TNA IMPACT 10 17 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Tulsa, OK
Date: October 17, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

A video package starts the show off. It shows the EGO Hall of Fame ceremony but it was interrupted by Kurt Angle. It then shows Dixie Carter pushing her weight around as she booked Magnus and Sting in a tag team match. They won and they are able to go to Bound for Glory. It then shows AJ Styles and beating Knux and Garett Bischoff. Bully Ray took care of him at the end though. He’s keeping his title. AJ Styles states you have to kill him to beat him.

Music plays and here comes TNA President Dixie Carter. She walks down the ramp and there are two people behind her. They are called security but one is holding a briefcase. They all get in the ring. Dixie grabs a mic. She thanks everyone. Dixie says she knows what Michael Angelo felt like when he finished painting the 16th chapel. Dixie’s artwork will be seen at Bound for Glory. Michael didn’t have a redneck to ruin his artwork like Dixie has with AJ. Dixie calls AJ stupid for not staying down last week as Bully Ray attacked him. Dixie goes on to talk about analyzing. She is planning on a huge contract signing tonight. The fans chant, “Hogan.” She tells them that someone could step up and impress her tonight. That person could walk away with $50,000 and the title opportunity at Bound for Glory and then this would make AJ Styles’ last night in the company. Dixie says she creates opportunities and makes people rich. That is what she does best. The one guy opens the briefcase and shows all of the money. Just then, Aces & 8s President Bully Ray comes down the ramp. He has Brooke by his side. They make it to the ring. He has the TNA World Title in hand. He has a mic and yells for his music to be shut off.

Ray states that he and Dixie haven’t really seen eye to eye and he really isn’t on Team Dixie but he likes $50,000. He states that he took out AJ for free though. Dixie thanks him. Just then, Magnus’ music hits and he comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Magnus wants to see if he understands this. 12 men put their life and career on the line for 3 months for Dixie and that title, but since Dixie doesn’t like AJ, she is willing to give someone who is greedy the opportunity. Magnus knows why people are saying, “Dixie sucks!” The crowd starts to chant it. Magnus states $50,000 may be chump change for Dixie or for Bully, but it’s not to him and the good people in the arena. Magnus tells Dixie to look at him as he is sick and tired of her talking every week. Magnus will fight Bully for free tonight. Ray asks Magnus if he knows who he is. Ray knows people are saying Magnus is the future of the company. He has the look and the passion. People seem to like him a lot. They believe in him and so does Sting. Ray is going to tell them all the truth. Magnus and Ray know that Magnus is a fraud. He is smoke and mirrors. He doesn’t have a tough bone in his body. Ray knows Magnus since the day he stepped foot in a wrestling ring. He is a loser. Ray says Magnus is probably the biggest disappointment he has ever seen. He mind as well be from Oklahoma. Magnus punches Ray right in the face and he falls down. He rolls out of the ring. He pounds on the commentator’s table. He is furious.

Ray accepts the match tonight. They will fight tonight.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He enters through a doorway.


Aces & 8s are backstage. Bully Ray has a hammer in hand. He says it felt great last week as they were all together. He told them they would have the spotlight. Garett and Knux are making faces behind Ray’s back. Ray turns around and tells them they will get the spotlight again… and $50,000. They can buy a new bike! Also, Knux will fight one half of the tag team champions. Bisch will be there beside him. If they need him, give the signal. Ray will be there just like they will be there for him at Bound for Glory.

Music hits and here comes Christopher Daniels. He dances his way down the ramp with some aviator goggles. He gets in the ring with Hernandez and Robbie E already being there. Eric Young’s music plays. He comes out and gets in the ring as the crowd cheers.

Hernandez vs. Robbie E vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Eric Young in a 4 Corner’s Match

Robbie E goes right after Young. He knocks him down and then steps on him. He puts him in the corner and then whips him in the opposing. Young pops up go to behind Robbie. He runs in the ropes and knocks Robbie E down. He gets him up and works on the arm. He tags Hernandez. Hernandez jumps over and takes Robbie E down. He gets him up and does a huge knife edge chop. He whips Robbie E in the ropes, but he tags Daniels. Daniels enters. He goes to Hernandez but Hernandez kicks him in the gut. He then lifts him up on his shoulders, but Daniels slides out and goes in the ropes. Hernandez knocks him down with a closeline. He gets him up and then does a huge suplex. Hernandez goes into the ropes but Robbie hits him from behind. Daniels gets up and knocks Hernandez out of the ring. Robbie continues the attack on Hernandez outside the ring. He rolls him in. Daniels continues the attack. He whips Hernandez in the ropes and does a dropkick. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Robbie E tags himself in. He goes right after Hernandez. He punches him in the face and then covers.

