IMPACT Wrestling 09 28 2017

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Tonight, Impact Wrestling presents Victory Road! Three titles are on the line, plus a huge six Knockout tag team match!

Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley def. Petey Williams to retain the X Division Championship

Williams connects with a series of Hurricanrana’s in the early going to take advantage. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Konley distracts him on the apron. Williams takes out Konley on the floor and connects with the Canadian Destroyer on Lee! Williams goes for the pin but Konley pulls the referee out of the ring. Referee Brian Stiffler throws out Konley but this allows Lee to hit Williams with the title! Lee goes for the pin but it’s not enough to put Williams away! Lee counters another Canadian Destroyer attempt into the running double foot stomp to win. At the clubhouse, LAX prepares for their tag title defense against oVe later tonight.

Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell and Knockout’s Champion Sienna def. Allie, Rosemary & Gail Kim – Six Knockout Tag Team Match

Taya attempts the Road to Valhalla but Gail counters into a big tornado DDT! Gail gets the hot tag to Allie, who hits Taryn with a running dropkick in the corner! Things are breaking down as Rosemary hits Sienna with a German suplex, Taya hits Rosemary with a top rope crossbody and Gail hits Taya with a clothesline from the apron to the floor! Allie attempts Sliced Bread on Taryn but out of nowhere, Sienna rolls her up with her feet on the ropes to pick up the win. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis preview Drake’s GFW Global title defense against Johnny Impact tonight. Drake notes that they didn’t give the champ his couch to sit on.

Joseph Park and Grado are enjoying a fancy dinner to celebrate Grado’s success as Park, Park & Park’s first signee to its sports management division. Park gives Grado his first royalty check but Grado seems disappointed when he opens it. Park receives a phone call and leaves abruptly.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Impact who reveals that he’s stolen Eli Drake’s couch!

James Storm is in the ring to address his recent allegiance with EC3 to fight off the AAA invasion. Storm says he’s sick of people coming in from other promotions thinking they can leap frog him! Texano interrupts and Storm challenges him to a fight! The brawl is on but Storm falls victim to the numbers game as Fantasma gets involved. He lays out Storm with Storm’s own Last Call superkick. Fantasma says AAA is the best company and tries to hit Storm over the head with a beer bottle when EC3 makes the save! Storm thanks EC3 and they shake hands!

James Storm and EC3 are in Jim Cornette’s office and ask him for a tag team match against Texano and Fantasma! Cornette makes the match official for next week but tells them to win the match and nothing more! Storm apologizes for what he’s going to do to them next week.

The Global Forged web series continues as Scott D’Amore looks for IMPACT’s newest star.

oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) def. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan & Diamante to become the new Tag Team Champions

oVe jumps LAX before the bell rings to gain the early advantage! Ortiz connects with a top rope leg drop on Dave to regain control as they wear him down on their side of the ring. Jake powerslams Santana into the corner for a near fall. oVe hits a double team suplex into a powerbomb on Santana but Ortiz breaks up the pin attempt! Ortiz takes out Jake with a Death Valley Driver onto Dave in the corner! Dave connects with the Square and Compass DDT on Ortiz to win! oVe are the new tag team champions!

We see footage of Lashley returning to American Top Team as he recently decided to focus solely on MMA.

Eli Drake w/ Chris Adonis def. Johnny Impact to retain the World Championship

Impact hits a springboard kick that sends Drake to the outside! Adonis gets involved, causing the referee to throw him out! Impact suplexes Drake on the ramp as the referee tries to get the match back inside the ring. Impact goes for another springboard move but Drake counters with an elbow, sending Impact crashing into the steel steps. Drake hits the running neckbreaker for a near fall. Impact connects with a huge top rope Spanish Fly for yet another near fall. Drake goes for a clothesline but Impact moves, causing Drake to take out the referee! Adonis returns to ringside, allowing Drake to hit Impact with the title! A new referee comes down to make the count but Impact kicks out! Drake’s intent to get himself disqualified is clear when he attacks the ref! Drake attempts to hit Impact with the title for a second time but Impact avoids it, causing Drake to clobber Adonis! Impact hits the swinging neckbreaker but somehow, Drake kicks out! Impact is on the top rope for the countdown to Impact but Drake pushes the ref into the corner! Drake hits Impact with a low blow, followed by the Gravy Train to win.

After the match, Drake and Adonis continue to beat down Impact when Garza Jr makes the save! Then, LAX appears in the ring to attack Garza. Konnan attacks a fan at ringside and Adonis puts the Adonis lock on another referee as chaos erupts at ringside! Victory Road goes off the air with Drake and Adonis standing tall over Johnny Impact.

Next week, the road to Bound for Glory continues with a huge X-Division six-man tag, plus EC3 and James Storm team up to take on AAA’s Texano and Fantasma. Don’t miss it!