IMPACT Wrestling 10 19 2017

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Moose, Stephan Bonnar and American Top Team are all in the building tonight! What will happen after Moose and Bonnar trashed the facility last week?

Johnny Impact vs. Chris Adonis

Impact is out for revenge after Adonis brutally attacked him on behalf of Eli Drake last week!

Adonis puts the Adonis Lock on Impact but he jumps over the top rope, forcing Adonis to break the hold. Impact connects with multiple rollups for a series of near falls.

Impact hits his signature swinging neckbreaker for another near fall.

Impact kicks Adonis from the apron, followed by a springboard kick but Adonis is still able to kick out!

Impact knocks Adonis off the top rope and hits Countdown to Impact to win!

After the match, Eli Drake attempts to blindside Impact but he sees it coming! Impact takes it to Drake but quickly falls victim to the numbers game as Adonis joins in on the assault. Drake whips Impact repeatedly with his belt until Garza Jr comes out with a steel chair to make the save!

Alberto El Patron is returning to Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory.

Grand Champion EC3 vs. James Storm vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Texano vs. Eddie Edwards – Five Way Match in Cancun

This is a special match taking place at a AAA event in Cancun as Impact Wrestling battles AAA. It’s every man for himself and the first to score a pinfall will win.

EC3 takes out Texano with a huge clothesline to build momentum. Edwards joins him in delivering a double suplex to Texano for a near fall.

Even though Fantasma and Texano are on the same page in Impact Wrestling, they’re not friends here in AAA as they do battle.

EC3, Storm and Edwards have Fantasma down and out but argue over who’s going to get the pin. EC3 throws Edwards into Storm and rolls him up for a near fall.

EC3 connects with the TK3 on Fantasma.

Fantasma hits EC3 with the piledriver. Meanwhile, Texano and Storm contemplate working together on the outside. Texano knocks Fantasma off the apron and pins EC3 to win!

oVe are at Konnan’s Crash promotion event in Tijuana and they’re looking for the boss! Konnan says that if they want to talk to him, they’ll have to put the titles on the line in Crash tonight!

Backstage, EC3, James Storm and Eddie Edwards are arguing after none of them won the five-way match earlier tonight. Edwards says they must work together and insist that Storm and EC3 team together next week to get on the same page.

Andrew Everett w/ X-Division Champion Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs. Dezmond Xavier

It’s revealed that Andrew Everett came back to Trevor Lee because he realized they were stronger as a group.

Everett distracts the referee while the Cult of Lee attacks Xavier on the outside!

Xavier connects with the cutter, followed by a series of running elbows in the corner.

Konley gets up on the ring apron but Xavier knocks him off. Xavier flies over the top to take out both Everett and Konley on the outside!

Lee attempts to distract Xavier but it doesn’t work! Xavier connects with a handspring kick to win!

Josh Mathews announces that Taryn Terrell is out of the Knockout’s title bout at Bound for Glory after receiving a devastating slap from Gail Kim last week. It will now be a triple threat as Sienna defends against Gail and Allie.

Trevor Lee will compete at the Crash promotion in Tijuana next week!

oVe accepts Konnan’s challenge to defend the tag team championships in Tijuana tonight.

Grado is in the ring and calls out his promoter, Joseph Park. Grado is not happy with how Park has been treating him since joining Park, Park and Park sports management.

Park comes out as Grado accuses him of being a thief and stealing his money. Park admits that he’s been taking advantage of Grado but reminds him that he allowed Grado stay in America by getting him the visa. Grado asks for ownership of the visa but Park refuses. Instead, he suggests they have a match at Bound for Glory where if Grado wins, he’s allowed to stay in America but if he loses, he must leave forever. Grado immediately signs the contract but didn’t read the fine print – the match at Bound for Glory will be Monster’s Ball against Joseph Park’s brother, Abyss!

As Grado is preparing to leave the Impact Zone in his car, Father James Mitchell appears in his back seat and scares him off!

Tag Team Champions oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Black Diamond & Black Danger – Tag Team Championship Match

Diamond jumps oVe during their entrance by launching himself over the top rope and taking them out with some aerial offense!

Jake hits a springboard Moonsault on both Diamond and Danger on the outside.

oVe connects with a superplex into a powerbomb on Danger but Diamond breaks up the pin attempt!

OVe hits a double foot stomp into a piledriver on Diamond to retain the titles! They have earned the right to speak to Konnan later tonight.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring but gets forced out by American Top Team who isn’t supposed to be here tonight!

Dan Lambert mentions that he’s a bigger professional wrestling fan than anyone in the Impact Zone tonight and it was wrestling that introduced him to mixed martial arts. Lambert shows the fans his extensive collection of memorabilia. Lambert says that when Moose and Stephan Bonnar trashed their facility last week, they not only disrespected American Top Team but wrestling as a whole. Lambert says even though he loves wrestling, he is instructing American Top Team to destroy it in a fight at Bound for Glory pitting Lashley and King Mo against Moose and Stephan Bonnar.

Moose and Stephan Bonnar interrupt but are attacked from behind by Lashley! American Top Team beats them down in the ring, causing security and other members of the Impact Wrestling roster to come out. They attempt to make the save but end up falling victim to the number’s game.

Back in Tijuana, oVe confronts Konnan. oVe just wants their money but Konnan never said anything about them getting paid for their match tonight! Konnan sticks Crash roster members on oVe and they beat them down.

Global Forged continues on as Scott D’amore looks for the best up and coming talent.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

Rosemary goes on the attack right away as this grudge match begins! Taya pulls Rosemary’s arm into the steel ring post to gain control.

Taya hits Rosemary with a top rope crossbody to the outside.

Taya charges at Rosemary in the corner but she avoids it and connects with a German suplex to build momentum.

Rosemary attempts Red Wedding but Taya counters into a big foot stomp to win!

After the match, Taya attempts Road to Valhalla but Rosemary counters and sprays the mist in her face! Rosemary says the fans want blood and challenges Taya to another match at Bound for Glory! What will Taya’s response be?

Next week, the action continues as we get closer to Bound for Glory in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 5th. Don’t miss it!