Zema has been taking “lucha libre lessons” which is hilarious considering that Zema trained under Gran Apache, one of the top lucha trainers, years ago in Mexico. Helms distracts Zema allowing Lee to lay him out. Lee drags Zema to the floor and then suplexes him onto the apron! Back in the ring Lee stomps Zema down in the corner and goes for a Suplex but Zema backs him into the corner. Zema hits a Jawbreaker and then leapfrogs him and dives off the top with a Flying Back Elbow! Zema hits a gorgeous Springboard Hurricanrana! Zema hits a Rolling Spike DDT! Zema covers Lee but Helms distracts the referee. Zema argues with Helms and turns around into a Superman Forearm! Lee goes for the Brainbuster but Zema catches him with an inside cradle for the pin!

Winner: “DJ Z” Zema Ion via pinfall (inside cradle)

Helms attacks Zema from behind and then sets up for a Nightmare on Helms Street but Eddie Edwards hits the ring and chases Helms and Lee off.

Backstage Bennett says that EC3 keeps telling people that Bennett is just like EC3. He says that he is nothing like EC3 because EC3 evolved into something different while Bennett doesn’t need to evolve as he is perfect. He says that he is about to write another chapter in the story of the Miracle when he kicks EC3’s ass tonight.


Backstage Jeff says that he has locked in the perfect partner for tonight and Drew Galloway walks up behind him. Drew says that Jeff had his back last week so tonight he will have Jeff’s back.

Ethan Carter III vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria

EC3 hits the ring and takes Bennett down with a double leg and lays into Bennett with rights and lefts. Bennett escapes it and connects with a right hand as the referee got between them. Bennett puts the boots to EC3 in the corner and lays into him with a series of Knife Edge Chops. EC3 puts Bennett in a wristlock and connects with a series of chops of his own. Maria distracts EC3 briefly to allow Bennett to regain the advantage. He counters a backdrop into a front kick but then eats a backdrop as Bennett bounced off the ropes. EC3 clotheslines Bennett to the floor and then he hits a Suplex on Bennett on the ramp. EC3 tosses Bennett back in the ring and then charges at Bennett but eats a Spinebuster. Bennett chokes EC3 in the ropes and then he distracts the referee allowing Maria to poke him in the eyes. Bennett whips EC3 into the corner hard in the turnbuckles. Bennett whips EC3 hard into the turnbuckles again and covers him for a near fall. Bennett puts EC3 in a Straight Jacket Choke. EC3 fights back to his feet but Bennett whips him into the corner again only for EC3 to explode out of it with a clothesline, and then EC3 hits a Jawbreaker. EC3 hits a Stinger Splash and then a Flapjack! EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Bennett grabs the rope to bock the hold. He then catches a charging EC3 with an elbow only for EC3 to hit him with a Reverse STO! 1…2..NO Bennett grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Bennett rolls to the floor and as EC3 grabs Bennett, Bennett catches him with a Jawbreaker on the top rope. Bennett goes for a clothesline but EC3 counters into the TKO! 1…2…NO Maria puts Bennett’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. EC3 gets pissed and goes after Maria and chases her into the ring where Bennett lays EC3 out with a Leaping Cutter! Bennett goes to the floor and grabs a steel chair. Bennett swings the chair at EC3 but he ducks and EC3 locks in the Cobra Clutch! Earl Hebner is trying to get the chair out of the ring when Maria grabs it causing Hebner to miss Bennett tapping out. EC3 gets pissed off and snatches the chair away from Hebner and nails Bennett with it repeatedly!

Winner: Mike Bennett via DQ

Footage of Al Snow’s attack on Grado a few weeks ago is shown again. Snow says that he took some unprofessional and uncharacteristic actions with Shera and Grado. He says that he was suspended for a week without pay and after some reflection he realizes what he did wrong. He wants to make amends with Grado and Shera tonight.


Al Snow is in the ring and he talks about how he attacked Grado and Shera a few weeks ago. He says that he took it upon himself to make sure some young talents made their dues. He says that he paid a mistake and now TNA officials have asked him to come out and apologize for his actions. He says that is the right thing to do so he is going to. He asks Shera to come to the ring and as Shera comes out he gets in Snow’s face. He says that Grado is in the hospital because of Snow and he goes to hit Snow but Snow stops him and says that he can explain what he did.

Snow says that he has been in this business for a long time and it has been his whole life for decades. He says that people keep telling him that wrestling is changing and passing him by. He says that when he got in wrestling you had to fight, crawl, and scratch to get in the business. Snow says that he doesn’t understand the things that Snow had to go threw in the business. He tells a story about how Chris Irwin beat him in the back of the head when he was 19 that he went blind for an hour. He says that he realizes now that just because that was how things were then that doesn’t mean they need to be that way now. He says that maybe he did it because he was jealous that he doesn’t get to do what he loves anymore, but he will pay for Grado’s medical bills and he wants to help build Shera up rather than tear him down. He wants all the young guys in TNA to benefit from the things that Snow has done and seen and he wants to help Shera become a World Champion.

Shera says that Snow has to respect the younger people and he respects every person that he gets in the ring. Snow says he was wrong again and says that he will do everything he can to help Shera. He offers a handshake to Shera and he accepts it and they hug. As they leave the ring Snow slams Shera into the ring steps and beats the hell out of him.

