TNA IMPACT 01 10 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 10, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package concentrating on Wrestler of the Year award. Jeff won and he made his own match for Genesis. Jeff vs. Aries vs. Roode. The video switches to the Hogan/Bully rivalry. Ray and Brooke have a thing but Hogan doesn’t like it. He suspends Ray and Brooke. The video now changes to Aces & 8s as Mr. Anderson could have signed a deal with the devil while Kurt Angle reveals another masked member. It was Mike Knox!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. Fans are on their feet cheering as this is the last show till Genesis. Music hits and it’s Sting! Sting comes out and the crowd roars. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are behind him. They all make their way to the ring. Sting grabs a mic. Sting told the world he would come back on 1/3/13 and he did. He will also be at Genesis and he will meet Doc in the ring. As far as tonight goes…he feels frisky. He brought some close friends. One of them is his big black bat and the others are shooter (Kurt Angle) and killer (Samoa Joe). So Aces & 8s, come get some. Sting hands the mic to Joe. Joe steps forward. He says Aces & 8s may have had Joe but they did not put him down. If they get in this ring and get in his face, he will beat them down and choke them out. Joe hands the mic over to Kurt Angle now. The crowd chants, “Angle, Angle.” Kurt says he made a promise in 2013 and that is taking the masks off of Aces & 8s. That started last week and wants to do another this week. It is more than a mask though…it is the truth and that is the decision of Mr. Anderson. He stands with Aces & 8s but is he with them? Kurt calls him out. Mr. Anderson’s music plays and he comes down the ramp. He looks to be a bit cocky.

Anderson has a mic in his hand and says this is a bit rich. He asks them where they were when he got beat up by Aces & 8s a couple months back? Ken was about to stand with Sting in the ring that night, but Sting left him. He replaced him quickly with Bully Ray. Ken says they have a problem. Kurt says he doesn’t have a problem. He just wants to know if he is against or with them. Ken walks forward and gets in the ring. He goes right up to Kurt. Both stare eye to eye. Ken says he doesn’t have to answer to Kurt. He never really did like Kurt. Kurt gets on the mic and says the feeling is mutual. Just then, Kurt hits Ken right in the head with the mic. Ken falls and Kurt hits him right in the head multiple times. Ken rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Kurt’s music plays as he yells at Ken.

The commentators are shown, Taz, Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley. They go over the match line-up for tonight.

A video plays showing the GutCheck contestant Jay Bradley. He talks about his path into wrestling and says his path leads right to Impact Wrestling.
Brooke Hogan rolls in on a golf cart. The driver let’s her off. The cameraman asks her about Bully Ray and Hulk. Brooke says they will air their dirty laundry on television again and this time he will listen. She then takes a phone call and it’s Mark (aka Bully). Brooke walks through the arena doors.


The X-Division Tournament continues right now. Zema Ion is already in the ring. Kenny King’s music plays and he comes out. He dances his way down the ramp. He is full of attitude and cockiness.

Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

They meet in the middle of the ring and Ion tells him to come. Kenny does and they lock-up. King pushes Ion back in the corner and does kicks and elbow shots. Kenny goes for an irish whip in the opposing corner, but Ion reverses it. Ion runs to him, but Kenny tosses him over the ropes. He lands on the apron. Kenny hits him and he falls right down. Kenny jumps over the ropes with a twirl but lands right on his feet as Ion rolls in the ring. Ion now flies and lands on King. Ion brings King in the ring. Kenny comes back but Ion fights back too. Ion whips Kenny into the corner and he goes to run after him, but he goes through the middle rope. Ion hangs Kenny off the top rope and then jumps over the top to hit a DDT. Ion tries to end the match but Kenny kicks out. Ion continues the attack with a multitude of moves but King continues to kick out. Ion goes to the top rope for a 360 but King moves. Both get up and King does a dropkick to the chest. King gets Ion up on his shoulders and drops him right down for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

King gets out of the ring and grabs the mic from Christy Hemme. He says Christy will announce him as the new X-Division Champion.

