IMPACT Wrestling 08 09 2018

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IMPACT Wrestling opens with total anarchy as LAX and the OGz brawl in the backstage area! A security member tries to break it up but ends up getting a sick Border Toss courtesy of Hernandez!

Taiji Ishimori & Petey Williams def. Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh) w/ Gama Singh

Williams hits Rohit with a slingshot Codebreaker in the early going. Gursinder distracts the referee while Rohit attacks Williams from the apron, allowing Desi Hit Squad to take control. Ishimori hits a springboard dropkick, taking out both Rohit and Gursinder. Ishimori connects with a handspring kick on Rohit for a near fall! Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Rohit but Gursinder stops him with a Lung-blower. This time, Williams successfully hits the Canadian Destroyer on Rohit, followed by a modified DDT from Ishimori to pick up the victory!

Pentagon Jr previews his matchup against former X-Division champion Matt Sydal tonight.

Backstage, Alicia Atout interviews Allie and Kiera Hogan. Allie recalls pinning the Knockouts champion, Su Yung in a tag team match last week, only to have her moment of glory spoiled by Tessa Blanchard’s attack from behind. Allie says no matter what Tessa may think, Allie’s battle against Su isn’t about the Knockouts Championship, it’s about revenge. Allie challenges Su to a non-title matchup next week.

Alicia Atout interviews Austin Aries in the backstage area. Aries says he’s stepping into the ring with a different Eddie Edwards tonight. Aries wishes he was facing the old Edwards because he knows he could beat him but the new Edwards is unpredictable and dangerous. Aries guarantees he’s going to come out on top tonight.

Grado and Joe Hendry are reflecting on their loss to Eli Drake & Trevor Lee last week. Hendry reassures Grado that he’ll take care of it when he faces Drake in a one-on-one rematch next week.

Tessa Blanchard def. Alisha Edwards

Alisha brings the fight to Tessa in the early going but Tessa cuts off her momentum with a big press slam! Alisha almost scores a quick pin on Tessa but that just enrages Tessa even more. Tessa charges at Alisha but she moves, causing Tessa to crash into the steel cables! Alisha hits a bulldog for a near fall. Alisha connects with a tornado DDT but once again, Tessa is able to kick out! Tessa hits her signature Hammerlock DDT to win.

After the match, Tessa says she know’s Allie’s true intention is to leapfrog everyone else and get another shot at the Knockout’s Championship.

Scarlett Bordeaux is in the building, with her new personal assistant, Bobo!

Alicia Atout interviews Matt Sydal as he prepares to face Pentagon Jr tonight. Sydal says he’s going to prove that even though he lost the X-Division Championship, he still has the spirit of a champion.

Fallah Bahh and KM are going over strategy in the back when Scarlett Bordeaux passes through. All of a sudden, they’re at a loss for words.

Scarlett Bordeaux tells management she’s not comfortable wrestling a match because the female talent has been mean to her since her arrival. Management suggests that she starts her own show instead, appropriately named “The Smoke Show”. The first episode airs next week!

Pentagon Jr def. Matt Sydal

Pentagon begins to build momentum with a Slingblade. Sydal retreats underneath the ring. Pentagon follows but it’s a trap as Sydal attacks him on the way out! Sydal charges at Pentagon on the outside but gets caught with a big superkick! Sydal connects with running knees from the apron to the floor. Pentagon hits Sydal with a superkick in mid-air! Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver but Sydal kicks out at two! Sydal attempts the Shooting Star but Pentagon gets his knees up! Pentagon follows up with the Fear Factor package piledriver to win.

After the match, we see footage from the oVe cam. Embarrassed after having his head shaved by Pentagon at Slammiversary, Sami Callihan tells Jake and Dave Crist that one of them has to shave their head too. Dave refuses so Jake offers himself up. Callihan decides that since Dave flat-out refused, he should be the one to have his head shaved. Callihan forces Jake to start shaving Dave’s head as the feed cuts out.

LAX is in the ring after their show-opening brawl with the OGz. Konnan calls them out and they appear high up on the balcony. King tells Konnan that even though LAX won the 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary, the OGz are winning the war. King challenges LAX to finish the war in the streets and Konnan accepts!

Jimmy Jacobs says that if Johnny Impact wants the monster so badly, then he’s going to get him next week. But he’s not referring to Kongo Kong – he’s talking bout himself!

Austin Aries def. Eddie Edwards to retain the Impact World Championship

They brawl around the ringside area in the early going. Aries hits a big suicide dive. Eddie counters a clothesline attempt into the Blue Thunder Bomb! Eddie hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Aries hits a sunset flip powerbomb into the Last Chancery but Eddie breaks it up by biting Aries’ finger! Aries is about to use the title belt as a weapon but the referee stops him. Eddie hits the low blow off the distraction but Aries kicks out at two! The referee inadvertently gets taken out amidst the chaos. Eddie connects with the DDT but there’s no one to make the count! Eddie grabs his kendo stick and attacks both the referee and Aries with it! Eddie continues to choke Aries with the kendo stick when out of nowhere, Killer Kross attacks Eddie from behind and hits the Doomsday Saito slam! Aries follows up with the Brain Buster as the referee recovers. Aries pins Eddie to win the match and retain the World Championship. Why did Killer Kross help Austin Aries?

Next week, Allie takes on Su Yung in a non-title match, Scarlett Bordeaux hosts the first episode of The Smoke Show, Joe Hendry battles Eli Drake, Sami Callihan faces Fenix and more! Don’t miss it!