TNA IMPACT 01 17 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 17, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It hypes the return of Sting as he attacks Aces & 8s while Kurt Angle moves closer to unmasking the faction. It switches to the wedding. Hulk Hogan doesn’t want Mark, aka Bully Ray, while Brooke is in love with him. Sting continues his path while Aces & 8s almost kidnap Brooke. Bully Ray saves the day but Hulk says he is not real. Ray wants to cut to the chase and asks Brooke to marry him. She says yes and the wedding is tonight!

The camera shows the great decor around the Impact Zone. It shows the three layer cake and the presents for Ray and Brooke. The wedding is tonight! Video plays from earlier today. It shows Bully Ray in his locker room. He looks at his tux while a smile on his face. Just then, Spike Dugley shows up along with Tommy Dreamer. Ray gives them their tuxedos. They can’t believe Ray is getting married.

The camera switches to Brooke’s room where Tessmacher, Christy Hemme, Mickie James and Gail Kim are with her. Gail if fixing her hair while the others are getting ready. They ask Brooke if Hulk is coming. She doesn’t know.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Jeff makes his way down the ramp and interacts with the fans around the ring. He his still the TNA World Champion. Pictures are shown from Genesis as Jeff kept the title. Jeff gets in the ring now and grabs a mic. He asks about the Genesis main event and the crowd roars. They chant, “You still got it.” Jeff thanks them. The odds were stacked against him but him and the creatures prevailed. Roode and Aries are two of the best professional wrestlers on this planet, but he is still the World Champion. He can’t thank the people enough. Jeff fights through pain and people…but also fights for each and everyone of the fans. He is always ready to fight in the Impact Zone. Just then, music hits and here comes Daniels with Kazarian. Kazarian has a mic in hand. Is Jeff really want a fight? Kazarian reminds Jeff that Daniels will fight him in one week. He will take the title. They are at the bottom of the ramp now. Daniels takes the mic and gets in the ring. Daniels says Jeff is bragging about beating Austin and Roode. He didn’t think he was the bragging type, but Daniels can brag. Daniels is the Thursday Night Delight. He beat AJ Styles and James Storm. He didn’t need creatures of the night to win. Those creatures are in a habit of losing. They are losers like AJ and Storm….and just like Jeff. Jeff says he is out of his mind. Daniels will give all of the creatures permission to worship him when he becomes champion next week. Jeff says they don’t have to wait. Jeff goes on attack as he hits Daniels and Kazarian. He can’t keep up as both fight back. They take Jeff down and stay on top of him. James Storm runs out and saves Jeff. Daniels and Kaz leave. Storm grabs a mic and makes a tag team match. This is not an option. This will happen.

Jeff and James go outside of the ring and attack Kaz and Daniels. Jeff brings Kaz in the ring and takes him to the corner. The bell sounds.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Kazarian and Daniels

James brings Daniels in and attacks him in the corner. James closelines Daniels out of the ring while Jeff grabs Kaz and tosses him over. James, on the outside, takes the legs out from underneath Kaz as he stands on the apron. Jeff grabs the top rope and kicks both Daniels and Kaz. James does the beating of the minds.


James whips Daniels in the ropes and gives him a back body drop. He tags Jeff in. They double whip him and knock him down with their elbows. Jeff covers but Daniels kicks outs. Both get up and Daniels tries to fight back, but Jeff kicks him. Daniels catches it but Jeff spins around to knock him off his feet. He tags James. Jeff holds Daniels’ arm and James goes to the corner. He jumps down on Daniels’ arm. James continues the attack as he knocks Daniels down. He gets him up, but Daniels rams him back first into the corner. Kaz drops down and chokes him while Daniels kicks him. James distracts the referee as he wants to come in. Kaz tags in. He whips James into the ropes and then knocks him down. Kaz gets him up and puts him in the corner. He does a couple shoulder blocks in the gut. He takes James to the middle rope and stands on his back to choke him. He takes him back in the corner for shoulder blocks. James tries to fight back but Kaz punches him and then takes him faces first into the top corner which houses Daniels’ foot. He tags Daniels in. Daniels takes James down and hits a reverse neck breaker and applies a chin lock. James tries to get out but Daniels takes him down as he grabs his hair. Jeff tries to get in but the referee stops him. Daniels goes right to James. He continues to work on the back and then does a headbutt. Daniels goes for a suplex, but James does a small package. Daniels kicks out. Both get up and Chris does a closeline. He applies the chin lock again. James gets up and elbows his way out. He kicks Chris in the gut and hits the side russian leg sweep. Both get up. James tags Jeff.

