IMPACT Wrestling 12 07 2017

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IMPACT! opens with Alberto El Patron calling out Eli Drake in the backstage area – he says he’s going to get his revenge on the world champ tonight!

Taiji Ishimori def. Caleb Konley

Caleb Konley looks to take out Ishimori tonight so he can’t challenge Trevor Lee for the X-Division title! Konley hits a leg sweep, followed by a senton for a near fall. Konley distracts the referee while Lee attacks Ishimori on the outside! Konley almost puts Ishimori away but he grabs the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Ishimori connects with the top rope 450 splash to win!

After the match, Lee and Konley double team Ishimori but Dezmond Xavier makes the save! Lee and Konley retreat while Xavier stands tall.

American Top Team is seen arriving to the arena. Tonight, Lashley and Dan Lambert take on Moose and James Storm in tag team action!

Rosemary def. Sienna and Allie in a Knockouts Title Tournament 1st Round Match

The winner of this match will face Laurel Van Ness in the finals to crown a new Knockouts champion next week. Rosemary and Allie are on the same page as they double team Sienna in the early going. Rosemary hits a fallaway slam on Sienna. Allie tries to steal the pin, but Rosemary breaks it up. Only one Knockout can advance to the finals! Sienna hits Allie with a big superplex. Both Allie and Rosemary lock in submissions on Sienna but neither can put her away! Rosemary hits Allie with Red Wedding to pick up the win.

Sami Callihan and the world tag team champions, oVe are in the ring. Callihan disrespects Canada and LAX’s home country of Mexico. Then, Canada’s hometown heroes TDT interrupt and attack oVe! St Jacques and Dubois are in control when Callihan hits them from behind with a kendo stick. oVe are about to hit the All-Seeing Eye when LAX makes the save! Chaos erupts as LAX sends oVe retreating up the ramp.

Backstage, Gail Kim approaches Allie who’s not feeling confident after losing her Knockouts title tournament match earlier tonight. Gail reassures Allie that this is her time.

KM continues to prove himself to American Top Team. This time, he attacks innocent people inside a gym!

At the LAX hideout, Konnan reveals that he’s going to make Sami Callihan an offer he can’t refuse.

Global champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis talk about their tag match against Johnny IMPACT and Petey Williams in tonight’s main event.

EC3 def. Matt Sydal via a draw to retain the Impact Grand Championship

Fallah Bahh is a special guest judge, joining judge Ariel and judge Ross for this match.

Matt Sydal hits a standing Moonsault for a one count. EC3 hits a running knee, sending Sydal to the outside. EC3 finishes it off with a big suplex. The judges score round one for EC3.

EC3 continues the attack in round two. Sydal builds some momentum with a series of spin kicks. Sydal hits a dropkick through the ropes. Sydal goes for the pin but the round expires at the count of one. EC3 attacks Sydal after the round ends, possibly influencing the judges’ decision as they award round two to Sydal.

EC3 hits a powerbomb in the early going of round three. EC3 misses a splash in the corner, allowing Sydal to connect with double knees off the top. Sydal counters the One Percenter into a pin attempt for a near fall. Sydal misses the Shooting Star and both competitors take each other out as the round ends.

Judge Ross scores it 10-9 for Sydal, judge Ariel scores it 10-9 for EC3 and Judge Fallah Bahh scores it 10-10. This match ends in a draw and EC3 retains the Grand Championship!

We see another promo for Park, Park & Park attorneys at law featuring Joseph Park and Chandler Park.

Lashley and Dan Lambert def. James Storm and Moose

This is Lambert’s in-ring debut. Lashley is dominating Moose and tags in Lambert to make the pin but when Moose kicks out, Lambert immediately tags himself out! Moose chases Lambert around the ringside area but gets met with big clothesline from Lashley. Moose connects with the Spear on Lashley and gets the tag to Storm! The cowboy takes control with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Josh from American Top Team gets involved but ends up getting tossed over the top rope by Moose! Lashley spears Storm and Lambert tags himself in to score the pin!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Impact and Petey Williams. They’ve got a huge tag match against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis next! Impact warns Alberto El Patron not to show up tonight or else.

Johnny Impact and Petey Williams def. Impact Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis

Drake hits Williams with the Skyward Slam and tags in Adonis to continue the assault. Adonis follows up with a backbreaker. Drake and Adonis hit Williams with a big double team suplex. When Adonis goes for the pin, Impact kicks him in the face to break it up! Drake and Adonis continue to wear down Williams on their side of the ring. Williams begins to build momentum by hitting Drake with a hurricanrana! Williams is about to tag in Impact, but Drake stops him with a huge slam to the mat. Williams is finally able to get the tag to Impact who throws Drake over the top rope! He follows up with a standing Shooting Star on Adonis for a near fall. Impact attempts Countdown to Impact but Adonis moves out of the way. Instead, he hits Adonis with a swinging neckbreaker. Adonis puts in the Adonis Lock on Williams, but Impact breaks it up with a springboard kick. Impact hits Starship Pain on Adonis to win!

After the match, Alberto El Patron attacks Eli Drake from behind and DDTs him on the global championship! Impact stares down El Patron as the show goes off the air.

Next week, the Knockouts Title tournament comes to an end as Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary face off in the finals. Don’t miss it!