Hernandez kicks out. Robbie applies a front face lock. Hernandez tries to tag Young, but Daniels runs in and knocks Young off the apron. They whip Hernandez in the ropes but Hernandez takes Robbie and Daniels down with a flying closeline. He finally tags Young. Young climbs the corner and does a double dropkick to Daniels and Robbie. He takes Robbie down and then goes to Daniels, but Robbie hits Young. Daniels sweeps Young down to the mat. Robbie starts talking to Daniels and pushing him around. Daniels pushes Robbie down. Just then, Hernandez jumps over the ropes after running from up the ramp and knocks Daniels down. He then takes Robbie E out. Daniels comes back and takes Hernandez out. Young comes back and does a flying crossbody on Daniels. He goes to climb the corner again, but Robbie E attacks him and then sends him to the outside. Robbie covers Daniels and wins!

Winner: Robbie E

The camera man shows AJ Styles in the back and asks him how he feels about the $50,000 bounty on his head. AJ says that is a lot of money and anyone will take it. Just then, Jessie Godderz attacks AJ from behind. AJ turns it around and slams Jessie into the trashcan and the wall. He is down. AJ turns to the camera and says it’s going to be a long night.


A video plays from earlier tonight showing the Dixie Carter announcement where she places a bounty on AJ Styles.

The lights fade and music hits. Here comes AJ Styles. AJ walks down the ramp in his slow No One music. It changes and he changes. He takes off the hood from his head and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says Dixie Carter reeks of desperation. She wants to put a bounty on his head and then give that person the opportunity to go to BFG? He is flattered because she knows he will win at the PPV. When he wins the title, he will make Dixie pay. All of the people who want to cash in on the bounty… he is not going to run or hide. Come and get paid. Just then, music hits! Here comes Aces & 8s! Knux and Garett come down the ramp. They get in the ring.

AJ goes right after Knux and puts him in the corner. Garett throws him off. Knux goes after AJ and so does Garett. They beat him down in the corner. Music hits and here comes the TNA World Tag Team Champions. James Storm and Gunner walk out to the ring. They get in the ring and Aces flee the ring. AJ is out of the ring too. James exits the ring and goes right to AJ. He stares at him. He turns around. AJ walks away.


Knux vs. Gunner

The bell sounds. James Storm leaves the ring and Knux enters. He and Gunner walk around the ring. Gunner goes to move but Garett holds Gunner’s leg. Knux runs up and attacks Gunner. He keeps him in the corner and attacks with punches and elbows. He brings him to another corner and chokes him on the rope. He whips him in the ropes but Gunner fights back with a kick and then a closeline. He gets on the mat and punches Knux multiple times. He goes to Knux, but Knux takes Gunner face first into the middle turnbuckle. Both get up and Gunner fights back. He puts Knux in the corner, but Knux comes out and takes Gunner down with a huge closeline. He covers but Gunner kicks out. He gets Gunner up and punches him in the face. Gunner fights back. Knux whips Gunner in the ropes and hits him. He goes back into the corner. Knux takes Gunner down on the mat and chokes him with his knee. He then applies a headlock. Gunner gets to his feet and punches his way out of it. Knux knees him and then whips him in the corner. Gunner comes out and does a sunset flip. Knux goes to do a leg drop but Gunner gets away. Both get up and run to each other. They both hit a double closeline.

Garett and James are talking on the ramp. James throws/spits beer right in the face of Garett. Garett quickly leaves and goes at ringside. Gunner, in the ring, does a huge fallaway slam on Knux. Knux slowly gets up and Gunner goes in the ropes but Knux hits a huge cross body. Knux covers but Gunner kicks out. Knux gets up and calls for Bully. Knux turns around and Gunner spears him down. He covers and wins.

Winner: Gunner

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are backstage. The camera man goes up to him and talks about the bounty. Sabin says he is wrapped up with the Ultimate X, but he thinks he should be in the main event. He is going to get it right now and tells Sky he will get her something nice. She says it’s not that. Sabin leaves.