Robbie E and Robbie T are backstage. Robbie E is whining as it has been one of the worst weeks of his life. Jersey Shore, his favorite show, is over and he lost the Bro-Off and now Jesse and Tara are challenging him to a mixed tag team match. The camera shows Ms. Tessmacher and she tells him that she would never tag with him. He’s disgusting. Every knockout has been telling Robbie E that. Tessmacher says she will only tag with the real bro and she hits Robbie T on the chest. She walks away while Robbie E yells, “Bro!”


Mr. Parks is walking in the parking lot. He says he is grateful to be there and can’t wait to show off his skills. He is thankful for his lawyer company he works for to let him put the job on the side to pursue his wrestling career. Parks goes to open the door but the door is locked.
Jesse and Tara are already in the ring as they show off their bodies. Robbie E and Robbie T come out to their music while Ms. Tessmacher comes with. As they come to the ring, the replay of Bro-Off is shown.

Jesse and Tara vs. Robbie T and Ms. Tessmacher

Jesse goes right to Robbie T for an early advance but Robbie T doesn’t feel anything. He turns and closelines Jesse and then does a huge body slam. Jesse crawls to his corner while holding his back. He tags Tara. Ms. Tessmacher now has to come in. They go at it but Tessmacher takes Tara to the corner and knocks her down. Tara, sitting in the corner, gives Tessmacher the stink face opportunity. She does it. Tara doesn’t like it at all and tags Jesse. Jesse enters as well as Robbie. Robbie gets in and sets Jesse up for a power bomb. He lifts him up and plants him down. Robbie covers and wins.

Winners: Robbie T and Ms. Tessmacher

Robbie E gets in the ring and celebrates with them two, but the music changes as Robbie T starts to shake. He and Tessmacher dance while Robbie E is furious. He starts jumping up and down like a little kid. Robbie lifts Tessmacher up and then kisses her. He sets her down and she stays on the mat. Robbie E is stunned. His mouth is wide open. Robbie T leaves.

A video package concentrating on the other GutCheck contestant and that is Ryan Cage. He gives a story of how no one thought he would be a wrestler and asked him what else he will do. There is nothing else. This is what he does. He will face Jay tonight.

There is a split screen as both of contestants get ready for their match.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the two competitors as they are already in the ring.

Brian Cage vs. Jay Bradley in the Gutcheck Challenge

They lock-up and they are almost even but Jay backs Brian in the corner. He moves back and both push each other. They lock-up again but Cage locks his arms around Jay as he is behind him. Brian reverses it. They go back and forth but Jay does a roll-up but Cage kicks out. Both get up and Cage works on Bradley, but Bradley does a huge big boot that knocks Cage down. Bradley stomps on him and then lifts him up for a body slam. Jay backs up into the ropes and then plants his knee onto Cage. Cage slowly gets up and Bradley bounces off the rope. Cage does a dropkick and Bradley goes out of the ring. He gets on the apron. Cage brings Jay to the corner and hits the superplex. He climbs again and hits the flying elbow. He covers but Jay kicks out. Both get up. Cage goes for a spinning closeline but Bradley ducks. Both turn around and Jay hits the lariat. He covers and gets the win.

Winner: Jay Bradley

Aces & 8s are in their clubhouse. The members are enjoying their time with the girls with their drinks in their hand. Ken starts to yell as they are having fun and he is worried about Kurt. The Cyborg is crazy. A masked man says they have to put their wants aside. The members get up and walk away from the girls into their conference room. The masked man asks Mike about his mask as last week he said they can’t lose their masks but he did. Mike really can’t have excuses. The masked man tells Mike that he needs to come up with something.


