IMPACT Wrestling 03 29 2019

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A lengthy vignette welcomes us to tonight’s show, titled: Against All Odds!

LAX comes down to the ring accompanied by KonnanKonnan grabs the microphone and says that both LAX and the Lucha Bros, Pentagon & Fenix, are his family. He reminds the two teams that he told everyone not to wrestle one another because of the likelihood that everything would spiral out of control. Konnan tells Penta & Fenix that if they want the smoke, now is the time to fight.

The Lucha Bros sprint down to the ring and immediately start throwing hands with LAX. Security rushes down to help and tries breaking things up. Penta jumps over the security to get some shots in on LAX. Lucha Bros give the security guards superkicks while LAX toss the other guards outside of the ring. One last guard is left and LAX tosses him from inside the ring to the outside, wiping out all of the other security guards in the process. Penta and Fenix are lurking behind LAX and they throw chairs off the duo’s skulls with an audible thud. Penta & Fenix grab two tables and toss them in to the ring. Fenix rams the chair in to Santana as Penta sets up a table in the corner of the ring. Fenix does the same in the opposite corner. As the crowd chants “Si!”, LAX surprises The Lucha Bros and gives them each a rolling driver through the two tables set up. LAX pulls the team in to the middle of the ring and pose with the Lucha Bros’ Impact Tag Team Titles.

Back from commercial, we see LAX enter the backstage area while saying that their names should be forever engraved on the Impact Tag Titles. Konnan challenges the Lucha Bros to a Full Metal Mayhem match for the Impact World Tag Title match on April 28.

Glenn Gilbertti comes down to the ring, grabs a microphone, and tells Scarlett Bordeaux that she can call off this next intergender match if she would like to. Bordeaux comes down to the ring completely unfazed by Gilbertti.

Glenn Gilbertti vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

Gilbertti grabs the mic once again and asks Bordeaux if she still really wants to carry through with this. Bordeaux replies with, ‘Shut up and wrestle, Turkey Boy.’ Scarlett with two roll ups and a series of chops to the chest on Gilbertti. He exits the ring, re-enters, and the two evade one another for a bit. Gilbertti eventually grabs Bordeaux’s hair and gives her a clubby blow down to the mat. Disco Inferno misses a fist drop, elbow drop, and gets his arm hung up on the ropes by Scarlett. Bordeaux delivers a stunner to Glenn’s arm.

Bordeaux keep the pressure on with a crossbody off the top rope for a close 2 count on Gilbertti. Bordeaux with a clothesline but Glenn still knocks Bordeaux down to the mat with forearms and a hip toss. Glenn continually stomps away at Scarlett’s legs, hands, and feet. He finishes by giving her a boot to the face that sends her collapsing down to the mat. Gilbertti picks her up by her hair but she strikes at Gilbertti’s abdomen. He rocks her with a right hand and an irish whip in to the corner. Gilbertti tries a running corner strike but he’s evaded and met with clotheslines, forearms, and a splash. Bordeaux gives Gilbertti a stink face in the corner. Bordeaux keeps on the pressure with a stunner for a close 2 count. Gilbertti gives Bordeaux a side-russian leg sweep and the village people’s elbow but he’s too busy dancing to cover her. Gilbertti tries to mount Bordeaux with punches in the corner but Bordeaux turns it in to a powerbomb and a roll up for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux

Backstage, Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie are talking to Melissa Santos. Valkyrie tells Santos that she’s been watching Jordynne Grace since she’s arrived in Impact and even though she’s strong, she’s not Wera Loca strong. She says that she isn’t worried about Grace, and she’ll be leaving tonight as Champion. Johnny tells her that it’s going to be a good night to see his wife retain and then be able to watch Killer Kross beat up Brian Cage. Before exiting, he hints at possibly concussing Brain Cage once again.

Back from commercial, Alisha Edwards and Kiera Hogan are teasing Glenn Gilbertti for losing to Bordeaux, calling him “loser”.

We see a video package advertising the upcoming arrival of Josh Alexander.

We then see a recap of the history between Tessa Blanchard and Gail Kim. Backstage, Blanchard says that Gail Kim has no other choice but to follow her demands because she has Impact management by the balls. Blanchard says that legends come and go but diamonds are forever. Tessa says that she will go to the ring right now to demand her apology out of Kim.

