TNA IMPACT 02 14 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: London, England
Date: February 14, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts with a video package concentrating on Kurt Angle bringing in Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Aces & 8s have been after him for months and he finally gets a shot against Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage. Wes and Garett turn on Kurt and join the group. The video turns to Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. They want all of the championships. They just won the TNA Tag Team Titles… what is next? Aces & 8s are still out there while Bully Ray gets reinstated. He and Sting beat the group in a Tables Match last week, but will they get revenge?

The video ends and the camera shows the Wembley Arena from London. The crowd is huge and they are standing on their feet. Music hits and the show starts with Hulk Hogan! Hogan comes out and the crowd roars. He makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. He starts off by saying that there are some TNA Maniacs right here in London. The whole crowd starts chanting, “TNA, TNA, TNA!” Hogan heard noise when he was slamming giants and when he was winning titles, but this is pretty sweet. They got business though. Since they are in London, they have some pretty big stuff right now. They need someone to fight for the TNA World Title. Hogan found 8 guys and there will be 4 matches. It will be RVD vs. James Storm. Also, Daniels (aka Super-hero) vs. Magnus. Then, the human cyborg Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe!

Finally, Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries! At the end of the night, Hogan will be listening to the crowd and watching the matches. At the end, he will pick the #1 Contender to fight Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. There is still more business. This one is nasty. It’s Aces & 8s. They called out the entire TNA roster to end the war at Lockdown. Hogan thought about it for half a second and then called his brother from another mother to see if he would be the leader. Let’s hear from him now! Sting!

Sting’s music plays and here comes The Icon! He grabs a mic and says it is Show-time in London!!! He thinks Hulk agrees that these fans are some of the best in the whole wide world! Now onto those scumbags Aces & 8s. They made the challenge and it is accepted! Sting will look up and down the roster and find 3 great guys to be on his team! They will tear them apart. What will Aces & 8s do when they run wild on them? Sting’s music plays and he and Hulk celebrate and taunt in the ring.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the participants. Kazarian and Daniels dance down the ramp to the ring. As they do, footage plays from 2 weeks ago when Magnus attacked Daniels and Kaz in the ring. Magnus now comes out and the crowd pops. He comes to the ring.

Daniels vs. Magnus

Both move around the ring and then look around the arena. They go to lock-up but Daniels kicks him in the gut and then works on his arm. Magnus turns it and works on the arm but Daniels quickly applies a headlock. Magnus sends him in the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. He gets Daniels to his feet, but Daniels rams him back into the corner and hits some shoulders into his chest. Magnus comes back with fists and then whips him in the ropes. Magnus catches Daniels and then turns it into a vertical suplex. Magnus sends Daniels face first into the top turnbuckle and then sends him all the way into the opposing corner. Magnus runs to him but Daniels moves out of the way. He distracts the referee. Kaz gets on the apron and chokes Magnus on the top. He bounces up and moves to the center. Daniels sweeps him down. He applies the headlock while Magnus is sitting on the mat. Magnus gets get and elbows his way out. He bounces off the ropes, but Kazarian trips him. Daniels stomps on him and then does a small taunt. He covers but Magnus kicks out. He goes to Magnus but Magnus punches back. Daniels blocks and takes him up and drops Magnus back first on his knee. Daniels goes for the BME but Magnus moves. Both are up and Magnus hits a big boot. He punches and closelines Daniels down. Kazarian gets on the apron and Magnus punches him down. Kaz is on the apron and the referee sends him back. Daniels is furious! They are both in the ring now and Daniels tries to fight back, but Magnus is able to attack him. Daniels goes for a roll-up, but Magnus stops him and gives him a closeline as Daniels comes back from the ropes. Magnus climbs the corner, jumps, and plants his elbow to Daniels’ heart. Magnus gets the pin.

Winner: Magnus

Bully Ray is lying on the couch while using Brooke’s leg as a pillow. Ray is upset. He didn’t think an injury would stop him. It did though. Brooke pets Bully’s head while he talks. Ray wanted two things. He wanted to marry her and win the World Title. Brooke doesn’t know what to say. Ray pops up and says this is Valentine’s Day. He will take her out for dinner, to buy some shoes, and go dance. Brooke tells Ray that she also wants him to wear his wedding ring. She found it on the sink of the bathroom in the hotel room. Ray understands and puts it on.

The camera shows Big Ben as the city looks beautiful. The camera goes backstage to show Magnus. He is 26 years old and he may be a pup compared to the veterans back there, but he has a lot of energy and more determination. Aces & 8s took a lot of things away from him for 3 months, but he is back and has what it takes.

