IMPACT Wrestling 04 19 2018

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Tonight, it’s the last stop on the road to Redemption which takes place this Sunday, April 22nd on pay-per-view!

Braxton Sutter & Su Yung def. Fallah Bahh & Keira Hogan in an Intergender Tag Team Match

Sutter and Yung attack Bahh and Hogan from behind to gain the early advantage. Sutter distracts the referee, while Yung launches herself off the apron into Bahh on the outside! Hogan is looking to put away Yung when Sutter pulls her off. Hogan responds by slapping him in the face! Bahh goes for the splash on Sutter but he uses the referee as a shield. The referee is distracted when Yung hits Bahh in the back with a kendo stick. Bahh turns around and it looks as though the shot had little to no effect! Hogan hits Sutter with a tornado DDT but gets caught with the Panic Switch from Yung! Yung scores the pinfall on Hogan to win.

After the match, Knockouts champion Allie attacks Su Yung on the ramp! They brawl around the ringside area as Braxton Sutter and referees try to break it up! Allie will defend the Knockouts championship against Su Yung, this Sunday at Redemption!

At the clubhouse, LAX contemplates how to prepare for their tag title defense against Eli Drake and Scott Steiner at Redemption. Konnan reassures Santana and Ortiz that Steiner is unpredictable and could even attack his own partner on Sunday!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong. Jacobs compares McKenzie to Johnny Impact because they’ve had everything handed to them, due to their good looks. Tonight, Kongo Kong goes one-on-one with the former world champ, Johnny Impact.

KM is in the ring for the first ever KM open challenge! Before his opponent is revealed, KM gets on the mic and says he doesn’t want to face someone like Moose. Instead, he wants to face someone like Duane Gill or the Brooklyn Brawler! Much to his dismay, IMPACT Wrestling’s hottest new star, Brian Cage, answers the challenge!

Brian Cage def. KM

Cage hits a big dead-lift suplex from the second rope into the ring! Cage launches himself off the top rope and crashes into KM with a huge elbow drop! Cage connects with the Discus Lariat, followed by a new finishing move to pick up the win in dominating fashion! This Sunday at Redemption, Brian Cage battles Trevor Lee, Fantasma, Dezmond Xavier, Taiji Ishimori and DJZ in a huge six-way matchup!

Johnny Impact def. Kongo Kong via DQ

Impact hits a standing Shooting Star but Kong quickly regains control with a big headbutt. Impact goes for a springboard but Kong catches him in mid-air! Kong throws him to the mat but he lands on his feet! On the outside, Impact jumps off the steel steps but Kong swats him to the floor! Kong follows up with a huge senton, sending Impact crashing into them. Kong looks to do more damage with the steps. When the referee tries to stop him, Kong tosses him into the guardrail and the match ends in disqualification. Jacobs props the steel steps on the apron and Kong drives Impact into them head-first! Impact is busted open as referees attend to him at ringside.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake and Scott Steiner ahead of their tag team championship match against LAX at Redemption. Despite what Konnan may think, Drake and Steiner seem to be on the same page and very confident heading into Sunday.

We head back to the IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event at WrestleCon to witness the three-way main event pitting Austin Aries against Pentagon Jr and Fenix!

Pentagon Jr. def. Impact World Champion Austin Aries and Fenix in a non-title triple threat from WrestleCon

Fenix hits Pentagon with a rolling cutter, sending him to the outside. Fenix is setting up to fly but Aries cuts him off from behind. Aries hits Pentagon with a big suicide dive. Fenix launches himself over the top, taking out both Aries and Pentagon with a springboard twisting corkscrew! Aries hits Pentagon with a top rope 450 splash for a near fall! Aries locks in the Last Chancery on Pentagon but Fenix breaks it up with a superkick. The two brothers, Pentagon and Fenix, use their unique combination offence to take out the champ but when it times for someone to go for the pin, they argue over who it’s going to be! Pentagon and Fenix hit Aries with in-sync superkicks, sending him to the outside! Pentagon connects with a modified Death Valley Driver to win! If you thought this match from WrestleCon was great, you cannot imagine what Austin Aries, Pentagon Jr and Fenix will do at Redemption with the IMPACT World Championship on the line!

This Sunday, April 22nd, IMPACT Wrestling presents Redemption, live on pay-per-view! Austin Aries defends the World Championship against Pentagon Jr and Fenix in a three-way match, oVe battles Eddie Edwards, Moose and Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore rules match, Allie puts the Knockouts Championship on the line against Su Yung, Scott Steiner teams with Eli Drake to take on LAX for the Tag Team Championships and so much more! Don’t miss it, order now