TNA IMPACT 01 03 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 3, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It focuses around the pay-off of Aces and 8s from Austin Aries. Roode receives his payback as he fights Austin one-on-one. Both are equal and Jeff gets the final word. It switches to the Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray rivalry. Hulk knows about the relationship with Ray and Brooke. Will he ever accept? Aces and 8s attacked stars for months and one of those stars was Sting. Sting returns tonight!

The video ends and fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. The crowd is on their feet and are cheering their heads off. Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He starts the show off with the 2012 Wrestler of the Year. There is a trophy in the ring for the star. Jeremy introduces each of the participants. He introduces Bully Ray and says he reinvented himself and became one of the top singles stars today. Next, the Bound for Glory Tournament man who had the highest points, James Storm. Storm makes his way on stage right beside Bully Ray. In July, he gave up the X-Division Title and went for the World Title. This man is Austin Aries. Aries comes out and goes beside James Storm. The fourth participant is the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history. This person is Bobby Roode. Roode comes out and stands right by Austin Aries. They exchange words. Lastly, he is the TNA World Champion. He is Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes out and stands by Roode. Jeremy goes to announce the winner while Roode and Austin walk down the ramp. They are fighting over the award as they think they one it. Jeremy announces that Jeff Hardy is the 2012 Wrestler of the Year. Jeff shakes the hands of Bully Ray and James Storm. Those two leave. Jeff walks down the ramp and meets Roode and Aries. Both of them are shocked. Jeff interacts with the fans and then gets in the ring to meet Borash. Jeff grabs a mic.

Jeff thanks everyone and tells them Happy New Year. He is the World Champion but this means even more. He had a great 2012 and this award confirms it. Roode comes to the ring with a mic and tells him to stop. Roode can’t believe that Jeff thinks the fans’ votes are just as important as the World Title. Jeff says that is the difference. Roode set records and made history. Roode became the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history. The fact that he is not the Wrestler of the Year is….well, Austin Aries enters the ring and tells him to shut-up. Aries says this award is rigged. Austin was the longest reigning X-Division Champion and beat Roode for the title. Austin gave four star PPVs every time. Jeff tells them that it is enough and says he will face both of them at Genesis. 2012 was the year of the enigma. Jeff grabs the trophy and turns around. Aries hits Jeff from behind and he falls. Roode comes over and helps with the attack. Roode gets Jeff up and holds his arms behind his back. Austin grabs the trophy and goes to swing it in the gut, but Jeff moves and Aries hits Roode. Jeff battles back and grabs his smashed up trophy as his music hits.

We see Todd Keneley, Taz, and Mike Tenay as they announce the line-up for tonight.

James Storm is backstage. The cameraman says that wasn’t want he planned. James goes to talk but Daniels and Kazarian come into the screen. Daniels mocks James with his cowboy voice and his weird sayings. Kazarian starts to laugh and says he will kick Daniel’s Twitter and punch Kazarian’s Facebook. James doesn’t care if they DM it or Instagram it, but he tells them that one of them better come out and face him. Daniels and Kaz state that he forgot to mention Myspace.


James Storm’s music is playing as he is in the ring. He takes off his shirt and gets ready to fight. Music hits and here comes the dancing duo of Kazarian and Daniels. They dance their way down the ramp. They talk and Daniels says he will go in. Daniels takes off his coat and gets on the apron. As James turns to him, Kazarian comes from behind and knocks James down.

James Storm vs. Kazarian

Kazarian takes James to the corner and kicks and punches him. He has total control. He tosses him over the ropes, but James holds onto the top rope. He flips his way back in. James goes after Kazarian now. He jumps on him and punches him in the face. He tosses Kazarian out of the ring. James gets out and Daniels gets James’ attention. As Daniels rolls in the ring, Kazarian comes back and hits James from behind. Kazarian attacks and then leaves. Daniels kicks James in the gut and then tosses him in the ring. Kazarian is there and continues the assault. He does stomps and knees to James’ body. Kazarian starts to whack the head of James, but James pops up and drops for the double knee to the face. Kazarian falls right down. Both get up now and James continues the offense. He climbs the corner now and does a long flying elbow drop. He covers but Kazarian kicks out as well as Daniels getting on the apron. Kazarian gets up and kicks James right in the corner. He lifts him up on his shoulders and spins him around for a cutter. Kazarian pins but he gets a two. Both get up and James does another drop of the double knee to the face. Daniels gets on the apron again. James stands and does a enziguri to the back of the head. As James gets up, Kazarian is on the corner. He jumps but James hits the Last Call Super Kick. He covers.