Samoa Joe comes out and gets in the ring. Kurt Angle’s music plays and he walks to the ring. As he does, a voice over plays having him talk about Olympic Wrestling being dropped in 2020.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

They move around the ring and finally lock-up. Joe applies a headlock but Kurt pushes him into the ropes. Joe comes back and knocks Kurt right off his feet with a shoulder block. Kurt gets out of the ring and regroups. He gets back in and Kurt punches Joe multiples times. He backs up in the corner. Joe comes back with punches of his own. He rapid fires. Kurt goes back into the corner. Joe continues the punches and then hits the enzuigiri kick. He does a snapmare to Kurt and kicks him in the back and chest. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Joe does a knife edge chop and an uppercut. Joe runs back into the ropes. He comes back, but Kurt locks his arms and does a belly to belly sulex. Both get up and Kurt punches him in the head and Joe goes back in the corner. Kurt kicks him and then chokes him with his foot. Kurt gets Joe up and does a suplex. Kurt covers but Joe kicks out. Kurt does a snapmare and then a headlock. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He punches the rest of the way and runs into the ropes. Kurt elbows Joe right in the face. Kurt walks around.

Kurt has a front headlock, but Joe punches his way out. He does multiple chops and then runs into the ropes. Kurt stops him and goes for a suplex, but Joe blocks it. Kurt fights back and runs into the ropes, but Joe moves and sends Kurt outside. Joe goes and hits a suicide dive. Both are down on the outside. Both slowly get up and Kurt rolls in the ring. Joe follows. Kurt runs to him, but Joe does an atomic drop and then drops down right on Kurt’s chest. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Joe lifts him up for a power bomb, but Kurt slides out and hits a german suplex. He hits another one. The arms are still on and he goes for the third. Kurt drops down to his knees. He gets up and goes for the Angle Slam, but Joe slides away and punches him. Kurt puts Joe in the corner and runs to him, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. Joe picks him up and puts him on the top rope. Kurt punches Joe and then hits him with a missile dropkick. He gets the Angle Slam! Angle takes his singlet down, but Joe pops right up. Joe applies the rear naked choke hold. Kurt is able to slide out and apply the Ankle Lock. Joe rolls forward and Kurt goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Both get up and they collide with a double closeline. Both are down. As they get up, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff enter the ring. Wes attacks Kurt while Garett goes after Joe. Kurt fights back and so does Joe. Wes slides out of the ring and Garett follows slowly after. They back their way through the crowd while Kurt and Joe look on.

Dixie Carter is backstage with British Bootcamp participants. They may be the losers, but these three will fight on Impact Wrestling. It is time to take it to another level. Dixie kisses all three (two ladies and one guy) as they walk away.

Christy Hemme introduces the next match. Party Marty and the Blossom
Twins come out. These are the stars who were part of British Bootcamp. As they come to the ring, video plays showing them from the series. After they are in the ring, Gail Kim walks out. As she taunts in the ring, Tara and Jesse walk out. Tara has the Knockout Title around her waist while Jesse picks her up. They show their muscles and then continue down the ramp.

Party Marty and the Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim, Tara, and Jesse

Jesse starts the match against Party Marty. Marty gets the crowd involved while Jesse looks at him like he is an absolute idiot. Marty goes to Jesse, but he kicks Marty right in the gut. He whips him in the ropes and takes him right down. Jesse gets Marty up, but Marty comes back with a kick to the gut. He takes Jesse down to the mat. Marty does a spinning kick to Jesse’s head. He whips Jesse into the corner. Party runs to him, but stops at the last second to just slap him in the face. The crowd pops. Jesse comes out of the corner and Marty takes him down. He covers him but Jesse kicks out. Jesse rolls out of the ring.

Marty and Jesse are in the ring and Marty starts kicking in the air. Jesse backs up and tags Tara. He gets out of the ring. Marty tags Hanna. She gets in and does a hip toss to Tara. She gets up and Hanna tags Holy. Both are in and do a double side walk slam to Tara. She covers but Tara kicks out. Tara gets up and tags Gail. She gets in and Holy still has control. Gail tries to come back. She catches Holy in the air, but Gail falls back. Holy covers but Gail kicks out. Holy runs into the ropes but Tara kicks her in the back. Gail comes back and stomps on her and then tags Tara in. Tara comes in and continues the assault. She tags Gail back in and she does a side walk slam. She covers but Holy kicks out. Gail gets her up and whips her in the corner. Gail runs to her and throws her body right into the gut of Holy. Gail lands on the apron. She comes back in and covers, but Holy kicks out. Gail tags Tara. Tara gets in and continues the attack. She takes Holy down like a rag doll. She then pulls Holy’s hair. She hits a body slam and goes for a standing moonsault, but Holy puts her knees up. Holy crawls but Tara grabs her legs. Holy pushes her back and tags Hanna. Tara tags Gail. Hanna works on Gail. She has the offense. Tara can’t take it and gets in. Tara does a big boot. Holy gets in and attacks Tara. Gail gets up and she does a flapjack on her which lands right on Tara. Tara leaves as well as Holy. Jesse gets in the ring and Marty climbs the corner. He does a missile dropkick. Jesse rolls out of the ring. Marty runs and does a huge suicide dive. Gail, in the ring, grabs Hanna and does Eat The Feet. She covers.

