TNA IMPACT 05 09 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Tupelo, MS
Date: May 9, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package. It shows the Matt Morgan and Hulk Hogan confrontation last week. Sting vs. Matt Morgan was made. Sting won and became the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Sting is making a 3 man team to face Aces tonight. The video switches to Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo. Kurt made D-Lo quit. D-Lo swore his colors that he would take out Kurt. Kurt is in the 6 man tag. How will Bully Ray respond? What about AJ… whose side is he on?

The camera shows a great crowd in Tupelo, Mississippi. They are on their feet cheering. Sting’s music hits and here he comes… with Kurt Angle! The crowd does a huge pop. Both walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Sting grabs a mic and does his “Wooooo!” Sting says he will be in Boston at Slammiversary and face Bully Ray for the TNA World Title. Ray went against everyone, the Hogans, Sting, and others to get on top. Sting will be taking the title from him though.

Sting doesn’t want to wait to get his hands on Ray. Sting asked for a 6 man tag. Sting wanted the best of the best for his team. That is why he picked the machine Kurt Angle! Sting gives Kurt the mic. Kurt said Aces & 8s started with a game plan. How were they going to be different? Kurt said he went after D-Lo and made him tap. He made him quit. Kurt then confronted AJ Styles. He now wants AJ because he wants to ask him something.

AJ’s music hits and he comes out. He gets in the ring. Kurt tells AJ that he is ready for war and Sting is ready for war. Will you be joining them, AJ, to fight Aces? The crowd chants, “Yes” but AJ just stands there in his leather jacket. Kurt is tired of asking. He is DEMANDING AJ to answer. Sting gets involved and pushes Kurt back. He wants to try this. Sting says he knows where AJ is coming from. Sting did the same thing as he hid in the rafters and so on. AJ doesn’t need to hide though. The crowd starts to roar and Sting says this is the house that AJ Styles built. They chant his name now. Sting knows AJ wants to do the right thing. He knows AJ wants to tag with them. So, let’s have you on the team. Sting extends his hands. Kurt takes the mic from Sting and gets right in the face of AJ. He is tired of this! It is either you are with us or against us! AJ stares at him and then turns around. He leaves the ramp. Kurt asks where he is going. He says he shouldn’t leave them. He can’t. Kurt is furious. He exits the ring and meets AJ. He turns AJ around but AJ points the finger at Kurt. He then takes his coat off. They start to rumble with right fists. Kurt takes the legs out of AJ and starts pounding his head. Referees come to the aid and pull each other away. Just then, Aces enter from the crowd. it’s Ray and Devon. They attack Sting from behind and then do the 3-D! They leave as Kurt focuses his attention back to the ring. He checks on Sting as Aces leave.


They show a replay of the confrontation between Kurt and AJ and then the Aces attack on Sting.

AJ Styles is walking backstage. The cameraman asks if AJ is really leaving these two. AJ pulls a hair out of his mouth and then pushes the door wide open. He walks away.

Tara and Jessie come out on the stage and make their way to the ring. Their love relationship continues. Gail Kim’s music plays and she meets up with them in the ring. ODB is in the ring refereeing this match. Mickie James’ music plays and she gets in the ring and taunts from the corner. Velvet Sky comes out with the Knockout Title over her shoulder. She gets right in the ring.

Tara and Gail Kim vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Mickie and Gail start the match. Gail was talking to Tara, but Mickie turns her around and starts punching her in the face. She whips her in the ropes and continues the attack. Gail is able to whip Mickie in the ropes. As Mickie bounces off, Jessie trips her. Gail goes right after Mickie. She tags Tara. She enters and they both lift Mickie up and drop her back first on the mat. Tara then pounds Mickie’s face into the mat. She gets her up and has her upside down in the corner. Tara runs and does a baseball slide into Mickie’s face. She then does a little kiss session with Jessie. Gail tags in and she goes after Mickie. She continues with punches and elbows to the face. Mickie is in the corner and Gail does a splash. Gail turns around and it gives Mickie time to fight back. She punches Gail and then does a big kick to knock Gail down. Both crawl to their corner. Both tag their partners. Sky goes right after Tara. She hits her with closelines and then a mid-section kick and a kick to the face. She bounces off the ropes and knocks Tara right down. She covers but Tara kicks out. Gail enters. Sky attacks her and then tosses her right into Jessie as he was on the apron. Tara gets up and is worried about Jessie. She turns around and Sky kicks her in the gut and does the In Yo Face! She pins and wins.

