IMPACT Wrestling 11 29 2018

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – November 29, 2018

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, the action continues as we head towards Homecoming, January 6th on pay-per-view!

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) def. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Swann and Fenix are evenly matched in the early going. There’s a huge exchange of superkicks as everyone is laid out in the middle of the ring. Swann and Mack hit a double-team bulldog on Pentagon for a near fall. Pentagon launches himself off the top with a huge double foot stomp to Swann! Pentagon hits Mack with the Codebreaker, followed by a huge splash from Fenix for a near fall! Mack hits the Pounce on Pentagon, then flies through the air with a big flip dive to the outside! Fenix hits a springboard corkscrew, taking out everyone on the ramp. Fenix spikes Swann into a Fear Factor Piledriver from Pentagon on the apron! Pentagon and Fenix hit a double-team flurry on Mack to pick up the win.

After the match, Tag Team Champions LAX, without Konnan, make their way to the ring. They congratulate the Lucha Bros on their victory and offer them a tag title shot at Homecoming! The Lucha Bros accept and it’s on!

Backstage, Konnan is furious that LAX offered the Lucha Bros a tag title shot without him knowing and warns that it may change LAX and the Lucha Bros’ personal relationship.

Jordynne Grace def. Katarina

Katarina challenged Grace to this rematch after losing just a few weeks ago. Katarina hits a series of running strikes but Grace breaks up the pin attempt by getting her foot on the rope. Katarina hits a jumping DDT off the top for a near fall! Grace connects with a Pounce, sending Katarina halfway across the ring. Grace hits a big running forearm in the corner, then locks in the Bear Hug to win the match by submission!

Backstage, KM and Fallah Bahh are discouraged after their recent losses. Scarlett Bordeaux doesn’t help the situation when she says they used to be at the top of her list!

A referee tells Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard that she can’t continue to put her hands on referees during the match.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Tommy Dreamer ahead of his match against Eli Drake tonight.

Taya Valkyrie def. Ray Lyn

Lyn hits a missile dropkick off the second rope! Taya connects with running double knees in the corner. Taya kicks Ray to the mat and locks in a new submission maneuver to win!

After the match, Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard attacks Taya from behind! The referee gets in her face and gets punched for it! Tessa chokes out the referee but other refs nor management have the guts to stop her! Hall of Famer Gail Kim comes out and pries Tessa away. This allows Taya to turn things around and hit the Spear!

Johnny Impact is previewing his World Championship match against Brian Cage at Homecoming when Killer Kross interrupts. Kross offers him advice but Impact wants none of it!

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) w/ Trey Miguel def. Chris Bey and Mike Sydal

The Rascalz are making their debut as a team tonight on IMPACT Wrestling. Wentz hits a springboard corkscrew on Sydal. Bey hits a Hurricanrana on Wentz. The Rascalz fly with in-sync suicide dives to the outside. Wentz connects with a standing Moonsault as Xavier throws him on top of Sydal for the win!

Backstage, Kiera Hogan tells McKenzie Mitchell that despite what others think, the darkness has not consumed Allie.

Eddie Edwards has been checked into psychiatric hospital when Moose pays him a visit.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake ahead of his match against Tommy Dreamer in the main event. Eli is still unhappy with Tommy Dreamer and his love of hardcore wrestling.

Matt Sydal informs Ethan Page that his next teaching will come in the form of a match against each other!

Tommy Dreamer def. Eli Drake via count out

Dreamer hits a cutter, sending Drake rolling to the outside. Drake gets himself intentionally counted out, awarding the victory to Dreamer. But then, Josh Mathews announces that he received word from IMPACT Wrestling management – this match will be restarted with no disqualifications and no countouts!

Eli Drake def. Tommy Dreamer in a No Disqualification, No Countout Match

Dreamer breaks out the weapons as things get hardcore! Dreamer grabs a fan’s cane and hits Drake low with it. Drake turns the tide with a vertical suplex on the steel ramp! Drake hits a big neckbreaker but Dreamer kicks out at one! Drake jumps off the top with a steel chair but Dreamer gets a boot up to counter. Dreamer connects with his signature DDT for a very close near fall! Drake places a steel chair around the head of Dreamer and smashes it with an oar to score the victory. After the match, Drake receives a mysterious note in the backstage area as IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air.