Daniels runs to tag Kaz. Jeff baseball slides Kaz and knocks him off the apron. He goes to the apron and runs to Kaz. He gets him up and brings Kaz in. Jeff continues the offensive moves. He has Kaz down for a cover but Kaz kicks out. Jeff does whisper in the wind and goes for another cover but Daniels comes in to stop the count. Jeff fights back as he hits Daniels and then a chin breaker to Kaz. James gets in and does a double knee back breaker on Daniels. Daniels goes to the outside. James flies over the top rope. He lands on Daniels but holds his knee. Jeff and Kaz get up. Jeff is able to catch Kaz off guard with a Twist of Fate. He gets the pin.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and James Storm

Jeff grabs the TNA World Title and his custom title. He raises them up but Daniels gets in and knocks him down from behind. He lifts Jeff up and hits the Angel Wings on the custom belt. Daniels grabs the TNA World Title and covers Jeff.

A video plays showing Taz, Bruce Prichard and Al Snow. They talk about the Gutcheck match last week. They have to judge two people in one match. All members go back and forth on what they liked and didn’t. Bruce is more so interested in the winner of the match while Taz liked some of the spots. Bruce already has his person picked while Taz and Al aren’t sure.

A split screen shows both participants in Gutcheck. They are pacing and nervous.


The camera is in the locker room with Ray, Dreamer, and Spike. Ray says Spike looks terrible and smells awful. Mr. Parks comes into the room. He gives Ray a box of cigars. He hopes everything goes well. Parks tells him not to ask about the cigars. Parks asks about a pre-nup and then walks away.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Taz, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard. Borash then introduces Brian Cage and Jay Bradley. Both get in the ring. Borash says they had a competitive match last week but only one of them will go on to face the judges. Bruce gets on the mic. Bruce says they had the best match so far in Gutcheck. Bruce says Jay was victorious and followed his career in the past, but that is not the only thing they are looking for. Brian has a great look and looked good in the ring, but he didn’t have it all, so he has to let him go. Brian leaves. Jay will not get evaluated. Taz starts. Taz says the decision on who will get picked wasn’t unanimous so his decision is No. Jay will now get a chance on the mic. Jay says Taz talks about jumping highways, but he jumped so many highways, he probably has to pay child support. Taz points to the other members, so he turns and faces them. Jay says he was trending worldwide last week. He is knocking on their door. Let him in and he will do the rest. Al Snow gives his decision. He says Jay showed great talent and skill in the ring. He has the look and connects with the crowd. His answer is Yes. Bruce now gives his say. Bruce brings up to the crowd and says they do care as the crowd is split on the guy. He has guts. Bruce pauses. His answer is Yes. Jay has a contract with Impact Wrestling! He shakes hands with the judges and celebrates.

A pictures shows the Brooke and Bully wedding happening later tonight.


Christian York’s music hits and here comes one of the Gutcheck winners. He walks down the ramp and gets in the winner. Kenny King’s music plays and here comes the cocky man. As he makes his way to the ring, video from Genesis plays showing their match along with the attack afterwards that could have cost York the X-Division Title.

Kenny makes his way to the bottom of the ramp, but York doesn’t want to wait. He flies out of the ring right on King. He gets King up and takes him to the guard rail and the steel steps. The bell sounds.