Winners: Velvet Sky and Mickie James

Gail gets in the ring and starts yelling at Tara. Tara gets up and is banged up to even know what is going on. She goes to walk away, but Gail grabs the arm of Tara, pulls her forward and does a huge closeline. She drags her to the corner and does the figure four to the steel post. ODB comes to the aid and Gail breaks it.

Aces & 8s are backstage. Another legend falls to the hands of Aces. Just then, D-Lo walks up to the group. Ray asks how he is and then says they have business to attend. He asks if D-Lo is ready and then asks each member if they are up for it. All are. They walk away after putting their beers down. D-Lo is left standing alone, looking down, and giving a nervous sigh.


James Storm is sitting backstage. Bad Influence, Kaz and Daniels, meet up with him. Kaz brings a gift of beer for him. Kaz sits down beside him and says it is his favorite ber. They then bring up going after AJ and they are sorry they were all over the situation. James says he was in his crotch. Kaz then mentions how Bobby Roode hit one of those over James’ head. They aren’t trying to bribe him but just make it friendly. They leave as the beer stays where Kaz was sitting. James takes a beer from the 6 pack, opens it, and drinks away!

Aces & 8s’ music plays and they enter through the crowd. They get in the ring and taunt. Ray grabs a mic and yells to shut the music off. By now you should know who they are. They are Aces & 8s. Tonight, he, his brother Devon, and everyone’s favorite @sshole. They will face Sting, Kurt, and a mystery guy. They know it won’t be AJ. Here is a message to the back though. If you want to save the day and join the group, don’t! Do not get involved. Now onto club business. He points to D-Lo. A couple weeks ago… D-Lo disgraced his colors, friends, and family. Ray will make it short and simple. He wants the vest. Turn it in. D-Lo mouths, “No.” Ray asks if he really said no. Ray is the President of this club. D-Lo will take the colors off and hand it to him now. D-Lo gets on the mic and says this is his life. No. Just then, from behind, the other members take the vest off of him. D-Lo turns around but he lost it. Mr. Anderson gets right in the face of D-Lo. He is the one who quit. He was the one who tapped. Ray says Anderson is right. He quit and disgraced his colors. So go cry and whine! He asks how D-Lo is going to get the vest back. D-Lo knows Magnus has a match tonight. He wants to beat Magnus. Ray says D-Lo will stand over by the time keeper and Doc will fight Magnus. D-Lo will only watch. The group leaves the ring except for Doc and D-Lo. Magnus’ music plays and he comes to the ring.


Doc vs. Magnus

Doc has Magnus in the corner pounding away. He whips him in the opposing corner. Magnus bounces out and Doc takes him down. He then applies a side headlock to Magnus on the mat. D-Lo is standing at ringside watching the match. Magnus gets up and gets out of the headlock but Doc continues the attack. He pounds on the back of Magnus and then chokes him on the second rope. Magnus gets up. Doc whips him in the corner. Doc walks over but Magnus fights back. Doc goes away and then runs to him, but Magnus moves out of the way. Doc goes right into the corner. Magnus fights back and then knocks Doc right down. Magnus climbs the corner. Doc gets up and punches Magnus. He climbs the corner. Magnus punches him and Doc falls. Magnus flies with an elbow. He covers but Doc counts out. Magnus gets up. D-Lo pulls Magnus to the outside. He goes to whip him in the steps or steel guard rail, but Magnus reverses it and D-Lo goes into the steel steps. Magnus gets in. Doc lifts him up, spins him, and brings him down face and chest first on the mat. Doc covers but he kicks out. Doc goes into the ropes, but D-Lo grabs the leg. He thought it was Magnus. He let’s go and Magnus does a roll-up. He gets the win. Magnus leaves the ring. D-Lo enters and can’t believe it. He and Doc are furious.