Mr. Parks is in the ring with a mic. He states he is back from wrestling camp and in one piece. He asks for Hulk Hogan. Hulk’s music hits and he comes out to the ring as the fans roar. Fireworks explode behind him as he gets in the ring. Hogan grabs a mic and congratulates him on going to wrestling school. Parks will make this terse because he knows Hulk has a lot on his plate. Hogan asks if he knows what is going on back there. Parks doesn’t. Parks thanks Hulk for letting him go and thanks the trainer of OVW. Parks calls himself a wrestler, but Hogan says he needs years of training. Parks did everything Hogan wanted him to do. Parks wants Aces & 8s. He wants a match. Hulk says he has it. Parks is thrilled. He thanks Hogan and then leaves the ring and goes backstage. Hogan’s music plays. Brooke appears on the titan tron and says her father hasn’t answered her calls or texts. Is this how you want it? They are going to deal with it right now. Brooke is coming out and she doesn’t want Hulk to move. Hulk stands there and then looks down to wait.


Brooke’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring. She gets in with the mic and says Hulk never answered her texts and never called her back. She left him voicemails. He never did this before. How they are now will effect their future relationship. Hulk tells her to just ask the question because he sure asked a lot and didn’t get anything. Brooke asks if he will reinstate Mark. Hulk says NO. He won’t and Hulk walks away. Brooke holds her head and starts to cry.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are walking backstage. They are talking about shirts and how Hulk’s shirts rip so easily. Roode says he will wear his robe tonight and Austin says he will wear his new shirt. Roode will wear his new shirt then. Austin will wear his cape. Roode says he will wear what he wants and tells Austin to not tell him what to wear. Austin calms Roode down by saying they are the best tag team. Austin warms up to Roode and then says he will wear his new shirt. Roode will wear it but then switches to his robe and yells at Austin for telling him what to wear.

A video plays hyping the Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Title at Genesis. Each star talks in the video about why they should have the title and what each of their opponents are about.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the stars of this match. Bobby Roode comes out first. He has his robe on. He gets in the ring. Austin Aries’ music plays and he comes out with his cape and new shirt. The greatest man that has ever lived gets in the ring. James Storm now comes out with his robe, cowboy hat, and sunglasses. Fireworks explode behind him. He continues to the ring. Jeff’s music hits and he comes out with his face paint, his custom title around his waist and the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He interacts with the fans around the ring.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. James Storm and Jeff Hardy

Roode and Jeff start the match off. Jeff gets the fans involved by clapping. They go to lock-up but Roode works the arm of Jeff and then applies a headlock. Jeff is pushed into the ropes and comes back to get hit by a shoulder block. Roode jumps over him and runs into the ropes. He comes back to a hip toss by Jeff. Roode gets up and tags Austin. He gets in and locks with Jeff, but he goes behind him and takes him down. Austin spins around on Jeff’s back while hitting the back of his head with his hand. Austin takes Jeff up into the corner, but Jeff comes back and knocks Austin down. He opens his leg and drops the double leg. Roode enters and Jeff attacks him as well s James as he enters. Austin is put in the corner as James gets on his hands and knees. Jeff jumps on him and smashes Austin in the corner. They go and attack Roode now. Austin goes over the too and gets caught on the top rope with his feet. He is taken off and meets Roode on the outside. They start arguing back and forth. Yelling turns to pushing.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and James Storm by disqualification


Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are backstage. Joey says hello to the 87% and then says they are going to take the gold at Genesis. Matt goes to talk about Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, but they are watching from a distance as we can see them on behalf of a mirror. Just then, Chavo and Hernandez run in and brawl. Both teams fight back and forth but Matt can easily overcome his opponent.

The commentators go through the match line-up for TNA Genesis.

Another video plays hyping the Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Title. The video is from the Before The Bell show. Mike Tenay is shown and he picks Jeff to win the match at the PPV. Jeff goes on to speak as he will hold the title for awhile and will hurt himself in order to keep it.