Christian York vs. Kenny King

King tries to push York into the steel post, but York stops, turns, and closelines King down. He brings Kenny in the ring. York takes King down with a knife edge chop. He stalks him as King crawls to the ropes. York whips him in the ropes and hits him with a knee in the gut. He covers but King kicks out. King goes to the corner. York follows, goes to the second rope and punches King in the back of the head. He jumps down and knees King and punches him down. King tries to crawl away. York gets him. King tries for a kick to the gut, but York grabs his foot. King is able to spin out and kick York in the face. King tries to continue the offense, but York grabs King and takes him over with a suplex. York gets King up on his shoulders, but King slides out by poking his eyes. He does a roll-up. He uses the tights to get the win.

Winner: Kenny King

– Commercial

Sting is walking backstage and Bully Ray catches up to him. Ray says Sting is the only guy in this company who understands Ray and is on his side. Ray wants to make Brooke happy and that means having her dad walk her down. Ray can’t get in touch with Hogan. Sting tells Bully that he will see what he can do only because of how much Ray means to him (Sting).

Taz, Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay are shown as they talk about the upcoming wedding. They show the cake and Taz says he will be leaving soon to get ready. Austin Aries is in the locker room in front of a mirror seeing what looks good on him. Roode steps in front of Austin. Roode says he looks good while Austin is talking to himself. Austin says Roode is missing the title. Roode asks where his is. Austin would have it. Austin starts to complain about the wedding. They have been carrying the company for a year and it’s all about Brooke and Ray. Austin decides that he is going to wear all black. Bobby tells him you wear that at weddings. Austin knows but he has some things to say before the wedding. Bobby is going even though he wasn’t invited. They ask each other if they are going to wear what they have. They are.

Hulk Hogan has arrived. He is walking in the parking lot. The camera catches up to him and asks if he is there for the wedding. He doesn’t answer. The camera guy asks him if he is going to walk Brooke down. Hulk points the rolled up pieces of paper he has in his hand and demands that the camera gets out of his face. Hulk continues to walk.


Bully Ray is in his locker room with Tommy and Spike. Ray says they look like 007….maybe more like 009. Taz enters and now the party can start. Ray says someone has to work. Ray grabs his tux. They ask him about Brooke. He says she is nervous and a wreck. She wants Hulk to walk her down. He got Sting to try to help out. Ray has his brothers here, the men in the room, and now he will pt on his tux. He has to go. He says Dreamer looks good.

A video package plays. It shows Ray talking to Hulk about helping him against Aces & 8s and helping Brooke. That should mean that he has his respect. He loves Brooke. Hogan doesn’t like him. He thinks he is fake. Bully wants to tell Brooke how much she means to him. He wants her to marry him. Let’s have the wedding. They kiss while Hogan’s face shows pure disgust and anger.

The video ends and Sting’s music plays. He comes out pointing to the crowd and does his, “Wooooo!” He walks down the ramp as the crowd roars. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says it feels great to be in the Impact Zone. You arrived on a very special evening. It’s not just an ordinary night…it’s a huge night. Love is in the air! While all of this love is around, tension is in the air. Bully Ray asked Sting to address this tension. If Ray is a praying man, he better start praying. Sting needs to talk to Hulk-a-Mania. Hogan’s music plays and he comes through the curtain. He stands on the entrance stage as fireworks explode behind him. He walks down the ramp but looks at the cake and presents on the side. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He wants Sting to lay this out for him to see where he is coming from. Sting says Ray has come to Sting’s aid and Brooke aid lots of times. What else does it have to take for Hulk to let this happen. Hulk says everyone on the social media scale tells Hogan that he is right. Hogan senses something bad with Bully. He can never trust him. Sting is going to through everything out here. Hogan needs to do this for him and he needs to do this for Brooke. Sting tells him to trust him. The crowd chants, “Do it.” Hogan will tell everyone that he always does the right thing, brother. Hogan’s music his and he leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp.