Knux and Garett are walking backstage. Knux is furious. He asks where Ray was. Ray always stated that they never walk alone. Where was he? Next time Ray needs help then they will certainly show him a surprise. Garett says that he has that right.
A video plays showing Lei’D Tapa destroying some of the Knockouts in recent weeks.

Brooke is backstage taking pictures of herself. Gail Kim enters the shot and says Brooke has enough pictures on her Instagram. Brooke says the pictures are for Bully. Gail goes on to talk about Bound for Glory and about the title. Gail asks her about Lei’D Tapa and says they should team up and go against her. Brooke says it’s every Knockout for themselves. She is only with one person. Gail looks worse than him. She walks away. Gail says it will be every Knockout against each other then.

A video plays showcasing the Ultimate X Match for Bound for Glory. It’s an All-Star match. Aries, Hardy, Sabin, Joe, and Manik. Aries says he is the longest reigning X-Division Champion ever. Chris Sabin says he is the best X-Division Champion of all-time. Joe says that division made him and everyone feared him then. Hardy wants to try something new.

Chris Sabin is walking backstage. He is like a spy looking for AJ Styles. He goes to a security guard. He asks if he seen AJ Styles. The guard hasn’t. Sabin turns and he sees Samoa Joe around the corner. Joe says Sabin is walking in the wrong part of town. They are fighting tonight and then they have Ultimate X. If Sabin can survive tonight, then Chris can continue his bounty. Joe is a big IF though.


A video plays from earlier today where it was Bully Ray and Magnus exchanging words in the ring. They will compete later tonight.

Magnus is shown getting ready backstage.

Chris Sabin comes out on stage. Velvet Sky is beside him. They walk down the ramp together. Chris helps Sky down the steps while he continues to the ring. Samoa Joe comes out and makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers.

Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe

Sabin and Joe walk around the ring and then lock-up. Joe pushes Sabin in the corner. Joe goes to back up but Sabin pokes Joe in the eyes. He then hits him as he puts Joe in the corner. Sabin moves back but Joe puts Sabin in the corner and punches him multiple times. He then whips him in the opposing corner and smashes him. He then does the Pelé kick. Sabin crawls away. Joe puts Sabin in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Joe goes to run in the ropes, but Sabin rolls out and hugs Sky at ringside. Joe reaches out and grabs Sabin’s hair and drags him in the ring. He whips him in the corner. He runs to him, but Sabin gets out and does punches and knife edge chops to Joe. It doesn’t affect him.

Sabin backs up while Joe walks to him and does a huge knife edge chop. Sabin rolls out and grabs Sky. He pulls her with him as they get on the ramp and walk away. He then uses Sky as a shield as Joe comes out on the ramp. Joe grabs him and places him on his shoulders, but Sabin slides out and does a DDT. Sabin runs in the ring and tells the referee to count. Joe is crawling back. He is at 9. Joe dives in the ring. Sabin continues the attack with stomps to him. He then chokes him on the middle rope. Joe gets up and Chris attacks with punches and then whips him in the opposing corner. Sabin run and elbows him in the face. Sabin whips Joe in the opposing corner and then runs to him, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and smashes him down. Joe does an atomic drop and then a big boot to the chest. He drops down on Sabin’s chest and then covers. Sabin kicks out. Joe puts Chris up on the corner. He goes for the Muscle Buster but Sabin bites Joe’s forehead. He does a springboard DDT and then covers. Joe kicks out.

Chris goes to lift Joe up, but Joe slides out. Sabin goes for a roll-up but Joe reverses it into a rear naked choke hold. Sabin quickly taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Austin Aries runs down the ramp and climbs the corner. He does a huge missile dropkick to Joe. Jeff Hardy runs out and gets in the ring and attacks Aries. Aries whips Hardy in the ropes, but Hardy ducks and does a Twist of Fate. He then looks under the ring and finds a ladder. He brings it in the ring. He sets it up in the corner. Hardy takes his shirt off and climbs the ladder. Sabin stops Jeff from climbing gut Jeff does a kick to the face. Manik runs out and climbs the ladder. He does a flying cross body right on Sabin and Aries. Manik and Hardy celebrate while Joe looks on.

Daniels and Kazarian are backstage attacking AJ Styles. They say it is easy money. Kaz gets AJ up and holds him from behind. AJ kicks Daniels in the gut and then elbows Kaz. Kaz runs but AJ sidesteps and Kaz runs into Daniels. AJ grabs a fire extinguisher and blasts it at both of them. Suddenly, he is gone. Kaz and Daniels get up and look for him but they lost him.