Winners: Gail Kim, Tara, and Jesse

Gail gets on the mic. She says she just showed why she is the best woman wrestler around. She is glad that the bimbo Taryn Terrel called the match right down the middle, but Tara has something Gail wants. She wants the Knockout Title back. She knows Tara has a match next week, as Brooke said, so she should make them fight next week. Brooke’s music plays and she comes right down the ramp. She stands near the end of the ramp and says Tara will face Gail Kim as well as Ms. Tessmacher. Ms. Tessmacher comes out on the apron as her music plays. Wait, Velvet Sky will be in it too. Sky’s music plays and she comes out on the apron. Brooke says this will be an Elimination Four Way Match. Brooke will at ringside so no shenanigans will happen. Gail is furious.

A video plays showing Dixie Carter on Bellator MMA which happened last week. She announced the new road dates for Impact Wrestling as well as the new Jeff Hardy contract.

Video shows the Jeff Hardy match last month. He got attacked after which led him to an “injury.” Jeff will be 100% very soon and will return to Impact Wrestling in two weeks. Who will he face at Lockdown? Video plays showing the Kazarian vs. Magnus match from earlier tonight. It then shows the Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match from earlier.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage. They agree that Hogan is scared of them. They put them against each other because they know they are taking the titles. Austin tells Roode he can take the Knockout Title while Austin gets the World Title. Roode says Austin can take the X-Division Title while he (Roode) takes the World Title. Austin doesn’t like that. At any rate, they say they know what to do and it is right for business.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars of this match. Rob Van Dam comes out with the X-Division Title over his shoulder. He gets in the ring. James Storm comes out after him in the cowboy hat, sunglasses, and trench coat.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

They shake/slap hands and start moving around the ring. They lock-up but RVD goes for a kick to the leg. They break and move around. They lock again and RVD goes behind James. He pushes James in the ropes and knocks him down. James gets up and takes it to RVD, but RVD whips James in the ropes. He does a spin kick to the head. He whips James in the corner and hits the monkey flip. He goes for rolling thunder and then a cover. James kicks out. Both get up and RVD does several kicks to the leg and then a backbreaker. RVD sets up and hits the split legged moonsault. He covers but James kicks out. Both get up. They exchange punches, but James is able to kick RVD in the gut, bounce off the ropes, and DDT RVD. He covers but RVD kicks out. Both get up and exchange punches and kicks again. James whips RVD into the corner. He runs and RVD flips up, but James grabs the legs, spins around and does an Alabama Slam. James stalks RVD as he gets up. He goes for the double knee backbreaker, but RVD holds onto the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and tries to leg drop James’ chest but he moves. James does a double knee face breaker. He gets ready. RVD gets up and James goes for the Last Call Super Kick, but RVD blocks it and kicks him in the face. RVD goes for the Five Star Frog Splash, but James gets up and pushes RVD off the corner. RVD lands on the apron. James fights RVD on the corner, but RVD knocks James back. James goes all the way back to the corner. RVD jumps to the top and goes for Coast to Coast, but James moves and RVD lands on his back, neck, and head. Both get up and James, out of nowhere, hits the Last Call Superkick. He covers and wins.

Winner: James Storm

Mr. Parks is walking backstage. He says he hope this works. He knocks on the door of Hogan’s room. He opens and Brooke is there with him. Parks says he wants to be World Champion and he knows Hulk is looking for someone to face Jeff. The boys in the back told him to politic is way to the top. Parks made signs to vote for Parks for Champion 2013. Hulk says that isn’t what politics in wrestling is about. He tells Parks to ask the guys what a rib is. Parks asks if he has Hogan’s vote. Hulk says yes. Parks leaves and Hulk turns to Brooke and starts telling her about the wrongs in her business moves.

