IMPACT Wrestling 06 15 2017

IMPACT Wrestling
June 15, 2017
Mumbai, India

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We get right to the action as IMPACT! Wrestling is once again broadcast from Mumbai, India.

Shera won a Sony Six Invitational Gauntlet Battle Royale

Two men start the match, a competitor will enter every 90 seconds. You are eliminated when you’re thrown over the top rope.

Suicide and Matt Sydal are the first two in the ring. Davey Richards is the third entrant. Sydal hits him with a Hurricanrana. KM is the fourth entrant. Sydal continues the offense with a combo move that takes out both KM and Richards! Swoggle is the fifth competitor in the match. Suicide is eliminated when Richards dropkicks him over the top rope. Eddie Edwards enters sixth and immediately takes Richards over the top rope, eliminating himself in the process! Rockstar Spud is the seventh entrant and finally gets his chance to exact revenge on Swoggle! Kongo Kong enters the match in the number eight spot and quickly eliminates Sydal and Spud. Shortly after, he eliminates Swoggle with some assistance from Spud. Moose is the ninth entrant but falls victim to the numbers game as Kong and KM eliminate him. Crowd favorite, Mahabali Shera is the tenth and final entrant in the match. Kong charges at him but Shera pulls down the top rope for the elimination! Mahabali Shera and KM are the final two – the match must now end by pinfall or submission! Shera connects with a big powerslam on KM, followed by a series of clotheslines. Shera hits Sky High to pick up the victory in front of his family and friends in Mumbai, India!

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park are on their way to a training session before they take on Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner at Slammiversary – but end up at a Chinese food buffet instead!

Since LAX can’t travel to India due to their criminal history, they’re bringing the fight to other Orlando-based promotions. It all goes down next week!

After having a spiritual awakening, EC3 makes his way to the ring as E-Singh-3. He says he’s not here to make history – he’s here to destroy it. E-Singh-3 disrespects the people of Mumbai but the translator refuses to repeat what he said! E-Singh-3 brutally attacks him with a belt until James Storm makes the save! Storm attempts to get some payback but EC3 retreats before the damage can be done.

Rockstar Spud and Swoggle get into an argument in catering and another brawl breaks out!

It’s time for Josh Mathews’ public sparring session in preparation for his tag team match at Slammiversary. He brings out his opponent, Sandeep Dhaka.

Josh Mathews def. Sandeep Dhaka in a Public Sparring Session

Mathews attempts to embarrass him but Dhaka builds some momentum with a series of arm drags and dropkicks! Mathews regains control and connects with a big Swanton bomb, followed by the Steiner Recliner to win by submission.

After the match, Mahabali Shera comes out to defend Dhaka but the IMPACT! Wrestling World Champion, Lashley attacks him from behind. Mathews locks in the Steiner Recliner on Shera until Alberto El Patron makes the save and chases them off!

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park prepare for their match at Slammiversary by watching tape on Scott Steiner.

Braxton Sutter def. Trevor Lee

Lee jumpstarts the match by attacking Sutter from behind. Lee follows up with a German Suplex for a near fall. Lee gets in Allie’s face at ringside, causing Sutter to go on the offensive! Sutter connects with a powerslam, followed by the swinging Neckbreaker to win.

After the match, GFW Women’s Champion Sienna and Laurel Van Ness interrupt. Sienna proposes a tag team match pitting her and Laurel against Allie and Knockout’s Champion Rosemary next week!

IMPACT! Grand Champion, Moose is in the ring but gets interrupted by Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Drake says Moose doesn’t deserve to be champion and accuses him of having Bruce Prichard in his pocket! Moose challenges them to a match at Slammiversary but there’s two of them and only one of him! Drake and Adonis attack Moose but the tide quickly turns as Moose clears the ring. Moose says he’ll have a partner at Slammiversary and he’s going to reveal who it is – next week!

While preparing for their tag match at Slammiversary, Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park receive a video call from Scott Steiner.

Sonjay Dutt def. Low Ki to become the new X-Division Champion

Dutt is still wearing an eye patch after the devastating injury he suffered at the hands of Low-Ki. Dutt kicks Low-Ki off the apron and follows up with a baseball slide to the outside. Low-Ki quickly turns it around by driving Dutt into the steel guardrail. They battle amongst the fans and Dutt connects with a big Moonsault! Low-Ki slams Dutt onto the steel steps. Low-Ki goes for a springboard but Dutt counters into a side Russian Legsweep! Low-Ki climbs the ropes for Warrior’s Way but Dutt stops him and hits a huge Superplex! Dutt connects with a tornado DDT, followed by a splash from the top rope to become the new X-Division champion! The celebration begins as fans and roster members congratulate Dutt on his huge accomplishment!

Next week, Moose reveals who his partner will be at Slammiversary when he battles Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Also, don’t miss two huge tag team matches! Allie and Rosemary take on Sienna and Laurel Van Ness, plus Alberto El Patron and James Storm join forces against their Slammiversary opponents, Lashley and EC3! All this and more on a jam-packed edition of IMPACT! Wrestling.