IMPACT Wrestling 09 06 2018

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We kick off IMPACT Wrestling with a rematch from ReDefined last week!

Petey Williams def. Rich Swann

Matt Sydal joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. Sydal says he wants to open Swann’s third eye! Williams hits a slingshot Hurricanrana to the outside, followed by a Codebreaker inside the ring. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Swann counters with an Enzuigiri kick. Swann connects with a handspring cutter for a near fall! Swann hits the standing Shooting Star Press but Williams kicks out! Sydal leaves commentary and sits on the ramp. Swann is distracted by his presence, allowing Williams to hit the Canadian Destroyer and pick up the victory.

After the match, Sydal approaches Swann in the backstage area. Sydal wants to guide him but Swann tells him to stay away!

Before the next match gets underway, Joe Hendry reveals his latest music video where he explains that he’s in love with Grado’s girlfriend Katarina – as a friend!

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh) w/ Gama Singh def. Joe Hendry & Grado w/ Katarina

Grado goes on the attack in the early going to give his team the advantage! Gursinder attacks Grado from the apron, allowing Rohit to take control with a neckbreaker. Hendry gets the hot tag and fights off both members of the Desi Hit Squad! Hendry connects with a fallaway slam to both Rohit and Gursinder. Grado attempts a rolling senton in the corner but Gursinder avoids it! Meanwhile, Rohit takes Hendry off the apron. Gursinder connects with Sky High on Grado to win.

After the match, Katarina is furious at Grado for losing the match and calls him an embarrassment. She says she’s not in love with Grado, she’s she’s in love with his best friend, Joe Hendry! Katarina locks lips with Hendry but he pushes her away. Hendry says Grado isn’t an embarrassment – she is! Katarina slaps Hendry before storming off to the back.

Backstage, Hendry apologizes to Grado for not seeing the signs that Katarina was in love with him.

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Backstage, KM thanks Scarlett Bordeaux for her advice to do things Fallah Bahh’s way as it led them to a tag team victory. Scarlett teases that she would do anything for a man with power before leaving her with assistant, Bobo.

Eli Drake gets on the mic to reflect on the last few weeks. He says everyone has been trying to impress him lately but he hasn’t been impressed yet. Drake lays out an open challenge to anyone in the back that thinks they can impress him! IMPACT Wrestling’s adventurer, Stone Rockwell makes his way to the ring to answer the challenge!

Eli Drake def. Stone Rockwell

Drake makes quick work of Rockwell and puts him away with the Gravy Train!

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The Lucha Bros are not afraid of Sami Callihan and oVe!

World Champion Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose are relaxing in their locker room. Alicia Atout barges in and tries to get answers as to why Moose betrayed Eddie Edwards last week. Aries says she’s going to find out when everyone else does later tonight. Alisha barges in next and tries to confront Moose. Aries stands in her way and tells her to separate personal issues from business.

Tessa Blanchard def. Su Yung to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

Su Yung is ready to compete but where are the Undead Bridesmaids? Su puts on her signature bloody glove in the early going but luckily, Tessa escapes to the outside! Tessa drives Su to the mat from the second rope but Su kicks out. Tessa places a steel chair outside the ring. The referee tries to stop her, allowing Su to gain control with a dropkick off the distraction. Su sits Tessa on the chair and connects with a flip dive off the apron! Tessa hits a top rope cutter! Tessa counters the Panic Switch into the Buzzsaw to retain the Knockouts Championship!

After the match, the Undead Bridesmaids appear on the ramp holding a casket! Su attacks Tessa from behind and lays her out with the Panic Switch! Su is about to place Tessa in the casket when Allie and Kiera Hogan make the save! Allie and Kiera superkick Su off the ramp to the floor and save their enemy, Tessa!

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Brian Cage reveals why he came to the aid of Pentagon Jr and Fenix against oVe last week. Cage says oVe walks around like they’re the boss but no one is bigger than him!

Konnan and King arrive to the meeting they were both called too last week. The “commission” tells them the violence has gone too far – their differences are to be settled between men, but they allowed a child to to get involved when King accidentally hit Richie with his car. Konnan accuses King of no longer following the “G Code” but King retaliates by saying they raised a snake and they should expect him to bite. The “commission” tells both sides there will be ceasefire until Bound for Glory where Santana, Ortiz and Konnan will battle Homicide, Hernandez and King in the final battle!

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) def. Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin & Trey Miguel in a Six Man Tag Team Match

Jake and Dave Crist dive to the outside in the early going, taking out Austin and Miguel. Wentz uses Callihan’s back as a launchpad and takes out everyone on the outside! Miguel flies over the top and hits Jake with a Hurricanrana. Austin is next to fly as he hits Dave with a modified sunset flip powerbomb over the top rope into everyone! All three members of oVe connect with the All-Seeing Eye on Austin to pick up the victory in dominant fashion.

After the match, Callihan hits Austin with a piledriver. He gets on the mic and says oVe is the best trio in professional wrestling today. Callihan warns Cage that if he wants to get involved in oVe’s business, then they will never, ever, forget it.

Moose on why he turned on Eddie Edwards

World Champion Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose are in the ring. Moose is about to reveal why he betrayed Eddie Edwards last week to join Aries and Kross! Moose says he was always there for Eddie during his toughest struggles. However, when the tables were flipped and Moose was in the hospital after losing to Aries at Slammiversary, Eddie wasn’t there for him! Moose says Aries and Kross were there. Aries called Moose while he was in the hospital and praised him for being an amazing athlete – but told him he would never be at the top if he continued to cater to the fans. Aries gets on the mic and says no one is taking the World Championship from around his waist. Then, Johnny Impact interrupts and reveals that management that made it official – Austin Aries will defend the World Championship against Johnny Impact on October 14th at Bound for Glory! Impact insults Aries, causing him to charge at Impact on the ramp! The fight is on but Impact quickly falls victim to the three-on-one numbers game. Security tries to break it up but Moose and Kross fight them off! Moose and Kross wrap a steel chair around Impact’s neck and Aries smashes another chair into him! Aries, Kross and Moose lay out Impact the same way they did to Eddie last week as IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air.

Next week, X-Division Champion Brian Cage battles Kongo Kong in a non-title match, The Lucha Bros take on the Cult of Lee, LAX returns to in-ring action and more! Don’t miss it!