Gail is backstage with Taryn Terrell. She asks her how long she has been there. Taryn says about 6 months. Gail has been in this business for 13 years. Gail pulls out her iPad and shows how Velvet Sky cheated. Taryn knows as well as Brooke. That is why Brooke made them fight again. Taryn says she will call it down the middle. “You better,” says Gail. She walks away.


A video plays showing the Bachelor Party for Bully Ray. It was last night. Ray was surrounded with girls and girls. He did some girl curls and then sat with them some more.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the two stars. Gail Kim makes her way out first. She comes to the ring. Gail talks to Taryn as she waits for Sky. Velvet Sky’s music hits and here she comes. She gets on the apron and let’s the pigeon loose.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky in a #1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout Title

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up but Sky pushes Gail in the ropes. She let’s go and moves back. They move around the ring again and lock-up. Gail pushes Sky in the corner. She let’s go and backs up. They move around the ring again and lock-up. Gail applies a headlock. Sky elbows her way out of it and pushes her in the ropes. She does a shoulder tackle and Gail falls. She rolls out of the ring. She gets on the apron and slowly in the ring. They move again and go to lock-up but Gail knees Sky in the gut and hits her back. She puts her face first into the corner and then chokes her. She picks her up but Sky slides behind her for a roll-up. Gail kicks out. Both get up and Sky does another roll-up. She kicks out. Both get to their feet and Gail kicks her to the head. Sky falls down. Gail continues the attack. She gets Sky up. Gail runs in the ropes and closelines Sky down. She works on the arm. She gets her up and hits the reverse neck breaker. She covers but Sky kicks out. She gets Sky up and punches her in the face. She whips her in the corner. Gail runs to her, but Sky kicks her in the face. Sky does a snap suplex to Gail and covers. Gail kicks out. Sky tires to set Gail up, but Gail backs Sky up in the corner and shoulder tackles. She hits a snapmare and covers. Sky kicks out. Gail applies the head scissors. Gail does the final cut and let’s go. She gets to her feet and whips Sky in the corner. She runs to her but Sky hits her. Sky takes her down. She runs back, but Gail does a dropkick. Sky is down. Gail gets her up and does the Eat the Feet. She covers. Sky puts her leg under the ropes. The count stops. Gail gets right in Taryn’s face. Sky gets up and does a bull dog to Gail. She closelines her and then a variation of In Yo Face. She gets Gail up and actually does the In Yo Face. She covers and wins.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Dixie Carter is in the room with Brooke Hogan. Dixie says she looks beautiful. Dixie never thought this would happen when they were just talking in March. She asks Brooke if she is happy. Yes she is. Ray makes her happy. They hug and Brooke tells Dixie to get out there as she needs her. They laugh.

The camera shows the cake and the decor by the ring as the wedding is about to occur.


The show returns showing the replay of the Jeff Hardy beat down after his match earlier tonight. Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels will be next week.

The camera shows the presents and the cake and it is time for the wedding! Music hits and it’s Bobby Roode’s. He and Austin Aries come out and walk down the ramp. They look at the gifts, Austin touches and shakes one, while they look at the cake. They walk around the ring and get in. Roode grabs a mic and asks everyone to help them understand what is happening tonight. Everyone is about to witness a wedding between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. Austin has a mic and says, “That’s nice.” Roode says the only thing people should be celebrating is them two. Austin is the greatest man that has ever lived. Roode is the longest reigning and dominant champion in company history. Austin is the one who beat him. Roode is talking but Austin says he is now. Aries says all of the great television happened between Roode and Aries. They did not get a celebration and respect. The lack of respect they get change to a mutual respect for their talent. This company is taking a step 10 years in the past. You have RVD as champion. You have Devon as the leader of Aces & 8s. You have Hernandez and Chavo as tag champs. The golden boy is Jeff Hardy. People can scream, but Roode and Aries don’t get the respect and it makes them sick. With all of this being said, they object to this wedding. Music hits and Chavo Guerrero comes out along with Hernandez. Chavo has a mic. Objections? Chavo objects also. Both of them walk down and get in the ring. Chavo also reject…but they do not object to the wedding. They like the wedding. They object the statements that the clowns are making about this company. They are objecting their objection. THere is a reason why they are no longer champions in this country, company, and world. Austin didn’t know they could object since they are the wedding caters. Who has Mexican at the wedding? Roode would like a enchilada though. Chavo laughs but then sticks it to Austin. Hernandez goes after Roode and tosses him out of the ring. Chavo has Austin and lifts him up, but Roode slides in and saves Aries. They get out of the ring while Chavo and Hernandez music play.


