IMPACT Wrestling Under Pressure 05 31 2018

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Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling presents a huge special event – this is Under Pressure!

Sonjay Dutt holds a meeting, informing the roster that authorities have been informed about the recent string of mysterious backstage attacks. Caleb Konley notes that no one from management has been taken out, it’s only been in-ring competitors. Petey Williams interrupts and backs up Dutt, reenforcing that management is doing everything they can to get to the bottom of this. Williams says if the attacker is in the meeting right now, they need to stop because they will find out who it is.

Eli Drake def. Scott Steiner

After losing the tag team championships to DJZ & Andrew Everett, Drake and Steiner are set to explode! Drake puts the referee in between him and Steiner, allowing him to gain the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Drake hits a slingshot shoulder tackle, followed by the Skyward Slam. They fight spills to the outside as Drake swings a steel chair at Steiner! Steiner counters with a kick to the gut and throws Drake back in the ring. Steiner hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Steiner throws the referee to the floor but it backfires as the distraction allows Drake to crack Steiner over the head with a steel chair. Drake scores the pinfall to pick up the win!

Madison Rayne def. Tessa Blanchard

Rayne is draped across the ropes as Blanchard hits her with a running dropkick! Blanchard connects with a modified full-nelson slam for a near fall. Rayne fights back with an Enzuigiri to begin building momentum. Rayne connects with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall of her own! Blanchard plants Rayne to the mat off the second rope but Rayne kicks out at two! Blanchard argues with the referee, allowing Rayne to roll her up for the three count!

At the clubhouse, King has a delivery for Santana and Ortiz. He gives them liquor, a briefcase full of money, two lovely ladies and match against Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley on next week’s episode!

Brian Cage def. Dezmond Xavier

Xavier launches himself off the steel steps, hitting Cage with a flying missile dropkick! Cage connects with a massive back body drop. Cage counters a tornado DDT into a butterfly suplex. Xavier takes Cage off his feet with a series of kicks, followed by a handspring Tiger Drop over the top rope to the outside! Xavier hits Final Flash off the top but Cage kicks out at one! Cage connects with the Drill Claw to pick up yet another victory! After the match, Cage picks up Xavier and shakes his hand.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Grand Champion Austin Aries as he prepares to face Pentagon Jr for the World Championship later tonight. Aries recalls Pentagon defeating him in a three-way match at Redemption to win the world title. He says until Pentagon defeats him one-on-one, he’s still the man in IMPACT Wrestling.

Su Yung def. Allie in a Last Rites Match to become the new Impact Knockouts Champion

The undead bridesmaids bring the coffin to ringside. The only way to win this match is to put your opponent in the coffin and close the lid! Allie honours Rosemary by channeling her inner-demon and coming out with a new look! Rosemary was burned in a coffin by Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids just a few weeks ago. Allie launches herself off the coffin with a flying clothesline to the outside! Su brings a chair into the ring but Allie kicks it out of her hands and drags her to the coffin! Su counters but this time, Allie throws the chair at her and connects with a Codebreaker! Allie gets Su in the coffin but Su prevents her from closing the lid! Su fights her off and attempts to spray the red mist but Allie counters with a superkick, sending her back into the coffin! Allie struggles to close the lid as Su fights her off once again. Su locks in the mandible claw and Allie begins to pass out! Su places her in the coffin and successfully closes the lid to win the match and the Knockouts Championship!

Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells his wife, Alisha that he’s going to fight Sami Callihan in the woods in a no-ring, no-rules brawl to put an end to this feud once and for all!

Impact Grand Champion Austin Aries def. Pentagon Jr. to become the new Impact World Champion

Aries jumpstarts the match with a suicide dive to the outside while Pentagon is making his entrance! Aries charges at Pentagon in the corner but he gets caught with a superkick for a two count. Pentagon is looking to fly but Aries intercepts him with a forearm. Aries follows up with a big missile dropkick. Pentagon hits back-to-back slingblades for a near fall. Pentagon is looking to hit Fear Factor off the second rope but Aries turns it around with a sunset flip powerbomb! Pentagon hits the lungblower out of the corner for another near fall. Pentagon connects with the Pentagon Driver but Aries gets his foot on the rope to break the pin! Aries locks in the Last Chancery on the outside but they both end up getting counted out! Aries gets on the mic and challenges Pentagon to restart the match. Pentagon accepts and it’s on! Aries hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron but Pentagon comes right back at him with Fear Factor on the apron, causing another double countout! This time, Pentagon gets on the mic and demands the match be restarted. Aries accepts and the battle begins once again! As the referee turns his back to ring the bell, Aries hits a low blow, followed by the Brain Buster to steal the victory! Austin Aries has regained the IMPACT World Championship!

Next week, witness the fallout of Under Pressure as the unpredictable action continues on IMPACT! Don’t miss it!