Winner: Magnus


Doc and D-Lo go through the door and Aces are right there. Ray is right there yelling at him. He says he is a b%tch! He can’t do anything right. They grab D-Lo and take him down on a table. Ray grabs a hammer and says he can smash his head in right now. Mr. Anderson said he has a better idea. They can use D-Lo where he is useful. That is… having him get drinks and ice. They let D-Lo go. They tell him to take off his shirt. D-Lo leaves.

Kurt Angle and Sting are backstage. Hulk Hogan meets up with them. He says he can go tonight. Kurt absolutely says no. Sting said they just got back to being on the same side. Hulk’s doctors said he can’t wrestle. Hulk then said that he has a wildcard and if this guy says who he thinks he is, both of them just have to sit back. Kurt reiterates that is is a wildcard and Sting says, “If.” They then bring Magnus up. He won against D-Lo. Hulk says if they believe in him, they they can pick him. They like Magnus. He is the guy.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are walking backstage. They know Bad Influence has James’ number, but they need to try. They walk up to James and exchange a few words. Roode knows they have had troubles in the past, but now they are even. He hands him a beer. James says you never know when you are going to need this. James goes on to talk. James knows how he is going to call the match tonight. He walks away and Roode and Aries still aren’t comfortable.


Christy Hemme is in the ring and she announces the stars for this match. She says Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels! It’s Roode and Aries though. They get in the ring and Aries gets right in her face. She announces it right this time. Bad Influence enter the ring next.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Bad Influence (Kaz and Christopher Daniels) for the #1 Contender Spot for the TNA Tag Team Titles w/ James Storm as the special referee

Kaz and Aries start the match. They move around the ring and lock-up. Kaz does an armlock, but Aries gets out of it and does it to Kaz. Kaz flips around and does an armlock to Aries and then takes him down. He taunts. Aries gets up and they walk around again. They lock-up. Aries does a headlock and then a takedown. He squirms around Kaz and then gets up and hangs himself on the top rope. Kaz gets up and they lock-up again. Aries pushes Kaz in the corner. Aries backs off. He goes to attack him, but Kaz ducks. Kaz goes but Aries breaks. Both do an eye rake. They can’t see. They tag the wrong person and go to the other corners. James tells them to get back in. They do and tag their partners. Roode and Daniels enter. They lock-up but both bounce off the ropes at different times. Roode knocks Daniels down and he goes for an elbow, but Daniels moves. Daniels knocks Roode down and does a flip in the ring. Roode gets up and knees Daniels in the gut. He takes him down and covers. Daniels kicks out. Roode pushes him in the corner. He attacks him. He whips him in the ropes. Aries hits Daniels in the back. He screams in pain and Roode takes him down. He gets him back up for a snapmare and then a neckbreaker. He tags Aries. Aries enters and does a dropkick to the back. He covers but Storm is trying to stop Kaz from coming in. Aries gets mad. He puts Daniels in the corner. He chokes him and then tags Roode. Daniels slides down to corner. Roode chokes him with the foot and then on the middle rope. Roode tosses Daniels through the ropes and he lands on the ramp. Roode mocks Kaz. Aries climbs the corner and flies. He hits Daniels right on the head. He throws Daniels back in the ring. Roode covers but Daniels kicks out. Both get up and Daniels whips him in the ropes. Kaz hits Roode in the back as he bounces off the ropes. Roode is tossed through the ropes. Kaz leaves the corner and goes after Roode on the outside. He brings him in. Daniels tags him. He enters and they do a quick double team kick move set and Kaz covers. Roode kicks out. Daniels enters as Roode goes into the ropes. Daniels trips him and Kaz does a springboard leg drop. James is too busy talking to Aries. Kaz covers Roode but he kicks out.

Kaz and Daniels try to go after Roode again. They have him in their corner, but Roode is able to knock Daniels down. Kaz is in the corner. Roode gets away and tags Aries. Aries runs and does a flying dropkick. He goes after Kaz as he goes for his brain buster, but Kaz slides out. He tosses Kaz out of the ring onto Daniels. He does a huge suicide dive on both. He brings Daniels in. Aries does a frog splash from the top rope. He covers but Kaz breaks it. Both throws Aries in the ropes. They go for a double closeline, but Aries blocks it. They lift him up and they hit a powerbomb neckbreaker. Roode enters and goes to the Fade To Black, but Kaz slides away and takes care of Kaz. Aries and Daniels are in the ring now. Daniels is in the corner and Aries runs to him, but Daniels kicks him right in the face. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings, but Aries slides and does the Brainbuster, but Daniels gets away and does a roll-up using the tights. James won’t count. Aries grabs a beer and spits it in the face of Daniels. He hands the beer to James. James takes it and drinks it. Daniels gets up. Storm does the Superkick but hits Daniels. He didn’t want that. Aries claps and puts one foot over Daniels’ body. James doesn’t want to count, but he gets down and does: 1-2! He stops. He gets up. Aries turns and Storm does a Superkick to him. Storm turns and leaves the ring with his music playing. Kaz and Roode get in the ring to help their partners.

