IMPACT Wrestling vs ROW 07 06 2019

IMPACT Wrestling results courtesy of

Jordynne Grace vs. Alex Gracia

Grace got the pin with the Grace Driver.

Gracia goes for a couple waist locks at the start but Grace spins her off both times. A couple of quick cradles by Gracia but Grace powers out.

Gracia runs the ropes and Grace hits the pounce.

Grace gives her an electric chair face plant outside on the apron.

Grace with a delayed suplex and a Giant Swing in the ring.

Gracia hits a flying crossbody off the top rope followed by a hurricanrana and a 619.

Grace with a spinbuster.

They’re pushing this show as Impact vs. ROW. The announcers are in a friendly rivalry and said will keep score of the wins and losses for both sides.

Jonathan Vega and Diego De La Cruz vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz (with Trey Miguel)

La Familia got the win after a double team finisher on Xavier for the pin.

Moose vs. Mysterious Q.

Moose got the pin after a hot shot and the spear. Q. was able to hit his cutter finish after Moose flew off the ropes but Moose kicked out.

12-man Scramble for the ROW TV Title: ROW TV Champion Ayden Cristiano, Cameron Cole, Bryan Keith, Will Allday, Brenden Steen, Isaiah, Josh Alexander, Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Ethan Page, Mad Man Fulton, Willie Mack

It starts as a battle royal then the final two meet in a one and one match.

Keith eliminated first.

Cristiano and Page eliminated at the same time so there will be a new champion.

Fulton eliminated by everyone.

Jake and Dave Crist eliminated.

Isaiah eliminated.

Cole eliminated.

Mack eliminated by Allday.

Allday was immediately eliminated by Steen.

Josh Alexander vs. Brenden Steen

Steen pinned Alexander to become the new champion after a jackknife pin.

Sami Callihan vs. Terrell Tempo

They went to a double count out and then fought to the back.

Michael Elgin vs. ROW Texas Champion Moonshine Mantell in a non title match

Elgin got the pin after The North came down to ringside to distract the referee and Elgin used the ROW Texas Title as a weapon.

Gino vs. Eddie Edwards

Gino pinned Edwards after catching him and snapping him between the ropes.

Diamond Division Champion AQA vs. Hyan vs. Su Yung (with Jessicka Havok) vs. Tessa Blanchard in a non title match

Blanchard pinned Hyan after The Magnum.

They were tossing each other all over the place with a lot of quick action. AQA did a big dive off the top rope on everyone on the ground during the match. She held the belt high and stared Blanchard down after.

ROW Tag Team Champions Fly Def (Zack Zilla and Warren J.) vs. LAX in a non title match

Fly Def get the win after Moonshine Mantell interfered with a chair allowing Fly Def to hit a double team for the pin.

ROW Champion Ryan Davidson vs. X-Division Champion Ryan Davidson in a winner take all match

It ended in a no-contest when suddenly Callihan and Tempo brawled toward the ring to continue their brawl from earlier and then both of the rosters ran out to fight with each other.

They were all fighting in and out of the ring and Mathews said the match was “thrown out” by the referee.

ROW is owned by Booker T, but he did not appear on the show. The announcers did mention his name several times during the broadcast.