Replay from the Hogan and Sting segment plays. Hogan says he always does the right thing.

The camera is behind the window of Hulk’s office. Sting is there. They are sitting real close. Hogan has been trying to protect Brooke. He pulls out his phone and shows a picture of her when she was little. Sting agrees with everything but she sees something in Bully while Hulk can’t. This business blinded Hulk. He is wrong about Bully and he needs to walk Brooke down the aisle. Hogan had a long day and is going to pack up. He always does the right thing for this business and his family. He wants Sting to know that.

Everything is set-up. Music is playing and Bully Ray comes out backstage. He walks down the ramp. He is looking snappy in the tuxedo. He is smiling as he walks ups the steps to get in the ring. The ring is decorated and ready for the ceremony. Tommy Dreamer walks down with Ms. Tessmacher. They walk down the ramp. They get in the ring. Spike Dugley walks with Mickie James. They are looking dapper as they get in the ring. Spike and Ray hug. Taz and Christy Hemme walk down the ramp. They get in and join their parties.


They are all in the ring. It’s time for the bride. Music plays and Bully takes a big breath. Brooke comes through the curtain. She is on the stage. She looks behind her but doesn’t see anyone. She turns with a smile on her face. She walks down the ramp. She turns around again, but Hulk isn’t there. The crowd starts to roar as she turns back. She turns to the side and there is Hulk. He is all dressed up. He hugs her and says, “I love you.” He walks her down the ramp and up the steps. Hulk stands by her side while the crowd chants, “Shake his hand.” He doesn’t. The reverend, as I think he is, starts the ceremony. He asks who presents this woman. Hulk says he does and gives Brooke’s hand to Mark, aka Bully. He takes it. The guy continues to talk about their life together and love. Love and life together is the hardest thing to do but they will share their marriage together. No institution is more sacred than marriage. He asks them if they understand this. Both say yes. They can now express their love for each other via vows. Brooke starts. Brooke can’t believe she is standing in front of him right now in a wrestling ring giving her vows. He is her best friend and he knows how to make her laugh. Hulk really doesn’t like that statement. Brooke doesn’t know what she would do without Bully in her life.

Ray starts. He says he was going to write his vow but Brooke deserves something from his heart. Bully repeats that he loves her and loves her. The reverend asks if anyone objects. No one says anything. Do you have the rings. Brooke and Ray reach for them. The guy asks if Brooke will take Ray to be her husband. She does. Does Mark take Brooke to be his wife? He does. In the power invested in me….Taz stops him and grabs the mic. He says he goes back a long time. He asks Ray if he really wants to do this? Hulk and Brooke have no idea what he is doing. Yeah Ray wants to do this. The second question is….is it getting hot in here? Taz takes off his tux and reveals an Aces & 8s vest. Ray sees and looks all around. Here they come! They run in and take out everyone. They knock Hulk down and Ray. Sting runs in but he is crumbled. Doc and Mike Knox take Brooke as she watches the attack. Ray is knocked down multiple times. They let Brooke go and she checks on Hulk and Ray. The show fades.