Winners: No winners declared

The camera is backstage and the camera shows a guy fly from another hallway. Aces are attacking Magnus! They kick, punch and throw Magnus into the wall and different objects backstage. Just then, Magnus low blows a member and tries to fight back. He grabs a cane. Someone grabs him from behind and Doc hits him with some trashcan or another weapon. They put Magnus on the floor and throw another object on him. He is down and out.


A video promo plays showcasing Suicide! Tick tock! He is coming back!

A video plays showing Chris Sabin returning last week. He picks up the win. He says that reaction is great. The past 24 months was full of training. He will keep coming back though. Injuries won’t stop him. He is a champion.

Kenny King’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. He has his cocky self and the X-Division Title. He grabs a mic. In case you didn’t know, or you were slow, he is the X-Division Champion. People may ask him how he got the title so quick. He says he has been spectacular since he entered Impact. Kenny, you are so good, but you have to beat more than one person to keep that title. Kenny says he isn’t here to talk about himself, but here to talk about someone. Welcome a 4 time X-Division Champion Chris Sabin! Chris’ music plays and he comes to the ring.

Kenny wants Chris to tell his story. Chris has a mic. Chris says he has been in two place for two years… physical therapy and his basement. Kenny doesn’t know the struggle it takes to come back from that. Chris has the fighting spirit but Kenny doesn’t have it. Sabin has nothing else to lose. He will fight every match like it is their last match. Kenny better take pictures and dane with the title because Chris will take it next week. Kenny says Chris is a champion and wants Chris to hold the title. Chris is hesitant but takes it. Kenny says he wants him to hold it because Chris will never have it as long as Kenny is champion. It doesn’t matter how many ACLs Chris has. King is champion and will keep it. He wants his title now. Maybe his haircut is getting in the way. He taps Chris’ head. Chris holds the belt tight and goes after Kenny. Kenny goes through the ropes. Chris throws the title. Kenny takes it and walks through the crowd.

The camera is backstage and it shows a brawl with Bad Influence and Aries and Roode. Officials come to the scene and check on someone on the ground. It is James Storm. Both teams walk away as Storm lies there.


A video plays showcasing the Bound for Glory Series! They are doing something new this year. They are going to involve Gutcheck participants. Who will go along and go for the World Title at Bound For Glory?

Video replays show Kurt Angle attacking AJ Styles at the beginning of the show and then Aces attacking Magnus earlier, and then shows James Storm on the ground after being attacked by the two tag teams.

Aces & 8s are backstage. Ray is at the helm again as he knows they don’t like the decision, but you have to get rid of the weak. He is the leader. It was needed. It’s time for Ray, Devon, and Anderson to fight. Knux asks if there are any assignments for D-Lo when he comes back. Ray likes Knux and says he is the brains of the operation. He tells him to tell D-Lo to keep the beer cold because they will be celebrating the win later. They laugh and leave.

Kurt Angle, Sting, and Hulk Hogan are backstage. Kurt says they are out of time. His music starts to play. He leaves. Sting goes to follow. Hogan tries to stop them, but they need to go. Hogan is on the phone and tells the person that it is starting and it is now or never.

Kurt Angle comes through the curtain. He gets in the ring. After him is Sting. Sting’s music plays and he comes walking out.