Back from commercial, we see a preview for Rob Van Dam’s upcoming documentary, Headstrong.

We see another vignette that advertises Madison Rayne returning to Impact next week.

Fenix and Pentagon say that they are the best tag team on the planet and they accept the challenge of a Full Metal Mayhem match on April 28. They promise to defeat LAX one more time.

Tessa Blanchard comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Blanchard says that today is a great day because she is finally getting what she deserves, justice for Tessa. Gail Kim comes down to the ring right away and grabs a microphone of her own. Blanchard pokes fun at her and reminds Kim that she took the Knockouts Women’s Title from her when she refereed her match against Valkyrie. Blanchard demands an apology for her getting suspended, being attacked, and losing her Knockouts Championship. Kim said that she came out to do what she needed to do, so she says that she is indeed sorry.

Kim also says that she did it, she gave her resignation to Impact management. Blanchard says that means there is no hard feelings and she is also sorry, sorry that in her era, Kim and her friends were better known for bra and panties matches while she has main evented Impact Wrestling. Blanchard explains that if she and Kim competed in the same era, no one would know Gail’s name because she couldn’t lace up Tessa’s boots. She says that she’s happy she will never have to see her face again. Kim acts like she is going to leave the ring, but before she does, she repeats that she has indeed resigned as an Impact producer, but that’s because she’s coming out of retirement to kick Blanchard’s ass. She clotheslines Blanchard and then gives her another from the ring apron to the outside. She pummels Blanchard with punches as Tessa escapes out of the ring and scurries up the ramp.

Back from commercial, we now know that it’s official: at Rebellion, Gail Kim will face Tessa Blanchard one-on-one.

We see a video package that recaps the history between Rich Swann & Sami Callihan, culminating with the debut of Madman Fulton last week. We see the oVe looking like they are physically abusing and electrocuting Madman Fulton. Callihan explains that these methods of torture make him in to the madman that he needs to be. They keep repeat their phrase of, “Everything!” until Madman finally joins in with an “Everything!” of his own.

Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie (c) (Impact Knockouts Championship)

The match starts out with Grace and Valkyrie locking up and Taya securing Jordan in a headlock. Grace with a couple of shoulder tackles to get things started for her. Grace evades Valkyrie in the corner but eats a forearm and a shoulder to the abdomen. Grace gives one more shoulder tackle for a 2 count. The two reverse irish whip attempts until Valkyrie kicks at Grace’s legs and her head. Valkyrie with a meteora on the ropes to Grace for a 2 count. Grace escapes a samoan drop and manages to connect with a german suplex. She comes off the ropes and slides to the outside but is nevertheless met with a forearm and a toss in to the ring post. Valkyrie chops at the back of Grace and tosses her back in the ring for a 2 count. Taya kicks at Grace’s abdomen and chops at her chest in the corner. Taya with a hip attack to a seated Grace, followed by a meteora for another 2 count. Valkyrie with clubby blows and a boot to Grace’s neck. She audibly chops and kicks at a downed Grace. Grace rolls through in the corner but gets cut in half with a spear for a 2 count.

Back from commercial, Valkyrie is still in control but the tide is quickly turned, as Grace connects with a vertical suplex. Grace gives Taya a boot to the face, tosses her in to the second turnbuckle, hits a meteora, and then a spinning back elbow to a downed Taya. Grace with a splash in the corner for a close 2 count. A series of reversals allows Grace to hit a right hand on Valkyrie’s jaw. She tries for the muscle buster but is slapped off. Grace attempts a superplex but headbutts knock her down to the mat. Valkyrie misses her moonsault attempt but Grace can’t finish her with her signature Grace Driver technique. Johnny Impact runs down to the ring and starts leading Valkyrie to the side of the barricade to check on her health status. Valkyrie won’t come back inside the ring and is counted out.

Winner by Countout: Jordynne Grace

Brian Cage comes down to the ring and goes right after Impact. He follows him around the outside of the ring as Impact tries to use Valkyrie as a barrier between the two. Killer Kross comes out of nowhere, ties Cage in a straight jacket hold, and tosses him in to the ring post as we go to commercial.