Mr. Anderson’s music plays and the lights go out. The spotlight comes on and he is standing on the stage. He slowly walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring. He plants his feet in the middle of the ring, shakes his hips and then reaches up as the microphone drops down from the rafters. The spotlight appears again as Anderson introduces himself. He is 225 pounds from Greenbay, Wisconsin. He is golden glocerarious (Whatever he wants to be) Mr. Anderson……ANDERSON. Kurt Angle’s music plays and he rises up from the stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He makes his way right to the ring. Kurt is ready and goes to lock-up. He moves forward but Ken backs off and rolls out of the ring. He walks around to clear his mind. Kurt grabs a mic and says, “@sshole, when did you become a b%tch?” He calls him ugly and tells him to get in the ring. Ken continues to move around the ring and then stretches more. As he does, Mike Knox enters the ring and goes after Kurt with the ball peen hammer. He hits Kurt in the back and then the neck. Garett Bishoff, Wes Brisco, and Samoa Joe run out to the ring, but Mike Knox exits and joins Aces & 8s who are right behind the guard rail. Officials and the medical staff enter as Kurt’s body starts to shake. They bring a stretcher out and look at his neck. They roll him on and wheel him away. As they do, Sting’s music plays. He walks down and talks to Wes and Garett. Sting gets in the ring and has his baseball bat. Sting grabs a mic. He tells Devon to call out his troops and Sting will call his. He wants Knox right now. Aces & 8s tell Knox he can do it. Sting waits as Knox stares on.


Mike Knox gets on the apron and Sting waits. Mike gets in and Sting hits Mike right in the gut with the baseball bat. Earl Hebner, the referee, tells him to stop before he hits him again. Earl takes the hammer away and then takes the bat away.

Sting vs. Mike Knox

Sting goes to work on Mike, but Mike turns it around and kicks Sting and then takes him down to the mat. He brings him to the middle rope and runs the other way. He comes back and jumps on the back of Sting to choke him. Sting rolls to the outside. Mike follows. Sting comes back with punches and chops and then brings Mike right to the steel steps. He whips him into the steel steps again. Sting gets him up and then whips him in the steps once more. Sting isn’t done. He gets him up and has him go face first into the guard rail. He backs up and Sting does the Stinger Splash. Mike falls to the floor. Sting rolls him in the ring. Sting gets in while Mike crawls on the mat. Sting stomps on him. He continues to crawl. Sting follows. He pulls him back and turns him over for the Scorpion Leg Lock, but Mike pushes him back. Mike gets up and goes to Sting, but Sting is right there. He whips him in the ropes and Sting does the splash. He grabs Mike and hits the Scorpion Death Drop. He covers and wins.

Winner: Sting

Sting grabs the ball peen hammer and smashes the hand of Mike. He goes to do it again, but Aces and 8s come out with Devon on the mic. Devon tells him to stop. They have Brooke. Devon tells him to stop and stay there. If they come any further, Brooke will not look the same once she comes back to the show. Brooke wants to leave but Devon tells her to shut up. 2012 was Aces and 8s year but 2013 is even bigger for them. Bully Ray quickly runs out and meets the group. He has his chain and pounds the members. They flee the scene. Ray has Brooke but Hulk Hogan appears on the stage.


Hulk is in the ring with Sting, Bully Ray and Brooke. Hogan has a mic and guesses he suppose to thank Ray for saving Brooke and bow down to him. Hogan says he is not real and is not a good guy for his daughter. Ray tries to get support from Sting, but Hogan tells him off. Ray says Hogan is not thinking straight. He is even talking trash to his friend. Ray has been in this business for 20 years. He loves this business. He hopes to be as good and great as Sting or Hogan. He thought he couldn’t love anything more than pro wrestling….then Brooke came into his life. She came into his life to apologize for Hulk being such a hard@ss on him. Ray even had Sting’s back and Hogan went against it. Ray can’t even think right now. Hogan suddenly throws down his mic. Bully says he can throw his mic down too. Hogan tells him to do it. Ray pulls Brooke in front of him. He is not good with feelings. He doesn’t give his emotions up but Brooke makes him laugh and….Ray stops and gets down to one knee. Hogan moves to looks. He is dumbfounded. His mouth is wide open. He is starting to get furious. Ray takes a ring out and puts it on the hand of Brooke. He loves her. Their relationship has been all over television but he wants her to marry him. Brooke says yes and he stands up. They kiss. Ray says he wants to marry her and have the wedding in front of everyone next week. Hogan is furious. He gets out of the ring. His face tells the story. Brooke and Ray celebrate as Ray’s music hits. They kiss and say, “I love you.” Ray shows off the ring as the show fades.