IMPACT Wrestling 03 22 2018

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Tonight, the Feast or Fired briefcases will be opened – three men will receive title shots, but one will be fired!

Alberto El Patron is in the ring to kick of IMPACT! Patron talks about challenging Austin Aries at Redemption for the IMPACT! World Championship. Patron says he’s the greatest man that ever lived, not Aries. This causes Aries to come out and join Patron in the ring. Aries says they’ve both competed at the highest level in professional wrestling but unlike Patron, he speaks the truth. Patron challenges Aries to stand face-to-face with him and Aries does just that. Patron says Aries is not the real champion until he beats him. Patron tells the truck to cue Aries’ music but Aries insists that they play Patron’s instead. Aries says this will be Patron’s only chance to hear his music played last because at Redemption, he’s going to retain the IMPACT! World Championship.

Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley def. Fallah Bahh

Bahh misses a running crossbody, allowing Lee to follow up with his signature running kick from the apron. Lee throws Bahh into the steel steps on the outside. Lee attempts a sunset flip but pays for it, as Bahh counters and sits on him! Konley attempts to pull Lee to safety but Bahh pulls both of them into the ring! Bahh hits them with a double steamroller. Bahh hits the Samoan Drop but Lee gets hit foot on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Lee distracts the referee while Konley delivers a backhand to Bahh! Lee rolls him up to escape with the victory!

We see footage from the oVe cam and it seems like Sami Callihan is stalking Eddie Edward’s wife, Alisha at a hotel. Callihan asks hotel staff if they can let him into his room after he locked himself out – but the room they’re letting him into is Alisha’s!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Feast or Fired briefcase holder Petey Williams. He talks about winning a briefcase in the first-ever Feast or Fired match and going on to win the X-Division championship.

Matt Sydal w/ Josh Mathews def. Rohit Raju to retain the Impact X-Division Championship

Josh Mathews leaves commentary to be in Sydal’s corner. After all, it was revealed last week that he is Matt Sydal’s spirit guide. Raju hits a big swinging neckbreaker. Raju connects with multiple running strikes into the corner turnbuckles for a near fall. Sydal hits a sliding German suplex for a near fall of his own. Sydal goes for the Shooting Star but Raju gets up and meets him on the top rope! Sydal gains the upper-hand and connects with a sunset flip powerbomb! He follows up with the Shooting Star to win the match and retain the X-Division title.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose who is another Feast or Fired briefcase holder. Moose says he doesn’t care if there’s a chance he could get fired tonight because he’s a risk-taker and declares that he will be world champion in 2018.

Next, Feast or Fired briefcase holder Eli Drake is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Drake says he’s been fired from almost every job he’s ever had but still went on to be incredibly successful.

It’s revealed that Eddie Edwards is on his way to the hotel where Sami Callihan was stalking his wife, Alisha!

Allie def. Sienna to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

Sienna attacks Allie with a big boot before the match begins to gain the early advantage! Allie turns it around and connects with multiple running forearm shots in the corner. Allie goes for the crossbody but Sienna catches her and hits a fall-away slam. Allie connects with the Codebreaker for a near fall. Sienna hits a discus lariat but Allie kicks out at two! Allie connects with the superkick to pick up the win and retain her Knockouts title!

After the match, Braxton Sutter once again proposes to Allie but while Allie is thinking about what to say, she’s attacked from behind by the Undead Bride, Su Yung! She lays out the Knockouts champ with her devastating finishing move, the Panic Switch!

EC3 is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell ahead of the Feast or Fired briefcase reveals later tonight. He says his briefcase holds his destiny to become a three time world champion. Tyrus, Moose, stand-by wrestler Richard Justice, Fallah Bahh, Taiji Ishimori, Johnny Impact and Lashley all pass through and say that they hope EC3 gets fired tonight!

Eddie Edwards arrives at the hotel where Sami Callihan was stalking his wife, Alisha. When he gets to her room, she is sleeping and Callihan is nowhere to be found. Edwards apologizes for disturbing her and leaves. He bumps into the maid on his way out but it’s actually Callihan in disguise! They brawl in the hallway before Alisha comes to the aid of Eddie. She says she called the cops as the cameras cut away.

Kongo Kong w/ Jimmy Jacobs def. Abyss w/ James Mitchell in a Monster’s Ball Match

Weapons surround the ring, there are no disqualifications, no countouts and anything goes – this is Monster’s Ball! Kong tackles Abyss on the outside, sending him crashing through a table! Abyss throws Kong off the top rope and retrieves his signature bag of thumbtacks from under the ring! Abyss is setting up for the Chokeslam but Jacobs hits him in the back with a kendo stick! Abyss chases Jacobs into the ring but that allows Kong to recover and Chokeslam Abyss into the tacks! Abyss powerbombs Kong off the top rope through a table but Kong kicks out! Abyss swings at Kong with Janice, his signature 2×4 with nails, but Kong counters and Chokeslams Abyss into a barbed-wire board! Kong goes to the top rope and follows up with a huge splash to win.

Feast or Fired: EC3 gets the pink slip

JB is in the ring as it’s time to reveal what’s inside the Feast or Fired briefcases! Three will have title shots but one will have a pink slip and that person will be fired on the spot!

Eli Drake is first to open his briefcase and it holds a tag team title match! Drake is disappointed that it wasn’t a world title match but at least he still has his job!

Petey Williams is next to open his briefcase and it holds a shot at the X-Division title!

Next up, Moose and EC3 will open their briefcases. One of them holds a world title shot, the other will hold the pink slip. Moose’s briefcase holds the world title shot, meaning EC3’s holds the pink slip! EC3 protests that it isn’t his briefcase and refuses to make his firing official by opening the briefcase. JB opens it for him, firing EC3 on the spot. EC3 says he’s a Carter and IMPACT Wrestling needs him. EC3 finally accepts his firing but before he leaves, he attacks JB with the briefcase! Brian Cage makes the save and sends EC3 on his way with a huge Drill Claw!