TNA IMPACT 01 05 2017

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (Quick Results)
January 5, 2017
Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)

Josh Mathews and The Pope kicked off the show at ringside mentioning the new owners of TNA, Anthem Sports & Entertainment. The Anthem logo is on the turnbuckles of the six-sided ring, the ring apron and the steel ring posts.

TNA Champion Eddie Edwards opened the show cutting a promo about this being a new year for TNA. Lashley interrupts and wanted a rematch for the TNA Championship. EC3 interrupts and also wants a shot at the title. Edwards announces he will defend his title against both Lashley and EC3 later tonight in a triple threat match. Edwards says he has a surprise.

Moose def. Mike Bennett to retain the TNA Impact Grand Championship

Backstage, Swoggle (former WWE star Hornswoggle) finds Vanguard 1 and then eventually comes across both Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. Matt asked Swoggle if he was sent to Impact Wrestling by this father MeekMahan. Swoggle tells him that Vince isn’t really his father.

Swoggle def. Rockstar Spud

After the match, Spud blamed the fans and quit the company.

Backstage, Mike Bennett challenges Moose to an Anything Goes Match for the TNA Grand Championship at tomorrow night’s One Night Only live PPV.

Eli Drake hosted a “Fact of Life” segment with TNA Tag Team Champions Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. Drake was upset he wasn’t invited to Total Nonstop Deletion. Matt said he invited everyone, but that Eli was scared like The Day of New or The Bucks of Youth. Eli announces he and a partner of his choosing will challenge Matt and Jeff for the TNA Tag Team Championships tomorrow night at the One Night Only PPV.

The Decay def. The Helms Dynasty

Maria, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna are in the ring. Maria calls out Allie and blames her for all her problems in 2016. Maria challenges Allie to face Sienna and she accepts.

Sienna def. Allie

Josh and The Pope plug the One Night Only PPV tomorrow night.

Eddie Edwards def. Lashley and EC3 in a triple threat match to retain the TNA Championship

During the match, Davey Richards made his return to TNA taking the TNA Championship away from Lashley allowing Eddie Edwards to hit the Boston Knee Party to retain his title.