In the back Tyrus approaches Galloway and asks if he knows what he is getting into by teaming with Jeff tonight. Drew says that he has a responsibility to the people and he won’t let Jeff get taken out by Hardy and Tyrus. He says that he doesn’t need to hide behind a bodyguard, and Tyrus says that maybe Drew should have one because bad things happen to people when they mess with him. Tyrus reminds Drew that he gets a title shot whenever he wants one and that makes him dangerous.


Backstage Al Snow says that he doesn’t need to explain anything and he damn sure doesn’t need to be told to go apologize to some punk kid who just walks into his world. He says you can’t just walk into his world and act like a goof in a business that he worked for 25 years to feed his kids. Snow gets pissed and says that if they want it they better get in the damn ring and earn it.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Jade (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Madison rolls Jade up at the bell for a quick near fall and then catches her with another rollup for another near fall. Madison attempts a Crucifix but Jade counters into a Samoan Drop! Jade chokes Madison in the ropes and then lays into her with a series of chops. Jade attempts to whip Madison into the opposite corner but Madison counters into a Sunset Flip for another near fall. Jade gets right back to her feet and destroys her with a Yakuza Kick! Jade hits a Snapmare Takeover and then a Round Kick. Jade puts Madison in a Dragon Sleeper and then lays her out with a clothesline as Madison tried to fight it off. Jade gets a near fall and connects with another series of round kicks. Madison tries to fight back but eats a Gutwrench Suplex from the champ for a near fall. Jade tries to pick Madison up but Madison holds onto the ropes and then connects with a Step-Up Enziguri! Madison and Jade exchange forearms but Madison takes the advantage with a series of chops. Jade kicks her arm away but then as she hits the ropes runs right into a Roaring Elbow! Madison hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex! 1…2…NO Jade kicks out! Madison hits a Sliding Clothesline and then she dives off the top with a Flying Crossbody, but Jade moves out of the way and hits a Running Dropkick! Jade hits an STO and gets the pin!

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Jade via pinfall (STO)


Main Event
#MattHardyBrand (Matt Hardy & Tyrus) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy & TNA Champion “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway

Tyrus and Jeff star the match off with Jeff getting Tyrus in a waistlock, but Tyrus quickly backs Jeff into the corner and lays into him with elbows. Tyrus swings at Jeff but Jeff ducks and connects with a series of rights and kicks. Drew tags into the match and they whip Tyrus into the ropes and connect with a double clothesline followed by an Elbow Drop/Leg Drop combo from both! They whip Tyrus into the corner and then Drew dives off the back of Jeff with a Flying Forearm!


Tyrus hits an Elbow Drop on Drew for a near fall and then puts him in a Vice Grip before tagging Matt into the match. Matt beats Drew down in the corner and then hits a Running Back Elbow as Drew hit the ropes. Tyrus tags back into the match and lays into Drew with a series of body shots. Tyrus hits a Dinosaur Splash in the corner and then stands on Drew’s hand as he reached out for a tag. Tyrus hits the Heart Punch and then does pushups on top of Drew’s body before getting a near fall. Tyrus puts Drew in a Camel Clutch and then as Drew tries to fight back Tyrus lays him out with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Tyrus hits a Backsplash Senton and pulls Drew towards the corner. Tyrus climbs up top and comes off with a Splash but Drew rolls out of the way and Tyrus reaches for his knee as he lands. Jeff and Matt tag into the match and Jeff hits Matt with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop! Jeff hits a Leg Drop to the balls and then a Sliding Dropkick for a near fall! Jeff hits a Russian Leg Sweep and then he Leg Drops Matt’s legs into a pinfall attempt for another near fall. Jeff hits a Twist of Hate and then climbs to the top for the Swanton, but Matt rolls to the apron to get away. Jeff hits him with a shoulder block through the ropes and then pulls him back in the ring and hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff goes back to the top but Tyrus gets between Jeff and Matt. Jeff dives off the top onto Tyrus but Tyrus catches him in midair only to eat a Claymore from Drew! Reby runs out and hands Matt a hammer! Matt hits Jeff with the hammer as the referee was distracted with Tyrus and Drew on the floor. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and gets the pin.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Tyrus via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Lashley hits the ring and Spears Drew! Lashley picks Drew up and hits him with another Spear! Drew rolls out to the floor and Lashley Spears him into the ring steps! Lashley picks up the World Title and poses with it.

A vignette hypes up next week’s show and teases a big dive from Jeff Hardy.


1) TNA Tag Team Titles Fatal 4-Way: Beer Money (c) def. Bro-Mans, The Decay, and EY & Bram to retain the titles!
2) Zema Ion def. Trevor Lee
3) Mike Bennett def. Ethan Carter III via DQ
4) TNA Knockouts Title: Jade (c) def. Madison Rayne to retain the title!
5) Matt Hardy & Tyrus def. Jeff Hardy & Drew Galloway

Scheduled for Next Week:
-I Quit Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
-Ladder Match: Gail Kim vs. Jade vs. Rebel vs. Marti Belle vs. Madison Rayne vs. Maria vs. Velvet Sky
-TNA X-Division Title Triple Threat: Trevor Lee (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Zema Ion