IMPACT Wrestling 11 02 2017

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Bound for Glory is this Sunday, November 5th on PPV! Who will gain momentum heading into the biggest show of the year?

Rosemary and Allie def. Impact Knockouts Champion Sienna and KC Spinelli

It’s Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Red Wedding match at Bound for Glory but tonight, she’s in tag team action! Allie hits Sienna with a codebreaker followed by a German Suplex from Rosemary! Allie pins the champ going into her huge knockout’s title match against Sienna and Gail Kim this Sunday!

Moose teams with Stephan Bonnar to take on Lashley and King Mo inside Six Sides of Steel at Bound for Glory! American Top Team is in the ring as Dan Lambert gives us one final preview of this Sunday’s grudge match. He insults the fans and says Bonnar will lose the match because he has a history of losing big fights!

Abyss takes on Grado in a Monster’s Ball match at Bound for Glory. If Abyss wins, Grado must leave America!

Moose and Okabayashi def. Nakajima and Kitamiya

We head to Japan for a tag team match from Pro Wrestling Noah! After a competitive back and forth contest, Okabayashi hits Kitamiya with a big top rope splash to win.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis show up at the LAX clubhouse uninvited! Drake has a peace offering for LAX tonight in their six man tag team match against Johnny Impact and oVe. Konnan accepts under one condition – Drake has to help LAX take out oVe tonight!

oVe puts the tag titles on the line against LAX in a 5150 Street Fight at Bound for Glory!

The X-Division title is up for grabs at Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Trevor Lee defends against Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Dezmond Xavier, Matt Sydal and Garza Jr! We get a preview of the action next!

Dezmond Xavier, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt def. Impact X Division Champion Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley

Williams hits Sydal with the Canadian Destroyer but Xavier breaks up the pin attempt. Lee hits Everett with his signature forearm by accident, allowing Xavier to connect with a handspring kick on Lee to win!

It’s Team AAA vs. Team Impact at Bound for Glory as EC3, James Storm & Eddie Edwards take on Texano, Fantasma & Pagano in an inter-promotional match.

Jeremy Borash interviews Gail Kim ahead of her Knockout’s title match at Bound for Glory against Sienna and Allie. Gail tells Allie she loves her but inside the ring, she has no friends. She calls out Sienna and says that she will win the Knockout’s title at her final Bound for Glory!

The winner of Global Forged is revealed – Hakim Zane will be at Bound for Glory.

This Sunday, it all comes down to this – Eli Drake defends the Global championship against Johnny Impact!

Johnny Impact and Impact Tag Team Champions oVe (Jake and Dave Crist) def. Impact World Champion Eli Drake w/ Chris Adonis and LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan and Diamante

Before the match, a huge brawl breaks out between oVe and LAX! Drake hides and ambushes Impact during his entrance to gain the advantage.

Impact hits a top rope twisting corkscrew to take out everyone on the outside! Impact rolls up Santana to pick up the win out of nowhere.

After the match, the brawl continues! Drake and Adonis take it to Impact inside the ring, while oVe and LAX fight on the outside. Santana launches himself off the stage onto oVe on the concrete! Adonis pulls back the ring apron, exposing the hard wooden slats underneath. Drake lays out Impact with a devastating Gravy Train and stands tall with the Global title as Impact goes off the air.

The wait is almost over! Impact Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory is this Sunday, November 5th on PPV, don’t miss it!