IMPACT Wrestling 11 09 2017

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The fallout from Bound for Glory begins tonight on Impact Wrestling!

Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash are in the ring to run down tonight’s lineup. Its Sonjay Dutt vs Matt Sydal, Eddie Edwards vs Fantasma for the GHC Heavyweight Championship and so much more!

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come out to celebrate Drake’s victory over Johnny Impact in the main event of Bound for Glory – but it wasn’t without the help of Alberto El Patron! Drake announces that due to his injuries sustained at Bound for Glory, management has given him the night off. Drake says there’s no competition left when the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams interrupts! Williams says he’s never beaten him and challenges Drake to put the title on the line tonight! Drake accepts the challenge but not for tonight’s episode. Williams says that management may have given him the night off but he hasn’t! Williams attacks Drake but when he goes for the Canadian Destroyer the champ, Adonis pulls him to safety.

We’re back from commercial break the match is made official for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling – Eli Drake will defend the Impact Global Championship against Petey Williams!

Jimmy Jacobs appears at the broadcast table once again but this time, he joins Josh Mathews and JB on commentary!

Matt Sydal def. Sonjay Dutt

Jeremy Borash continues to question why Jimmy Jacobs is at the announce desk. Eventually, Jacobs gets fed up and leaves.

Sydal hits a standing Moonsault for a near fall. Dutt connects with a modified running dropkick for a near fall of his own. Sydal is perched on the top rope but Dutt punches him, causing him to lose balance. Dutt follows up with a superplex. Sydal plants Dutt on his head and follows up with his signature Shooting Star Press to win!

After the match, the Impact Grand Champion, EC3 interrupts. The fans chant for him but he tells them to chant for Matt Sydal instead. He talks about how Sydal continues to win matches but always comes up short in the end. He brings up the time Sydal challenged Lashley for the heavyweight championship and choked. EC3 says that if Matt Sydal could be reborn, he should be reborn as a winner.

Johnny Impact is here and he’s out for revenge after Alberto El Patron screwed him out of the Impact Global Championship at Bound for Glory!

Eddie Edwards def. El Hijo Del Fantasma to retain the GHC Heavyweight Championship

This is the first time the GHC Heavyweight Championship has been defended in North America!

Fantasma hits a Hurricanrana off the top rope for a near fall. This time, it’s Edwards who takes Fantasma off the top rope with a huge superplex! Edwards connects with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Fantasma hits a big suicide dive, sending Edwards crashing into the steel guardrail! Edwards hits the Tiger Driver but Fantasma is still able to kick out. After numerous attempts, Edwards successfully hits the Boston Knee Party, followed by the Die Hard Flowsion to win!

Impact Tag Team Champions oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) and Sami Callahan def. Phil Atlas, Marcus Burke and Ray Steele

oVe and Callahan take out Atlas with in-sync kicks, followed by the All Seeing Eye to pick up the dominating win.

After the match, LAX hits the ring and the brawl is on! LAX ends up standing tall, making it clear that they want their tag team titles back!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews the winner of Global Forged, Hakim Zane. Johnny Impact interrupts and says he isn’t leaving until he finds Alberto El Patron!

We head to Border City Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as Allie takes to the ring!

Allie def. KC Spinelli

Allie takes out Spinelli with a big running clothesline. Spinelli begins to wear down Allie with repeated elbow strikes. Allie connects with three running elbows in the corner for another near fall. Spinelli misses a Moonasult, allowing Allie to follow up with the Death Valley Driver to win!

Next week, oVe and Sami Callahan take on LAX and Homicide in six man tag team action!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell attempts to interview Alberto El Patron when Johnny Impact attacks him from behind!

Other roster members including Braxton Sutter and Caleb Konley get involved – they were in the wrong place at the wrong time! The brawl spills outside into the streets of Ottawa and then back into the venue. Impact launches himself off the roof of a building and hits a huge crossbody into El Patron and security! The fight continues out in the arena where El Patron connects with numerous DDT’s. El Patron finally lays out Impact with the Cross Armbreaker as Impact Wrestling goes off the air.

Next week, the fallout from Bound for Glory continues including a huge Global Title match between Eli Drake and Petey Williams, plus so much more. Don’t miss it!