IMPACT Wrestling 09 06 2019

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Havok vs. Su Yung

After weeks of Su Yung tormenting Havok with psychological mind games, we finally get the one-on-one matchup between these two.

Havok is dominating in the early going. She hesitates before a leg drop, allowing Su to avoid it and hit a modified springboard knee.

Havok locks in a Boston Crab. Su fights out of it, sending Havok face first into the turnbuckle. Su somersaults off the apron, crashing into Havok on the floor.

Su sprays red mist in the face of Havok, causing the disqualification.

Havok def. Su Yung by Disqualification

Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Fallah tosses Moose halfway across the ring, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.

Fallah sends Moose crashing into the corner with a strong Irish whip. Fallah is in total control when he hits a huge back drop.

Moose rakes the eyes of Fallah to gain control. Moose connects with a crossbody but it has no effect on Fallah. Fallah hits the Banzai Drop in the corner but Moose somehow kicks out.

Moose connects with the No Jackerhammer Needed Spear to win.

Moose def. Fallah Bahh

After the match, Moose sends a message to Ken Shamrock but locking in an ankle lock on Fallah.

A lady comes up to Eddie Edwards while he’s having a conversation with Alisha. The lady makes it seem like she hooked up with Eddie last night. Alisha is furious and Ace is there to comfort her.

TJP vs. Golden Magic

Golden Magic hits a Moonsault to TJP on the floor. Golden Magic heads to the top rope but TJP cuts him off with a kick. TJP hangs up Golden Magic in the corner and hits a delayed running dropkick.

TJP attempts a Swanton but Golden Magic avoids it and hits a springboard cutter. Golden Magic hits a springboard corkscrew, colliding with TJP on the concrete.

TJP connects with a Brainbuster but Golden Magic kicks out at two. Golden Magic turns it around with a Hurricanrana off the top for a near fall.

Golden Magic takes TJP off the top with a Moonsault slam. Golden Magic misses the follow-up 450 splash, allowing TJP to lock in a submission for the win.

TJP def. Golden Magic

Ace Austin almost gets caught paying off the lady who said she slept with Eddie Edwards. Alisha approaches him and he quickly changes his tone, telling her she has to prepare for her match.

Longest reigning Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie is furious that there was no big celebration for her record-breaking moment last week. She believes it’s because of Tenille Dashwood’s recent arrival.

Johnny Swinger is coming soon to IMPACT Wrestling.

Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne confront Tenille Dashwood during an interview with Jimmy Jacobs. Tenille challenges them both to a match but Madison offers up Kiera. It will be Tenille vs Kiera next week on IMPACT.

Rob Van Dam vs. Madman Fulton w/ Dave Crist

RVD somersaults off the apron, taking Fulton off his feet on the floor. Fulton turns it around with a Chokeslam in the ring.

RVD hits a springboard back kick, followed by another kick to the head. RVD connects with Rolling Thunder.

Dave Crist pushes RVD off the top rope, causing the disqualification.

Rob Van Dam def. Mamdman Fulton w/ Dave Crist by Disqualification

After the match, Dave and Fulton continue the attack on RVD. RVD turns it around, sending Fulton to the outside and hitting Dave with the Five Star Frog Splash.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack join The Rascalz in the Treehouse.

We see more footage of The Desi Hit Squad serving their punishment at the Deaner farm. Gama says he has a plan to ensure something like this never happens again.

Jordynne Grace goes down to Rosemary’s lair and tells her she doesn’t need her help. Rosemary says its not up to her, it’s up to the shadow.

Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan – Titles vs Careers Match

If The North win this match, LAX will be forced to leave IMPACT Wrestling.

Ortiz is on fire in the early going, taking it to both members of The North. Ortiz hits Page with a tornado DDT, followed by a sit-down powerbomb to Alexander.

The North hit their double team signature move but Ortiz is somehow able to get his shoulder up at two.

The North are about to attempt the LAX Street Sweeper on Ortiz but Santana cuts them off. Santana launches himself off the back of Ortiz, hitting Alexander with a flying somersault for a near fall.

This time, it’s Page who breaks up a Street Sweeper attempt on Alexander. The North hit Santana with a double team backbreaker, followed by their signature finishing flurry to win.

Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) def. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan – Titles vs Careers Match

With this loss, LAX must now leave IMPACT Wrestling. After the match, Konnan, Santana and Ortiz hug in the middle of the ring as the fans chant “LAX”.

World Champion Brian Cage is in the ring with Melissa Santos to reveal the future of the World Championship. Cage refuses to forfeit the World Title and says he will be cleared in 6 weeks to defend it against Sami Callihan at Bound for Glory. Cage talks about getting to spend time with his wife Melissa during this injury and gets down on one knee to propose. Melissa says yes and with that, they’re engaged. Congratulations to Brian Cage and Melissa Santos. IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air.