Winner: James Storm

Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. All of them are lounging around. Devon, with a girl at his side, says that they need an answer soon as they have been waiting for a week. Ken, with two girls beside him on the couch, says they are doing great here so what is a little longer? Devon likes that. Doc enters the picture and asks Ken what it is going to be? Sting is coming soon. Ken tells him that if it is happening, they can’t show Sting one ounce of fear. Ken reaches down and pulls out the ball peen hammer. He hands it to Doc while Devon says this is a good sign. The group gets up and leave the area. Devon asks if they seen his black baseball bat. They haven’t seen it. Devon looks around and then continues to walk.


Kenny King is walking backstage and meets Kid Kash in the opposite direction. Kenny tells Kash that he is a legend and he remembers watching him on VHS. Kenny will win his match next week while Kash will win his tonight. Kash has been a two time X-Division Champion, so he is anything but new. King better watch out.

A video plays showing Sting’s return last year. It ended with Aces and 8s attacking him. Doc appears and takes him out as well as others. Sting is coming back and is going to take the group out. It’s showtime.

Music his and here comes Doc from Ace and 8s. He makes his way through the fans. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. He has his ball peen hammer and looks at it. He then raises it up. “Stinger, where are you?” Doc laughs and then asks where Sting is again. He tells him to join the party. It’s 1/3/13. Sting has been saying that Doc is a marked man, but Doc doesn’t feel like he is. Where is Stinger? Where is he? Doc looks at his hammer again. He starts to get angry. He says Sting is wasting his time and Aces and 8s time. Get out here Sting as Doc will cripple you. Everyone wants him out here. The hammer is Doc’s final call. Just then, a black baseball bat appears in the ring. It either came from the crowd or the rafters. Doc starts to freak out. He says he isn’t afraid of Sting. He isn’t afraid. Doc paces back and forth while looking at the bat.


Brooke Hogan is walking in the lot and the cameraman asks her if she talked to her father after kissing Bully Ray and having him find out. She says no. It looks like they will talk again just like how normal TV does it. She enters the arena.

Kid Kash is in the ring. Christy Hemme introduces this match. Christian York’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

Kid Kash vs. Christian York – X-Division Tournament Match

Kash goes right after York as soon as he enters the ring. He has York down. He tosses him over the ropes. Kash continues as he jumps over the ropes and hits the hurricanrona. Kash gets in the ring. York gets on the apron and jumps on the top rope. York flies and lands on Kash. York toss Kash over the ropes and he lands on the apron. York attacks him and then brings him to the corner. York continues the assault. Kash comes down from the corner, but York grabs him from behind and hits a german type suplex. Both get up and Kash comes back. He attacks York with punches and keeps him down on the mat. Kash climbs the corner and does a moonsault, but York brings his knees up. Both get up and York kicks Kash in the gut and chest. He has Kash down on his hands and knees and then hits a DDT. He covers but Kash kicks out. Both get up and York does an inside cradle. Kash kicks out. Both get up. Kash tries to hit a move, but York hits the Moonswing (Swinging neck breaker). He covers and wins.

Winner: Christian York

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are backstage. Chavo is laughing as the cameraman asks him if he is afraid of Joey Ryan. Chavo isn’t and he has Hernandez while Joey has Morgan. Hernandez can take down anyone. They are the TNA Tag Team Champs. In fact, they will take on any two stars tonight.


Music plays and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champs. Hernandez and Chavo get in the ring while Hernandez is in action. Music plays and here comes Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan. Matt is in his clothes and has a sling on. Matt has a mic in his other hand. He says he has been slinging 700 pounds around to get fit, while Hernandez doesn’t know anything about that. Matt will be ready for Genesis, but Joey is ready for tonight. Joey doesn’t want to but Matt encourages him. Joey oils up and runs in the ring.

Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan

Joey goes right to Hernandez in the corner as Hernandez has his back turned. Hernandez turns around and just manhandles Joey down. He gets him up and his a backbreaker. Hernandez goes to bounce off the rope, but Matt grabs Hernandez’s leg. Matt starts to flex his arms now. Hernandez goes after Joey again, but Matt gets in the ring. Hernandez turns and Matt hits a discus closeline. The bell sounds. Chavo gets in and Matt hits The Carbon Footprint. Joey gets up and celebrates with Matt while Morgan stares right into the camera….staring right into Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage as he will be coming to the ring next.


Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe is backstage with Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Kurt thanks both of them for the help last time, but he has Joe now so they don’t ned to come out. Garett and Wes says they will help out. Joe starts to yell as they don’t need them. Kurt calms him down and tells Wes and Garett that it is a cage match and no one is going in. Thanks but no thanks. Wes and Garett leave. Kurt tells Joe that he doesn’t know where Sting is as he didn’t talk to him either but he made a New Years Resolution. That is to unmask all of the Aces and 8s people. It starts tonight. You in, Joe? Joe shakes the hand of Kurt.

The camera switches from Ms. Tessmacher, Tara and Jesse, Mickie James, and other knockouts. They will be in action tonight.

A video plays revolving around the Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray storyline. Austin Aries starts to make fun of Brooke and Ray, but Ray took care of him. Ray saved Hulk from Aces and 8s and then goes on to kiss Brooke. Hogan finds out about the relationship but Ray doesn’t think there is anything that he shouldn’t know.

The video ends and here comes Hulk! His music plays and he comes out on the stage. Fireworks explode as he walks forward. The crowd roars. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he is going to get right to it. First of all, sorry for not being there last week. There was a lot going on and two weeks ago he caught Brooke and Ray making out. He is back and wants to get this over with. Ray, if you are back there, and I know you are, come out and you too Brooke. He wants both of them and gets both of them. Ray’s music hits and he comes out with Brooke at his side. Ray then leads her. They get in the ring. Hogan says Ray wants respect from Hogan for months now. Hogan couldn’t really understand it. He then starts talking about a code. There is a code to tell each other things but he didn’t and wants to know why. Ray paces around and then looks at Brooke. Ray turns to face Hulk. He has a mic and says Hulk is right and should have came clean about him and Brooke. The heat is on him (Ray). Hulk has been trying to tell everyone how bad Ray is and that he shouldn’t be trusted. Ray shouldn’t be in this business. Brooke tries to interfere but Hulk says it is between them. If this was 20 years ago, Ray would have been gone by now. With this time period with lawyers and lawsuits and general managers, Bully Ray is suspended without pay. Get out of my ring! Ray can’t believe it. Hulk turns to Brooke and says she made the decision too so get the hell out of my ring. Brooke is shocked. Ray turns and asks if he is serious. He then grabs Brooke and leads her out of the ring. Ray grabs her hand and walks up the ramp. They turn and Hogan’s music plays. Bully asks Brooke what is wrong with her father. Suspend, really? They turn and walk the rest up the ramp while Hogan walks around the ring.


The show returns and a replay of the Hogan/Bully/Brooke segment plays.

The camera shows the Impact Zone with Christy Hemme in the ring waiting. The announces talk about Joseph Parks and a video plays showing his training in OVW. The trainer says he wasn’t good in the beginning but now he is watching tapes and learning. He has potential. He, Parks, says he has been watching matches with Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and even Abyss. The trainer says Parks caught him off guard and showed him the wow factor. He can do this. The trainer tells Parks that he has heart and feels great for his opportunity. Parks says he is ready. Good luck.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this knockout tag match. Gail Kim makes her way to the ring first. After her, Tara’s music plays and she comes out with the Knockout Title around her waist and Jesse at her side. They do their special taunts in their path to and in the ring. Mickie James comes out and skips her way down the ramp. Finally, Ms. Tessmacher comes out and gets in the ring.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Mickie James and Ms. Tessmacher

Gail starts the match against Tessmacher. Tessmacher goes right to Gail, but Gail kicks her in the gut and puts her in the corner. Gail whips Tessmacher in the opposing corner, but Tessmacher jumps on the second corner and jumps back for a cross body. Both get up and Tessmacher does a monkey flip to Gail. Gail gets up and tags Tara. She enters and takes control of Tessmacher. She hits her in the gut and then whips her in the ropes. Mickie reaches and tags herself in. Tara does a snapmare takedown. Mickie enters the ring and so does Gail. Mickie does a dropkick to her and Gail rolls out. Tessmacher gets Tara and knocks her out of the ring. Both are out of the ring. Tessmacher and Mickie roll out of the ring and grab Tara and Gail. They do a double head knocker. They bring Tara back in. Tessmacher and Mickie roll back in but Mickie is the legal knockout. She has control of Tara, but Tara turns the tables and has Mickie down. She twists Mickie’s torso.