The camera is in the room with Brooke and Hulk. Brooke says she has the “It Factor” and he works so hard and through injuries. Hogan says everyone in this business works hard and wants to be on the top. Hulk says the “It Factor” Roode is facing next and needs to watch. Brooke says she learned so much about her husband in the past 3 days. Did Hulk know Ray wanted to be just like him and he got into the business because of him? Hulk says family and says he is equal toward everyone. He will keep it in mind though.

Video plays showing Roode and Aries vs. Chavo and Hernandex from last week. Roode and Aries won the TNA Tag Titles.
Bobby Roode comes out and gets in the ring with the TNA Tag Title around his waist. Austin Aries comes out next with his cape and the TNA Tag Title. Roode grabs a mic and tells everyone to hold on. It only took Hogan one week to mess up his plan with Aries. They won the tag titles last week. They intend to win all the gold and bring prestige back to all of them. Austin grabs the mic and says that they should admit that they are scared. The crowd chants, “Austin Aries” and Austin says he knows his name so stop. He says they have a plan, so referees, ring the bell as they are on the same page.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Austin and Roode walk toward each other. They poke each other and the other is suppose to lay down. Well, it is not working. They start yelling at each other. Austin grabs the mic and says Roode goes down because Austin pokes him. Roode tells Austin to go down. Austin says he will be the bigger man. Roode wants to be the bigger man though. It is a figure of speech. Roode is technically the bigger man. Austin will go down and Roode can pin him. Austin lies on the mat and Roode drops down and covers him. 1-2-Austin reverses it and rolls Roode up. He kicks out and both quickly get up yelling at each other.

They lock-up and do not let go. They are pretty equal but Austin finally pushes Roode in the corner. He backs up and Roode pushes him. Austin pushes back. They yell at each other again. Roode runs around the ring and they lock-up again. Austin applies a headlock, but Roode pushes him in the ropes. He misses the closeline. Austin does a hand stand and then lies on the top rope. Roode gets mad. Austin goes to the corner and shoulder hits Roode in the gut. Austin gets in and they continue to be equal. Roode is able to put Austin in the corner, but Austin does a roll-up. He has his feet on the ropes and the referee notices. Both get up and they punch back and forth. Austin does the spinning elbow shot, but Roode comes back with a spine buster. He covers but Austin kicks out. Both get up and Austin sends him in the corner. Austin runs to him, but Roode twirls him up on his shoulders. Austin lands on the top rope. Roode climbs the corner. He tries for a superplex, but Austin blocks it. He fights his way and finally knocks Roode off the corner. Austin goes for the 450, but Roode moves and Austin lands on his feet. Both turn and Roode goes for the spear, but Austin locks his arms around Roode’s head and bends over for the choke hold. Roode is able to get out of it. Both get up and Roode applies the cross face. He has him in the middle of the ring. Austin turns him over for a cover. Roode kicks out and releases the hold. Both get up and Roode kicks him in the gut and goes for the fisherman suplex, but Austin blocks it. Both go back and forth. One is pushed into the referee and he gets knocked down. Roode gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. Roode smashes the mat and falls down. Austin grabs the chair and smashes the mat and falls down. The referee gets up and turns around. He doesn’t know what to do. Both pretend like they got hit. They start yelling at each other. Both get up and then look to the ramp. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez walk out. Chavo has an Aries shirt on while Hernandez has a Roode shirt. Austin and Roode don’t like this. They leave the ring and walk up the ramp. Chavo and Hernandez walk backwards. The referee counts. They turn and try to run back. Both are stoping each other. Ding, ding, ding. Aries almost gets in, but he doesn’t. No one wins.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are backstage. Hogan talks about Starcade where they battled. He mentions Brooke’s recent mention about family. Sting likes Ray, but he is injured. There is a lot of talent amongst the roster though. Hulk will have to decide but he will still listen to the fans. Hulk leaves the room and Sting tells him he is going the wrong way. Hulk thanks him and walks in the other.

Hulk Hogan’s music plays and here comes Hulk-A-Mania! He makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic. He says it has been crazy in the back and the fans have been sending the energy there. Hulk says it is not about him anymore. It is about the 8 men who may fight Hardy. It is decision time. 8 of those guys want to face Hardy, but only one will do so. Just then, Aces & 8s come out. They surround the ring. they get on the apron. Hulk looks around. Just then, Bully Ray comes out with a chain. He gets in and the group gets off the apron. They start playing games. He swings the chain at some of the members. Sting’s music plays and here comes The Icon. It has 3 bats and hands the others to Hulk and Ray. Sting carries a double bat for himself. Aces & 8s back up through the crowd with Devon getting his last words in. The show fades.