IMPACT Wrestling 06 01 2017

IMPACT Wrestling
June 1, 2017
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)

IMPACT! Wrestling opens with EC3 celebrating his victory in last week’s number one contender’s match. He is accompanied by a quartet who performs his theme music in the ring. EC3 declares he has the secret weapon to defeat Lashley at Slammiversary. As the quartet performs EC3’s “fight music”, the GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron, Bruce Prichard, Karen Jarrett, Dutch Mantel and Tyrus interrupt! Bruce reminds EC3 that there are going to be repercussions for his recent actions and they’re going to be tonight when EC3 faces Alberto El Patron inside Six Sides of Steel – EC3’s number one contender spot and El Patron’s GFW Global Title are on the line!

Moose def. Eli Drake to retain the Impact Grand Championship

Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantell and Scott D’amore are your judges for this contest.

Moose goes on the attack early as he tries to exact revenge on Eli Drake for attacking him two weeks ago. Drake quickly turns it around and works on the legs of Moose. All three judges score it 10-9 for Eli Drake as he wins round one by unanimous decision. Drake is perched on the top rope but Moose knocks him off with a big dropkick! Moose follows up with a pop-up Powerbomb and a Moonsault but doesn’t have the energy to go for the pin. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose, one judge scores it 10-9 for Drake. Moose wins round two by split decision. Moose hits Go to Hell for a near fall. Chris Adonis grabs ahold of Moose’s leg from ringside, allowing Drake to capitalize with White Noise! The round ends before he can go for the pin. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose, one judge scores it 10-9 for Drake. Moose is still the IMPACT! Grand champion.


Backstage, Rosemary tells Allie that “they” will protect her.

Allie def. Amber Nova

As the match begins, Swoggle is spotted amongst the fans. Nova has Allie in a head scissors and repeatedly drives her into the turnbuckle but Allie turns it around and hits the Death Valley Driver to win!


Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks are seen arriving to the IMPACT! Zone in a golf cart!

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) def. Veterans of War in a No DQ match to become the new GFW Tag Team Champions

Homicide & Diamante get involved in the early going and there’s nothing the referee can do – it’s no disqualification! LAX assaults Wilcox on the outside by throwing him into the steels steps as Santana takes it to Mayweather inside the ring. Mayweather attempts to tag in Wilcox on multiple occasions but falls victim to the number’s game from LAX! Mayweather is finally able to make the tag and Wilcox goes on the attack! Wilcox hits Ortiz with a huge Samoan Drop. He goes for the pin but Diamante pulls the referee out of the ring! Meanwhile, Konnan cracks Mayweather in the back with a steel pipe as Homicide hits Wilcox with the title belt! LAX connects with a massive tower of doom on Wilcox to win and become the new GFW tag team champions!


Low-Ki def. Andrew Everett to retain the X Division Championship

Sonjay Dutt is on commentary as he recovers from the eye injury he received at the hands of Low-Ki! Everett knocks Low-Ki to the outside with an Enzuigiri but misses the follow-up crossbody. Low-Ki takes control with a kick through the ropes. Everett begins to build momentum by hitting Low-Ki with the Kylo Kick. Everett hits a Hurricanrana into the corner, followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Everett attempts the 450 Splash off the top rope but Low-Ki gets his knees up. Low-Ki connects with the Warrior’s Way double foot stomp to the back of Everett to retain the X-Division title. After the match, Low-Ki stares down Sonjay Dutt at the announce desk.


Rockstar Spud makes his return and attacks Swoggle with a hammer, just like Swoggle did to him a few weeks ago – it’s all about revenge!

Alberto El Patron def. EC3 in Sixes Sides of Steel to retain the GFW Global Championship and advance to Slammiversary to face Lashley

El Patron connects with a big Samoan drop off the top rope! EC3 drives El Patron head first into the steel cage. El Patron comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! EC3 has El Patron in the electric chair and slams him down to the mat, face first! EC3 attempts to climb the side of the cage but El Patron brings him down with a devastating back-cracker! El Patron hits EC3 with his signature kick for a near fall. El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker but EC3 gets out of it and hits the TK3! EC3 is stuck in the tree of woe and El Patron capitalizes with the double foot stomp from the top of the cage! El Patron follows up with a frog splash to pick up the victory and will face Lashley for the IMPACT! Wrestling World Title at Slammiversary!


Next week, IMPACT! Wrestling makes history as it takes place from Mumbai, India. Don’t miss it!