IMPACT Wrestling 09 20 2018

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IMPACT Wrestling emanates from Mexico City as the road to Bound for Glory kicks off!

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) def. Aerostar, Laredo Kid & Vikingo

Laredo wants to fly but Jake cuts him off with a series of kicks. Callihan hits Aerostar with a big powerbomb, followed by a pump kick to Vikingo. Vikingo hits a springboard Hurricanrana on Callihan. Laredo connects with a top rope Moonsault off the top to the outside. Vikingo is next to fly with a Shooting Star, taking out everyone! Callihan and Dave throw Laredo into a huge superkick from Jake. All three members of oVe hit in-sync superkicks to the head of Vikingo. Laredo connects with a 450 splash on Dave. oVe hit their opponents with Tombstone Piledrivers but they all kick out! oVe connects with the All-Seeing Eye on Vikingo to pick up the victory.

Backstage, Matt Sydal tells Rich Swann that he changed their singles match to a tag team bout against the Lucha Brothers tonight!

Tessa Blanchard arrives to the arena and is furious that someone put their belongings in her locker room spot. She’s confronted by Faby Apache who says she’s going to teach Tessa some respect!

Eli Drake is hoping to find more competition for his open challenge in Mexico City. Trevor Lee comes out because he’s furious that Drake used the Cult of Lee in his battle against Joe Hendry and Grado in recent weeks!

Eli Drake def. Trevor Lee

Lee goes for a running kick on the apron but Drake avoids it and slams him to the mat. Lee is draped over the middle rope as Drake hits a leg drop. Drake connects with a huge clothesline, followed by the Skyward Slam. Lee counters the Gravy Train into a rollup with a hold of the tights but Drake still kicks out! Drake connects with the Gravy Train to win.

Backstage, King tells Homicide and Hernandez that he’s going to win his match tonight without the use of popular moves like the arm drag. It’s not going to be a wrestling match, it’s going to be a fight!

King w/ The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez) def. Kronus

Before the match can begin, Homicide and Hernandez attack Kronus from behind! The OGz intimidate the referee to ring the bell. King hits a spinning back-fist to pick up the quick victory. After the match, King calls out Konnan and LAX. King tells them to ignore the rules of the ceasefire and fight! Konnan continues to respect the ceasefire and doesn’t answer the challenge.

Backstage, Santana and Ortiz are furious that Konnan won’t let them go fight the OGz because of the ceasefire. Konnan tells LAX their six-man match at Bound for Glory is going to be a Concrete Jungle Match and to wait until then to get their revenge!

Faby Apache def. Alisha Edwards

Faby hits a powerslam, followed by a leg drop in the early going. Alisha rolls up Faby for a near fall. Alisha goes for a crossbody but Faby counters into a superkick, followed by a sit-out powerbomb to win!

After the match, Josh Mathews interviews Faby. She says she’s faced competition from all over the world but she wants the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard next!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews El Texano ahead of his World Championship match against Austin Aries in tonight’s main event! Texano knows that Aries will have Moose and Killer Kross by his side but he has his own two partners – his fist and his bull rope!

Scarlett Bordeaux says she’s going to make a huge announcement next week!

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) def. Rich Swann & Matt Sydal

Swann isn’t happy being forced to team Sydal after they were originally scheduled for a one-on-one match tonight! Pentagon launches Fenix into a cutter on Sydal. Swann jumps off the top rope but gets caught with a mid-air superkick from Pentagon. Pentagon holds Swann while Fenix connects with a top rope double foot stomp. Fenix hits a handspring double cutter to both Swann and Sydal! Fenix flies over the top with a twisting corkscrew, taking out everyone including Pentagon on the outside! Swann is next to fly from the top rope, crashing into the Lucha Bros outside the ring! Fenix drives Swann head-first into the apron with a double foot stomp! Meanwhile, Pentagon hits Sydal with the Fear Factor piledriver on the apron! Back inside the ring, Fenix hits a modified spinning Death Valley Driver on Swann to pick up the victory.

After the match, oVe and Sami Callihan are about to attack the Lucha Bros when X-Division Champion Brian Cage makes the save! oVe is set to clash with Cage, Pentagon and Fenix in an oVe Rules Match at Bound for Glory!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross in the backstage area. Aries praises his opponent, El Texano, but says he’s not going to win the World Championship tonight.

The Desi Hit Squad’s Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh are getting massages as they prepare for their non-title match against LAX next week. Gama Singh shows up and scares off the massage therapists because Rohit and Gursinder haven’t earned them! Gama makes them resume their regular training regimen.

Joe Hendry debuts his latest music video about his best friend, Grado!

Abyss is revealed as the latest inductee into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame!

Austin Aries w/ Moose & Killer Kross def. El Texano to retain the Impact World Championship

Texano takes control in the early going, much to the surprise of Aries! Aries goes for a springboard but Texano counters by getting his knees up. Aries grabs Texano’s bull rope but the referee stops him from using it! Meanwhile, Kross slides Aries the World Championship to use as a weapon but the referee catches him in the act! While the ref is removing the title from the ring, Texano whips Aries with his bull rope! Texano goes for the pin but Aries gets his foot on the rope to break it up! Aries turns it around and connects with the Brain Buster to win the match and retain his World Championship.

After the match, Johnny Impact appears on the big screen. Impact says he may not be cleared to wrestle at Bound for Glory but regardless, Aries will be seeing him a lot sooner than he thinks. Aries expects Impact to attack him from behind but Impact comes right down the ramp and the brawl is on! Then, Eddie Edwards returns to join the fray! Eddie chases Aries, Moose and Kross up the ramp with a kendo stick! IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air as Impact and Edwards stand tall!

Next week, Tessa Blanchard defends the Knockouts Championship against Faby Apache. Plus, Su Yung teams with Udmoh to take on Allie and Kiera Hogan in tag-team action! The road to Bound for Glory continues, don’t miss it!