IMPACT Wrestling 11 15 2018

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – November 15, 2018

IMPACT Wrestling emanates from Las Vegas! How far are the stars of IMPACT! willing to go?

Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Ray Lyn in a Non-Title Match

Tessa is getting frustrated in the early going as it appears that Lyn has her number! Tessa turns it around with a press slam, followed by a cutter. Lyn hits a Hurricanrana off the second rope! Tessa fights off Lyn’s cutter attempt and slams her to the mat! Tessa connects with the Buzzsaw DDT to pick up the victory.

After the match, Tessa Blanchard speaks her mind on Taya Valkyrie, saying that she’ll never become Knockouts champion! Taya interrupts and charges the ring, forcing Tessa to retreat! Taya reveals that she spoke to management and they’ve granted her a Knockouts Championship Match January 6th on pay-per-view at Homecoming!

KM tells Fallah Bahh that they need to defeat LAX in a non-title match tonight to help them impress Scarlett Bordeaux!

The Rascalz are coming soon to IMPACT Wrestling!

Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan def. KM & Fallah Bahhin a Non-Title Match

Fallah shows an impressive level of agility to avoid the offense of Santana in the early going! KM and Fallah steamroll over Ortiz. Santana goes for a crossbody but KM catches him! Santana fights out of his grip and connects with a series of kicks for near fall. Santana pushes KM into Fallah, sending him outside the ring. This allows LAX to hit a double-team Lionsault leg drop to win!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Heather Monroe ahead of her IMPACT Wrestling debut against Su Yung tonight! Kiera Hogan interrupts and warns Heather about Su Yung’s abilities.

Scarlett Bordeaux is bombarded by fans in the parking lot! One fan fights off another who wants a picture with Scarlett! She thanks the fan for saving her and invites him to come backstage!

Konnan tells LAX that we won’t be seeing the OGz around IMPACT Wrestling anymore after they and the Lucha Bros took care of them! Santana and Ortiz suggest that Pentagon Jr and Fenix get a shot at the their Tag Team Championships but Konnan doesn’t like the idea.

Backstage, Matt Sydal and Ethan Page speak on Sydal’s match against World Champion Johnny Impact tonight.

The Desi Hit Squad is looking forward to next week’s Thanksgiving special episode of IMPACT Wrestling but Gama Singh reminds them that they don’t have much to be thankful for.

Eli Drake is in the ring and reflects on attacking Joseph Park last week. Drake disrespects the legacy of hardcore wrestlers and implies they have no real skill. Tommy Dreamer interrupts and reminds Drake that hardcore is not just about using weapons, it’s a work ethic. Dreamer and Drake are about go at it when Drake retreats like a coward!

Alisha tells Moose to leave the arena because her husband, Eddie Edwards is on his way to the arena and she’s not sure what he will do! Moose tells her that he’s not afraid of Eddie and says if he shows up, he’s going to call the cops!

The referees are concerned that IMPACT Wrestling is an unsafe working environment after they continue to be attacked and harassed during matches. Scarlett Bordeaux shows up with the fan that she invited into the arena earlier and compliments the refs.

Impact World Champion Johnny Impact def. Matt Sydal w/ Ethan Page in a Non-Title Match

Impact hits a standing Moonsault in the early going. Sydal hits running double knees in the corner. Impact connects with a sliding German before staring down with Ethan Page on the outside! Impact goes for Starship Pain but Page pulls Sydal outside the ring! Impact follows up with a corkscrew press over the ring post to take out Page! Sydal counters the Spanish Fly into double knees off the top rope for a near fall! Impact successfully hits Starship Pain to win!

After the match, Killer Kross comes to the ring. He admits that Impact defeated him at Final Hour to retain the World Championship fair and square. Kross says he may not be the catalyst for change but Johnny Impact could be. Kross says that he is now a believer in Johnny Impact and offers his assistance the the champ. Kross holds out his hand but Impact refuses to shake it. He says he still doesn’t trust Kross and turns down his offer.

Backstage, Katarina congratulates Jordynne Grace on defeating her in Jordynne’s debut last week. Katarina says that she could beat her on any given night – Grace takes Katarina up on her challenge and makes a match between them in two weeks!

Eddie Edwards arrives to the arena and immediately attacks Moose! The brawl is on backstage when Eddie is taken away by men in blue uniforms!

Su Yung def. Heather Monroe

Heather connects with a series of strikes to gain the advantage. Heather hits a double foot stomp into the mat for a near fall. Su connects with a palm strike, followed by the Panic Switch. Instead of going for the pin, Su puts on the bloody glove and locks in the Mandible Claw! Heather is forced to tap out, awarding the victory to Su.

After the match, Kiera Hogan comes to the aid of Heather! Allie makes her way to the ring but this is not the Allie we know! This is a new, dark Allie and she watches on as Su Yung hits Kiera with the Panic Switch! Are Allie and Su Yung on the same page?

X-Division Champion Brian Cage def. Sami Callihan w/ oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) to retain the Impact X-Division Championship

Callihan hits a Hurricanrana. Jake and Dave Crist get involved at ringside, causing the referee to eject them! Callihan runs off the apron but Cage catches him in mid-air and slams him on the floor! Cage connects with a sit-down Alabama Slam. Callihan hits a running Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles! Cage hits the F5 but Callihan gets his foot on the rope to break up the count. Callihan delivers multiple kicks, followed by the Piledriver but Cage somehow kicks out! Cage connects with a powerbomb, followed by a devastating Drill Claw to retain the X-Division Championship.

After the match, Cage announces that he’s using Option C to cash in his X-Division Championship for an opportunity at Johnny Impact’s World Championship, January 6th at Homecoming!

Next week, celebrate Thanksgiving with IMPACT Wrestling! Witness the 2nd Annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot and more! Don’t miss it!