IMPACT Wrestling 04 05 2018

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Eli Drake and Moose are seen arriving to the arena ahead of their Feast or Fired case vs case match tonight!

Lashley is in the ring to reflect on his loss to Brian Cage last week. He says everyone knows that he’s the top of the food chain in IMPACT Wrestling and that’s why newcomers always make him their target. Lashley says Cage’s victory last week was a fluke and challenges him to another fight right now! Cage comes out and Lashley attacks him from behind while he’s getting in the ring! They brawl on the outside before the bell rings – this match is official!

Brian Cage def. Lashley

Lashley charges at Cage but he sidesteps the attack and hits Lashley with a modified F5! Lashley pushes the referee into Cage and hits him with a low blow off the distraction! Cage superkicks Lashley in the corner and connects with a sit-out electric chair. Cage hits a huge German suplex, followed by a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Cage slams Lashley on the ramp and follows up by throwing him into the steel steps! Cage hits Lashley with a suplex from the apron, over the ropes and to the mat! Lashley answers with a Superplex of his own. Lashley counters Cage’s discus lariat attempt and hits the Spear for a near fall! Cage connects with the Drill Claw to pick up the victory over Lashley for the second week in a row!

Knockouts Champion Allie is in the ring and calls out Su Yung for attacking her from behind last week. The undead bridge, Su Yung makes her way to the ring but this time, it’s Allie who attacks her from behind to get this match underway!

Impact Knockouts Champion Allie def. Su Yung via DQ in a Non-Title Match

Yung hits a running knee to gain control in the early going. Yung connects with a hanging Pedigree off the second rope but Allie kicks out! Yung tries to use a kendo stick but Allie counters with a superkick! Allie follows up with a big suplex into the corner turnbuckles when Braxton Sutter comes down to ringside. Allie isn’t fazed by Sutter and connects with the Codebreaker on Yung for a very close near fall. Then, Sutter hooks Allie’s ankle, allowing Yung to hit Allie with the kendo stick. The match ends in disqualification as Yung continues to beat down on Allie.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews X-Division champion Matt Sydal and his spirit guide, Josh Mathews. Sydal says Petey Williams cost them the Grand Championship in his match against Austin Aries last week. Mathews interrupts and says Aries cost him the most important thing in the world to him, the Grand Championship, and they will be his downfall. Mathews reminds everyone that he’s a trained wrestler and challenges Williams to a match next week!

Stand-by wrestler, Richard Justice is backstage when KM approaches him and says he’s got a match next! KM follows him out to the ring where he insults Justice about his weight. Justice begs him to stop but KM continues the verbal assault. Then, KM says he’s going to get to the punch line and takes out Justice with a knockout shot!

Fallah Bahh comes out to make the save but is attacked from behind by the Cult of Lee! It’s a 3 on 2 beatdown when Tyrus evens the odds! Tyrus clears the ring and talks about how he’s going to put a stop to KM’s bullying. Tyrus makes fun of KM being known as Sienna’s bodyguard and it turns out that KM can dish it but can’t take it!

Eli Drake is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell in the backstage area. Drake speaks on his case vs case match against Moose tonight where the winner will walk away with a shot at both the tag team and world championships!

Johnny Impact def. Taiji Ishimori

Impact hits a step-up enzuigiri from the apron but Ishimori avoids the follow-up springboard. Ishimori connects with a springboard sit-down senton! Ishimori sends Impact to the outside with a Hurricanrana, followed by the Golden Moonsault! Ishimori connects with a delayed double foot stomp in the corner. Ishimori goes for a handspring kick but Impact catches him in mid-air, slams him to the mat and hits the standing shooting star for a near fall! Ishimori takes Impact off the top rope with a Hurricanrana. Impact avoids the 450 and hits the springboard enzuigiri, followed by Starship Pain to win!

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong interrupt Impact’s celebration. Jacobs instructs Kong to attack Impact and he does just that! Kong slams Impact into the steel steps but moments later, Impact kicks Kong off the apron and launches himself over the top rope, taking out the monster on the floor! Jacobs is seen laughing while he retreats up the ramp with Kong.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose. He says he’s not worried about Eli Drake in their case vs case match tonight because if you check the record books, he’s never lost a match to him!

We see the Road to Redemption, previewing Austin Aries’ huge world title defence against Alberto El Patron at Redemption, April 22nd on pay-per-view.

At the LAX clubhouse, Konnan, Santana and Ortiz are celebrating LAX’s recent worldwide success. Konnan says it doesn’t matter who holds the Feast or Fired case that grants a shot at their tag titles because they’re unstoppable!

Eli Drake def. Moose in a Case vs Case Match

The winner of this match will walk away with two cases and a shot at both the tag team and world championships! Drake is perched on the second rope but Moose dropkicks him off, sending him crashing to the outside. Drake pushes Moose into the steel ring post to regain control. Drake hits the Skyward Slam, followed by a big elbow drop for a near fall. Moose hits a buckle bomb, followed by the delayed dropkick in the corner! Drake ducks the Game-Changer, causing Moose to take out the referee! Then, out of nowhere, oVe and Sami Callihan hit the ring and attack Moose! Callihan is about to hit Moose with the baseball bat when Eddie Edwards makes the save! Moose clears the ring of Jake and Dave Crist, but gets caught with a baseball bat shot from Drake! He goes for the cover but Moose miraculously kicks out at two! Drake connects with the Gravy Train to win the match and now has a shot at both the tag team and world titles!

Next week on IMPACT!, Rosemary faces Taya Valkyrie in a Demon’s Dance match and Josh Mathews steps in the ring with Petey Williams! Plus, don’t miss IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground, live from WrestleCon! It all goes down April 6th on IMPACT Wrestling’s Twitch channel at 9 p.m. ET!