IMPACT Wrestling 06 22 2017

IMPACT Wrestling
Mumbai, India
June 22, 2017

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IMPACT! Wrestling is broadcast from Mumbai, India as Sienna tells Laurel Van Ness to focus ahead of their tag team match against Allie and Rosemary tonight – that is, if Rosemary shows up.

Trevor Lee vs. Davey Richards vs. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Sydal – Sony Six Way X-Division Elimination Match

The bell rings and the brawl is on between rivals Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards!

Suicide hits the Suicide Plunge, taking out everyone on the outside! Back in the ring, Suicide follows up with a big top rope crossbody on Sutter.

Lee rolls up Sutter with a hold of the tights to eliminate him.

Eddie charges at Davey in the corner but Davey sends him into the steel ring post.

Lee hits the running double foot stomp on Suicide to eliminate him.

Eddie attempts a suicide dive but Davey throws a steel chair at him in mid-air, causing his elimination by disqualification.

Eddie eliminates himself by hitting Davey with a suplex onto a steel chair!

Matt Sydal and Trevor Lee are the final two competitors. Sydal hits a standing Moonsault on Lee for a near fall.

Sydal connects with a huge Shooting Star Press to win the match and the Sony Six trophy!

Rockstar Spud is sightseeing in Mumbai, India when he runs into Swoggle. They’re about to brawl when a mysterious man breaks it up!

Backstage, Allie is trying to convince herself that Rosemary will show up to be partner tonight.

Jeremy Borash gives Joseph Park a much-needed pep talk as they continue to prepare for their match against Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner at Slammiversary.

Sienna and Laurel vs. Allie and Rosemary

Sienna and Laurel corner Allie on the stage but Rosemary crawls out from underneath the ring to even the odds! Rosemary is here!

KM comes down to ringside with a weapon but Braxton Sutter takes him out! Allie goes to check on Sutter but meanwhile, Sienna and Laurel double team Rosemary in the ring. Laurel hits Rosemary with a foot stomp and Sienna pins her to win.

Since they can’t travel to India, LAX brings the fight to other Orlando-based wrestling promotions!

Mahabali Shera is in the ring to begin Sonjay Dutt’s X-Division Championship celebration!

He talks about how he’s been waiting 15 years for this moment. Low-Ki interrupts and congratulates him but says he had luck on his side.

Low-Ki requests a rematch which Sonjay gladly accepts and makes the match 2 out of 3 falls at Slammiversary! Low-Ki quickly changes his attitude, attacking both Sonjay and Shera from behind. Low-Ki hits Warrior’s Way on Shera but when he goes to do the same on Sonjay, Matt Sydal makes the save!

KM vs. Mahabali Shera

After being blindsided by Low-Ki just moments ago, doctors try to prevent Shera from competing but he insists. KM attacks Shera on the ramp and throws him into the steel ring steps.

Shera tries to turn things around but can’t due to his injured ribs. KM continues to wear him down. Then, Shera hits Sky-High out of nowhere to pick up the victory!

After the match, Kongo Kong joins KM in a post-match beat down on Shera. Kong connects with a huge splash off the top rope right onto Shera’s injured ribs.

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park continue preparation for their match against Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner at Slammiversary. It all culminates with JB and Joseph Park doing some impressive dives into a swimming pool.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are in the ring to find out who Moose’s tag team partner will be in their match at Slammiversary.

Drake thinks his partner is Bruce Prichard because the rest of the roster is already booked at the pay-per-view. Moose admits his partner isn’t in the locker room because his partner at Slammiversary is NFL star D’Angelo Williams.

Drake and Adonis attack Moose, knowing that Williams isn’t in Mumbai, India to watch his back.

“Walking Armageddon” Lashley & E-Singh-3 vs. Alberto El Patron & “Cowboy” James Storm

El Patron lifts Storm over the top rope as he takes out Lashley and EC3 on the floor!

El Patron is perched on the top rope but Lashley pushes him off, allowing he and EC3 to take control.

El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker on EC3 but he’s in the ropes, forcing him to break the hold.

Storm grabs the leather strap that EC3 brought to the ring but Lashley attacks him from behind before he can use it.

Storm tags El Patron but Lashley distracts the referee, causing him to miss the tag!

Storm hits EC3 with a tornado DDT and finally tags in El Patron!

El Patron counters Lashley’s powerslam attempt into the Backstabber but EC3 breaks up the pin.

Lashley takes everyone out, including EC3, with a huge tower of doom in the corner!

El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker on Lashley but EC3 breaks the hold. EC3 grabs the leather strap and starts whipping the referee, Brian Stiffler, causing the disqualification!

The match may be over but the fight continues as Storm and El Patron take it to EC3 and Lashley!

El Patron celebrates amongst the fans in Mumbai, India as IMPACT! Wrestling goes off the air.

Next week, it’s the final episode of IMPACT! Wrestling before Slammiversary. Witness Rockstar Spud take on Swoggle in a Mumbai Street Fight and so much more. Don’t miss it!