ODB is backstage saying Aces and 8s have done a lot of damage. They have their dart games and everything, but Sting is coming back. Eric Young is not coming back though. He is out of the hospital but can’t return yet.

The camera shows the steel cage being set up around the ring. As it does, a replay is shown of the beginning of Impact where Jeff set his own match for Genesis and the attack afterwards.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage to go into his office with Roode and Aries behind him. They are complaining about the Triple Threat Match. They say it is against everything they stand for and so on. Hogan says it will happen and it will be in an elimination style match. Next week will be Roode and Aries vs. Hardy and a partner of his choosing. Roode and Aries don’t want to team up and they freak out about it. They leave Hulk’s office.

Aces and 8s music plays and Devon comes out with the Television Title around his waist with a masked man at his side. They walk through the crowd and then get to the ring. They enter. Samoa Joe’s music plays and he walks down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp. Kurt Angle’s music hits and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist. He rises from below the stage. He raises his arms once on the stage and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. As he does, Doc runs out and slams the cage door in Kurt’s leg and side. He pulls him out and locks the cage.

Devon and Masked Man vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage Match
Doc gets Kurt up and slams him face first into the steel steps while the masked man and Devon surround Joe. Joe is able to take Devon down and then put the masked man into the corner. He punches him multiple times. Devon runs but Joe moves and runs into the masked man. Joe puts Devon in another corner and does a couple kicks and then the pele kick. He tries for the door but it’s locked. Joe goes after Devon and the masked man. He knocks Devon down and then puts the masked man in the corner. The guy sits down and Joe rams his face with his foot. He runs in the ropes and comes back, but Devon runs right into him and knocks Joe down. Devon gets him up and holds his arms behind him. The masked man is up and punches Joe in the face. They switch places and Devon punches him several times. The masked man let’s go and Joe falls down. The big buy stomps on Joe’s chest. Joe rolls away. He then gets up and fights back and forth, but Devon rakes the eyes of Joe and puts him in the corner. Joe sits down. Devon gets him up but Joe punches Devon and knocks him down. The masked man goes after Joe with a knee to the gut and punches. Kurt is up and tries to open the cage, but Devon kicks the door and it hits Kurt’s head. Kurt falls off the steps. Joe is thrown into the ropes and the masked man elbows him in the face. They continue to work on him.


Samoa Joe is up and punches Devon and the big buy back and forth. Devon is able to put Joe back in the corner. Devon goes to him, but Joe kicks him in the face and then climbs the corner. He jumps and kicks Devon in the face. He gets up and has the masked man and hits the t-bone suplex. They are down. Kurt Angle is climbing the cage. Doc enters and rips Kurt down. Kurt fights back and knocks Doc down. He takes the key from him and opens the door. Kurt goes after Devon and the masked man. he knocks both of them down. He climbs the corner and dropkicks the masked guy. He then tries for the mask. As he does, Doc walks up the steps. Kurt stops and turns to Doc, but he slams the door in the face of Kurt. It makes him bleed. The masked guy grabs Kurt and chokeslams him.. Joe takes care of the masked guy and all are down. Kurt slowly gets up as well as Devon. He hits the three german suplexes and then one german suplex on the masked guy. Joe gets up and throws Devon in the steel cage twice. The masked guy gets in and Kurt and Joe both attack him. Kurt does an Angle Slam and covers.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle gets up and goes right for the mask, but Doc enters the ring and attacks him and Joe. Aces and 8s run out and they enter the ring. They attack both Kurt and Joe. Mr. Anderson watches from the outside. They choke Joe and Kurt with their boots. Just then, Sting comes out with his black baseball bat. He enters the ring and takes out one member guy one. They are all going down. The members are slowly exiting the area. They leave through the door while one climbs the cage. One member is left in the ring. Joe pushes him to Sting and Sting hits him with the baseball bat. Kurt grabs the mask and RIPS it off! It’s Mike Knox! He leaves the ring and the other members are trying to cover his face. It’s shown though. Sting’s music plays and the three celebrate in the ring. They show fades.