GFW / IMPACT Wrestling 09 21 2017

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IMPACT opens with the arrival of Johnny Impact and he is furious about the attack he received at the hands of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis last week. Impact calls Drake out and demands his title shot tonight, he doesn’t want to wait until Victory Road next week. KM interrupts and says Drake is in Mexico but Impact isn’t buying it – he saw Drake’s car in the parking lot! KM proposes a match for Impact’s number one contendership – Impact accepts and it’s on!

Johnny Impact def. KM – Impact’s No.1 Contendership for GFW Global Championship on the Line

Impact gets right to the action by hitting KM with a big kick, followed by a standing Moonsault for a near fall! KM rolls up Impact with his feet on the ropes but it’s not enough to keep him down. Impact connects with a springboard kick, followed by a high risk move from the top rope to win and retain his number one contendership!

Backstage, AAA’s Pagano is speaking to a mystery man!

Taya Valkyrie def. Ava Storie

Valkyrie makes quick work of Storie, winning with the Road to Valhalla. After the match, Valkyrie says she came to IMPACT for one reason, she wants the Knockout’s title! Rosemary interrupts and questions why Valkyrie thinks she deserves a title shot before her. A brawl breaks out with Knockout’s champ Sienna, Allie, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim joining in! The sides are even as Gail, Allie and Rosemary clear the ring!

oVe are LAX’s special guests at their club in Tijuana, Mexico. They get the VIP treatment but when they run into LAX, things take a turn! oVe implies that LAX are cowards for not giving them a fair shot at the GFW tag titles at the Crash promotion last week. Santana gets heated and offers oVe exactly what they want – another shot at the gold next week!

We see part 2 of Global Forged, a web series that takes you into the life of up and coming wrestlers from Scott D’amore’s promotion, Border City Wrestling.

Backstage, Gail Kim, Allie and Rosemary say that things are far from over with Sienna, Taryn Terrell and Taya Valkyrie!

Petey Williams speaks on how much it would mean to him if he were to once again win the X-Division championship from new champion, Trevor Lee.

Pagano and El Hijo del Fantasma def. IMPACT Grand Champion EC3 and Eddie Edwards

This unusual pairing of EC3 and Eddie Edwards was made after they helped each other fend off an attack from AAA members last week. Pagano and Fantasma wear down EC3 on their side of the ring as they prevent him from getting the tag to Edwards. EC3 is finally able to tag in Edwards who goes right on the attack! Edwards hits Fantasma with a kick, followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb but the referee is distracted by EC3 and Pagano brawling on the outside! Then, a new member of AAA makes his debut, Texano Jr! He attacks Edwards behind the ref’s back, allowing Fantasma to pin him for the win!

After the match, the beatdown continues. Pagano and Fantasma hold down Edwards and EC3 as Texano whips them with a bull rope! But then, James Storm makes his return and clears the ring! Storm shakes hands with Edwards but just stares down EC3 – the battle lines have been drawn!

Backstage, Johnny Impact runs into Pagano, Fantasma and Texano Jr while on the hunt for Eli Drake. They tell him Drake is still in Mexico but Texano Jr has another message for Impact – he doesn’t like him! Impact challenges Texano to a match and puts his number one contendership on the line for the second time in one night!

Kongo Kong def. Mahabali Shera

Kong runs over Shera with a big clothesline to take control.

Shera charges at Kong in the corner but Kong lifts him to the apron. Shera drapes him over the top rope, followed by a springboard move for a near fall! Kong hits Shera with the cannonball in the corner and the massive top rope splash to win.

Eli Drake prepares for his match in Mexico and accuses Johnny Impact of running away from home when he heard Drake was coming to town.

Backstage, Moose speaks on his rivalry with Lashley, who recently decided he’s leaving wrestling to compete solely in MMA.

Johnny Impact def. Texano Jr – Impact’s No.1 Contendership for GFW Global Championship On the Line

This is Impact’s second match in one night!  Impact connects with a Hurricanrana, followed by numerous swinging neckbreakers for a near fall. Impact misses a high risk move, allowing Texano to connect with a leg lariat for a near fall of his own. The fight spills to the outside as Texano sends Impact into the steel ring steps! Texano is perched on the top rope but Impact kicks him to the outside. Impact follows up with a springboard Moonsault to gain control! The action is back and forth as Impact is able to connect with Starship Pain to pick up his second win of the night!

Laurel Van Ness is back to her old ways as she’s looking for a man in the audience.

Sienna, Taryn Terrell and Taya Valkyrie approach Karen Jarrett in her office. Sienna proposes a six-woman tag team match at Victory Road next week – Karen loves the idea and makes it official!

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake def. Bronce – GFW Global Championship Match

We’re at a AAA event as Drake puts the title on the line against one of AAA’s hottest young stars! Bronce uses his speed to his advantage as he tries to build momentum. Bronce jumps off the top but Drake catches him and sends him into the corner turnbuckles to take control. Drake catches Bronce in mid-air and delivers a huge powerslam for a near fall. Drake connects with the Gravy Train to retain his title.

Next week, Eli Drake defends the GFW Global Championship against Johnny Impact, oVe takes on LAX for the GFW Tag Team Championships, Trevor Lee puts the X-Division title on the line against Petey Williams, a six Knockout tag team match and so much more. It’s all part of Victory Road – don’t miss it!