IMPACT Wrestling 01 04 2018

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Dan Lambert is seen arriving to the arena with the rest of American Top Team. He tells them he can handle James Storm and gives them the night off.

X-Division Champion Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley vs. Taiji Ishimori – X-Division Championship Match

Ishimori attempts a springboard but Konley gets involved and grabs his leg from the outside! Lee distracts the ref while Konley continues the attack.

Ishimori successfully connects with a springboard, followed by running double knees and a foot stomp for a near fall.

Lee and Ishimori collide in the middle of the ring as they’re both laid out!

Ishimori hits the handspring kick for another near fall. He attempts the 450 splash but Lee avoids it.

Lee connects with a big sitout powerbomb for a near fall of his own.

Ishimori hits his signature double knees, followed by the 450 splash to win the match and the X-Division championship!

Backstage, Dezmond Xavier challenges Ishimori for his newly won X-Division championship!

At the clubhouse, Konnan is furious after Sami Callihan threw a fireball in his face. Tonight, LAX battles oVe for the tag team championship but if LAX loses, they must leave IMPACT Wrestling.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews James Storm ahead of his match with Dan Lambert where the loser must give up their career! Storm says that Lambert has no idea how much he does for IMPACT Wrestling and he’s not going to give that up tonight.

Grand Champion EC3 vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Matt Sydal – Three Way Grand Championship Match

This is the first time the Grand Championship is being defended in a three way matchup!

Bahh takes out EC3 and Sydal with a double clothesline. Sydal attempts to pin EC3 but Bahh breaks it up with with a big steamroller! Bahh connects with a leg drop on EC3. Round one ends with Bahh in control – the judges award round one to Fallah Bahh!

Sydal goes on the attack to start the second round by kicking Bahh to the outside. Sydal connects with a series of kicks on EC3 for a near fall. EC3 sends Sydal into the steel ring post, then DDTs Bahh on the outside! EC3 connects with the splash in the corner and keeps Bahh from re-entering the ring. The judges award round two to EC3!

EC3 is in mid-suplex on Sydal but Bahh takes them both out with a running crossbody! Sydal hits Bahh with flying double knees off the top. EC3 connects with the TK3 on Sydal. Bahh is on the top rope but EC3 pushes him off, sending him crashing into the steels steps below. Sydal hits EC3 with the Shooting Star but the round ends before he can get the pin, thanks to a distraction from Bahh. The judges award round three to EC3 and he retains the Grand Championship!

Moose is seen arriving to the arena but KM lays him out from behind with a steel chair.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Allie as she reflects on winning the huge number one contender’s match for the Knockouts Championship last week. Allie says she didn’t think she would make it this far but Gail Kim inspired her to believe in herself. Then, the Knockouts champion Laurel Van Ness attacks her out of nowhere!

Dan Lambert vs. James Storm – No Holds Barred Career vs. Career Match

American Top Team members attack Storm right off the bat, even though Lambert gave them the night off earlier!

Lashley hits Storm with a big spinebuster but he kicks out of the pin attempt!

Storm gets a burst of energy and takes out every member of ATT, leaving him and Lambert in the ring! Then, KM appears and cracks Storm over the head with a beer bottle. Lambert crawls to the pin but Storm is still able to kick out!

Lashley tries to tell Lambert that they’ve done enough but King Mo and Colby Covington crack two more beer bottles on Storm’s skull! Lambert pins Storm and his storied career is over.

The IMPACT Wrestling roster applauds Storm as he walks through the curtain for the last time. He calls his family and tells them he’s coming home.

Chandler Park w/ Joseph Park vs. Jon Bolen

Joseph Park’s cousin, Chandler is making his in-ring debut tonight!

Bolen dominates the match in the early going.

Bolen charges at Chandler in the corner but he avoids it and follows up with a back body drop! However, Chandler celebrates too early, allowing Bolen to regain the advantage.

Bolen gets in Joseph’s face, causing him to get punched! Chandler takes advantage and rolls him up to win!

Backstage, Matt Sydal accuses EC3 of not wanting to face him one-on-one like a real man. Sydal says he’s going to make change in IMPACT Wrestling.

We head to Rahway, New Jersey as Eli Drake defends the Global Championship against Alberto El Patron at WrestlePro.

Global Champion Eli Drake vs. Alberto El Patron – Global Championship Match

The action is fast and furious as the match gets underway.

El Patron hits Drake with a DDT on the steel ramp. Later on in the match, Drake returns the favor by doing the same!

The brawl spills to the outside as Drake and El Patron battle amongst the fans. Drake hits El Patron over the head with a trash can.

Drake connects with a superplex, followed by the Gravy Train but El Patron gets his foot on the rope!

Drake attempts to hit El Patron with the title belt but he ducks and slams Drake into it!

Drake pushes El Patron into the referee and cracks El Patron over the head with the title to win the match and retain his championship.

Tag Team Champions oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Sami Callihan vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan & Homicide – Tag Team Championship Match, if LAX loses, they must leave IMPACT Wrestling

oVe attacks LAX during their entrance to take control. oVe takes out Ortiz with a series of trash can lid shots.

Jake and Dave Crist have the two on one advantage as they wear down Santana in the ring.

Santana begins to build momentum. He sends Jake over the top to the floor and hits Dave with the cutter! Santana attempts to make the tag but Ortiz still hasn’t recovered from the initial attack.

Dave hits Santana with the Sqaure and Compass but Santana won’t stay down.

Ortiz returns to the ring apron and Santana succesfully tags him in! Ortiz goes on the attack and hits Jake with a Death Valley Driver into his brother Dave in the corner!

oVe hits Ortiz with his own finishing move, the Street Sweeper but he kicks out!

Santana launches himself off the top rope but Jake does the same and catches him with a mid-air cutter!

LAX hits the Street Sweeper on Jake to win the match, the titles and their jobs in IMPACT Wrestling!

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