Ethan Carter III is in a photo shoot. He sees the camera man and mentions Bound for Glory. He will be there on Sunday! He will make ND proud.

Magnus’ music plays and he comes to the ring. Bully Ray comes out next with Brooke beside him. They walk down together.

Magnus vs. TNA world champion Bully Ray (non-title)

They walk around the ring. They go to lock-up but Ray backs up to the corner. They lock-up now and they are even with each pushing each other. They are going back and forth and then end the lock-up. They go to lock-up again but Ray applies a headlock. Magnus pushes Ray in the ropes and Ray takes him down with a shoulder block. Ray taunts. Magnus gets up. They lock-up but Ray takes Magnus up and does a body slam. Magnus gets up again. He now applies a headlock to Ray. Ray sends Magnus in the ropes. Magnus goes for a shoulder block but he doesn’t knock Ray down. Bully closelines Magnus down. He gets up in the corner. Ray does a huge knife edge chop. He goes for another chop to the chest but Magnus gets out of the corner and hits Ray with punch after punch and an uppercut. He whips him in the opposing corner and then hits a huge back body drop. He hits a closeline and then climbs the corner. Ray gets up and hits the ropes. Magnus falls down on the corner. Ray hits Magnus with several hard punches to the face.


Bully Ray whips Magnus hard into the corner. Magnus falls right down. Ray taunts to the crowd and goes right back to Magnus with a huge punch to the face. Ray bends over and kisses Brooke who is at ringside. Magnus gets up and Ray puts him in the corner. He does a huge punch. Ray asks Magnus to punch him in the face. Magnus punches. Ray wants more. Magnus punches him two more times but Ray gets chokes Magnus and he falls. Ray pulls Magnus from the corner mat. He goes for a big elbow drop, but Magnus moves out of the way. Both get up. Magnus punches Ray. Ray punches back. It’s back and forth. It’s keep on going. Magnus is getting the upperhand, but Ray knees him in the gut. Magnus goes in the ropes and closelines Ray and then does a back suplex. Ray gets up and Magnus does a huge big boot. Magnus climbs the corner. He hits the flying elbow drop. He covers but Bully kicks out. Ray gets up in the corner. Magnus runs to him, but Bully pulls Earl Hebner, the referee, toward him. Ray moves and Magnus runs right into Earl. Ray grabs the steel chain at ringside. Just then, Sting runs down and stops Ray. Earl Hebner gets up and gets in between Ray and Sting. Ray kneels as Magnus comes over. He low blows Magnus behind Earl’s back. He covers Magnus and wins.

Winner: Bully Ray

Ray gets his title and leaves the scene with Brooke. As he does, a replay of what happened airs. Sting and Magnus are in the ring now. Magnus is disappointed while Sting points to the steel chain. Magnus tells Sting he was hit by a low blow. Sting says he tried to help Magnus. Sting extends his hand. Magnus looks around and then slaps it. Magnus walks away. Sting follows behind him.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring.


Magnus is walking backstage. Sting is behind him calling his name. Sting asks if he has something to say. Magnus said he was hit in the balls. The referee didn’t see it because he was looking at Sting. Magnus is tired of it. He didn’t need Sting. He is just trying to prove it to himself, Sting, and others. Samoa Joe comes into the shot between the two. He tells them to relax and walk it off. Sting tells Magnus that he will be alone at Bound for Glory. Magnus looks on and then leaves.

Mike Tenay and Taz go over the line-up for Sunday’s Bound for Glory.

Kurt Angle’s music plays. He comes out with a huge smile on his face as the fans cheer. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Kurt says it’s great to be back. He wants to get down to business though. Bobby Roode is one of the most talented wrestlers he has ever seen. He reminds him of himself 5 years ago. When he tries to rain on Kurt’s parade… one of the most important days in his career… he made it personal. It’s one thing when Roode tries to make himself look good, but when he messes with Kurt’s legacy, he dug his own grave. He will never be Kurt Angle. Roode’s music hits. Bobby Roode comes out on the stage and walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Roode says he will never be Kurt Angle…. he will never be Kurt… Roode says that is right. He isn’t him. He is okay with that. He doesn’t want to be Kurt Angle. Not here or now… not today! He wanted to be him 10 years ago. Kurt was the be-all end-all of professional wrestling. Now Roode is the be-all end-all of professional wrestling. Roode says Kurt ruined his night last week. That was Roode’s. Kurt very well knows Roode is more worthy of an introduction than himself. He says Kurt hasn’t done anything in years. Last thing he did was two years ago when he beat Roode two years ago at Bound for Glory. It woke Roode up though. It did him a favor. He became the World Champion after that. Not only that, but the longest reigning and dominant champion in the history of this company. Yes, longer than Kurt.

