GFW / IMPACT Wrestling 07 20 2017

July 20, 2017
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IMPACT opens with Alberto El Patron’s father and brother arriving to the arena. They’ve been warned – persuade El Patron to join LAX or else!

The in-ring portion of IMPACT kicks off with the continuation of the Super X Cup tournament!

Drago def. Sammy Guevara in a Super X Cup First Round Match

The winner of this match will face Dezmond Xavier in the second round. Guevara dropkicks Drago through the ropes and follows up with a shooting star press from the top rope! Drago hits a reverse Hurricanrana for a near fall. Guevara launches himself off the top rope with a 630 senton but Drago kicks out at two! Drago connects with a running DDT to pick up the win and advance to the next round.

Unified Knockout’s Champion Sienna def. Amber Nova in a Non Title Match

Sienna hits Nova with the AK-47 to win in dominating fashion.

After the match, Sienna calls out Karen Jarrett for not congratulating her on unifying the women’s championships at Slammiversary. Karen comes to the ring and Sienna demands she declares her as the greatest knockout’s champion of all time. Karen refuses and Sienna gets in her face! Allie comes down to defend Karen but Laurel Van Ness attacks Allie from behind! Allie falls victim to the numbers game but Rosemary appears to even the odds! A brawl breaks out with IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim standing tall alongside Rosemary and Allie at the end of it! Karen announces Sienna vs Rosemary for the Unified Knockout’s Championship in a Last Knockout Standing match – next week!

LAX holds Alberto El Patron’s brother hostage at their hideout and warns him that if El Patron doesn’t join LAX, there will be consequences!

Backstage, Bruce Prichard approaches Trevor Lee and asks him why he stole Sonjay Dutt’s X-Division title belt. Lee says he never got his rematch for the title when Sonjay Dutt appears! He tries to take back his title but security holds him back. Prichard thanks Lee and leaves.

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr & Octagoncito def. Idris Abraham, Demus & Trevor Lee in a Lucha Rules Six Man Tag Team Match

This match will be contested under Lucha Rules, meaning you don’t have to tag in your partner for them to be legal! Laredo takes out the entire opposing team with a big crossbody from the top rope! Garza, Laredo and Octagoncito hit in-sync aerial maneuvers to take out everyone on the outside! Laredo Kid hits a top rope Moonsault to the outside! Octagoncito jumps off Garza’s shoulders and connects with a splash on Abraham to win!

We find out that Laurel Van Ness has agreed to go out on a date with Grado. He doesn’t seem to enjoying himself but needs to marry her in order to stay in the United States!

Back at the LAX hideout, they are now holding Alberto El Patron’s father hostage! Konnan tells him to convince Alberto to join LAX this Thursday or there’s going to be hell to pay!

Matt Sydal def. Low-Ki and El Hijo de Fantasma in a Three Way X-Division Match

Fantasma hits a spinning backbreaker on Low-Ki for a near fall. Fantasma hits Low-Ki with a huge suicide dive, sending him crashing into the steel barricade! Sydal connects with a standing Moonsault on Low-Ki but Fantasma breaks up the pin attempt. Low-Ki connects with Warrior’s Way on Sydal who’s being held up in the air by Fantasma! Fantasma is perched on the top rope but Sydal takes him out with a Hurricanrana. Low-Ki hits the Warrior’s Way on Fantasma but Sydal breaks up the pin attempt with the Shooting Star Press! Sydal pins Low-Ki to pick up the win.

After the match, Sydal tells the fans to “trust yourselves and question authority,” before calling out Bruce Prichard and asking him for an X-Division title match. Prichard agrees that Sydal may be deserving of a title match but that’s also true for others on the roster. Then, Lashley interrupts and escalates the situation! He demands a Unified World Title shot but when Prichard remains silent, Lashley sends a message by hitting Sydal with the Spear!

We catch up with Grado and Laurel Van Ness on their date and everything is going according to plan. Joseph Park asks Grado if he’s ready to pop the question…

Eli Drake w/ Chris Adonis def. Eddie Edwards, Ethan Carter III and IMPACT Grand Champion Moose in a Four Way Non Title Match

Before the match gets underway, Chris Adonis throws a drink on the Swole-Mates! They jump the guardrail and a fight breaks out with the Swole-Mates getting the upper-hand.

Moose hits Drake with a crossbody off the top rope! Drake connects with the Skylord Slam on Edwards. EC3 and Drake are arguing in the ring, allowing Edwards to take them both out with a double Hurricanrana! Moose hits Drake with a hesitation dropkick in the corner. Moose powerbombs Edwards over the top rope into Drake and EC3 on the outside! Edwards hits EC3 with a top rope Hurricanrana! EC3 connects with the One Percenter on Edwards but Moose pulls him out of the ring before he can make the pin. Drake takes advantage and pins Edwards to pick up the victory!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews the Swole-Mates but LAX takes over as they approach Alberto El Patron’s family for an answer. They tell Konnan they don’t have El Patron’s answer yet, causing LAX to attack them!

In the ring, LAX continues the assault on El Patron’s brother but Alberto is nowhere to be found. Konnan tells Homicide to take off Alberto’s father’s mask but then, Alberto El Patron makes his appearance! Alberto threatens LAX that if they put another finger on his family, things are going to get physical! Alberto says he would die for his family and reluctantly puts on an LAX shirt but then, things quickly turn as he lays them all out with a kendo stick!

Next week, Sienna defends the Unified Knockout’s Championship against Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing Match, the Super X Cup continues and so much more. Don’t miss it!