GFW / IMPACT Wrestling 07 27 2017

GFW Impact Wrestling
July 27, 2017
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IMPACT opens with Joseph Park and Grado in the backstage area as Grado prepares to pop the question to Laurel Van Ness.

Today is IMPACT Day in Orlando, Florida and to commemorate this special occasion, Mayor Buddy Dyer will be the special guest ring announcer!

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and EC3 def. Eddie Edwards, Naomichi Marufuji and IMPACT Grand Champion Moose in a Six Man Tag Team Match

Edwards and Marufuji take turns chopping EC3! Moose attempts to get his hands on EC3 but he retreats. Moose turns his attention to Adonis on the apron but EC3 attacks him from behind to gain control. Marufuji delivers a series of impressive kicks to Adonis. Drake hits Edwards with a slingshot shoulder block for a near fall. Drake distracts the referee while EC3 attacks Edwards on the apron! Moose receives the hot tag as he clashes with EC3 in the six-sided ring! Moose attempts the corner dropkick but Drake and Adonis intercept it! Adonis gets Marufuji in the Adonis lock but Edwards breaks it up with an Enzuigiri kick. EC3 attempts to hit Moose with the Grand Championship belt but misses. Instead, EC3 low blows Moose, followed by Angel’s Wings to pick up the win.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Richard Justice, IMPACT’s standby wrestler.

Lashley is in the ring and talks about all the IMPACT newcomers getting title shots, when he hasn’t received his world title rematch yet.

He calls out Bruce Prichard to make his rematch official for Destination X.

Matt Sydal interrupts and Lashley attacks him! Lashley attempts the Spear but Sydal counters and hits the Shooting Star Press!

Davey Richards def. Taiji Ishimori in a Super X Cup First Round Match

This is the final first round match in the 2017 Super X Cup Tournament. The winner will face ACH in the second round. Richards brings a steel chair into the ring but the referee stops him from using it! Ishimori hits a big springboard to gain momentum, followed by a delayed double foot stomp for a near fall! Richards attempts the double foot stomp from the top rope but Ishimori avoids it and hits a Shining Wizard for another near fall. Ishimori connects with a 450 Splash to win and advance to the next round!

Backstage, Bruce Prichard announces Lashley vs. Matt Sydal in a number one contender’s match at Destination X.

Unified Knockout’s Champion Sienna w/ KM def. Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing Match for the Unified Knockout’s Championship

The only way to win this match is to lay out your opponent for the referee’s count of 10. Rosemary attacks Sienna before the bell to gain the early advantage. The fight spills into the crowd as Rosemary locks Sienna in the reverse tarantula! Sienna taps out but it doesn’t matter, that’s not how you win a Last Knockout’s Standing match! Sienna hits Rosemary with a brutal AK-47 off the ring apron to the floor! Rosemary makes it up before the 10 count. Sienna goes for the Silencer but Rosemary counters with a steel chair shot! Sienna gets up at 9. Rosemary connects with Red Wedding on top of a steel chair. Sienna is out but KM stands her up before the count of 10. Rosemary is perched on the top rope. KM gets up on the apron to distract her but gets sprayed with green mist! Sienna capitalizes off the distraction by pushing Rosemary off the top rope, through a table on the outside. Rosemary cannot answer the 10 count, Sienna retains the title!

Backstage, EC3 reveals his new finishing move is called ECD, the Ethan Carter Driver. He will receive his IMPACT Grand Championship match on next week’s episode!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Alberto El Patron who tells LAX they’re going to pay for what they did to his family!

Trevor Lee, still in possession of Sonjay Dutt’s X-Division title, introduces his opponent for tonight, the greatest high flyer in Mexican history, Octagoncito!

Octagoncito def. Trevor Lee via count out

Octagoncito hits Lee with a Hurricanrana, causing Lee to retreat and get himself counted out! After the match, Sonjay Dutt once again attempts to retrieve his X-Division title belt but referees hold him back!

At the LAX hideout, Konnan informs Homicide that he will be first in tonight’s main event Gauntlet match against Alberto El Patron.

It’s time for Grado to pop the big question to Laurel Van Ness! He must marry her to stay in America! Sienna tries to talk Laurel out of it but it’s no use. Grado gets down on one knee and proposes to her! Allie comes out celebrate the occasion but Braxton Sutter makes her go to the back. Then, Kongo Kong comes out and puts a stop to Grado’s proposal. Grado leaves as Laurel tries to calm Kong down.

Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron def. LAX (Homicide, Ortiz & Santana) w/ Konnan & Diamante in a 3 on 1 Gauntlet Match via DQ

First up, it’s El Patron taking on Homicide. El Patron hits a frog splash right off the bat and makes quick work of Homicide! Next, El Patron must face Ortiz. El Patron hits him with his signature double foot stomp in the corner to win the second stage of the Gauntlet! In the final stage of the gauntlet, El Patron will battle Santana. He distracts the referee while LAX attacks El Patron on the outside. Diamante attempts to get involved but El Patron tosses her into Homicide on the outside! El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker when LAX attacks him, causing the disqualification. After the match, LAX continues the attack. El Patron’s brother and father attempt to make the save but they fall victim to the number’s game. Then, the Veterans of War come down and even the odds! They stand tall with El Patron, his father and his brother as IMPACT goes off the air.

Next week, Moose defends the IMPACT Grand Championship against EC3 and so much more. Don’t miss it!