Roode continues: Roode says he is not going to be Kurt… he is going to be Bobby Roode. Roode will beat Angle. Angle responds by asking Roode how he will beat him if he will be the one tapping? Roode says he is not going to tap because… BOOM! Roode punches Kurt right in the face. It knocks him down and then he stomps on him. Roode takes his coat off. He goes to do a power bomb or piledriver, but Angle reverses it and does the Ankle Lock. Kazarian and Daniels run down the ramp and attack Kurt from behind. They toss Angle shoulder first into the ring post. They continue to attack him. Roode stands and yells at both of them to get out of the ring. Roode applies the crossface. Kurt withstands the pain, but he finally taps. Roode grabs a mic. “As I was saying… because I will make you tap out!” Roode’s music hits. He taunts.

Dixie Carter is walking backstage with the two guards beside her.


Dixie Carter, her guards, and Jeremy Borash are in the ring. Borash introduces Dixie Carter than then introduces Bully Ray as this is the official contract signing for the TNA World Title match at Bound for Glory. Bully Ray comes out as his music plays. Brooke is beside him. They come down the ramp and get in the ring together. Borash now introduces AJ Styles. Styles comes out on the stage and walks down the ramp. He stops and the other music plays. The crowd is on their feet. He gets in the ring. Borash gets back on the mic and hypes their match at the PPV. He tells Bully Ray to sign it first. Ray grabs the clipboard with the contract on it and signs it. He then grabs a mic. Ray says he didn’t waste any time signing the contract. He wants to make it real simple… a redneck can’t beat him. AJ doesn’t have the passion to beat him. He doesn’t have the thunder in his fists to beat him. He then yells at Borash as he was going to take the mic. Ray brings up 1985 and states Ric Flair took out Dusty Rhodes. A month later, Rhodes came back and Ric put Rhodes on hard times and the wrestling business on hard times and the fans on hard times. Flair put Rhodes’ family on hard times. Fast forward to almost thirty years later. He is Bully Ray and for the past year and half he put the wrestling world on hard times. He started with Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. He became TNA World Champion. He defeated Sting at Slammiversary and now Sting no longer can fight for the title. He then ran Chris Sabin back to the X-Division. Ray is the guy who ran Hulk Hogan out of the company and put him on hard times. What does this have to do with AJ? Ray knows AJ is confused. In three days, when Ray defeats AJ, he will put AJ on hard times. He will put AJ’s fans on hard times. Most of all, he will put him on such hard times that he will send AJ home with no contract and championship. When he gets back to that trailer park, he wouldn’t be shocked if his wife and three kids left him. Ray is the Darth Vader of this wrestling business and he is no Luke Skywalker!

Ray hands him the mic. AJ says he appreciates the story. Thing is, they aren’t Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes. That was the past. This is the future. The fact that Ray compared himself to Flair really shows who he is. AJ will tell who Ray really is. He is a “big dumb b%tch”. He has to win this Sunday. He will make Ray beg and cry. That title means everything to Ray. AJ is the most desperate and dangerous man Ray has ever gotten in the ring with. He will make Ray pay as he becomes the new TNA World Champion. AJ drops the mic and signs the contract.

Borash grabs the clipboard and she hands it to Dixie Carter. Ray tells Dixie he will no longer put his title on the line this Sunday. He will cash in on that $50,000 bounty though! Ray smashes the podium into AJ’s gut. He knocks it down and then goes to AJ, but AJ ducks and grabs the briefcase from the guard. He smashes the case into Ray’s head. He falls. AJ opens the briefcase and throws the money right at Dixie Carter! She yells at the guard to pick it up. She gets on her hands and knees and starts picking up the money. AJ turns and stands/leans on the ropes. Bully Ray is standing on the end of the ramp. They exchange words. AJ says that title will put food on the table for his kids. He needs it. The show fades.