Brian Cage vs. Killer Kross

This match started before the commercial break, and we come back to Kross stomping away at a downed Cage. Brian quickly gains the advantage and hits multiple clotheslines and a big back body drop on Kross. Cage charges Kross in the corner but eats a boot for his trouble. Kross sends Cage shoulder-first in to the ring post and then hits a hammerlock body slam for a 2 count. Kross proceeds to stomp away at Cage’s arm and punches at his exposed head. An Armbreaker maneuver from Kross to follow up. Kross connects with clotheslines, uppercuts, and an exploder suplex for a 2 count on Cage. He tries for the cross armbreaker but Cage refuses to lose his grip and be susceptible to it. Cage stomps Kross’ face to escape the hold. Cage delivers elbows to Kross’ face and an enziguri on the ring apron.

Cage tries for the superplex from the ring apron and back inside the ring but his arm gets caught up on the top rope. Kross gets a 2 count and immediately goes back to attacking the arm with some joint manipulation. Cage gets to his feet but gets kicks in the chest and tossed down to the mat by a wrist lock Kross has secured. Kross rolls him up in another cross armbreaker attempt but Cage’s bottom foot touches the rope to break it. Kross with right hands, a boot to the abdomen, and a hard irish whip that sends Cage down to the mat. He tries again but Brian reverses it in to an attempt at a DDT.

Back from commercial, Cage is fighting back with kicks and a discus clothesline to Kross. Kross seems unfazed, so he jumps up and screams in Cage’s face. Kross ducks the clothesline and puts Cage in the Kross choke. Cage with a snap powerslam and a moonsault for another 2 count. He calls for the finish, but Kross escapes. Cage retaliates with a knee to the head. Kross with a high angle back suplex but it only gives him a one count. Kross rushes after Cage but is met with one pop up powerbomb, a second one to Cage’s extended knee, and a discus clothesline for another close 2 count. Cage tries for the Drill Claw but he’s unable to get Kross up. Cage still manages to hit the F-5, but Johnny Impact sneaks back down to the ring and saves Kross by putting his foot on the ropes. Cage tries to take out Impact by himself but Taya Valkyrie slides inside the ring and low blows Cage. Kross gives Cage two high angle back suplexes after the low blow and gets an extremely questionable 3 count.

Winner: Killer Kross

Kross leaves the ring, allowing Impact to slide inside and start raining down punches on an incapacitated Cage. Impact with a shining wizard and then he sandwiches Cage’s arm in a chair and slams another chair against it, crushing Cage’s arm.

We go to Rosemary in the backstage area, armed with a cleaver and a long chain. She has Allietethered to her as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we see Rosemary and Allie entering the portal to the Undead Realm. Kiera Hogan is following behind the two to seemingly keep an eye on Allie’s whereabouts. Rosemary pulls Allie along and they meet up with Father James Mitchell. Mitchell is standing in the center of a ring as he welcomes the creepy, masked and painted characters surrounding the ring to the show.

Rosemary enters the ring with Allie by her side. Mitchell reminds her that she asked for this and he’s just setting the table for her. Rosemary begins to battle each of the creatures surrounding the ring as Allie watches along. Using a wrench, she clubs and disposes of the first challenge, Luchasaurus. Rosemary must then defeat a team of combatants: two men with bright red paint on their faces. They initially get the best of her until Rosemary grabs the cleaver she brought along and proceeds to slice the men’s throats. Seriously.

Su Yung‘s undead minions surround Rosemary but Kiera Hogan tosses her a sword that allows Rosemary to slice through them all in one fell swoop. Hogan tells Rosemary that she promised her she would be with her until the end. Here comes Su Yung to confront Rosemary. She comes face-to-face with Allie and unchains her. Allie strangles Rosemary as Hogan and Yung do battle in the ring. Allie nearly stabs Rosemary as she encourages her to do it. Allie hesitates too long and Rosemary throws her off. Rosemary and Allie come face-to-face but Mitchell is holding Hogan as a hostage outside of the ring.
Kevin Sullivan appears as the ruler of the Undead Realm, clad in all black and sporting a black X on his forehead. He tells Rosemary that she knows how this ends. Sullivan explains that all of the things Rosemary has done up until this point are for nothing.
While Rosemary is distracted, Yung tries to stab her, but ultimately, Allie gets in the way and takes the fatal blow. Hogan gives Yung a knockout blow with the wrench as she and Rosemary start to comfort a dying Allie. She turns back in to the older version of herself, before any of the darkness corrupted her. Allie disappears in to thin air as Rosemary cries out.