IMPACT Wrestling 12 14 2017

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Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary are seen preparing for their match tonight to crown the new Knockouts champion. But first, we will determine who’s next in line for a shot at the gold!

Allie def. Sienna, KC Spinelli and Madison Rayne in a No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout’s Championship

Allie takes out both Sienna and Spinelli with a Hurricanrana head scissors combo move! Sienna hits Rayne with a big boot for the near fall. Sienna connects with the fallaway slam on Rayne but Allie breaks up the pin attempt. Spinelli and Sienna take each other out with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring! Allie hits all of her opponents with running clotheslines in the corner. She follows up with a Codebreaker on Sienna but Spinelli breaks it up. Sienna hits the Silencer on Rayne. Allie connects with the Allie Valley Driver on Spinelli! Allie rolls up Sienna to pick up the win – she is the number one contender for the Knockouts championship!

Dezmond Xavier and Taiji Ishimori def. X-Division Champion Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley

Lee and Konley wear down Xavier on their side of the ring, preventing him from getting the tag to Ishimori. Xavier is finally able tag in Ishimori who uses unique aerial offense to build momentum! Ishimori hits Lee with a delayed double foot stomp in the corner for a near fall. Lee superkicks Ishimori and follows up with a German Suplex but Xavier breaks up the pin attempt. Lee and Konley go for the spike piledriver on Ishimori but he counters into a rollup and pins Lee!

Alberto El Patron approaches Johnny Impact and Petey Williams backstage. Tonight, they’ll have to put their differences aside to take on Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and a mystery partner! El Patron tells Johnny to be careful in their match because accidents happen…

Meanwhile, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis confirm with Jimmy Jacobs that their plan is in place for tonight.

Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact and Petey Williams def. Impact Global Champion Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and Kongo Kong

Before the match gets underway, Jimmie Jacobs comes out and introduces Kongo Kong as the third member of Eli Drake’s team! Impact connects with a springboard kick on Drake but Adonis breaks up the pin attempt. El Patron betrays Impact and hits him with the backstabber! El Patron gets taken out with Blunt Force Trauma from Drake. Impact launches himself over the top, taking out Drake with a flying corkscrew! Williams attempts a Hurricanrana on Kong but he counters and throws Williams over the guardrail, into the crowd! Impact connects with Starship Pain on Drake but El Patron pulls him out of the ring and hits him with a DDT on the ramp. El Patron follows up with a splash on Drake to steal the win!

As a result of this, it’s announced that Alberto El Patron will challenge Eli Drake in three weeks for the Global Championship!

Backstage, Chandler Park tells his cousin Joseph that he’s going to become a professional wrestler in the new year. Joseph tries to talk him out of it but it’s no use.

Moose and James Storm are in the ring to address American Top Team. Moose talks about how he’s had Lashley beat on several occasions but someone always interferes on his behalf. Lashley and Dan Lambert interrupt. Lashley challenges Moose to a fight, which leads to Storm challenging Lambert!

Lambert says yes under one condition – if Storm loses, he must leave IMPACT Wrestling forever! Storm agrees and Lambert spits in his face! A brawl breaks out and just as Storm is about to hit Lambert with the Last Call Superkick, KM attacks Storm from behind! KM attempts to lay him out but Storm turns it around and stands tall as Lambert retreats.

Laurel Van Ness def. Rosemary to become the new Knockouts Champion

Rosemary clotheslines Laurel over the top rope, sending her crashing to the floor. Laurel slams Rosemary on the ramp to gain the advantage. Rosemary hits an exploder suplex on the outside! Laurel counters Rosemary’s Red Wedding attempt and pummels her in the corner. Rosemary goes to spit mist in Laurel’s face but she ducks, causing it to hit her hands! Laurel rakes Rosemary’s eyes and hits the Unprettier off the top rope to win! Laurel Van Ness is the new Knockouts champion!

Sami Callihan is looking for Konnan outside the arena. He encounters an innocent man reading the newspaper and forces him to leave. Once he does, it’s revealed that Konnan is sitting behind him. Callihan finds Konna,n who proposes one final match between LAX and oVe for the tag team titles. Konnan says LAX is losing money thanks to oVe and he needs to put a stop to it. Konnan says this isn’t personal, it’s just business and they shake hands. As Callihan is about to leave, he turns back to Konnan and throws a fireball in his face! Callihan stands over Konnan and tells him that now, it’s personal…

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