GFW / IMPACT Wrestling 08 31 2017

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Impact opens with the new GFW Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis arriving to the arena. Meanwhile, tempers flare between Jeff Jarrett and Dan Lambert.

Drake and Adonis are now in the ring for their championship celebration. Drake says he’s at the top of the mountain and no one, including Jim Cornette could stop him from winning the Gauntlet for Gold last week. Johnny Impact interrupts and says he’s sick of Drake running his mouth! Impact says he want the Global title when Eddie Edwards interrupts! He praises Johnny Impact but says he’s the one who should be getting a shot at the title!

Jim Cornette comes out and makes a tag team match for later tonight pitting Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. If Impact or Edwards score the pinfall, they will become number contender for the GFW Global Championship!

Backstage, Allie approaches Taryn Terrell and questions why she was mean to Gail Kim last week. Taryn asks Allie if she can give Gail a message for her and brutally attacks Allie!

oVe (Jake and Dave Crist) def. Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara

Jake hits Bokara with a big neckbreaker for a near fall. LAX is seen watching this match from their clubhouse. oVe hits a double team top rope neckbreaker on Bokara to win the match and continue their wave of momentum.

Backstage, Jim Cornette informs Moose that he and Lashley will be competing at AAA’s TripleMania event. EC3 interrupts and asks why he isn’t on AAA’s biggest show of the year. Cornette tells him he’ll be busy defending the Grand Championship on Impact against Fantasma!

“Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams def. Caleb Konley w/ Trevor Lee

This is Petey Williams’ first match since returning to GFW at Destination X! Williams hits a Hurricanrana, followed by a dropkick to the back of Konley. Konley misses a Moonsault, allowing Williams to attempt the Canadian Destroyer but Lee gets up on the apron to distract him! Williams takes out Lee on the outside with a Hurricanrana and connects with the Canadian Destroyer on Konley to win.

After the match, Lee attacks Williams from behind but X-Division champion Sonjay Dutt makes the save, causing Lee and Konley to retreat!

Backstage, Karen Jarrett tells Sienna and Taryn Terrell that due to their recent actions, they’re going to face Gail Kim and Allie in a tag team match next week!

Kongo Kong def. “Stand By Wrestler” Richard Justice

Kong makes quick work of Justice by hitting him with a huge top rope splash to win.

After the match, Kong continues the attack on Justice but Mahabali Shera makes the save! Shera takes the big man over the top rope and stands tall!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Impact backstage. He says the reason he came to GFW was to win the GFW Global Championship.

In the LAX clubhouse, Konnan tells Low-Ki to prove a point in his match against James Storm tonight; he wants him to send Storm to the hospital!

Low-Ki w/ LAX (Konnan, Santana, Ortiz & Diamante) def. “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm begins to build momentum with a neckbreaker, followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Storm catapults Low-Ki into the corner but he lands on the ropes and hits Warrior’s Way for a near fall of his own. Low-Ki misses another Warrior’s Way attempt, allowing Storm to hit Eye of the Storm! Ortiz distracts Storm on the apron, allowing Low-Ki to hit a springboard kick but it’s not enough to put Storm away! This time, Konnan distracts the referee, allowing Santana to hit Storm with the title belt. Low-Ki connects with Warrior’s Way to pick up the win.

Backstage, Garza Jr tries to comfort Allie after her attack from Taryn Terrell but Braxton Sutter warns him to back away!

Joseph Park, Grado and Laurel Van Ness go through the checklist for their wedding. Things take a turn when Laurel reveals she wants to invite all of her family from Victoria… Canada!

Pagano is coming soon to Impact but next week, Taya Valkyrie makes her debut!

In a sit-down interview with Lashley and American Top Team, Lashley says he wants to continue to pursue both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Dan Lambert tries to persuade him to pick one but Lashley refuses and says he will make his final decision when the time is right.

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis def. Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact

If Eddie Edwards or Johnny Impact scores the pinfall in this massive tag team main event, they will become number one contender for Eli Drake’s Global Championship! Johnny flies through the air and takes out Adonis with a huge corkscrew to the outside! Drake and Adonis wear down Impact on their side of the ring. Impact ends up making the tag but the referee is distracted and doesn’t see it! The beat down on Impact continues. Impact is finally able to tag in Edwards who hits Drake with the Blue Thunder Bomb! Edwards is perched on the top rope but Drake runs up to him and connects with a devastating Sky Lord Slam! Impact connects with a double neckbreaker on Drake and Adonis. Edwards saves Impact from a double suplex, allowing him to connect with a springboard kick to Adonis! While the referee is distracted by Impact and Adonis fighting on the outside, Drake hits Edwards with a low blow, followed by a modified White Noise to win. Neither Eddie Edwards nor Johnny Impact will be getting the next GFW Global title shot!

After the match, Lashley and American Top Team come out to ringside. Jim Cornette warns Lashley that if American Top Team gets out of control, he will be suspended and miss TripleMania. Cornette also makes a huge match for next week’s Impact – Eli Drake will defend his GFW Global Championship against a man who’s earned a title shot of his choosing – Matt Sydal!