IMPACT Wrestling 10 05 2017

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GFW Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are in the ring to kick off IMPACT! Drake talks about retaining his title against Johnny Impact last week.

Of course, it wasn’t without the help of Adonis but Drake says he did it on his own. Drake tells us he’s going to be celebrating at the hotel but first, he got Adonis a match – Garza Jr comes out and it’s on!

Garza Jr vs. Chris Adonis went to a No Contest

Eli Drake joins the commentary team and mentions that Johnny Impact is not here tonight. Adonis, in street attire, wears down Garza with a variety of submission moves. Garza takes Adonis over the top rope and follows up with a big crossbody to the outside! Garza attempts the crossbody again but this time, Adonis avoids it and sends Garza to the floor. During the match, Johnny Impact is seen arriving backstage. Drake leaves the commentary table. Impact charges the ring and attacks Adonis! Garza approaches Impact from behind and Impact levels him too!

Jim Cornette comes out and announces Impact vs Garza with the winner facing Drake for the global title at Bound for Glory! Impact and Garza brawl once again as Drake and Adonis retreat up the ramp.

Moose arrives at American Top Team and he is on the hunt for Lashley!

At the clubhouse, LAX is furious that they lost the tag titles to oVe last week and begin to argue with each other.

Tag Team Champions oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) def. Trey Miguel & John Boland

Jake hits both of his opponents with a suicide dive, allowing Dave to follow up with a Moonsault to the outside! oVe hits a modified Total Elimination to pick up the impressive win.

GFW Knockout’s champion Sienna and her cousin, KM are in the ring. Sienna mentions Bound for Glory, IMPACT’s biggest pay-per-view of the year on November 5th and how she doesn’t have a match. Sienna thinks she knows why, it’s because she’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame!

Gail Kim, an actual Hall of Famer, comes out and wants to face Sienna for the title at BFG.

Taryn Terrell interrupts, reminding them she’s the longest reigning Knockout’s champion and that she’s the one who deserves a title shot.

Allie is out next and she wants a title shot too! Karen Jarrett comes out and immediately turns down Sienna’s Hall of Fame claim. She also announces that Sienna will indeed be defending her title at Bound for Glory – against all three Knockouts!

Joseph Park has brought Grado to his first autograph signing and photo op. Park says he’s charging fans $100 which Grado thinks is too expensive. After it’s over, Park gives Grado his cut and once again, it’s not a lot of money.

Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams def. X-Division Champion Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley – Six Man Tag Team Match

Lee and Everett have put their differences behind them to form the Cult of Lee, along with Caleb Konley. The referee loses control of the match as everyone brawls in the middle of the ring. Williams and Sydal hit suicide dives, while Dutt connects with a Moonsault to take out everyone on the outside! Everett attempts a Moonsault on Williams but misses and hits Konley! Sydal hits Everett with a top rope standing Hurricanrana, followed by the Shooting Star to win!

After the match, Sonjay Dutt challenges Trevor Lee for the X-Division title at Bound for Glory but Petey Williams interrupts and says he’s the one who should be getting the shot! Matt Sydal gets on the mic and argues he’s the one who should be challenging for the belt. Who will be number one contender?

You can see more of Global Forged on as Scott D’amore looks for the best up and coming wrestlers.

In Jim Cornette’s office, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and Matt Sydal are arguing about who should be number one contender for the X-Division title. Cornette gets fed up and leaves.

Laurel Van Ness has stolen a scooter and is looking for a man amongst the fans.

Moose finds Lashley at American Top Team but is jumped by King Mo and beaten down by the rest of the squad!

El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano def. Impact Grand Champion EC3 and James Storm in the Main Event

Despite being bitter enemies, EC3 and James Storm are able to work together in the early going. EC3 hits Texano with the TK3 for a near fall. Pagano comes down to ringside and the number’s game begins. Fantasma distracts the referee while Pagano and Texano double team EC3 in the corner! Fantasma misses a top rope splash, allowing EC3 to get the hot tag to Storm. He goes on the attack, hitting a double team combo move on both Fantasma and Texano. Pagano gets up on the apron for another distraction, allowing team AAA to regain control. EC3 connects with a huge Tower of Doom, taking out everyone! Fantasma hits a suicide dive but inadvertently takes out his own partner, Texano! Pagano throws EC3 into the steel ring post. Meanwhile, Storm attempts to suplex Fantasma from the apron in to the ring but Pagano grabs Storm’s leg, allowing Fantasma to pin him for the win.

At the clubhouse, LAX is back on the same page as Low-Ki reveals that their rematch for the tag titles against oVe will be a 5150 Street Fight!

Next week, Johnny Impact takes on Garza Jr with the winner facing Eli Drake for the Global Championship at Bound for Glory. Don’t miss it!