Aces & 8s’ music play and they come through the crowd. Ray goes to Taz and they start talking smack about Christy Hemme. Ray, Devon, and Anderson get in the ring.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Bully Ray, Devon, and Mr. Anderson

Kurt Angle starts the match against Devon. Kurt is ready. Devon goes right after him with a right hand. Kurt punches back. They go back and forth. Devon gets the better of Kurt with more punches. Kurt is able to whip Devon in the ropes and hits two closelines and then a belly to belly suplex. He covers but Devon kicks out. Devon fights back and tags Bully Ray. Ray enters and attacks the back of Kurt. Kurt slowly gets to his feet. He is in the corner. Ray goes for a chop, but Kurt moves and does an armdrag. Ray gets up and pushes Kurt in the corner. Ray backs up and goes for a punch, but Kurt does another arm drag. Ray gets up and Kurt continues to work on the arm. He points to Sting and tags him in. Ray walks back and Mr. Anderson tags in. Anderson struts in the ring and raises his hand. Sting goes to take it but Anderson kicks him in the gut. Anderson whips Sting, but Sting reverses it. Sting does an atomic drop and then a dropkick. Anderson goes through the ropes, but Sting lifts the ropes up right on Ken. Sting goes after the other Aces and then tags Kurt as Anderson is on that side. Kurt takes Ken to the corner and kicks him in the gut multiple times. Ken is sitting in the corner. He brings Ken up and whips him hard in the opposing corner. Anderson falls and Kurt covers. Ken kicks out. Both get up and Ken is able to come back and tag Devon. Devon enters and knocks Kurt right down. Kurt gets up and goes in the corner as Devon pushes him right in the face. Anderson and Ray attack Kurt as he is in the corner with punches. Devon takes Kurt down and covers him. Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Kurt punches back but Devon rakes the eyes. He goes for more punches and then shoves Kurt face first into Ray’s boot that is on the top corner. Ray tags in. Ray goes right after Kurt in the corner. Anderson chokes Kurt while he can as the referee is distracted. Ray tags Devon. Both whip Kurt in the ropes. Kurt kicks Devon and then goes after Ray, but Ray ducks and he does a back suplex. Ray gets up and goes after Sting. Sting falls off the apron.

Just then, the camera is backstage and it shows Aces & 8s. They are all down. The entire group! Who did it?


Bully Ray is getting to his feet as he holds his head. Kurt Angle is down on the mat. Ray finally gets up and goes after Kurt. Kurt gets up and Ray does a huge dropkick!!!! Ray gets up and yells at Sting. He turns and tags Anderson. Ken kicks Kurt in the gut and whips him in the ropes. He applies an elbow to the head. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Ken holds onto Kurt and brings him in the corner. He tags Devon. Devon enters and kicks Kurt in the gut and then does a slow neck breaker. Devon slides on the mat like a snake and then covers. Kurt kicks out. Devon now works on the neck on Kurt. Kurt gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. Kurt bounces off the ropes and Ray kicks him in the back of the head. It fully didn’t affect him. He goes to Devon and Devon levels him. Devon lifts him up and does a body slam. He does a leg drop and then mocks Hogan. Devon grabs Kurt and Ray tags in. Ray slowly dissects Kurt with a kick in the gut and a slow neckbreaker. He gets Kurt up and does a huge chop to his chest. Ray goes for another chop, but Kurt ducks and does the Angle Slam! Kurt reaches for a tag. He is beat. Both are crawling to their corner. Kurt tags and Ray tags Devon. Sting goes after Anderson on the corner and then after Devon with multiple closelines. Devon gets up in the corner. Sting does the Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Drop. He covrs. Ken enters to break it up, but Sting moves and Ken hits Devon. Sting sends Ken out. Sting hits the Stinger Splash again as Devon is in the corner. Sting hits the bulldog and covers. Ray enters and breaks the cover. Sting gets up and they are in each others face. They fight back and forth but Sting takes the legs out from under Ray and apply the Scorpion Death Lock. Mr. Anderson enters and takes Sting down face first with the Mic Check. Ken leaves the ring and slams Kurt into the steel steps.

Devon grabs a table from under the ring. He brings it in. He and Ray set it up and wait for Sting. Just then, music hits! Here comes Abyss! He takes his coat off and enters the ring. He goes after Devon and Ray. He smashes both of them in the corner. Anderson jumps over the ropes in the ring. Abyss grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him through the table. Devon gets up and Abyss hits him with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss covers and wins!

Winners: Abyss, Kurt Angle, and Sting

Abyss is standing tall and the crowd is going crazy! The show fades.