IMPACT Wrestling 06 28 2018

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What a night in Windsor, Ontario. Check our our IMPACT Wrestling Results for June 28th, 2018. Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling emanates from Windsor, Ontario, Canada for the first time ever!

Madison Rayne is in the ring to address her Knockout’s Championship match against Su Yung at Slammiversary. She says Su got in her head with mind games last week but after the show, she went home and told her daughter not to be afraid of monsters and that’s why she will never be afraid of Su Yung! Tessa Blanchard interrupts and says Madison isn’t the best in IMPACT Wrestling anymore because she’s here now. Madison reminds Tessa that she pinned her at Under Pressure and says she has no problem giving her another reminder! Then, Su Yung’s screams fill the arena once again and Tessa takes advantage o f the distraction with a cheap shot forearm to Madison! These two will meet in tonight’s main event.

Rich Swann is set to make his IMPACT Wrestling debut!

Rich Swann def. Trevor Lee

Lee hits Swann with a backdrop, causing Swann to flip in mid-air and hit the mat hard! Every time Swann tries to build momentum, Lee shuts him down and regains control. Swann hits a tilt-a-whirl Hurricanrana, followed by a flip dive off the second rope to the outside! Swann connects with a standing dive for a near fall. Lee hits the running double boots but Swann kicks out! Swann hits a second rope corkscrew to pick up the win in his debut match!

We head to a PCW Ultra event in Los Angeles, California where Sami Callihan brutally attacks Pentagon Jr in the ring! Jake and Dave Crist hold Pentagon while Callihan once again attempts to unmask him and this time, he’s successful!

Backstage, Katarina informs Grado that she has a match next week. Apparently, Grado didn’t know that Katarina was a great in-ring competitor in the past!

In the ring, the legendary Gama Singh introduces IMPACT Wrestling’s newest group, the Desi Hit Squad!

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh) w/ Gama Singh def. Z&E (DJZ & Andrew Everett)

DJZ takes out both members of Desi Hit Squad with double second rope elbows. DJZ flies over the top but Desi Hit Squad catches and throws him into Everett! Everett hits a huge springboard flip dive onto both members of Desi Hit Squad on the outside. Everett connects with a springboard spinning heel kick on Gursinder but Rohit breaks up the pin. Gursinder hits Sky High on Everett but this time, it’s DJZ who breaks up the pin attempt! Everett has Gursinder beat but Gama Singh distracts the referee on the apron. Gursinder rolls up Everett and scores the pin off the distraction to win!

After what Callihan did to him earlier in the night, Pentagon Jr challenges Sami Callihan to a Hair vs. Mask match, July 22nd at Slammiversary!

We see a special video feature entitled “The Journey” that highlights how Moose became a professional wrestler.

We’re at a House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia to witness Eddie Edwards brutally attack Tommy Dreamer with a kendo stick. Recently, Eddie accused Tommy of having a relationship with his wife, Alisha! Moose approaches Eddie and tries to tell him that Tommy has always been on their side but Eddie isn’t having it.

At the clubhouse, Konnan interrupts King, Santana and Ortiz celebrating LAX’s recent tag team championship victory. Konnan is happy to see Santana and Ortiz but once again accuses King of having something to do with his attack! They start to argue with each other but Santana and Ortiz break it up. King leaves and Konnan tells Santana and Ortiz that King has them fooled.

Riding his wave of momentum after ending Brian Cage’s undefeated streak by countout, Matt Sydal is ready for action!

Impact X-Division Champion Matt Sydal def. Dezmond Xavier

Xavier dropkicks Sydal to the outside but when he attempts a high-flying move, Sydal escapes under the ring! Sydal hits a vicious Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Xavier pummels Sydal in the corner but the referee pulls him off, allowing Sydal to regain control. Xavier flies over the top with a huge flip dive but tweaks his knee in the process. Sydal throws the referee into the ropes, knocking down Xavier. Sydal follows up with his unique finishing move as he plants Xavier head first into the mat to win!

After the match, Brian Cage makes his way to ringside but is attacked by Kongo Kong! Cage begins to fight back but Sydal hits him from behind with the X-Division title belt!Jimmy Jacobs gives Kong the orders and he lays out Cage with a huge top rope splash!

On the oVe cam, Sami Callihan talks about how his hair has been with him throughout his entire career but he’s willing to put it on the line against Pentagon Jr at Slammiversary. The Hair vs. Mask match is on!

Another match is made official for Slammiversary. It will be an international four way match pitting Rich Swann, Johnny Impact, New Japan’s Bone Soldier Ishimori and Fenix against each other!

Backstage, Alicia Atout interviews World Champion Austin Aries who criticizes Moose for failing at his first career choice, professional football. Aries says he didn’t fail at his first career choice because his has always been wrestling and he’s the champ! Aries says he’s going to tell his story next week.

It’s main event time on IMPACT Wrestling!

Madison Rayne def. Tessa Blanchard

Tessa dominates in the early going as she hits an impressive delayed vertical suplex. Tessa jumps off the top but Madison avoids it and hits an enzuigiri to start building momentum. Madison connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, following by a sliding clothesline for a near fall! Tessa plants Madison out of the corner turnbuckles but she kicks out! Madison is knocked out in the corner as the referee stops Tessa from continuing the attack. Tessa pushes the ref and the distraction allows Madison to hit the crucifix to win!

After the match, Tessa attacks Madison from behind but Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids come down to ringside! Tessa retreats but just as Su is about to deliver Panic Switch to Madison, Allie returns and makes the save! Allie stands tall in the middle of the ring as Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids look on from the ramp.

Next week, Rich Swann battles Fenix, Killer Kross makes his in-ring debut, Brian Cage goes to war against Kongo Kong and so much more! Don’t miss it!